15 Best LOL Skins That Look Freakin Awesome!

best lol skins
These looks can kill

Which Are The Coolest League of Legends Skins?

While killing lots of enemies in League of Legends is cool, having a great looking skin is just as important. Take a look at these 15 champion skins to unlock new animations and fantastic looks while you obliterate your enemies.

15. Forecaster Janna

Today’s forecast: Forecaster Janna making it rain money in Riot Game’s pockets. This skin turns the Storm’s Fury into a weather channel broadcaster, predicting the weather and the enemy’s downfall. Zephyr is also turned into a little weather channel cloud, while Janna predicts a Howling Gale coming.

Check out Janna giving the forecast: 

14. Dragon Trainer Tristana

Dragon Trainer Tristana is the best looking skin on Tristana and no one can convince me otherwise. Her use of her pet dragon as a cannon is genius and really cool. Add that in with some animations of her getting roasted by her pet dragon, making Wriggle dance, and the incredibly sad death animation where when Tristana dies, Wriggle sadly curls up next to her. Prepare for an emotional joy ride if you purchase this skin for 1850 RP.

Dragon Trainer Tristana and Wriggle head to Summoner’s Rift: 

13. Headhunter Nidalee

This skin turns heads as Nidalee changes from her tribal clothes into a sleek, medium armored predator. The skin also affects her cougar form, turning her into a deadly monster-looking panther ready to pounce from the shadows.

Headhunter Nidalee in action:

12. DJ Sona

Get ready to drop some blasting beats with the DJ Sona skin, which is another ultimate skin. The skin looks great, but also feels great as you can dictate which track for DJ Sona to spin for her team. Her sound effects and the visuals that go along with each of her abilities make her feel like she’s waiting to drop the bass on the enemy team.

Catch DJ Sona dropping some beats:

11. Moo Cow Alistar

Moo Cow Alistar is a glorious skin as it turns the hardened bull into a soft cow. The best part of Moo Cow Alistar is that he knows the game could use more cow bell as he whips it out for a striking rendition. But don’t let the looks or cow bell deceive you; that sweetened cow knows how to use his horns.

Get ready for Moo Cow Alistar’s cow bell:

10. Project Yi

Wuju style has never felt so stylish than with the Project Yi skin. The skin offers a teched up Yi that races around the map with his orange blade. The mechanized voice of Master Yi also feel crisp and cool as if you are meditating in the river of Summoner’s Rift. But once you find your inner harmony with this skin, you’ll feel ready to decimate teams with how cool this skin looks.

Check Master Yi in his project skin: 

9. Star Guardian Ahri

If you’re a fan or have even heard of Sailor Moon, you’ll be a huge fan of this skin. Star Guardian Ahri is the most expensive of the star guardian skins, but has the most sparkle. She invites her little spirit fox Kiko to Summoner’s RIft to help her mop up enemies. Her recall animation is a sight to behold as she Sailor Moon style changes into her sailor outfit with a sleek pink encasing her body. If you’re ready to show the enemy the power of the stars while looking amazing, pick up this skin.

Here’s Ahri showing off her glamour:

8. Mecha Sion

Mecha Sion feels like playing as a Transformer as he transforms into a truck during his ultimate. His bright orange and blue go really well together and make him stand out from the crowd. The skin also changes his abilities, turning his Roar of the Slayer into a blue ball of pulsing energy.

Watch how Mecha SIon transforms:

7. Aether Wing Kayle

Aether Wing Kayle is similar to Spirit Guard Udyr in the fact that these skins feel like they change the gameplay of the champion. Aether Wing Kayle brings a mechanized, futuristic look similar to Jayce, but with more flash, grace, and style. Her sweeping motions add to the realism off the skin as you feel the weight behind each of her auto attacks.

Catch Aether Wing Kayle in action:

6. Omega Squad Teemo

Teemo’s Omega Squad skin shows that looks can be deadly and mushrooms even deadlier. This skin makes the cute little yordle into a hardened killer as he abandons his scouts code to do whatever it takes the mission comes. Plus he’s got a sweet recall animation of getting picked up by a helicopter. You’ll feel like Rambo as you tear apart the enemy team before they even know what hit them.

Watch Teemo go on a dangerous mission: 

5. Spirit Guard Udyr

Spirit Guard Udyr is an ultimate skin just like Elementalist Lux, but has one key factor: it switches up the Spirit Walker’s appearance to the point that he doesn’t even feel like the same champion. His animation of the Bear, Phoenix and Turtle Stances look crisp and embody the different powers of nature Udyr uses. Compared to his regular look, Spirit Guard Udyr brings a fresh color scheme to an otherwise plain looking champion.

Spirit Guard Udyr unleashes the beast: 

4. Final Boss Veigar

Final Boss Veigar brings a lot of merriment to Summoner’s Rift as it transforms his abilities to bring back our love of retro music and the 1980s. But, this skin demonstrates that the arcade hasn’t closed yet as he brings his Nintendo Power Glove inspired glove to point at which enemy is going to explode next. You’ll feel definitely feel like the final boss of a video game as he delivers his villainous lines.

Get ready for the Final Boss Veigar:

3. Dunkmaster Darius

Welcome to the League of Legends dunk tournament starring our main guest of the night, Dunkmaster Darius. Feel like a mixture between Michael Jordan and Gimli as you smash your competition with a basketball hoop. His basketball themed skin turns Hemmorhage into a bunch of floating basketballs. The best part is when Darius gets his fifth stack on an enemy champion to find he is all warmed up for the dunk contest.

Catch Darius playing some basketball on Summoner’s Rift:

2. Pulsefire Caitlyn

Joining the Pulsefire series, Caitlyn’s newest skin revamps her abilities to look incredibly stylish while she dazzles from range. Plus, when she gets enough movement speed, she rides a hover bike that looks pretty badass as you ride into battle.

Pulsefire Caitlyn in action:

1. Elementalist Lux

Elementalist Lux is 100% worthy of its ultimate skin status because it looks and feels so great. The best part about Elementalist Lux is if you don’t like one look, feel free to try the next as she can combine different elements to change her appearance. Be a little wary of the 3150 RP price tag, but its worth every cent.

Elementalist Lux in Action: 

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