[Top 15] LOL Best Champs to Main (That Are Great!)

League of Legends Champions

Who will be your main for LOL? 

League of Legends is home to over 150 champions, which ones are the best ones for you to choose?

15. Veigar

Pro Gameplay

One of the most pretentious yordles in League of Legends and once you play him, you should be too! Veigar’s kit was specifically made to be both powerful as well as safe from all sorts of ganks and/or attacks.

What’s Great About Veigar:

  • Extremely safe, especially with all ranged attacks and a cage that immobilizes enemies that are caught.
  • One of the highest damaging sorcerers due to ability stacks.
  • Ultimate guarantees an execution when the enemy is on low health.

14. Gnar

Pro Gameplay

The oldest yordle in the game and the goofiest is also known for his high damage kit as well as his insane passive.

What’s Great About Gnar:

  • Adorably powerful transformation “Mega Gnar.”
  • Two sets of moves, Mini Gnar and Mega Gnar.
  • Almost any build is possible for Gnar, AD, and AP damage!

13. Lux

Pro Gameplay

Demacia’s well-known sorceress is one of League of Legends' earliest champions and strongest with her support and full magic damage kit.

What’s Great About Lux:

  • One of the strongest mages.
  • Has both a stun and shield. 
  • Her ultimate is long-ranged, creating a large sniping capacity!


12. Nasus

Pro Gameplay

This top laner is heavily known for his capability of winning games even if they lose in lane or their team loses in lanes.

What’s Great About Nasus:

  • Runs on stacks that are gained from last hitting enemies, the more stacks the stronger his basic ability is.
  • His ultimate makes him large and able to stomp enemies extremely fast with one hit.
  • Full carry potential on his own if stacked.

11. Vi

Pro Gameplay

One of the strongest junglers due to her insane map control, she is also well-known for being in the show “Arcane” just recently released on Netflix!

What’s Great About Vi:

  • High mobility kit.
  • Full snowball potential when playing around teammates.
  • Her ultimate helps both commit severe damage as well as avoid any sort of damage around her.


10. Cho’Gath

Pro Gameplay

Easily one of the most terrifying and satisfying champions to pick up. Cho’Gath is a weird unknown species who can grow to a large size once he has feasted on enough.

What’s Great About Cho’Gath:

  • Runs on stacks which are gained by any sort of enemies that he uses his ultimate on to eat.
  • Ultimate is an execution that eats his enemies to grow bigger.
  • Both ranged and melee with his abilities.

9. Soraka 

Pro Gameplay

The best and most supportive healer in the game, Soraka is not only an easier champion to pick up with her low price and easier abilities but is also one of the greatest assets to any team.

What’s Great About Soraka:

  • Damaging champions with her main ability heals her.
  • Can completely heal her teammates with the sacrifice of her health.
  • Her ultimate is a universal heal, if summon aery (rune) is run, it can also shield all her teammates. 

8. Shen

Pro Gameplay

This tanky warrior is amazing and always great to have to protect teammates and be able to have control all over the map.

What’s Great About Shen:

  • Insane lane pressure with his high attack damage and tanky build.
  • High attack speed when fighting champions.
  • Ultimate allows users to teleport to any teammate and give them a shield.


7. Viego

Pro Gameplay

One of the newest junglers to League of Legends and most unique with his insane passive of possession!

What’s Great About Viego:

  • Amazing jungle pressure.
  • Very stealthy with his smoke ability.
  • After he kills his opponent, he can possess them and use their abilities to attack the rest of the enemy team!


6. Olaf

Pro Gameplay

This barbaric champion’s insane speed is so fun to play with and the damage that he forces onto the enemy team is insane!

What’s Great About Olaf:

  • Crazy early pressure in both lane and jungle.
  • Very easy to go into enemy fights as long as his axes are hit, slowing enemies.
  • Ultimate makes him unstoppable with just one yell!

5. Darius

Pro Gameplay

This tank is extremely strong and terrifying with his excessive tank kit and health stealing! Darius can carry games easily by just building any sort of tank and life steal.

What’s Great About Darius:

  • Early self-healing with a spin!
  • Insane survivability and speed, especially once the summoner spell “Ghost” is chosen.
  • His ultimate is an execution, making him even more terrifying!

4. Akali

Pro Gameplay

Everyone’s most feared assassin in League of Legends. Akali is fun to play with her mobile kit and insane damage.

What’s Great About Akali:

  • Kit helps with mobility and stealth.
  • When using Akali’s passive, her attacks are extremely overpowered.
  • Ultimate gives mobility and executes champs!

3. Vayne

Pro Gameplay

One of the oldest champions on League of Legends that still holds up extremely well in the current meta.

What’s Great About Vayne:

  • Full carry potential with insane damage.
  • Stealthy and untargetable.
  • Minion kills just let her get further ahead.
  • Easy to pick up with her simpler kit.

2. Ekko

Pro Gameplay

The time-traveler who can change the game with his ability kit! Ekko can slow his enemies as well as go back in time to reset himself!

What’s Great About Ekko:

  • Slows enemies with the main ability with a lower cooldown.
  • High damage with only one ability.
  • Can escape any fight and heal with ultimate.

1. Jinx

Pro Gameplay

League of Legends most played champion! Jinx is not at all difficult to pick up and has one of the strongest abilities and kits known in the game. She has also become much more famous from the show “Arcane” on Netflix!

What’s Great About Jinx:

  • Full carry potential once she can get just one kill!
  • Intense attack speed and movement speed, especially once she gets a kill.
  • Jinx has two weapons, and both are great for hitting both enemies and minions, making her numbers greatly go up!

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