[Top 10] LOL Best Jungler Players

LOL Best Jungler Players
This article is for junglers only

1. Bengi

Often thought of as Faker’s sidekick Bengi is one of two players to have won a world championship three times, along with Faker himself. His technical skill and mechanics make him a terror in the jungle, with him being able to pull off very high-risk plays

Red Buff Steal: 

Great Jukes: 

2v1 Outplay: 


2. Xmithie

With a wide variety of accomplishments including a six-time winner in LCS tournaments, Xmithie has a jungling style focused more so on vision control and tracking the enemy jungler than raw aggression. However, this certainly doesn’t mean he doesn’t deliver on some fantastic plays

Baron Steal On Rek’Sai: 

Great Engage: 

Baron Steal On Udyr: 


3. Jankos


Known for his absurd amount of first-bloods and baron steals Jankos is widely considered one of the most talented junglers in recent years, even being named ESPN’s pick for the best player going into Worlds 2019

Baron Steal On Lee Sin: 

Baron Steal On Elise:

Baron Steal On Olaf: 


4. Broxah

Broxah has made a name for himself as an objective stealer. On multiple occasions, he’s managed to pull off seemingly impossible and extremely impressive dragon and Baron Smite steals

Elder Dragon steal on Lee Sin: 

Elder Dragon steal on Kha’Ziz: 

Game-Winning Elder Dragon steal on Lee Sin: 


5. IWillDominate

While popular streamer and YouTuber IWillDominate may not have played in the LCS in recent years, during his time there he left a big impact as a talented and excitable player

Fantastic Gragas Prediction: 

Great Escape: 

Baron Steal: 


6. inSec

A player so iconic he popularized a term still used today, inSec became famous for his Lee Sin “inSec” kicks that were so good they would often single-handedly win teamfights

Fantastic Engage on Lee Sin: 

Extremely Clean Outplay: 

Classic “inSec” Kick: 


7. Svenskeren

Svenskeren was considered to be a weaker player for a long while, an idea encouraged by a lackluster performance with TSM. However after joining C9 in recent years he’s shown massive improvement, even winning the MVP award in 2019

Red Steal and Escape:

Baron Steal On Rek’Sai: 

Baron Steal On Lee Sin: 


8. MikeYeung

Known for many years as “rookie” MikeYeung is one of the youngest pros, starting on a team right out of high school at only 18. This is definitely for good reason, as he possesses skill and talent belying his young age

Closes Out The Game: 

First Blood: 

Amazing Lee Sin Kick: 



9. Meteos

Known for his off-meta picks such as Morgana, Brand, and even Soraka jungle, Meteos uses an efficient and high farm centered strategy to ease into the late game and eventually the victory

Flash Prediction On Gragas:


Fantastic Gank: 


10. Santorin

While sometimes criticized for being too passive a jungler player, to the point of being called a “living ward”, Santorin is still a fantastic jungler that have helped TSM win games many times

Baron Steal On Nidalee: 

Baron Steal On Rek’Sai: 

Baron Steal On Lee Sin: 


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