[Top 5] LoL Best Shen Builds That Wreck Hard!

league best Shen Builds That Wreck Hard
An elegant Ninja that can gain you Elo.

[Top 5] LoL Best Shen Builds That Wreck Hard!


What's scarier than a Ninja? A frozen Ninja with a cold blade


This article is about how to become an undefeated ninja by using Shen’s unique structure and the special tested builds in this guide. If you want to climb, help your teammates, and dominate the rift follow this guide!

Shen is surely for you whether you are a high elo player or just starting the game. Shen’s kit allows you to have pressure around the map while also being a strong matchup to your lane opponent.

Here are the five top builds on Shen that would help you dominate your game:


5. Basic but powerful Shen:

Shen Basic Guide 

This Shen guide is all about the basics and really understanding Shen’s powerful kit, you can never go wrong with this.

This build will get you a good grasp of how you should basically play Shen, the changes in patches aren’t that big so you should be good to go. I believe this is a perfect guide because not only it’ll help you gain elo but it’ll also teach you how to adapt and that’s the beauty of it.

Taking Grasp of the Undying is the way to go on Shen as you will heal back whenever you take trades making you win bit by bit.
Shield Bash is a great take on Shen as you gain more damage with each shield you get, which is quite often on Shen.
If you’re ever afraid of trades then fear no more because Second Wind will give you Health Regeneration after every damage you take. This can also help you turn long fights in your favor.

Itemization in this build depends on dealing damage while also having good sustain in lane because of the Divine Sunderer as it can help you heal whenever you deal damage. It’s a win-win situation where you can both deal damage and also reduce your taken damage by healing back.
Titanic Hydra is a classic item on Shen because it will help you deal more damage to both enemies and turrets -which is basically how you win the game- while also getting tanky with 500 health.
The beauty of Abyssal Mask on Shen is about getting tankier while being a key player in team fights as you help shred for your teammates.


When to use this build:

If you want to:

  • Be a tanks’ nightmare, as Shen heals from dealing damage while this damage is a percentage of the target’s maximum health.
  • Be Hard to kill, as this build allows you to shred the enemy while being able to withstand damage and even reflect it.
  • Farm safely with the Titanic Hydra effect, Divine Sunderer, and the power of Grasp of the Undying and Shield Bash, all those can help you up your CS without the worry of being low in health as you will surely heal in many ways.
  • Be a true team player, as your tankiness can allow you to protect your teammates while also being a threat because of your damage and shields.

Full build details:

Wickd's Season 11 Shen Guide



4. Immortal Shen:

Immortal Shen The Best Season 11 Build Guide to CARRY ALL

This guide is basically about not dying, that’s why it’s called “Immortal Shen”. No matter what you face, it’ll be hard to kill you which makes your job at winning your game easier.
The build focuses mainly on healing, being tanky, and also helping out your teammates! It can be great if you not only want to win lane but also want to impact the teamfights.

Grasp of the Undying is a classic on Shen as he benefits highly from the heal and health so he can sustain during lane while also dealing damage in trades.
The Bonus 10% Attack speed can give you a good push in your damage as you can land more AAs in your combos.
Ravenous Hunter is an important rune as it can help you lifesteal and get back to fights and even prolong them which can help you become more Immortal!

Your items will be a mix of damage, sustain, and tankiness. First, you go for Sunfire Aegis which can help you deal some serious hits to all enemies around you while also giving you tenacity and slow resistance. Thornmail is a valuable addition to the mix as it can help you stay alive by getting tanky while also reflecting damage which can be a fight changer!
Shen has a lot of shields that’s why Spirit Visage can be a bonus because of the health and all shields received being increased, so just imagine receiving a shield with all your shields already there.
What about some cool down, health, dealing true damage, and also healing your team?
The answer is Redemption, it can turn fights in your favor while also putting pressure on the enemy team because they know you have it.


When to use this build:

If you want to:

  • Be tanky as hell! Probably unkillable as you will be having a good amount of Armor, Health, Shields, and runes that can back it up.
  • Easily 1v1 any opponent, possibly 1v2, and with the right conditions you can hold off the enemy team until your backup reaches you. Thanks to your insane amount of healing and tankiness.
  • Have an insane amount of healing which can help you win lanes and prolonged fights.

Full build details:

IMMORTAL Shen Build (All Lanes: Top/Mid/Jungle/Bot)



3. Support Shen:

True supports are the real carries.

Playing support can be hard but with Shen you will feel like you have the upper hand with your insane kit and map impact through your ultimate, you can turn lane’s in your team’s favor and tilt your enemy. Shen is an engage support, extremely tanky, and has a built-in taunt and with this build he can be hard to kill while giving his teammates an advantage using his kit.

