[Top 15] LOL Best Mid Lane Champions

Best mid lane champions
Close-up of Ahri, a mid-lane champion

Carrying games with mid-lane champions in League of Legends is like wielding a cosmic inferno in the palm of your hand. These AP/AD carries possess the potential to 1V9 the game, unleashing devastating spells that decimate foes and reshape the course of battle. With their exceptional roaming ability and raw power, they become the catalysts of victory, illuminating the path to victory with their explosive potential. I’ve created a list of the most potent mid-lane champions in the current meta to fuel your cosmic inferno.

Let’s get started.


15. Zoe

Starting off strong at number 15 we have Zoe, the aspect of twilight.

Zoe, the aspect of twilight

Zoe (also known as the annoying midget) is able to absolutely diminish enemies in just seconds due to her insane burst damage. She’s very mobile, has a safe laning phase, and is able to poke from long range making her an awesome pick for the mid lane.


What makes Zoe so strong in the mid-lane?

Burst damage: Zoe possesses high burst damage potential, especially when she lands her skill shots accurately. Her Q ability, Paddle Star, can deal massive damage when empowered by her W ability, Spell Thief, which allows her to pick up summoner spells and active item abilities from dropped spell shards.

Long-range poke: Zoe's abilities have a very long range, allowing her to safely poke and harass opponents from a distance. Her Q ability and E ability, Sleepy Trouble Bubble, can be used to poke down enemies and set up plays for herself or her team.

Mobility and slipperiness: Zoe's mobility makes her difficult to catch and punish. Her R ability, Portal Jump, allows her to quickly reposition and dodge skill shots, making it challenging for enemies to lock her down.

Crowd control: Zoe's Sleepy Trouble Bubble provides good crowd control, allowing her to catch opponents and set up kills for herself or her team. Landing a successful bubble can turn the tides of a fight or secure important objectives.

Snowball potential: If Zoe gets ahead in the early game, she can quickly snowball her lead and become a formidable threat. Her burst damage combined with her ability to roam and pick off isolated targets makes her a menace in the mid-lane.


A few things to keep in mind when playing Zoe:

Skillshot accuracy:  Zoe heavily relies on hitting her skillshots to deal damage and set up kills. Practice aiming her Q ability, Paddle Star, and E ability, Sleepy Trouble Bubble, to maximize their effectiveness. Predicting enemy movement and utilizing the terrain to redirect your skillshots can catch opponents off guard.

Use spell thief effectively: Zoe's W ability, Spell Thief, allows her to pick up summoner spells and active item abilities from dropped spell shards. Keep an eye on the map and the positions of your allies and enemies to use stolen spells strategically. It can give you an edge in fights or provide additional utility.

Positioning:  Zoe is relatively squishy and vulnerable if caught out of position. Pay attention to the minimap and maintain good map awareness to avoid ganks and potential threats. Stay behind your frontline in team fights and look for opportunities to safely poke and burst down priority targets.

Roam and assist your team: Zoe has good roaming potential due to her long-range poke and mobility. Look for opportunities to push the wave and roam to other lanes to create pressure and help secure kills for your teammates. Coordinate with your jungler to set up successful ganks.


14. Vladimir

At number 14 we have Vladimir (not Putin), the crimson reaper.

Vladimir the crimson reaper

Vladimir is a safe, but really strong pick in the mid-lane due to his Q, which not only does lots of damage to the enemy but also heals him. He’s also a force to be reckoned with in team fights due to his massive AoE damage potential.


What makes Vladimir so strong in the mid-lane?

Sustained damage and scaling: Vladimir's passive ability, Crimson Pact, grants him bonus ability power for building health and bonus health for building ability power. This unique synergy allows him to scale exceptionally well into the late game. As the game progresses, Vladimir becomes a dangerous threat, dealing significant sustained damage in team fights.

Powerful AoE: Vladimir's abilities have great area-of-effect (AoE) potential, allowing him to hit multiple targets simultaneously. His Q ability, Transfusion, deals damage to enemies while healing himself, providing sustain in lane and during skirmishes. His E ability, Tides of Blood, releases a blood explosion around him, damaging and slowing enemies. Finally, his ultimate ability, Hemoplague, marks enemies and amplifies the damage they take, making team fights heavily in Vladimir's favor.

Lane sustain and safety: With his Q ability providing sustain, Vladimir can often outlast opponents in the mid-lane. Additionally, his passive ability grants him bonus health based on ability power, making him naturally tankier as the game progresses. Combined with his Sanguine Pool, Vladimir can be difficult to gank or take down, making him a safe pick for the mid-lane.


