LoL Best Akali Skins - All Akali Skins Ranked Good To Best

Best Akali Skins
Original Akali Skin.

Sometimes, pure speed and agility can be much cooler than magical abilities. Akali, the Rogue Assassin, proudly executes deathly attacks that can easily exterminate her enemies. Her attack motions are quick, precise, and unrelenting.

She goes a step further from Shen’s teachings and adapts a hit-and-run elimination style. Akali can restore her energy by creating a ring-shaped cloud of smoke that makes her invisible to her enemies.

In this cloud of smoke, she also gains speed, allowing her to get ready for her next quick attack. Much like her playstyle, Akali has numerous badass skins that will stun you. Read on and try to decide which one you like most!

#11. Infernal Akali (Ok)

Infernal Akali skin.

Infernal Akali is a fiery demon in this skin and seems to have been summoned by people or priests who worship her. She looks fierce with elegantly burning rage, ready to wreak havoc on anyone. This is a simple yet daring skin that you will love, especially if your favorite element is fire. 

What makes this skin fierce:

  • Akali surrounded in flames is an amazing sight. She glimmers as she is surrounded by a circle of blazing fire underneath the night sky. 
  • Infernal Akali’s fiery red hair, in particular, is very pretty as it flows behind her. The horns add a nice touch to hellish Akali.
  • The battle animation is pretty cool. Infernal Akali’s cloud of smoke is decorated with golden edges. Her kama is also a shiny gold, which makes it fun to watch whenever she attacks. 
  • While Infernal Akali is fierce and rather cool, it isn’t breathtaking like some of her other skins. Although the concept is there, it still seems to be lacking something visually. 

How to get this skin:

Available during special events in the client shop for the price of 520 RP.

See Infernal Akali in action!

#10. Stinger Akali (Good)

Stinger Akali skin.

If you fancy action and fighting scenes, you will definitely like this skin. Stinger Akali dashes forward in the middle of a fight with a look so full of hatred, it almost gives you goosebumps. If you are determined to win a battle and hate your enemies so much, this skin will be just right for you! 

What makes this skin combative:

  • The overall concept of this skin is pretty cool, as it looks like Akali is emerging from her cloud of smoke, about to surprise attack her enemy. She is forward and will never be found cowering in the background. 
  • Stinger Akali’s yellow-green attire is sleek and fitting for her combat style. The yellow is also displayed nicely in her attacks during gameplay. 
  • The brutal fighting happening in the background adds nicely to the overall combative concept of the skin. 

How to get this skin:

Available during special events in the client shop for the price of 520 RP.

See Stinger Akali in action!

#9. Silverfang Akali (Good)

Silverfang Akali skin.

The atmosphere and overall concept of this skin is everything! Silverfang Akali is a badass kunoichi glowing in the dark. The background suggests she has been doing some planning for her next move, and it looks like she is going to do it quickly and precisely. You do not want to mess with Akali in this one!

What makes this skin badass:

  • Silverfang Akali’s posture is cool and collected. She takes on a more masculine vibe here which brings out her badass features even more!
  • With Akali’s intense eyes, it makes you feel like you did something wrong just walking in on her cleaning her blade. She has such a spine-chillingly cool aura. 
  • Sadly, you don’t see her Kama in the skin, but thankfully, they are a nice shiny blue in gameplay. It’s enough to blind any enemy!

How to get this skin:

Available in the client shop for the price of 975 RP.

See Silverfang Akali in action!

#8. Nurse Akali (Good)

Nurse Akali skin. 

Nurse costumes are undoubtedly one of the most popular Halloween costumes, and we get to see how it looks on Akali! However, besides the stunning concept, the skin itself is pretty simple with a slight touch of horror that could be rather disturbing. This skin does not provide any new animations or sounds. Overall, the concept is cool but the details could have been better. 

What makes this skin chilling:

  • Nurse Akali is in a surgical setting assisting surgeons during an operation. This, however, is not all that is going on. In the corner of the splash art, you see a man with tape over his mouth with an expression full of fear. Nurse Akali, on the other hand, is shushing him. Who knows what she’s planning to do?
  • The nurse costume Akali is wearing is a classic one. Simple yet seductive. The hospital cross sign on her Kama is a nice touch to her overall look!
  • It’s nice to see the same Nurse Akali’s outfit from her splash art on her gameplay outfit!

How to get this skin:

Available in the client shop for the price of 975 RP.

See Nurse Akali in action!

#7. Headhunter Akali (Awesome)

Headhunter Akali skin. 

Akali is quite frankly a merciless headhunter in this one, with a little bit of a futuristic vibe. You see her dashing through a forest in heavy rain as if mercilessly chasing after her prey. The contrast between the black and red colors is amazing in the splash art. Very fitting for a swift predator like Akali!

What makes this skin appealing: 

  • Although Headhunter Akali is giving you the death glare, you can’t help but be attracted to her. There is something about her gaze that draws you to her, wanting to know more. Whether that’s a good idea or not is completely up to you.
  • The bright red color of her Kama is dazzling and fits so well with Akali’s personality and fighting style. It also adds to the futuristic vibe the skin is going for. 
  • Headhunter Akali’s recall animation is a fun one to watch as she sneakily jumps onto her Kama to head back home. Entertaining and very cool!

How to get this skin:

Available in the client shop for the price of 1350 RP.

See Headhunter Akali in action!

#6. PROJECT: Akali (Awesome)

PROJECT: Akali skin. 

We’ve got another futuristic Akali! Much like the other PROJECT skins in LoL, PROJECT Akali is hi-tech and almost robotic with the way she looks and moves. She emerges from a cloud of smoke, wielding her metallic Kama to get ready for her next attack. There are alien-like forms in her background, suggesting the setting is in another world at a much later time in the future. If you are a tech geek, get this skin!

