SKT and Faker Launch "FAKER" Fashion Brand

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Faker has never looked so good

Starting on August 30th, SKT will be launching their own brand of Faker merchandise. If you’ve been waiting to get some official faker endorsed swag, your time is coming. The defending world champions will be selling a small variety of about 10 different items, ranging from hats and T-shirts to posters, buttons and of course a mouse pad. While this launch is mostly meant to target a chinese audience, they are going to ship globally and you can purchase stuff from anywhere in the world at their website

Sports is no stranger to merchandising and e-sports isn’t either. You’ve always been able to buy jerseys, hoodies, and the like from teams like cloud 9 and fanatic, but this is the first time a team is pushing an individual player for its brand, rather than the team name. The trailer video that is currently dominating the website is pretty hype, although it feels poorly translated and over-the-top. The phrase they decided to put everywhere was “Finally He Comes!” over Fakers face. Unfortunately, they haven’t released any prices as of yet. 

Faker himself was questioned about his feelings now that he is pushing the merchandise. He was at a convention in Shanghai promoting the stuff when it first got announced in china. He said the experience of seeing his name associated with the product is “amazing and gives me a new kind of feeling.” Given how faker is still a defending world champion, and world finals are coming up fairly soon, the timing of this release makes sense. They are going to catch the hype that faker generates and turn it into sales. They are selling less than a month before worlds starts so I’m sure the crowd at the events will be displaying some of this sweet faker gear. 

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