A few things to keep in mind when playing Vladimir:

Farm safely: Vladimir's early game can be relatively weak compared to some other mid-lane champions. Focus on farming and last-hitting minions to scale into the late game. Use your Q ability, Transfusion, to poke and sustain yourself when necessary.

Manage your health: Vladimir's abilities cost health to cast, so it's crucial to manage your health pool effectively. Avoid using too many abilities if you're low on health, as it can leave you vulnerable to ganks or all-ins. Consider using your Q ability on enemy champions to sustain yourself and poke when it's safe to do so.

Use your W wisely: Vladimir's W ability, Sanguine Pool, is a powerful tool for both escaping and engaging. However, it has a long cooldown, so use it wisely. Save your Sanguine Pool for situations where you need to dodge crowd control, escape ganks, or turn around fights. Watch the timing and positioning to maximize its effectiveness.

Play around your power spikes: Vladimir has significant power spikes at level 9 and once he completes his first core item. Use these power spikes to your advantage, whether it's exerting pressure in the lane, roaming to other lanes, or contesting objectives. Communicate with your team and look for opportunities to make impactful plays.

13. Pantheon

At number 13 we have Pantheon, the unbreakable spear.

Pantheon the unbreakable spear

Pantheon is a strong mid-laner with great roaming potential because of his ultimate which gives him (almost) global map presence. He’s also extremely good at bursting down squishy targets and has a dominant early game. If played well early, he’ll snowball hard into the late game.


What makes Pantheon so strong in the mid-lane?

Strong early game: Pantheon's early game dominance is one of his greatest strengths. His Q ability, Spear Shot, allows him to poke and harass opponents from a safe distance. His passive ability, Mortal Will, empowers his next ability, increasing its damage and effectiveness. This combination makes Pantheon a formidable laner, capable of putting significant pressure on his opponents from the very beginning of the game.

Burst damage: Pantheon excels at bursting down squishy targets in the mid-lane. His W ability, Shield Vault, allows him to close the gap quickly and stun his target, setting up for a devastating combo. When combined with his empowered Q and W abilities, Pantheon can quickly burst down enemy champions and secure kills. This makes him a vicious threat in skirmishes and team fights.

Roaming: Pantheon's ultimate ability, Grand Skyfall, enables him to impact other lanes on the map. He can quickly join fights or ganks in the top or bottom lanes, turning the tide in his team's favor. His ability to create map pressure and make cross-map plays is highly valued in the mid-lane, allowing him to support his team and secure objectives.


A few things to keep in mind when playing Pantheon:

Master your Q:  Pantheon's Spear Shot is his primary poke and damage tool. Practice landing accurate spear throws to harass your opponents in lane and secure last-hits on minions. Use it wisely to maximize its damage potential.

Use your empowered abilities: Pantheon's passive, Mortal Will, empowers his next ability after using a few basic attacks or spells. Pay attention to the Mortal Will indicator and strategically use empowered abilities for maximum impact. Empowered Spear Shot (Q) can deal significant damage, Empowered Aegis Assault (W) provides a longer stun, Empowered Heartseeker Strike (E) increases its damage and duration.

Communicate with your team: Pantheon's ultimate, Grand Starfall (R), allows you to join fights across the map. Communicate with your team to coordinate well-timed roams and ganks. Look for opportunities to surprise and overwhelm enemies with your global presence.

Manage your mana: Pantheon's abilities consume mana, so it's essential to manage your resources effectively. Avoid spamming abilities unnecessarily, especially early in the game when your mana pool is limited. Use your abilities strategically and consider purchasing mana regeneration items like Corrupting Potion or Tear of the Goddess if you find yourself running out of mana frequently.



12. Malzahar

And at number 12 we have Malzahar, the prophet of the void.

Malzahar, the prophet of the void

Malzahar is awesome to play with. He has insane burst potential, and wave-clearing abilities. Whenever you press R on an enemy and you’re in a safe position, you’ll be able to secure some easy kills. His wave clear is also amazing because of his passive, and his E. This makes sure he can pressure the mid-lane while also being able to roam to other lanes.


What makes Malzahar so strong in the mid-lane?

(very) good wave clear: Malzahar's abilities, particularly his E (Malefic Visions) and W (Void Swarm), allow him to quickly clear minion waves. This gives him the ability to exert pressure on the lane, roam, or focus on other objectives.

Strong crowd control: Malzahar's ultimate ability, Nether Grasp, is a powerful suppress that can single out and lock down an enemy champion for a significant duration. This makes him a threat in team fights and ganks, as he can disable high-priority targets, allowing his team to secure kills or objectives.

