[Top 10] LOL Best ARAM Champs That Wreck Hard!

Best League of Legends Champions for ARAM
You'll be super lucky if you get one of these champions on ARAM

Do you love ARAM and want to know who are the best champions to get in the random roll?

With the random roll system, ARAM can force you to play champions you have never played, or champions that are normally outside your lane.

For the casual players, ARAM is a fun mode that allows you to team fight without the stress of the summoner’s rift laning phase.

Some champions that were close to making this list include Xerath, Nidalee, Vel’Koz and Jhin. Want to see who beat them out for a place in the top ten? Scroll below.

10. Zilean

Zilean Base Splash Art

While some of you may think that Zilean is a strange pick for ARAM, others might know the true beauty of the beloved Chronokeeper. 

Zilean is normally a support champion in the rift, but in ARAM, he can be played as an aggressive support or an AP champion that can destroy the enemy team.

What makes Zilean great for ARAM:

  • His Passive Time in a Bottle allows Zilean to store experience and finish an ally’s level by right clicking on the ally. Zilean receives the same amount of experience.
  • Q Time Bomb is Zilean’s most aggressive ability, allowing him to stick a bomb to his target that detonates after three seconds.
  • If Zilean uses his W Rewind to reduce his cooldown, he can throw a second Q Time Bomb on the enemy and stun them and anyone in the zone. This can change a team fight.
  • E Time Warp can be used in two ways. If you or an ally is chasing a low health enemy, Zilean can use the ability to increase their movement speed. Alternatively, Zilean can decrease an enemies movement speed.
  • R Chronoshift is particularly strong in ARAM as no one can recall to base to heal. Therefore when Zilean puts the time rune on an allied champion or himself, they revive instead of dying.

See Zilean own in ARAM:

Zilean Perfect ARAM! League of Legends.

9. Teemo

Teemo Base Splash Art

Teemo is the original prankster/spawn of Satan that plagued the rift. However, on ARAM, he’s probably even more annoying. Why? One word: Shrooms!

Before this season’s updates to ARAM, Teemo probably would have been a lot higher on the list because no one ever bought pink wards much to our annoyance. But with the shift to cannon minions and super minions gaining the ability to see traps and shrooms, his power has waned a little.

What makes Teemo great for ARAM:

  • Teemo can use his Passive Guerrilla Warfare to become invisible and surprise enemies with any sneak attacks.
  • Q Blinding Dart is one of Teemo’s strongest abilities, dealing damage to a target and blinding them in the process.
  • W Move Quick allows Teemo to gain bonus movement speed.
  • R Noxious Trap AKA Shrooms are Teemo’s signature move. For enemies such as Vi that like to chase down enemies, Teemo’s shrooms are such a pain. In the late game, Teemo can cover entire zones with shrooms. I call it his garden.

See Teemo own in ARAM:


8. Malphite

Malphite Base Splash Art

Malphite is such a fun champ to play in ARAM and if you’ve ever played him, you know why! His ultimate can delete any enemy players and is a great way to initiate a team fight.

His kit is rock solid. I’ll show myself out now.

What makes Malphite great for ARAM:

  • Passive Granite Shield gives him a shield of 10 per cent of his maximum health, which is really helpful when you can’t back in ARAM.
  • His Q Seismic Shard allows Malphite to deal damage and seal their movement speed for three seconds.
  • E Ground Slam deals magic damage based on Malphite’s armour while also reducing the attack speed of enemies in the vicinity. Very useful after his ultimate.
  • R Unstoppable Force is the main ability that makes ARAM Malphite super fun. Malphite launches himself at rocket speeds to a location, damaging enemies and knocking them up. It can be used as a wombo combo with Yasuo.

See Malphite own in ARAM:

Malphite Aram Fun Game - Malphite Full AP - Malphite 

7. Brand 

Brand Base Splash Art

Brand is one of the highest damaging champs in ARAM. Unlike the Rift, in ARAM, you don’t really have to worry about farming, ganks or warding. It is just pure carnage, and that’s the type of chaos that Brand strives to be in.

With stuns, detonations and an ultimate that is great against bunched up enemies, Brand rocks in ARAM.

What makes Brand great for ARAM:

  • His Passive Blaze deals damage over four seconds and stacks three times. In ARAM, you can’t back for health, so this is super effective against enemies. When max stacks are reached, it becomes unstable and deals big damage in an area around the target.
  • When Q Sear hits ablaze targets, they are stunned for 1.5 seconds.
  • When W Pillar of Flame hits ablaze targets, they take an additional 25 per cent damage.
  • When E Conflagration hits ablaze victims, its range doubles and spreads to any other champion or minion in the doubled range.
  • Brand’s R Pyroclasm bounces five times between nearby enemies or Brand, dealing magic damage.    

See Brand own in ARAM:


6. Varus

Base Varus Splash Art

With a very long-range poke, Varus is a great champion to get in the random lottery that is ARAM. High dealing damage from a safe distance is the key to doing well with Varus.

The slows and roots in his kit are super helpful to securing those kills.

What makes Varus great for ARAM:

  • Varus gains temporary attack speed when he kills or assists in the death of an enemy according to his Passive Living Vengeance.
  • Varus can gain extra range and damage the longer he spends charging his Q Piercing Arrow.
  • Using his W Blighted Quiver, Varus can empower his next Q.
  • His E Hail of Arrows deals physical damage and slows any enemies that walk over the affected ground.
  • Varus’ R Chain of Corruption immobilises the first enemy it hits, and then after a period of time, spreads towards nearby enemies, rooting them too.

