[Top 10] LOL Best ADC Champions (Current Meta)

[Top 10] LOL Best ADC Champions (Current Meta)
We get one shotted when an assassin farts on us!

Let us begin this article by defining what an ADC is. An ADC, or attack damage carry, is a League of Legends role in which you play a ranged champion. These champions deal damage from afar and must usually be protected by their team. If they aren't, they can be easily removed from the game.

These champions are found in the back line of every team fight, and taking them out can be crucial at times. The ADC can make or break a team fight, so choose an ADC who best fits your playstyle. We can also divide the ADC role into sub-roles like hyper carries or champions who can one-shot people with a single attack. Hyper carries are much more difficult to play and master because they require a large amount of shekels and items to be useful.

They are particularly strong in the middle to late game. While other non-hyper carry champions can be useful in the early and mid-game, they fall off dramatically in the late game. There are also APC champions who stand for ability power carry but that’s a story for another time. With this information, let's look at the best ADC champions in the current meta.

10. Tristana

Let's begin this list with Tristana, a late game hyper carry. Even though she's a late game hyper carry, her early game isn't bad, and if played correctly, you can destroy the enemy's turret before the 15th minute. Unlike other ADC who are immobilized in one place and helpless when ganked, Tristana has two abilities in her kit that allow her to escape a bad situation. Her W and R are her two abilities that allow her to escape an unfortunate situation.

Her W "Rocket Jump" is a rocket jump, and her R "Buster Shot" pushes people away from her regardless of size. These two abilities can be used to either escape a gank or if the enemy decides to target you in a team fight to kindly tell them back off. They can, of course, be used offensively, and she has her Q and E to assist her with that. Her Q "Rapid Fire" boosts her attack speed, and her E "Explosive Charge" places a C4 on their heads that charges up and deals more damage as you attack it. I strongly advise you to use this ability when pushing towers because it deals a lot of damage to buildings as well.

Tristana is a great ADC for people who are playing in low to average elo as most people don’t know how to counter her and if she gets fed and ahead can be an unstoppable killing machine. The only downside to the champion is that she has a low attack range but it gets progressively increased as she levels up. If the enemy play around her low attack range Tristana can be easily shut down so try not to give them that advantage over you. 

Why Tristana Is A Great ADC: 

  • She can escape an unfortunate situation easily thanks to her W and R. 
  • She’s great at pushing lanes and dealing with objectives such as towers. 
  • She’s hard to counter and to play against. 
  • Tristana is a hyper carry that specializes in carrying games if they get to the late game. 
  • All supports go well with Tristana. 

9. Lucian

Lucian is one of the game's best bullies. His early game is unbeatable, and you should avoid challenging him to a fight at all costs if you’re playing against him. This is due to his passive ability, which allows him to shoot twice in a row. Combine this with the rune "Press The Attack," and you've got yourself a lane-only win. The entire game is a different story.

But don't worry, Lucian can also carry games, but it will be more difficult for you. He does fall off in the late game and is easily caught off. If you are caught off, you can always use your E "Relentless Pursuit," which allows Lucian to dash in the direction where the champion is looking. He can also use his W "Ardent Blaze" to speed up his movement speed or his Q "Piercing Light" to finish off an enemy.

The Q is a laser ability, which means it cannot be stopped and will pass through anyone or anything in its path. Lucian's R "The Culling" is nothing special, as he only fires his two guns quickly. It’s great for clearing out huge waves or zoning out the enemy team. You may think it's OP until you realize you can't change your shooting direction once you start casting the ability. You can effectively use him as long as your team plays with you. 

Why Lucian Is A Great ADC: 

  • He’s the greatest bully in the whole game during the laning phase. 
  • He has a dash in his kit that gets reset the more you auto-attack. You can effectively spam this ability if you have enough cooldown reduction. 
  • His Q can’t be stopped and goes through anything. Don’t be afraid to spam this ability. 
  • The R can be used to clear huge incoming waves or zone out the enemy team from an objective. 
  • The W can reveal enemies that are hiding in a bush. Great for clearing out ambushes. 

8. Kai’Sa

Forget everything you've learned as an ADC about staying safe and keeping your distance. Kai'Sa enjoys getting close and personal with her opponents. She can do that because of her kit so let’s go over it. Kai'Sa's Q "Icathian Rain" launches a missile barrage on the enemy. Because those missiles become divided as more enemies surround her, try to use this ability when a target is alone.

With her "W," she fires a large missile that can snipe people from afar; with her "E," she runs fast while charging up; and after charging up, she gains a massive boost in attack speed for a few seconds. And her R "Killer Instinct" ability changes her entire playstyle and distinguishes her from the other ADCs. Kai'Sa will charge head on an enemy and gain a shield when you use this ability.

Use this ability wisely to avoid putting yourself in a situation where you will be killed without doing anything. While playing Kai'Sa, you can experiment with a variety of builds. Going full attack speed is the most common, but you can also try going full damage or full ability power. Her abilities scale with AP as well. Kai'Sa isn't much of a fighter in the laning phase unless she has her support behind her covering her. In the late game, you can safely take on two enemies at the same time and survive.

