[Top 10] LOL Best Bot Laners That Wreck Hard

LOL Best Bot Laners
Leona is here to ruin your fun

Bot lane as a whole is composed of a variety of different characters. Engage supports, defensive marksmen, enchanter supports, aggressive marksmen, and a whole lot more. There’s a lot to choose from, so this article will take you through the 10 best bot laners that are sure to dominate the lane

10. Samira

Samira is the newest marksmen in League Of Legends, and her champion design is very typical of Riot’s 2020 mentality of making every new character really strong. Samira is not only one of the more mobile ADC’s in the game, but she also has plenty of other tools to assert her dominance in the bot lane

What Makes Samira A Great Bot Laner:

  • In addition to the dash she has on her E, Samira even has a wind wall effect on her W to negate any skillshots. This makes it really hard to hit her with any type of CC, and this can be used defensively to keep from getting locked down or offensively to make sure you can get on top of the enemy
  • Samira is a champion that snowballs extremely hard, giving up even 1 or 2 kills to her early on ensures that she’ll outdamage the enemy botlane for the rest of the lane and probably for the rest of the game as well


Samira Guide:


9. Bard

Bard can be a very difficult champion to play correctly, and this has led to alot of League players to consider him to be far from great when compared to other supports. But this doesnt change that a good Bard can absolutely carry in the bot lane with very punishing abilities

What Makes Bard A Great Bot Laner:

  • Bard is really good at punishing mistakes, the enemy bot lane has to be very mindful of where they’re standing because it sets Bard off for an easy stun that actually does quite a bit of damage when combined with his passive
  • A good Bard that knows how to get the best use out of his ultimate is terrifying because he can use it to keep the enemy laners from running away and an exceptional Bard can even use it on turrets for a well-planned dive


Bard Guide: 


8. Vayne

Vayne is the embodiment of a high-skill high-reward champion, with plenty of tools in her kit allowing for total lane dominance if played skillfully

What Makes Vayne A Great Bot Laner:

  • Vayne’s jump is on quite a low cooldown and while it is pretty short-range, experienced Vayne’s can still use it to dodge enemy skillshots and CC. Just like Samira’s wind wall, this can be used both offensively and defensively
  • Similar to Bard, the enemy botlaners have to be super mindful of their positioning against a Vayne. If they stand too close to a wall then they can be easily stunned by Vayne’s E, allowing for plenty of time for her to dump a bunch of damage

Vayne Guide: 


7. Nami

Nami can be very punishing in the laning phase, with multiple high-impact abilities that essentially hand her ADC’s kills on a silver platter

What Makes Nami A Great Bot Laner:

  • Unlike many supports, Nami’s healing ability can also hurt enemy’s. If used correctly, then you can be healing you and your ADC as well as poking down the enemy laners. And early on this actually hurts quite a bit, especially after taking runes like Aery and Scorch
  • Nami’s bubble is incredibly powerful, being on a pretty low cooldown and being able to stun both enemy laners at once. Landing a good bubble into an ultimate to extend the CC chain should guarantee a double kill, or at least a couple Summoner Spells


Nami Guide: 


6. Ashe

Ashe has been wreaking havoc in the botlane for a while now, not only as a typical marksman but now there’s even a viable build for support Ashe. A combination of poke and CC keeps Ashe a strong botlane pick no matter the position 

What Makes Ashe A Great Bot Laner:

  • Ashe offers a lot of annoying poke through her W, and the wide cone it has can make it very difficult to avoid getting hit. It gets even more annoying when it slows you, making it all too easy for her to walk up and auto-attack you to slow you even more
  • Ashe’s ultimate is one of the best ADC ultimates in the game and is one of the few ADC ultimates that can be relied on for really good engage. Launching a two-second stun, at least, pretty much ensures that whoever was ulted is going to die


Ashe Guide: 


5. Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank can feel extremely oppressive in the laning phase, even one hook landed on you pretty much guarantees that you’ll be burning at least one Summoner Spell if you don’t want to die

What Makes Blitzcrank A Great Bot Laner:

  • Something really cool about Blitzcrank is that you don’t even need to throw a hook for the enemy laners to be scared, just the threat of the ability keeps them back behind their minions. It feels really bad to play against a Blitzcrank and be forced to play passively to the point where your missing farm and experience
  • With new items like Turbo Chemtank, Blitzcrank has gotten even more threatening. He can just run the enemy bot lane down, knock them up with his E to guarantee a hook, and if they aren’t dead after that then you have bigger things to worry about


Blitzcrank Guide: 


4. Taric

Taric has absolutely everything you could want in a support. Healing, shielding, strong CC, and even an ultimate that gives AOE invulnerability

What Makes Taric A Great Bot Laner:

  • Taric can feel very frustrating to play against because the constant healing and bonus resistances he gives can make it really hard to poke him and his ADC down, pretty much ensuring that you’ll lose any trade you try to make against them
  • Taric has a very unique form of CC in that he can make it come from his ADC as well as from himself. If angled correctly then this can be an ability that can be extremely hard to avoid, and an AOE stun will always feel very overbearing


Taric Guide: 


3. Jhin

While Jhin has been struggling for a little while now to stay relevant, the new preseason and all the new items introduced have really helped him climb back up to be the dominant bot laner and hyper-carry he used to be

What Makes Jhin A Great Bot Laner:

  • Similar to Vayne, Jhin also has a kit that feels stronger the more skill and experience you have on Jhin. Landing your E for roots, maintaining vision control with your W, and timing your passive for maximum damage all contribute to a really overbearing character if played correctly
  • New preseason items like Eciplse that gives movement speed and a shield and Galeforce which gives a dash and a ton of damage have helped immensely with filling out the weak spots in Jhin’s build path and making sure he can leave a successful laning phase and enter a successful mid and late game


Jhin Guide: 


2. Thresh

Thresh is a character that has the potential to pass frustration and enter into the territory of feeling flat out unfair to play against. A good Thresh can carry not only in the laning phase but the game itself

What Makes Thresh A Good Bot Laner:

  • Thresh has a similar effect to Blitzcrank in that a well-timed hook can spell disaster to whoever was hooked, but the main difference is that Thresh can do a lot more after landing his hook. His hook is longer CC and he can immediately follow it up with an E for even longer CC that can also prevent the enemy bot laners from coming close to you
  • Thresh’s lantern can feel like the most unfair ability to play against in the botlane. It saves ADC’s who got caught out from what would be a definite death, it allows for a teammate to jump from half the lane after he lands a hook, and just in general can feel like such a pain to try and play around

Thresh Guide: 



Since her release, Leona has been infamous for being a support with some of the most CC in the entire game. Her entire goal in the laning phase is to look for the slightest misstep and punish it with extreme prejudice

What Makes Leona A Great Bot Laner:

  • Leona is by far the most oppressive champion to lane against. One single step out of line ends with you getting engaged on and CC chained for potentially 5 seconds, which feels like an eternity in League. The worst part is that it’s not something you can even dash or Flash away from, if Leona gets on you and you aren’t absurdly fed then that’s probably it for you
  • If the massive amount of CC wasn’t enough, Leona is also extremely tanky. As I mentioned, unless you’re very fed it’s not even worth trying to fight her because in the time it takes for you to try and kill her all of her CC will be back up


Leona Guide: 


Bot lane encompasses a lot of different characters and a lot of different playstyles, some focused on being dominant through snowballing out of control and some who can feel completely unfair to play against. I hope this article helped you decide which bot laner you want to choose to wreck hard with

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