[Top 10] LOL New Champions (Ranked Worst To Best)

LOL New Champions (Ranked Worst To Best)
These guys are new to the playing field, you know what to do boys.

So you wanna start playing the newest champions in the game. I gotta tell you that’s a really smart thing to do considering that most new champions that come out are so broken and OP for no reason whatsoever. Is it fun playing against these champions?

Of course, it’s not why it would be but that’s the exact reason why you should play them. Today in this exact article I will be listing the top 10 newest champions that have been added to the game and I’ll be ranking them from worst to best and I’ll also mention their release dates.

I’ll also be mentioning their strengths and weaknesses so you know what you’re dealing with and what champion suits your playstyle the best.

10. Seraphine

“If you listen close enough you can hear them scream.”

Seraphine was released on the 29th of October in 2020. This was a hellish day when this creature was released. She was made purely for money and nothing else. Seraphine is a cash cow and Riot Games knows it. If you’ve ever played Sona you’ll feel right at home.

Seraphine is pretty much Sona 2.0. There are slight differences in their abilities that’s for sure but at the end of the day, it’s the same. She’s a support that can heal people, enhance their movement speed, or deal damage to herself with her Q.

It’s the same thing that Sona does but Seraphine sadly does it better. The only reason she does it better than our good old Sona is that she’s the newest champion on the Summoners Rift and that’s it. If you like playing Sona you’ll love playing Seraphine.


  • She can CC multiple people with her ultimate. 
  • Has the ability to heal herself or her teammate. 
  • Seraphine can give herself a huge shield so she doesn’t die easily.
  • Enhances the movement speed of her teammates.


  • She’s a support who heavily relies on her team.
  • Seraphine is squishy; anyone can almost kill her. In a 1v1 Seraphine will always lose.
  • Trying to hit skill shots against champions who have some sort of a dash will be hard.

9. Rell

“I am made out of metal.”

Rell’s release date is the 9th of December 2020. She’s a bit newer than Seraphine and a bit stronger. Unlike Seraphine, Rell can withstand a few punches and live long enough to tell the tale. Well, the reason she can do that is that she’s tank support.

It’s been a real long time since we’ve last seen one and it’s rare these days that Riot Games release an actual champion that’s fun to play. When you start playing Rell you’ll need to learn that taking damage is your job. Otherwise, you might not want to play this Champion. With Rell, you can also ride your horse and while riding it you’ll gain bonus movement speed and you’ll be able to throw people over your back.

When you’re off the horse you’ll be much tankier but you’ll also move slower. Use this ability wisely and don’t get caught off while getting off and on your horse. The most important ability is your ultimate. Your ultimate ability will pull people closer to you as you summon a magnetic field around your champion. 


  • Rell is tank support that can take damage so don’t be afraid to rush into battle first.
  • Your CC has a huge range radius but it’s quite hard to hit. 
  • By casting your ultimate at the right time you can stop other champions from casting there as it interrupts them during it. 


  • Distance is your biggest enemy. When they’re far away from you, you won’t be able to do much.
  • Rell doesn’t have any gap closers. 
  • Rell is quite squishy if she’s on her horse.

8. Zeri

“You just need a spark to start a wildfire.”

This has to be one of the most unique champions in League of Legends right now. Zeri was released on January 20th, 2022. She’s quite new to the game but sadly she isn’t that strong. There was a time in February when Zeri would dominate the rift with tank items but since Riot nerfed those she’s kinda meh right now.

Don’t get me wrong she’s really fun to play but doing damage won’t be your main priority. Think of Zeri as an ADC support who’s good at dodging abilities and poking the enemy. Zeri can go over walls with her E, poke people with her right-click or perhaps even slow them with her W. The main way to auto-attack people is with your Q.

Yes, instead of pressing the usual right-click you’ll now be pressing Q. Why did Riot make it like that? I dunno, it's new and unique. I like it. Just a quick note before using your ultimate ability make sure that there are at least 2 people around you. As your ultimate scales the more people it hits. 


  • Zeri is a mobile champion so use it to your advantage. 
  • Use your right-click only on an enemy when your passive meter is full. 
  • Once you pop your ultimate and it hits at least 3 people do not stop pressing your Q. 
  • She’s able to go over walls with her E so you shouldn’t get caught off by a gank. 


