[Top 10] LOL Best Engage Supports That Wreck Hard!

LOL Best Engage Supports
Engage supports are terrific for locking down any enemy to help your team secure kills!

10. Pyke

Pyke is one of a kind as he’s an assassin type support with great engage tools to help the ADC get the kills he needs in lane. He’s interesting in the fact that he can execute champions below a certain percentage of health and this ability resets on kills so you can essentially get a pentakill if you can land all of his ultimates.

Why Pyke is Great for Engage and Support

  • Great engage tools and escape abilities
  • Has the ability to go invisible within a certain range of vision to catch enemies by surprise
  • Ultimate ability has the potential to hard-carry teamfights

9. Rakan

Rakan came out a few years back as a dual release with Xayah in the bot lane. He’s an excellent support with better engage tools than utility but he possesses the mobility to keep himself in the fight and provide shields to his teammates. His ultimate consists of him gaining tremendous movement speed and the ability to taunt anybody he’s close to so it’s a perfect way to get a pick or start a teamfight.

Why Rakan is Great for Engage and Support

  • Tremendous mobility with his Q and E abilities
  • His ultimate gives him a great engage tool to bring the advantage to his team
  • Has healing and shielding abilities as well

8. Thresh

One of my personal favorites, Thresh is what you would expect a typical support to resemble. His primary engage tool is his Q, which is a hook that latches onto an enemy and drags them closer while he dashes to them. He can also use his W ability to bring teammates into a fight or get them out of a tight spot. Thresh’s ultimate sets up a cage that slows and damages enemies if they try to escape so use in tandem with his Q.

Why Thresh is Great for Engage and Support

  • Hook ability has a prolonged effect as it drags enemies towards you
  • Ability to lantern people closer to him with his W
  • Great capture ability with his ultimate to slow enemies and deal damage

7. Nautilus

Nautilus has a great range of tools to lock down enemy carries. His primary engagement is his Q ability which latches onto enemies from far away and to further cement the crowd-control, his passive makes his auto-attacks stun a target. His W ability provides a shield to sustain him and his E throws a circle of damage that slows targets. His ultimate doesn’t have the effectiveness to disrupt an entire team but it does lock down a single unit, so it’s great for keeping an enemy carry tied down in teamfights.

Why Nautilus is Great for Engage and Support

  • Nice hook ability that has good stun duration when it’s used with his auto-attacks
  • Decent sustain with his shield ability
  • When an enemy carry is too strong, his ultimate can buy your team a few more seconds to keep them occupied

6. Blitzcrank

I call this support the low-elo punisher, mainly because most players aren’t the best at dodging abilities. Blitzcrank’s hook is different from other supports in that it brings enemies straight to him where he can knock them up and silence them with his ultimate. He’s a great champion to roam with and get free picks in teamfights or across walls.

Why Blitzcrank is Great for Engage and Support

  • Hook ability that effectively marks the target for death
  • Nice knock up ability with his E
  • His ultimate does a wave of damage and silences enemies

5. Morgana

Morgana boasts a 50%+ win-rate and with good reason. Her main engage tool is a bind that lasts for several seconds and is almost always a guaranteed kill in the mid to late game. She can also flash and use her ultimate as a combo to slow, deal damage, and root all enemies caught in her radius. I’d say her greatest strength is her magic shield, which makes a target ally immune to crowd-control for a short duration.

Why Morgana is Great for Engage and Support

  • Long-lasting bind that is extremely effective at all stages of the game
  • Powerful shield ability that makes allies immune to crowd-control for 5 seconds
  • Her ultimate requires some experience to be used at maximum power, but it’s a great engage tool regardless

4. Alistar

Alistar is one of the best supports right now, and he’s got a doozy of an ability set. He can use a W-Q combo that headbutts and then knocks up enemies, so it’s a mini-Malphite ultimate that’s available at level 2. I’d say his greatest strength is his ultimate, which blocks 55/65/75% of all incoming damage.

Why Alistar is Great for Engage and Support

  • Powerful engagement available at level 2
  • Great sustain with his ultimate, becomes nearly unkillable for some time
  • Has the tool kit to keep enemies disrupted for a long time

3. Leona

One of the best supports around, Leona is the ultimate engage and lockdown support. Almost all of her abilities have some form of crowd-control tied to them and she comes with a tanky build to keep the abilities coming. With her full combo, she can keep an enemy locked down for over 5 seconds. Her relentless nature to keep chasing down enemies makes her terrifying to deal with and you’re sure to win more games with her on your team.

Why Leona is Great for Engage and Support

  • Extremely long stun potential with her full combo of abilities
  • Can become very tanky so it’s hard to take her out of any fight
  • She can peel for her ADC extremely well

2. Swain

Swain boasts a win-rate of 52.11% across all ranks even though he’s what I would consider an unorthodox support. However, his damage potential, as well as his infamous root ability, make him a strong contender to become a sustain carry for your team. In addition to his high damage, his ultimate siphons health from all enemies within his radius and gives it back to himself to keep the enemy team distracted.

Why Swain is Great for Engage and Support

  • Nice sustain with his ultimate
  • High damage with all of his abilities
  • Has the potential to carry a game as a support

1. Nami

It’s strange to see Nami as the best engage support, especially since her only real engagement is her ultimate. However, she boasts the highest win-rate out of all the other supports on this list, so it’s safe to say that Nami gives you the best relative chance of winning a game. Her late game healing and movement speed buffs are nothing to laugh at and a well-executed ultimate can make or break a fight.

Why Nami is Great for Engage and Support

  • Terrific sustain to heal and buff her ally ADC during laning phase
  • Excellent long-range engagement with her ultimate that is way more impactful than it looks
  • Bubble ability to disable and stun an enemy

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