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A Quick List for Sylas Stans

Let's Put the Spotlight on Sylas Now.

Sylas is one of the most intriguing new characters from League of Legends. He has a very fleshed-out history and we can see a lot of character development for him in his back story. With him beating his enemies with the chains that used to bind really shows what kind of ironic personality he has. Even with his dark and brooding personality he still has a heart with showing Lux mercy at his execution when she was the only person he spared.

His name is a subtle nod to the same Silas that was locked in a prison cell with the apostle Paul, which makes him unique in my eyes. Sylas is one of the most versatile champions, being able to be played top, mid, and jungle and usually excelling in those positions. I have yet to see him played in the bot lane for either ADC or Supp, but I’m sure someone has done it before, even if they were just trolling.

Sylas is a very common champ right now and he is being played very often, and some of the main reasons are because he is versatile and he can steal anyone’s ultimate ability. The fact that you could be playing top lane and pick up an ult from any of your enemies (as long as you can get close enough to hit them with your R) is really strong.

Sylas only has his stock skin and one purchasable skin, so ranking this list shouldn’t up much of your valuable time. So let’s dive into the skins for Sylas, the unshackled.

2. Stock skin

Here He Comes

 As far as character design goes I enjoy how Riot has designed Sylas. His stock skin isn’t anything fancy until you get to his chains, they are made of a material called petricite that absorbs magic and it is how he can steal other people’s ultimate abilities. In addition to petricite, his chains are also made of Demacian steel and gold which look awesome and contrast his dark prison clothes. His design is reminiscent of Cody from the Street Fighter series since they both are still wearing their prison clothes and both have chains, even though Cody doesn’t fight with his as Sylas does.

 In addition to his chains, he also has a shackle around his left ankle and a huge collar around his neck. You can see that Demacia wanted to make sure he couldn’t move at all during his imprisonment. Other than that he’s shirtless and he wears his black prison pants and his feet are wrapped  similarly to how a boxer  wraps his fists.

What makes this skin stand out:

  • It is simple but just looking at the design tells you a little bit about Sylas. You can tell he came from humble beginnings. The only other giveaway that he was in prison would be if his pants were orange instead of black, I’m not sure if Demacia will ever change over to orange jumpsuits or not.
  • You can tell that he was a prisoner in a Demacian prison from the color of his chains and the designs on his shackles. If you turned Galeo into a set of shackles and chains it would look exactly like Syals’ chains. 
  • You can see his Mageseeker mark given to him from Demacia before he was incarcerated. This symbol proved that he was helping the Demacian government look for mages to persecute them. I love that they kept that little Easter egg on his stock skin.

How to get this skin: This is his stock skin so you get it as soon as you purchase Sylas for 975 RP

Check out Sylas in his stock skin here: 

If You Don't Think Sylas is a Man Beast, Rewatch This Clip

1. Lunar Wraith Sylas

Up the Intensity

 I love this skin! This makes Sylas look like a combination of a genie and Akuma from Street Fighter and maybe even a little Kratos from God of War . I love how they made his shackles resemble some kind of metal creature latched onto his arms. Also, Sylas’ hands look very spectral which is a very nice touch. He doesn’t even look like the same character with this skin, which  makes it worth the money in my opinion. They released this skin to celebrate the Lunar year of the Pig in the Chinese zodiac. They released it alongside Firecracker Sejuani, Coin Emperor Tahm Kench, Firecracker Vayne, and Firecracker Vayne Prestige Edition.

  The part of this skin that really makes it worth the money is the fact that it is a Chroma skin which means that for an additional price you can change the color of Sylas when he is using this skin. So, if you buy all of them you get his standard color, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Catseye, Obsidian, Pearl, and Ruby. Amethyst adds shades of purple, Aquamarine adds shades of blue, Catseye adds shades of gold and dark pink, Obsidian adds shades of dark green, Pearl adds shades of white and changes his hair to gold, and Ruby adds shades of orange.

What makes this skin stand out:

  • This totally redesigns Sylas to the point to where you wouldn’t even be able to tell who he is until you noticed him dragging the chains behind him.
  • This is a chroma skin so you get additional colors if you don’t want to be running around the map as a purple genie (but who wouldn’t want that?)
  • They added brand new sound effects as well as visual effects including changing his actual chain to have metal eyeballs instead of chain links, a new taunt, a new dance (belly dancing genie Sylas is hilarious), and a new joke, a new recall animation where he throws his chains down, steps on them until he crushes them and spirits from the chains swirl around him and he eats them then he spews the spectral entity from his mouth until he shows back up at the fountain.
  • They also added new particle effects to all of his attacks as well as new designs on the ground when he does his attacks. When he uses his Q you have a different explosion effect. When he uses his passive and he spins they changed that as well. All of these new designs give off a very ghostly vibe to Sylas and it is a very fresh design to a character who already had a nice clean design, to begin with.

How to get this skin: 

This skin can be purchased permanently for 1350 RP and each additional Chroma it will cost 290 RP

Check out Lunar Wraith Sylas here:

Sylas Shakes Things Up Here


For a champion as well designed as Sylas is it is still nice that Riot has already given him a new skin. Then to give you more bang for buck the new skin is a Chroma. Both designs are fantastic. You can tell that Riot really lenjoys this champ like pretty much everyone else who plays him . Considering he’s still a very popular character we can expect a lot of new skins to be released for Sylas at some point. Here’s hoping for a Blood Moon Sylas in-the-near-future!

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