Why Kai’Sa Is A Great ADC:

  • In the later stages of a match, Kai’Sa can 1v2 successfully. 
  • Her ultimate ability allows her to charge headfirst into battle. 
  • Kai’Sa can gain a huge shield thanks to her R ability allowing her to survive longer in battles. 
  • You can evolve all of her abilities and make them stronger. 
  • Kai’Sa can also build full AP and it’s strong as AD. 

7. Vayne

You know who she is, I know who she is, and everyone knows who she is. She is the ultimate tank destroyer. All of this is due to her W "Silver Bolts," which deal true damage every third auto-attack. Her range isn't great, but Vayne can dash towards them with her Q "Tumble" or push them away or into a wall with her E "Condemn." You might think she's a simple champion to play after reading this, but don't be fooled.

Learning Vayne can take a long time and will not be easy. However, when playing Vayne, her R ability can alleviate your pain by increasing her attack and movement speed while also making her invisible whenever she uses her Q. Vayne is an excellent ADC against teams that have 2-3 bruisers or tanks. She's also the type of champion who excels both early and late in the game. At no point during the match does she fall off. 

Why Vayne Is A Great ADC:

  • Vayne is great against tanks and bruisers. 
  • She deals a great amount of true damage thank’s to her W. 
  • You can dodge and outplay a whole team with her kit if you’re skilled enough. 
  • Using her ultimate ability makes you invisible when using Q. You can use this to your advantage when ambushing or chasing people. 
  • Vayne is a rare champion that doesn’t fall off at any point of the game, if you have mechanics she will be useful. 

6. Samira

The ADC version of Katarina. That’s what Samira is to me and she’s very fun to play. Sadly this is just a shadow of what we see today because when Samira came out she was a goddess of the bot lane. If she was not banned the team who picked her would win. That’s how broken she was. But even today you can dominate the match with her.

You can do this thanks to her abilities such as her R “Inferno Trigger”, E “Wild Rush”, and W “Blade Whirl”. Don’t worry about Q as it’s not that strong, it's mostly used for poking or as a mosquito bite before jumping into the enemy team. As Samira, your main focus is to heal as much HP as you can while dealing with as much AoE damage as possible.

Her W can block all incoming abilities only exception are the laser types. One key with Samira is to always be combining your attacks and abilities together while constantly moving. If you stop for 1 second you’re dead meat. She is the female version of Dante. If you love that character you’ll love her. Samira is great with champions who can CC a whole team so she can do the damage without being targeted. 

Why Samira Is A Great ADC:

  • Since you’ll constantly be moving and dashing with your E it will be hard for the enemy team to target you. 
  • Samira’s W can block all incoming damage except laser-type abilities. 
  • She works great with supports who can CC multiple targets at once. 
  • Her R deals AoE damage while also healing her backup for a % of her health. 
  • Samira’s E gets reset whenever you get a kill. 

5. Jhin

Let me introduce you to Count Jhincula, who loves counting to the number four. He does not go over the number 4 as he failed primary school in 4th grade so he doesn’t know any better. Jhin is a one-of-a-kind champion who only a few people will like. He is not suitable for everyone. He has no mobility except that he gains movement speed when he crits someone. Apart from that, he is immobile.

To compensate for his lack of mobility, he has a wide attack range and abilities with a wide cast radius. If you're worried about being ganked, you can always plant mines with his E "Captive Audience." This will temporarily slow the target and reveal them. Another fantastic ability of his is his R "Curtain Call," in which Jhin pulls out a sniper rifle and shoots the hell out of any opponents attempting to flee.

This ability can also be used to start a team fight from a safe distance. Jhin's AD scaling is a feature that many players appreciate. Jhin has the highest AD scaling of any champion in the game, so there will be times when you can kill someone with just one auto-attack which is very satisfying and entertaining. 

Why Jhin Is A Great ADC:

  • Has the highest AD scaling out of any champion in the game. 
  • Jhin gains a massive movement speed bonus when he critically strikes someone, I highly suggest that you build crit items on him so you can compensate for the lack of mobility. 
  • Jhin’s mines reveal opponents for a short period, yes even invisible or camouflage opponents get revealed. 
  • You can use Jhin’s ultimate ability to start a team fight from a safe distance. 
  • His W is another great engagement tool as it roots targets that have recently taken damage. 

4. Nilah

Let's talk about the most recent champion that was added to the game. She works as a melee ADC. Yes, you read that correctly. Despite being a melee champion, her water whip has a long attack range. Nilah's passive ability also grants other enchantress champions the ability to shield and heal for a greater amount.

When it comes to her abilities, they are simple to grasp and you will not need to read much, so bear with me. Her Q "Formless Blade" allows her to deal AoE damage with her auto-attacks, her W "Jubilant Veil" turns her transparent and untargetable for a few seconds, her E "Slipstream" allows her to dash twice, and her R "Apotheosis" pulls everyone together in a vortex.

You may begin to see how broken this champion can be. Thankfully, she's not seen much action because most people don't know what to do with her, and the fact that she's a melee ADC confuses people. But if you can get used to it, you'll have a formidable ADC on your hands. But she does have a lot of counters and it can be pretty hard to play some matches or even stay alive so be careful when you pick her. 