  • Zeri suffers from a lack of damage.
  • Since you’re fast and agile it will be hard for your support to catch up to you. 
  • It will take you a bit of time to get used to pressing Q to auto-attack. 

7. Gwen

“Snip snip.”

Ah, Gwen, a top-lane AP champion that deals true damage. Gwen was released on April 14th, 2021 during the Ruined King event. It was a nice event that brought a lot of new things to the League, especially this champion.

No matter how cute she looks, don't let it deceive you. Under that smile is a horrible creature that can’t wait to cut into your skin. Gwen can deal true damage to people who find themselves in the middle of her scissors.

To get people to that point Gwen can dash towards them with her E which also empowers her auto-attacks, she can cut multiple times with her Q, hide from incoming damage with her mist aka W and throw a bunch of needles at her targets with her R. You can cast her ultimate ability 3 times in a row.


  • Deals true damage. 
  • She can empower her auto-attacks by dashing with her E.
  • Gwen can hide from all incoming damage with her W. 


  • High cooldowns on her W and R. 
  • Has mana issues. 
  • Gwen is squishy; she can die easily in a team fight. 

6. Yone

“No demon shall escape my sword.”

Once two brothers fought to the death and Yone pretty much lost. But instead of going to heaven, Yone decided it would be a great idea to become a demon hunter. So he was released onto the Summoner’s Rift on the 6th of August 2020.

If you’ve ever played Yasuo you know what Yone can do and you’ll feel right at home. Hell, you might even dominate with Yone on your first ever match that you play him. Yone can knock up people by dashing towards them with his Q.

But first, he needs to hit something with his Q two times in a row, and the third time he dashes towards them knocking them up. He can also leave his mortal body and enter demon form with his E to deal damage to people. In this form, Yone gains bonus movement speed and leaves a mark on the enemy he attacked.

Once he goes back into the human form he deals damage to them or maybe even executes them. Depends on how much HP they had in the first place. Yone can also knock up everyone in front of him with his ultimate ability. This can be a great ability if you play your cards correctly and go along with your team. You’ll mainly want to build life steal on Yone as he scales well with it. 


  • Scales well with life steal items. 
  • Can knock up people with his Q.
  • Doesn’t have a mana pool. 
  • His ultimate ability is great when used correctly with your team. 


  • If Yone gets CC’d that’s probably the end of him. 
  • His ultimate heavily rely on his team. 
  • If the enemy builds armor items Yone becomes somewhat useless.

5. Akshan

“Look at me drifting.”

Probably the only champion in the whole MOBA genre that can drift around the corner. Akshan the Tokyo Drifter was released on July 22nd, 2021. When this champion hit the Summoner's Rift there was chaos everywhere. The chaos that ensued was because of his W. Once he used W he could go invisible and stay invisible when touching a wall.

That's nothing that special but the real issue comes from the passive. It could revive dead people as long as Akshan got the kill. So if you ever got a pentakill and Akshan killed you he’d revive everyone. This ability is still in the game but it’s not that OP anymore. As for his other abilities with his, Q Akshan throws a boomerang that extends as long as it hits someone, with his E he can drift around corners while shooting and his ultimate is a point-and-click machine gun.

You can also do a drive-by on people. Which is indeed fun. Also, every single one of his abilities has a unique passive. Good luck trying to memorize what every single ability does. 


  • High attack speed when drifting around corners. 
  • He can revive people from the dead with his W’s passive.
  • The only ability that you have to aim with is his Q. 
  • Akshay's ultimate ability is point-and-click.


  • Really low attack range. 
  • If caught off guard he can’t do anything. 
  • Sadly his ultimate ability can be blocked by anything alive.

4. Samira

“So when does the fun start?”

The great desert rose Samira was released on the 21st of September 2021. Never in my life have I seen an ADC champion that’s more mobile and agile than Samira. When it comes to sliding around and killing people Samira is your pick.