What makes this skin cool: 

  • You can almost feel Akali’s swiftness and accuracy in this skin as she dashes towards you with her complex looking kama. The thing looks strong enough to slice rocks!
  • PROJECT: Akali’s holographic blue hair is super cool. You see this in gameplay too. All of her animations are holographic, adding nicely to the PROJECT concept.
  • The sounds you hear during gameplay are robotic and fitting for this hi-tech skin!

How to get this skin:

Available in the client shop for the price of 1350 RP.

See PROJECT: Akali in action!

#5. Sashimi Akali (Awesome)

Sashimi Akali skin. 

I know I would love to visit a sushi restaurant where Akali is one of the main chefs. As we all know, Akali loves cutting things. Who would’ve thought that she would use her sharp skills to make sashimi? I do wish that the splash art shows a more detailed insight into her sashimi cooking job. This skin has a very entertaining concept even though it doesn’t have any new effects.

What makes this skin entertaining:

  • This is a nice unique concept that spins Akali’s love for cutting into a more friendly and delicious way! The food in the splash art looks appetizing. You will get hungry just looking at it.  
  • It’s nice to showcase other champions in the splash art, but it does not emphasize Akali very much. If you wanted a skin emphasizing Akali and her badass self, this one is not for you. 
  • On the contrary, if you wanted a different take on Akali, this one is right up your ally! She is softer in this skin, displaying a happy expression you don’t see in her other skins. The cute little cat accessory she has on her waist adds to the soft image of Akali in this skin. 

How to get this skin:

Available in the client shop for the price of 750 RP.

See Sashimi Akali in action!

#4. All-Star Akali (Awesome)

All-Star Akali skin. 

Wouldn’t it be so cool to play your favorite sport with your favorite champion? I would be very much excited to play soccer with Akali. She doesn’t hide that she would be the star player as the splash art shows her shooting accurately at the goal. But there is one weird part of the splash art. I mean, who wears a bag with a water bottle during a soccer match? Nevertheless, we see that Akali can definitely kick ass!

What makes this skin exciting:

  • Our already swift and agile Akali is not only skilled in fighting, but also excels in sports! You can tell she is truly enjoying her soccer game, scoring goals from every corner.
  • The soccer ball in the splash art is traced with shining blue light from when it was kicked by Akali straight to the goal net. It’s very easy to tell how strategic Akali was when she kicked the ball, and how fast it was going!
  • Contrary to her other dark but cool skins, All-Star Akali gives us another brighter side of Akali. She looks young, fresh, and innocent in this one! 

How to get this skin:

Available during special events in the client shop for the price of 975 RP.

See All-Star Akali in action!

#3. Blood Moon Akali (Awesome)

Blood Moon Akali skin. 

The theatre is always a fun place to go to watch entertaining plays and performances. In this skin, Akali is an ancient warrior in a play resembling the Noh form of theatre. Noh is a major form of classical Japanese drama and dance performance. Blood Moon Akali is artsy and beautifully represents the classic Noh theatre style.

What makes this skin beautiful: 

  • Blood Moon Akali is a very intricately styled skin with beautiful details making it look like a painting or piece of art. Akali seems to be jumping in the air, preparing to do a warrior dance in front of a huge audience. She is elegant and blinding!
  • The background for this skin is particularly entrancing. The fierce dragon behind Akali seems to be her role model! Blood Moon Akali elegantly moves in unison with the dragon in her background. 
  • Blood Moon Akali’s outfit and mask are exceptional in this one. She is rocking the red, blue, and gold colors that give her a more majestic vibe. The colors blend in with her background, as the dragon also has the same color scheme!
  • Akali’s Kama is a nice contrast to her attire and the background. They have a bluish glow, much resembling the water element that is in contrast with Blood Moon Akali’s fire representation. 

How to get this skin:

Available in the client shop for the price of 975 RP.

See Blood Moon Akali in action!

#2. True Damage Akali (Legendary)

True Damage Akali skin. 

True Damage Akali was very well anticipated by fans because it was rumored to be similar to her K/DA skin. Still, it was pretty surprising to see Akali get a True Damage skin too because she was already included in the K/DA series. Nevertheless, this skin does well to show that she can be a stunning girl-crush inducing character without wearing a revealing outfit. 

What makes this skin stunning:

  • True Damage is another music group, more hip-hop and badass than Pentakill or K/DA. If you are into the hip-hop style, you will most likely love this skin.
  • Akali does it yet again with her cool posture, this time at the end of a staircase that looks to be leading out of a subway station. Very fitting for a hip-hop group concept photo!
  • It’s nice to see a K/DA reference in the background of True Damage Akali’s splash art. The purple wisp coming out of the advertisement kind of resembles Akali’s multi-talent. She can do both types of music - Kpop and hip-hop. 

How to get this skin:

Available in the client shop for the price of 1350 RP.

See True Damage Akali in action!

#1. K/DA Akali (Legendary)

K/DA Akali skin. 

Definitely one of the most popular skins around! The K/DA skin series brought great surprise and sensation to League of Legends’ fans. Just how amazing is it to see your favorite characters in a Kpop group? With new animations, sounds, and other effects, K/DA Akali easily justifies its price and will quickly become your go-to skin. 

What makes this skin popular: 

  • It’s very cool how the splash art changes emphasis based on the champions. K/DA’s background is blurred, but you can still tell who the other K/DA members are. This is a very chic skin!
  • The lighting in the splash art makes it seem very club-like with the neon and LED lights. This makes the skin even more stylish. 
  • Another thing adding to the stylishness of this skin is Akali’s modern and chic outfit! She is a real Kpop star in this one. 

How to get this skin:

Available in the client shop for the price of 1350 RP.

See K/DA Akali in action!

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