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Top 10 awesome emotes
Everything Is Okay when Little Campers Deal With Grit

How should you decorate your emote wheel?

League of Legends is full of emotes which are useful for all kinds of situations. There are intimidating ones for when you get a kill, sad ones for when Veigar presses his /delete_champion button, and questioning ones for when your Yasuo int’s for the twelfth time.

But not all emotes are created equal. Some are more awesome than others. So here are the Top 10 emotes to use if you want your emote wheel to bring all the boys to the yard.

10. Braumbread

Braum looks tasty

Look at your man. Now back to Braum. Now back at your man. Now back to Braum. Sadly, he isn’t Braum. But, he can have a mustache like Braum. At least with this emote. Know what’s even better? It’s on a cookie.

We all know that Braum’s mustache is one of the manliest things in League of Legends. Right up there with Grave’s CigarTM. So this emote is awesome to have if you need to decorate your emote wheel with a man of gingerbread who has a gorgeous lip curtain that can make every Ezreal out there jealous.

9. According to Plan

Vayne's got it under control

Are you a master planner who loves to showcase your skill? Do you enjoy playing high skill-cap champions to outplay your opponents? Like leaving them scratching their heads as they read the death recap and wonder how they died in 1.02 seconds?

Then show off that big brain the next time you make a 200 I.Q. play. Prove you’re the mastermind that you are by T-bagging your enemies with this emote to show that you totally meant to make that awesome play. (But if you didn’t, that's okay we won't tell.)

8. D’pengu

Dabbing Pengu

It’s lit fam! Get ready to dab on your opponents with this awesome emote. The classic LoL icon Pengu is ready to back you up. So go ahead, flash in and yell “Yeet!” Pengu knows you got this on lock.

The most awesome part? This emote can be used in any situation! Just got a double kill? Dab. Just stole Baron? Dab. Just int’ed hard into the enemy team because you thought your friends were gonna engage? Dab. Then sit in your room and reevaluate those friendships. Then dab again.

7. Little Camper

It's a legitimate strategy!

Is the enemy jungler camping your lane? Has he not left you alone to farm in peace since that level two gank? So what if you're pushed up to the enemy's turret? You’d be a lot further ahead if their jungler farmed his monsters instead of you.

Show that it is definitely not your fault for feeding with this awesome emote. Flash it every time a Kayn leaps out of a wall or Fiddlesticks suddenly has you surrounded by crows. Then flame bot lane for not taking advantage of the enemy jungler’s absence.

6. Everything is Okay

Soraka's got her tea

This is fine. Everything is fine. Maybe you did just get deleted by a Jhin fourth-shot. Maybe Brand just ulted and now everything’s on fire. But that’s okay. Just sit back and enjoy your tea. Everything Is Okay.

Keep yourself from tilting and let the try-hards rage as you relax while flashing this awesome emote. It even comes with a fun little whistle tune. So when your team is aced and your base is in shambles, just play this emote to remind yourself it’s just a game, and that everything is okay.

5. Say That One More Time

That's a nice shovel

You’re losing lane, and your opponent is talking trash in /allchat. But you know something he doesn’t. You know that you’re only 150 gold away from buying that item and getting a power spike. You know that you’re only one level away from scaling up. When the time is right, you’ll make them eat their words.

Molediver is awesome at intimidation. Use him to let your opponent know that their time is limited. That the world is going to turn gray for them real soon. Flash this awesome emote and let them know: Sooooon.

4. Get In

Listen to Thresh

You’ve been Blitz-pulled, and now the enemy ADC has you in their clutches. But you have a Thresh on your side, and everybody knows what Thresh’s second ability is. That’s right, flash. Just flash out. You don’t need that summoner spell anyway.

If your ADC doesn’t understand the concept of clicking objects, then you need this awesome emote in your wheel. It tells them exactly what they need to do. It can also be used when you get a kill to show the enemy where they need to go. It’s over, just get in the lantern.

3. Go Get ‘Em

Karthus is proud of you

Sometimes you must die for the good of the team. Whether you are playing a tank, support, or Karthus, sometimes the best play you can make is letting the enemy kill you. But seeing your team clean up after your death makes it all worthwhile, and you feel like a proud father watching his kids move on.

This emote is awesome because it expresses the pride and joy you have in your team for succeeding through your sacrifice. And what’s more awesome than a proud daddy Karthus watching his kids murder from beyond the grave?

2. Deal With Grit

Two Shades, Too Cool

What’s cooler than a pair of sunglasses? Another pair of sunglasses. Sometimes you manage to hit that max-range skill shot or nail the enemy with an auto after they’ve flashed away. When you do, even if you thought you were going to miss, tell your opponent that they just gotta deal with it.

This emote is awesome because it shows that you can’t be measured up to. Flash it to show the enemy that you’re better than them, and that’s just how it is. So throw on those shades, then throw on another pair. Because that’s how cool you are.

1. Mic Drop

Imma let you finish, but...

The fight’s over, the enemy’s aced, and you stand alone, victorious. There is nothing left to say. Just drop the mic, and walk away. Actually, don’t walk away. Go attack the nexus. Then you can walk away.

This emote is the most awesome because it shows that you did what you came here to do. Farm minions and kill champions. And you’re all out of minions. So when you’ve left everything you had on the rift, flash this most awesome of emotes to show that there’s nothing left to prove.

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