[Top 15] LoL Best Settings For Low End PC

You shine the best when you're at your lowest.

A few tips and tricks! League of Legends might not look incredible in terms of graphics but it doesn't change the fact that your PC might have issues with running the game - I've personally had problems where my FPS would decrease over time and it would seriously hinder my gameplay.

Fortunately, I started tweaking some of my options and not only I fixed my FPS issues but also improved my gameplay. In this article, I'll quickly explain the best settings for LoL and why you should use them.

15. Resolution

As dumb as this sounds, you might not know whether you're using the right resolution, which can affect your FPS. Make sure to set it to your monitor's native resolution for the best performance, unless you enjoy playing in 800x600!

Resolution is good for: 

  • Fix your FPS issues
  • The game generally looks better and clear
  • It will run smoother and your PC won’t stutter and burn your house down from all the heat of running League of Legends.

How To Apply Setting:

  • Go to options
  • Video
  • General
  • Resolution and change it. 

14. Window mode

Window mode can also positively affect your FPS but can also be quite handy if you have multiple applications and you'd like to switch to them. If you're cool and you have multiple monitors, windowed League of Legends should be a necessity. 

Window mode is good for:

  • Makes alt+tabbing a whole lot easier
  • Useful if you have multiple monitors
  • Can fix your FPS issues to an extend

How To Apply Setting:

  • Go to options while in a match.
  • Open video settings.
  • Select window mode

13. Character quality

Depending on how abysmal your PC is, you can change this setting to the lowest for the best performance. Just keep in mind that your champions will look like diarrhea. You could try setting it to different levels and see how it affects your performance,  although this doesn't affect your performance as much as V-sync or shadow settings do. 

Character quality is good for:

  • It should increase your FPS to a small extent and not cause frame lags later in the game
  • Your LoL could be Gucci if you set it to medium
  • The champions might look like mud for a short time until your eyes get used to it.

How To Apply Setting:

  • Go to options
  • Under video
  • Character quality and select the quality your PC needs.

12. Frame rate cap

You should set it to uncapped - the higher the FPS, the better. Although if it somehow affects your framerate, then you should set it to your monitor's native refresh rate. 

Frame rate cap is good for:

  • Capped frame rate might make it impossible for you to grow FPS, which means that your LoL experience might suck. 
  • Uncapping the frame rate works most of the time for improving your performance!
  • The higher the refresh rate of your monitor the higher the cap should be.

How To Apply Setting:

  • Go to options while playing in a match.
  • Open video
  • Find the frame rate cap
  • Cap it or uncap it

11. Character Inking

Character inking adds outlines to your characters, giving them a fancy/cartoonish look. Can this affect your FPS? Yes, surprisingly to a large extent. Disabling this is essential if you're having issues running League of Legends and it's worth it unless you're a manchild and you still didn't grow out of cartoons!

Character inking is good for:

  • Disabling this option should positively affect your FPS, although it will make your LoL more childish (if that's a bad thing...)
  • Your champions will look crisper.
  • No more outlines and more FPS. GLORY TO THE PC LORDS!

How To Apply Setting:

  • Open the options tab by pressing ESC. 
  • Go to video settings.
  • Under general
  • Untick the character inking

10. Anti-Aliasing

Most people don't even know what this is, even I didn't until I had to write this article. Something tells me I'll forget in a few hours but whatever - AA makes the edges of objects look smooth, normally you don't pay attention to this sort of stuff so it's best if you just disable this thing.

Anti-Aliasing is good for:

  • Won't affect your gameplay and it significantly decreases your FPS. 
  • You won’t even notice that you disabled it. 
  • Your low-end PC will thank you in the long run. 

How To Apply Setting:

  • Go to options in League of Legends. 
  • Video
  • Advanced
  • Untick Anti-Aliasing and enjoy the FPS without even realizing that you disabled it. 

9. Environment Quality

This includes the quality of such things as grass, trees, brushes, water, etc. This can severely affect your FPS but it also can make your game look terrible if you set it to the lowest setting - try setting it to medium and check how it affects your FPS, if it's alright then keep it at medium but if your FPS is trash, then you will have to, unfortunately, settle down at low. You can fix this though by getting a new PC!

Environment quality is good for:

  • You’ll be able to enjoy the game with decent FPS. 
  • The graphics might be off-putting but your low-end PC will thank you. 
  • You’ll focus more on your gameplay than anything else. 

How To Apply Setting:

  • Go to options in League
  • Go to video
  • Find environment quality and change it.

8. Effects quality

In short, this option is responsible for the cool visuals that your characters emit while using their spells. Keep in mind that the more colorful these spells are, the more they will affect your precious FPS. You could also play champions that don't have impressive visuals or just set this option to low for the best performance. You could also try running 1 game and see how it goes and keep it at medium if your PC allows it.