See Varus own in ARAM:

How to get S+ with Varus! League of Legends - Howling Abyss Guide (ARAM)

5. Veigar

Veigar Base Splash Art

The Tiny Master of Evil, Veigar, is a great pick for ARAM. With stacking ability power, Veigar deals insane amount of damage, especially with his ultimate.

As ARAM games are all team fights, Veigar has a higher chance of hitting enemies and activating his passive, which is really good for him, but bad for the enemy team.

What makes Veigar great for ARAM:

Veigar’s Passive Phenomenal Evil Power is a menace on the howling abyss. Hitting an enemy champion with an ability grants Veigar increased ability power.

  • His Q Baleful strike deals magic damage to the first two enemies hit.
  • W Dark Matter can be used to deal magic damage as Veigar calls dark matter from the sky that falls to a target location.
  • E Event Horizon is a great ability in ARAM as Veigar creates a cage that stuns any enemies that hit its walls.
  • His R Primordial Burst hits enemies with an insane amount of magic damage, increasing based on the target’s missing health.

See Veigar own in ARAM:


4. Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune Base Splash Art

Miss Fortune is one of the most consistent ADCs in the game. While other champions have buffs and nerfs, Miss Fortune is usually a constant star in the line up in bot lane. In the howling abyss, she’s still as good.

Miss Fortune can be played traditionally as an ADC or (as ARAM is usually just for fun) as an APC when needed.

What makes Miss Fortune great for ARAM:

  • Her Passive Love Tap deals bonus physical damage whenever she basic attacks a new target.
  • A very strong attack for her AD build, Q Double Up fires a bullet to an enemy, damages them and then hits the target behind them.
  • W Strut can be activated to give MF bonus attack speed for a period.
  • The go to ability for AP Miss Fortune, E Make it Rain deals waves of magic damage to opponents while slowing them.
  • R Bullet Time is a cone shaped attack that deals large waves of enemies that can critically strike. It is a great ability in ARAM due to the limited space for enemies to move.

See Miss Fortune own in ARAM:

[League of Legends] Miss Fortune ARAM Gameplay

3. Ashe

Ashe Base Skin Splash Art

Ashe is statistically one of the best champions to get on ARAM (according to metasrc.com and their tierlist for ARAM). Players have a combination of a high win rate, kill participation and overall good experience with Ashe on the Howling Abyss.

With a kit loaded with slows, stuns and vision, Ashe is a really solid pick.

What makes Ashe great for ARAM:

  • Her Passive Frost Shot applies slows to her target.
  • Q Ranger’s Focus is activated after Ashe builds up focus when attacking. When the max stack hits, she consumes the focus and increases her attack speed rapidly.
  • Ashe uses W Volley to fire arrows in a cone shape, applying her passive slow.
  • E Hawkshot can show vision to any target location as well as the path leading to that area.
  • Her R Enchanted Crystal Arrow collides with the first enemy champion and stuns them. It stuns for longer depending on how far the arrow has travelled.

See Ashe own in ARAM:

ASHE JUST NEEDS ONE ARROW! - Ashe ARAM - League of Legends

2. Lux

Lux Base Skin Splash Art

Our Lady of Luminosity takes the second spot on our list!

With a kit packed with binds, a shield, and slows, of course Lux would make it onto this list. Never mind the most fun ability as she snipes fleeing enemies down with her ultimate.

She’s a great champion to have on the Howling Abyss, one that is a hell of a lot of fun.

What makes Lux great for ARAM:

  • Her Passive Illumination marks an enemy hit by Lux’s abilities, when they are hit again, it deals bonus magic damage depending on Lux’s level.
  • Q Light Binding is a great tool on ARAM or the Rift. Lux binds and deals damage to one or two enemy units.
  • Her defensive ability W Prismatic Barrier is a skill shot shield that protects any allies hit by it.
  • Lux can use her E Lucent Singularity to throw out an area of light that slows enemies in the area. It can be detonated to damage any enemy in the circle of light.
  • Her sniper ability, R Final Spark shoots out a large beam of light that deals damage to any targets hit.

See Lux own in ARAM:

CARRYING WITH LUX IN ARAM!! - Lux ARAM - League of Legends

1. Morgana

Kayle (left) and Morgana (Right) Joint Base Splash Art

In first place is Morgana! Her kit is perfect for the Howling Abyss!

Morgana, when on the rift, is often played in a supportive role or in the mid lane. However, in ARAM, she can play either role, depending on the needs of her team. 

If her team has a very clear carry, Morgana can use her shield to really aid them in getting kills and pushing the lane. If she wants some of those kills herself, she’s just as fun to play.

What makes Morgana great for ARAM:

  • Her Passive Soul Siphon heals Morgana as she deals damage to enemies.
  • Morgana’s Q Dark Binding feels like the longest stun in the game. It also deals magic damage.
  • W Tormented Shadow deals damage to any enemies that stand in the cursed area of Morgana’s attack. They receive damage over time, increasing as their health lowers. This is especially effective in ARAM as no one can return to base when low health.
  • One of Morgana’s best abilities, E Black Shield is a shield that absorbs magical damage and disabling effects. Perfect against enemies that rely on stuns and slows.
  • A game-changingultimate, R Soul Shackles allows Morgana to throw chains of darkness onto nearby enemies. She gains movement speed as the chains also slow, deal damage and after a time period, they stun enemies who haven’t broken free.    

See Morgana own in ARAM:

STUN and watch them BURN| Morgana plays | ARAM | League of Legends

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