Aftershock is great on Shen as he can engage safely with his Shadow Dash and after 2.5 seconds you can deal a fair amount of AOE damage to all enemies around you and while you wait for that burst you gain increased Magic Resist and Armor.
Shield Bash can be great as it gives you more damage after each time you use an ability due to Shen’s passive giving you a shield after each ability use.
Bone Plating is necessary on Support Shen as it can make you survive during fights as you take less damage after the first attack on you. Surviving is key because it means you can output more damage and CC for your ADC.

Your first core item on Shen support is Locket of the Iron Solari which offers you Cool Down, Armor, Magic Resistance, and Health, all while giving your allies a shield that most probably will save them during fights!
Knight's Vow is also important as it can keep your allies alive as it redirects a percentage of the damage they take to you while it offers massive Base Health Regeneration to make up for all the damage you took.


When to use this build:

If you want to:

  • Get your team to survive and win fights as you can give them shields with the help of Locket of the Iron Solari, Heal them with Redemption, and help them escape with Knight’s Vow movement speed.
  • Roam and have pressure all over the map as Cosmic Insight gives you Cool Down which can help you roam more with your Ultimate being up more often. 
  • Be tanky and take the heat off your team by building up Armor, Magic Resist, and by using Knight’s Vow unique passive of taking some damage yourself instead of your ally.

Full build details:

Hanjaro's Shen Supporting your way to Challenger



2. Shen against Ranged Matchups:

Tough match-up? No worries, you are the true Ninja master. 

Shen is a great champion but it can be hard to play against ranged matchups. This build helps you beat that while actually having an impact on the game, not just your lane.
This build is about being able to withstand the damage you take while giving you a fair chance of killing your lane opponent by catching him slowed.

Playing against ranged champions means you will surely get a fair amount of damage, with Aftershock you can be instantly tanky after using your E while also dealing damage if you put the enemy laner in the AOE range for the Aftershock’s explosion.
With Shield Bash, you can do more damage as it synergizes perfectly with Shen’s passive as it grants you a shield after each ability use.
Second Wind is too important to miss while playing against a ranged champion as it can help you sustain the damage taken by granting you health regeneration.

As Shen against ranged champions, you need to be tanky while also being able to catch your ranged enemy and kill him, that’s why Frostfire Gauntlet as it gives you Armor, CD, Health, MR, slows your enemy with your AAs while also dealing extra magic damage to them.
Titanic Hydra is a key in this build as it can give you damage while giving you health at the same time. Titanic Hydra can also be useful to farm better as you can get harassed by your ranged opponent.
Abyssal Mask can be a great option if you have many AP enemies and it can also help with dealing more damage to enemies you focus on.


When to use this build:

If you want to:

  • Play safely against ranged champions with the help of Aftershock’s tankiness.
  • Catch ranged champions and kill them with the help of Frostfire Gauntlet’s slow, Titanic Hydra’s damage, and Ignite as it can help you kill tough opponents.
  • Roam more as taking Ultimate Hunter gives you 5% reduced Cool Down on your ultimate which is a great roaming tool.

Full build details:




1. Challenger Shen:

How to ACTUALLY Climb to Challenger in 2 Hours with Shen

Did you ever wonder how to win a hard matchup like Neeko or Gangplank?
This build is about winning and surviving tough matchups through fixing Shen’s weaknesses in sustain during the laning phase.

For runes you take Fleet Footwork, it may sound odd on Shen! But it solves Shen’s lack of sustain as it can heal you for over 3000 health through the game, it works so well as the melee exemption of healing penalties from minions. It also gives you movement speed on energized basic attacks making it easier to farm safely.
Triumph can come in handy by restoring 12% of your missing health after takedowns while also giving you some extra gold.
Coup de Grace can help you finish the job of killing your opponent as it gives you that extra push of damage when attacking an enemy champion who has less than 40% health.

Titanic Hydra is the first item in this build as it’s the best damage item on Shen while also giving you a considerable amount of health.
Riftmaker is a very cost-effective item on Shen as it gives you CD, AP, Health, and Lifesteal all while granting you more damage as fights go on with the potential of dealing true damage.
Spirit Visage can be very useful in this build as it grants you health regeneration which can help you sustain during the laning phase and prolonged fights.


When to use this build:

If you want to:

  • Beat hard matchups through having good sustain due to using Fleet Footwork and items like Riftmaker and Spirit Visage.
  • Farm safely in a tough lane with the energized basic attacks as you can snatch the minions quickly and retreat to safety. 
  • Be tanky during fights and make fights longer which can benefit you, all by using items like Gargoyle Stoneplate which when activated can give you a big surge of health making it much harder to kill you.

Full build details:

xPetu's Challenger Shen Guide


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