[Top 10] LOL Best Carry Champions That Wreck Hard!

League of Legends
Carry champions have high potential to get multiple kills in a row and put your team on your back.

10. Renekton

The reptilian top-laner has been taking the professional scene by storm, with the champion being especially favored in North America. Renekton is a tanky bruiser who is a real menace in teamfights due to the Goredrinker item. With that and Sterak’s Gage equipped, Renekton has the potential to dive into enemy team backlines and come out with more health than he started. The champion does a ridiculous amount of damage in the late game and is a strong top-lane pickup provided that the matchup makes sense.

Why Renekton is a Fearsome Carry

  • Strong teamfight potential
  • Insane sustain with Goredrinker, Sterak’s Gage, and his empowered Q
  • His ultimate deals damage within a radius while boosting his health as well

9. Kai’sa

Another champion with a high pick-rate in professional games, Kai’sa in a marksman (ADC) who also deals magic damage with her auto-attacks. She’s considered a hybrid between a hyper-carry and an assassin due to her ability to jump onto enemies a certain distance away. Her damage scales incredibly well and she carries all the tools she needs to kite enemies safely.

Why Kai’sa is a Fearsome Carry

  • Decent mobility and evasive skills to help keep her in the fight or to escape
  • Strong scaling damage that also provides a source of magic damage
  • Teleportation-type ultimate that allows her to jump onto an enemy for a swift execution

8. Vayne

One of the best, if not the most powerful hyper-carry, Vayne relies on true damage and mobility to kite enemies to death. Her ultimate gives her the ability to go invisible with her Q ability, which adds to her ability to outmaneuver opponents. Add to that her scaling true damage with her W ability, and the late-game will make it hard for any team to deal with a fed Vayne.

Why Vayne is a Fearsome Carry

  • Powerful scaling true damage
  • Great toolkit to help her avoid being chunked to death and keep her in the fight
  • Condemn ability to provide a stun for her team

7. Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is another marksman worth mentioning. Her laning phase can be brutal to deal with as her passive gives each auto-attack empowered damage whenever she attacks a new target. Her Q also carries extremely high damage potential so she tends to bully most laners with poor positioning. But the strongest tech to work with Miss Fortune is using the Arcane Comet rune with her E ability. It allows her to deal an incredibly unfair amount of damage in the early stages of the game to help her push the wave and eventually win lane.

Why Miss Fortune is a Fearsome Carry

  • Powerful zoning and damage with her E ability alone
  • Next to Draven, Miss Fortune has one of the best early game damage with decent scaling
  • Her ultimate punishes enemies who are crowd-controlled or caught in an area they cannot escape

6. Jhin

As mentioned in other articles, the introduction of Galeforce has made Jhin even more powerful than before as it finally provides him with some form of mobility. Jhin’s scaling is insanely powerful as his auto-attack system of four bullets grows more potent with each passing minute. He can provide damage and utility from long-range as well, but his greatest strength is the fourth-shot in his auto-attacks.

Why Jhin is a Fearsome Carry

  • Long-range utility and damage
  • Insane scaling with his fourth-shot damage and auto-attacks
  • Has the potential to 1v9

5. Tristana

Tristana has been something of a sleeper hit in Solo Queue. Her win-rate of 52%+ shows the champion doing extremely well across all ranks. Tristana is yet another ADC to make it onto this list and this time, she relies heavily on auto-attack speed and damage to melt her enemies down. She has an extremely long-range jump that acts as both a great way to assassinate enemies or make a grand escape.

Why Tristana is a Fearsome Carry

  • Good scaling damage
  • With the right mechanics, Tristana players can dish out an endless stream of damage with her auto-attacks alone
  • Nice knock-back ultimate to keep her safe or to finish off an enemy with style

4. Fizz

It will come as no surprise to anyone that Fizz has established himself as a strong carry. The champion has always done an incredible amount of damage, and he continues to do so in the current meta. He’s very tough for low-elo players to deal with, but even the best players will have trouble against a fed Fizz.

Why Fizz is a Fearsome Carry

  • One of the best escapes in the game with his E
  • Powerful damage at all stages of the game
  • Long-range ultimate to start a teamfight or snipe a retreating opponent

3. Diana

Another powerful mid-laner, Diana maintains a healthy win-rate with her assassin burst-damage playstyle. The champion can also utilize strong shields with her W ability, making it even harder to deal with a Diana that is all up in your face. She’s a great option to run in the mid-lane for almost any game.

Why Diana is a Fearsome Carry

  • Great engage and trap with her ultimate, which pulls in enemies near her while dealing a ton of damage
  • Good sustain with her shields
  • Can maintain double dashes to hunt enemies down

2. Malzahar

Malzahar is a powerful control-type mage who excels in the mid-lane and zoning enemies in teamfights. Like any mage, Malzahar’s damage scales well with time and he uses a powerful ultimate to root a single enemy for an almost guaranteed kill. Malzahar is also a tough laning opponent as he can farm relatively safely from a distance.

Why Malzahar is a Fearsome Carry

  • Great scaling magic damage
  • Impactful ultimate that roots a single target for a relatively long time
  • Extremely useful in teamfights with his wide range

1. Anivia

For our first pick, I was as surprised as anyone to see that Anivia boasts one of the highest win-rates across all ranks. Like Malzahar, Anivia is a control-type mage with good scaling and zoning abilities. She’s extremely effective in teamfights with her ultimate, which creates a zone that deals perpetual damage. With her wall ability and her passive, which revives her upon death, Anivia is a powerful mid-laner who can always impact a teamfight.

Why Anivia is a Fearsome Carry

  • Arguably one of the best zoning champions in LoL
  • Extremely effective wall ability that prevents escapes or blocks enemies off
  • Strong scaling magic damage

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