She can also switch from melee to ranged form and can shoot her gunblade with her Q. You know what Samira reminds me of? A female version of Dante from the Devil May Cry series. Samira can also block all incoming damage with her W and she can spin like a ballerina with her R.

While spinning around the clock Samira deals damage in an AoE radius while also healing herself to full HP. Make sure that you don’t get stunned by any chance while casting your ultimate ability. It will result in you dying. There’s no other option. You can build Samira as a normal ADC or simply go full life steal. It’s up to you at the end of the day.


  • An insane amount of life steal during her ultimate ability. 
  • Samira is probably the most mobile ADC in the game currently. 
  • It’s easy to poke with Samira during the laning phase. 
  • Samira can block all incoming damage and auto-attacks with her W.


  • CC is her worst enemy. 
  • Tanks won’t go down easily. 
  • Samira doesn’t have a lot of base HP. Be careful during the laning phase and in a team fight be careful of flanks.

3.  Viego

“Where is the queen of my life? What have you done with Isolde?”

The only champion that can steal others' bodies when he kills them. Viego was summoned to the Summoners Rift on July 14th, 2021. He was the main bad guy during the Ruined King event. I mean it makes sense since Viego is the ruined king. Viego is a jungler but he can also be seen sometimes on the top lane.

The most fun ability in his kit is his passive ability which allows him to take control of enemies that he murdered and then use them to kill their team. That will never stop being fun. Viego can also stab people with his Q, stun them with his W and summon himself beneath them with his R. The best part is that you can spam these abilities as much as you want since he doesn’t have a mana pool.

And each time you hit someone with a Q or W you can auto-attack them twice. Try to hit them with your Q first auto-attack them and then hit them with your W. So you’ll be able to auto-attack them 4 times in a small amount of time. 


  • No mana pool. 
  • He can take over the dead bodies of enemies he killed. 
  • Viego possesses the blade of the ruined king in his passive. 
  • Viego can dash a small distance with his R.


  • It’s hard to gank lanes with Viego. 
  • The W stun duration is low. 
  • You have a small amount of time once you possess a dead body.

2. Renata

“I don’t forgive debts and I never forget them.”

Dressed in all white and coming to collect what’s hers. This is what it means to have power. Renata was released on the 16th of February 2022. She’s the newest champion that has been added to the game and rightfully so she’s kinda OP.

The reason she’s at the number two spot is that she’s a support and without her team, Renata can’t do much. But what she can do is drug people with her R and make them turn on themselves. Renata can also drug her teammate that’s about to die giving him or her a second chance at life with her W ability.

Renata’s E is a great poking tool, where she launches two rockets out of her giant staff and they converge at the enemy’s location. Renata can also pull or push people away from her with her Q. 


  • Can turn the enemy team on themselves. 
  • Renata can save a teammate that’s about to die giving them a second chance at life.
  • Her Q allows her to pull people closer toward her allowing her ADC to get an easy kill.


  • The ultimate ability travels slowly so Renata needs to be up close and personal to use it effectively. 
  • She’s a support that dies easily and she will be the main target for assassins. 
  • Her W only lasts for 5 seconds and if your teammate doesn’t use it correctly it’s wasted. 

1. Vex

“Can we get this over with already?”

And for the best newly released champion, we have Vex. This depressed little midget was released on the 23rd of September 2021. She’s a mid-lane champion that’s great against any mobile champion in the game.

She’s the biggest counter to them. As she can fear them and steal a part of their soul whenever they use their fancy ninja abilities to dodge. Vex can also fear people in a huge AoE radius and she can charge at people with her R to later explode on them.

Her ultimate ability resets each time she gets a kill. Playing Vex might give you depression as she’s always moody and doesn’t have anything nice to say. Pretty much me whenever I play League of Legends.


  • Counters any mobile champion in the game. 
  • Vex has an AoE fear radius. 
  • Once her passive ability fills up she can fear with all of her abilities except her R. 
  • Her ultimate ability has decent range and it resets upon getting a kill.


  • Unfortunately, all of her abilities have long cooldowns. 
  • Vex’s ultimate ability travels slowly and it’s easy to dodge. 
  • It takes quite some time for her passive ability to fill up. 
  • If you use her fear incorrectly you will most likely die.

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