Safe laning phase: Malzahar's passive shield, Void Shift, provides him with protection against crowd control effects. This makes him more resilient in the laning phase and allows him to trade favorably with opponents. Additionally, his long-range abilities and ability to farm from a distance reduce the risk of being engaged upon or harassed by enemy laners.

Strong burst damage: Malzahar possesses strong burst potential with his Q (Call of the Void) and E (Malefic Visions) abilities. The combination of these abilities, especially when amplified by his W (Void Swarm) and R (Nether Grasp), can quickly eliminate squishy targets or soften up tankier opponents for his team to finish off.


A few things to keep in mind when playing Malzahar:

Focus on farming:  Malzahar excels at wave-clearing, so prioritize farming to accumulate gold and experience. Use your E (Malefic Visions) and W (Void Swarm) abilities to clear waves quickly and efficiently.

Use your E strategically: Malefic Visions (E) is your main source of damage and wave-clear. Try to apply it to a minion that is about to die, ensuring it will jump to an enemy champion or a high-value target. This helps you maintain pressure and sustain damage over time.

Capitalize on your ultimate: Your ultimate ability, Nether Grasp (R), is a powerful tool for single-target lockdown. Look for opportunities to use it on priority targets, especially during ganks or team fights. Coordinate with your team to secure kills while your target is suppressed.

Roaming: Malzahar's wave-clearing abilities allow you to push and roam effectively. If your lane is pushed, look for opportunities to roam to other lanes, especially with your ultimate available. Coordinate with your team and provide assistance to secure objectives or help teammates.


11. Cassiopeia

Coming in at number 11, we have Cassiopeia, the serpent’s embrace. (Or just snake woman)

Cassiopeia the serpent's embrace

Cassiopeia is great to play with because of her sustained (and insane) damage output. I don’t think any champion currently available will be able to match her damage output. Combine this with her zone control (W) which will block movement spells when walking through it, and her ultimate which can stun an enemy team, and you’ve got yourself an awesome mid-laner.


What makes Cassiopeia so strong in the mid-lane?

High damage output:  Cassiopeia has exceptional sustained damage with her Twin Fang (E) ability. This ability allows her to continuously spam it on poisoned targets, resulting in devastating damage over time. Combined with her other abilities, Cassiopeia can burst down enemies quickly and efficiently.

Strong lane control: Cassiopeia's abilities provide her with excellent wave-clear and zoning potential. Her Q ability, Noxious Blast, can hit multiple minions or champions, allowing her to push the wave and gain lane control. Additionally, her W ability, Miasma, creates an area that applies a grounding effect, limiting enemy mobility and making it difficult for them to engage or disengage effectively.

Crowd control: Cassiopeia's ultimate ability, Petrifying Gaze, is a good area-of-effect crowd control ability. It can stun multiple enemies if they face her while casting it. This ability not only provides her with a powerful tool for self-peel and protection but can also set up plays for her team by catching multiple enemies off guard.

Kiting and mobility: Cassiopeia's Q ability grants her bonus movement speed when she hits a target. This, combined with her E ability, allows her to kite enemies effectively while dealing damage. Her W ability also serves as a zoning tool, preventing enemies from jumping on her easily. With proper positioning and kiting, Cassiopeia can be difficult to catch and punish.


A few things to keep in mind when playing Cassiopeia:

Manage your mana: Cassiopeia heavily relies on her mana pool to dish out damage. Be mindful of your mana usage and try to strike a balance between poking and wave-clearing. Consider purchasing mana items such as Tear of the Goddess or Lost Chapter to sustain your mana pool.

Control the wave: Cassiopeia has good wave clear with her Q and E abilities. Use them to push the wave and create pressure in the mid-lane. This allows you to roam, secure objectives, or deny the enemy mid-laner farm under the turret.

Watch your positioning: Positioning is crucial for Cassiopeia since she has low mobility. Stay at the backline during team fights and position yourself to hit priority targets. Be mindful of flanking enemies and use your W ability, Miasma, to create zones that discourage/deny enemy engages.

Time your ultimate: Cassiopeia's ultimate ability, Petrifying Gaze, is a game-changer in team fights. It can stun multiple enemies if they face you while casting it. Look for opportunities to use it when enemies are grouped or to peel for yourself or your team. Proper timing can turn the tide of battles.



10. Kassadin

At number 10 we have Kassadin, the void walker.

Kassadin the void walker

As his nickname suggests, Kassadin is a void walker. He’s able to teleport himself in rapid succession with his ultimate, making him a (very) mobile champion. This naturally makes him good at roaming and gives him good team fight ability because he can reposition himself so quickly. His scaling is great as well. As the game progresses and he gains levels and items, his damage output increases significantly.


What makes Kassadin so strong in the mid-lane?