Effect quality is good for: 

  • Another option that can fix your FPS issues, is at the cost of your champions popping out potato/brick-shaped projectiles. Some spells emit more lighting and cool effects and may cause literal screen freezes, at that point it's just better to not use this setting at all!
  • Your champions will pop out potato-shaped projectiles.
  • You will gain FPS and you’ll say bye-bye to your FPS drops. 
  • The skins won’t look as fancy anymore but that’s a thing you should get used to. This game is free to play anyways. 

How To Apply:

  • Go to options
  • Navigate to the video options.
  • In general, you’ll find the effects quality.
  • Change them.
  • Profit!

7. Nameplates

Surprisingly, this thing can also affect your FPS. I've had lag spikes because of nameplates or when one of my bars(mana/HP) would immediately change. It's dumb but Riot tends to add useless stuff that later may cause weird FPS drops, anyways, decreasing the scaling of nameplates should do the trick!

Nameplates is suitable for: 

  • Can slightly improve your FPS with little effort, it also won't hugely change your gameplay!
  • You don’t need these things to ruin your gaming experience.
  • The other team is full of nobodies anyway who cares about their nicknames. 

How To Apply Setting:

  • Go to options.
  • Go to interface settings.
  • Change scaling for the nameplates

6. Health bar animations

This can also affect your FPS, even though it shouldn't. There are special animations attached to your health bar, so when you get nuked and immediately lose a huge chunk of HP, you might get a massive FPS drop. If that occurs, then you should disable that setting, it doesn't affect your gameplay in any way.

Health bar animations is good for:

  • It can be a pain if you start having FPS lags during a team fight, thus disabling this option is for the best if your PC can't cope with the health bar animations. 
  • You won’t even notice that they are gone. 
  • Even if you don’t experience FPS drops you should disable them. 

How To Apply Setting:

  • Go to options
  • Navigate to interface
  • Untick the "Show health Bar animations|

5. HUD animations

HUD is the stuff on your screen while playing a good ol' match of League of Legends. Some of your HUD may have special animations and those too can decrease your FPS, so it's advisable to disable them if you're having some minor FPS issues.

HUD animations is good for: 

  • Should improve your FPS to a small extent, it's always something, especially if you're desperate for every frame, like a hobo for a drop of alcohol. 
  • HUD animations can even be annoying sometimes and get in the way of your gameplay. 
  • They are not a small change but do give a decent boost for low-end PCs. 

How To Apply Setting:

  • Go to options
  • Go to interface
  • Untick hud animations

4. Chat

To be honest, this shouldn't affect your FPS but if some idiot starts spamming the [all] chat or writes some special code and your PC is so goddamn terrible that it can't even handle that, then you can disable the all-chat and not bother what the enemy team is typing to you. This is also useful if you don't wanna hear toxic stuff and boy, LoL is filled with toxic kiddos that haven't been punched in their lives!

Chat is good for:

  • Enemies can't tilt you.
  • Chat spam won’t lower your FPS. 
  • Having it disabled can save you if someone is writing a code to crash your match. 

How To Apply Setting:

  • Go to options
  • Go to the interface yet again.
  • Untick Show [All] Chat (Matched Games)

3. Screen flash on damage

This unfortunately can also impact your FPS but it's rather important for your gameplay when your character takes damage, your screen is gonna flash red, making it easy to know whether someone is trying to gank you. Depending on how bad your PC is, try to figure out whether this option causes lag spikes, if it doesn't, then keep it ticked on, if it does, you'll have to disable it.

Screen flash on damage:

  • Sadly it can cause some FPS drops while taking damage, but you can get used to playing the game without this option. 
  • It will also improve your situational awareness if you have it disabled. 
  • Your PC will be free of lag spikes. 

How To Apply Setting:

  • Go to options
  • Go to interface once more
  • Untick screen flash on damage

2. Clean temporary files

This is not a setting that you're gonna find in-game but on windows. You can enable it by pressing the Windows key+R, then write %temp% and remove the files you find. This should help you get rid of temporary files and increase your FPS, but make sure to remove the PROPER files. 

Clean temporary files is good for:

  • Speeds up your PC and removes the files that were slowing down your PC. 
  • Having a lot of temporary files stack up can slow down your gaming performance on your PC. 
  • It can fix the lag spikes that you experience in League of Legends. 

How To Apply Setting:

  • Press Windows Key+R.
  • Write %temp% into the search bar.
  • Delete the files that you see. 

1. Wait for Vertical Sync

If you're using this setting while having a buffy PC, then good for you. If your PC is terrible on the other hand, you should always turn this setting off, as it will always reduce your FPS to a massive extent. It requires more CPU and GPU power and can negatively affect your mouse, making it seem laggy. There's no good reason to keep this option enabled in competitive games and should always be disabled!

Wait for vertical sync is good for:

  • Very demanding FPS and doesn't change your gameplay at all while it can greatly affect your FPS, thus it should always be disabled.
  • By disabling this crap, my FPS went from 25 to 50 with just one tick.
  • It doesn’t provide many benefits even if you have a beefy PC. 

How to change it:

  • Go to options
  • Navigate to video
  • Under the advanced tab
  • Disable wait for vertical sync

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