Why Nilah Is A Great ADC:

  • Her Q allows her to deal AoE damage with her auto-attacks. Can be great when pushing waves or if more than 2 people are grouped up. 
  • Her W makes her untargetable for a short period. 
  • The R can be a great tool when engaging in a team fight. Allowing your teammates to hit their abilities on the enemies much easier. 
  • She’s able to dash two times with her E ability. 
  • Her passive ability empowers enchantress supports and makes their shielding and healing abilities greater. 

3. Draven

Draven is one of the most egotistical champions in the game, but he is also one of the most enjoyable champions to play for some people. When it comes to the champion, most people believe he doesn't require any skill to play. You only need hands to play him, and that's it. They are completely incorrect. To become a good Draven player, hours of practice are required. The main goal with Draven is to catch his axes so that his passive ability continues to stack.

The more passive stacks the more shekels in your pockets. However, you must be careful not to collide with enemy abilities while attempting to catch your axes. When you play the champion, his Q "Spinning Axe" will be your main ability. To compensate for his lack of mobility, Draven can use his W "Blood Rush" to sprint towards an enemy or his E "Stand Aside" to push people to the side, slowing them down. Don't be concerned if you didn't manage to kill a target for whatever reason.

You can always use your R "Whirling Death" to catch them. This is a global ability that can be used whenever you want. It will take some time to adjust, but you will get there. Draven, like Jhin, has an insane amount of AD scaling, but not quite as much. The main reason people prefer Draven to Jhin is that Draven does not need to reload. He can attack the enemy indefinitely. He is also one of the original champions who introduced the concept of one-shotting people with a single auto-attack.

Why Draven Is A Great ADC:

  • Your W resets each time you catch an axe. You can spam this ability effectively during the laning phase or when someone is chasing you. 
  • His E slows and pushes people to the side allowing you or your support to catch up to them. 
  • Works well with a support that can stun lock an enemy in a single place.
  • His R is a global ability and can hit a target that’s in base. 
  • The more passive stacks he has the more gold you’ll get. This is important as Draven needs to be ahead to do well in the game. 

2. Twitch

Here we are at number two, with an abomination of a rat named Twitch. He's a mutant rat with the ability to become invisible. This invisibility is essential for correctly playing the champion. Instead of attacking the enemy from the front, you should be sneaky and attack them from behind. I always like to use my teammates as a human shield to tank every single ability, and then I'll engage when I know I won't have to dodge as much, but kiting is important.

Because you can be easily removed from the game. Remember that Twitch is not a tanky champion. His Q "Ambush" gives him invisibility, W "Venom Cask" slows people, E "Contaminate" allows you to use those poison stacks and deal damage to the target, and R "Spray And Pray" gives Twitch extra AD and attack range.

This champion is a lot of fun, but keep in mind that he's a late game hyper carry who needs to farm and get at least 3-4 items to be useful. When you have those items, you will be unstoppable and will win the majority of your matches. You'll also need to be cautious of assassins because you don't have a direct way of dealing with them, so keep an eye out for flanks and ganks. 

Why Twitch Is A Great ADC:

  • True hyper carry that can 1v9 a match alone if played correctly. 
  • Twitch can go either AD or AP. Only go AP if it’s needed in your team comp. 
  • Twitch deals true damage with his poison that damage is increased when going AP.
  • The extra AD and attack range from his ultimate is a great addition to the champion. 
  • Twitch’s Q gets reset each time he gets a kill so you can keep casting it as long as bodies keep dropping. 

1. Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is the ADC who simply outperforms everyone else. Her win rate and pick rate have skyrocketed as a result of recent buffs to the champion. She's also very easy to play and get into. When playing Miss Fortune, you should poke people with her Q "Double Up." Here's what you have to do. When a minion's HP is low, I want you to press Q if an enemy is behind it.

You'll deal a lot of damage to your opponent while firing from a safe distance. You will also live inside of their heads rent-free. Her W "Strut" and E "Make It Rain" abilities are also useful. When ulting a target or targets, use your E. Because it slows enemies. It’s simple as that ladies and gentlemen. In terms of her ultimate ability, her R "Bullet Time" deals damage in a cone shape. This is a fantastic ability because it can wipe out entire teams.

It will have you feeling like Thanos. Miss Fortune can go 1v1 against anyone in the ADC role and come out alive. She can make quick work of even a large team charging at her. I can't describe how much fun it is to play this champion, so go try her out for yourself and see how easy it is to carry scrubs on your back. If you begin to experience back pain, try playing support to alleviate the discomfort.

Why Miss Fortune Is A Great ADC:

  • She’s easy to play and master. It won’t take you a long time to get used to her kit and carry your games. 
  • Her Q is the most useful ability during the laning phase and it will give you a huge up on your opponents. 
  • Using your E in conjunction with your R can be extremely useful because it slows people down and makes it more difficult for them to escape your range. 
  • Each time you attack a new minion or champion the first auto-attack will deal bonus damage. This also applies to buildings. 
  • Miss Fortune is great in the early and late game, she does not fall off she only gets stronger.

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