Scaling: Kassadin is a scaling champion who excels in the later stages of the game. His passive ability, Void Stone, reduces magic damage taken and synergizes well with his scaling build. As the game progresses, Kassadin becomes a savage assassin capable of bursting down squishy targets.

Mobility and roaming: Kassadin's ultimate ability, Riftwalk, allows him to blink a short distance and grants him a stackable movement speed bonus. This mobility enables him to quickly traverse the map, making him a strong roamer. Kassadin can exert pressure on other lanes, assisting his teammates or securing objectives.

Magic damage/anti-mage: Kassadin deals primarily magic damage, making him a strong pick against magic damage-heavy compositions. His Q ability, Null Sphere, not only deals damage but also provides a magic damage shield, allowing him to trade effectively against other mages. Additionally, Kassadin's passive grants him magic damage resistance, further enhancing his ability to handle magic damage threats.


A few things to keep in mind when playing Kassadin:

Survive the early game: Kassadin's early laning phase can be challenging. Focus on last-hitting minions and avoiding unnecessary trades. Use Null Sphere to poke and trade when it's safe, but be mindful of your mana consumption.

Farm and scale: Kassadin is a scaling champion, so prioritize farming and gaining experience. Aim to reach level 6 as quickly as possible to unlock your ultimate, Riftwalk. Once you have some items and levels, your power spikes significantly.

Manage your mana: Kassadin's abilities consume a lot of mana, especially Riftwalk. Be mindful of your mana pool and use your abilities sparingly. Consider buying mana sustain items like Catalyst of Aeons or Lost Chapter to help manage your mana throughout the game.

Play safe against aggressive matchups: Against aggressive laners, play defensively, and focus on farming. Use Null Sphere to poke when they overextend, but be careful not to get caught out. Seek opportunities to farm safely under the turret and call for your jungler's assistance if needed.



9. Swain

At number 9 we have Swain, the Noxian grand general.

Swain, the noxian grand general

Swain is a great mid-laner because of his sustained damage and healing. With potent power spikes for every item purchased, you’ll be able to surprise the enemy with your damage output. He’s able to absolutely dominate team fights because of his ultimate, which damages enemies and heals Swain.


What makes Swain so strong in the mid-lane?

Sustained damage: Swain's kit allows him to consistently dish out sustained damage over time. His passive ability, Carrion Renewal, provides him with healing and a permanent health increase, enabling him to stay in lane longer and maintain pressure. His Q ability, Death’s hand, has a short cooldown and deals moderate damage, which is great for dealing out sustained damage.

Lane control: Swain's abilities grant him good wave-clearing capabilities. His Q ability, Death’s hand, combined with his E, Nevermove, allows him to quickly clear minion waves, maintaining lane pressure and denying farm to the enemy mid-laner. This also provides opportunities for roaming or assisting in jungle invades.

Scaling and team fight presence: Swain is a scaling champion who becomes increasingly powerful as the game progresses. With the right items and levels, he can become a significant threat in team fights. His ultimate ability, Demonic Ascension, transforms him into a powerful demon, dealing area-of-effect damage and draining the life force of multiple enemies. This makes him a formidable presence in team fights and skirmishes.


A few things to keep in mind when playing Swain:

Farm and scale: Focus on farming and scaling in the early game. Swain's power increases as he obtains core items and levels, so prioritize safe farming and accumulating gold to reach your power spikes.

Use crowd control: Take advantage of Swain's crowd control abilities, particularly Nevermove and Vision of Empire, to set up kills or assist in ganks. Coordinate with your jungler to secure kills or apply pressure on the map.

Positioning in team fights: As Swain, positioning is crucial. Look for opportunities to engage with your ultimate and take advantage of the area-of-effect damage it provides. Focus on hitting multiple enemies with your abilities to maximize your damage output and sustain.


8. Viktor

And at number 8 we have Viktor, the machine herald. “PRAISE THE MACHINE GOD!!!” oh oops sorry, wrong universe…

Viktor the machine herald

Viktor is an amazing mid-laner because of his wave clear, burst damage, and scaling. In the later stages of the game with a fully upgraded hex core, his power increases dramatically. This allows him to deal massive AoE damage in team fights, and shred down enemies caught off guard like they’re made of butter.


What makes Viktor so strong in the mid-lane?

Burst damage: Viktor possesses significant burst damage potential with his augmented abilities, particularly his upgraded Q ability, Siphon Power, and his ultimate, Chaos Storm. These abilities can quickly burst down squishy targets and turn team fights in Viktor's favor.

Wave clear: Viktor has excellent wave-clearing capabilities, especially after augmenting his E ability, Death Ray. It allows him to quickly clear minion waves, enabling him to roam, control objectives, or apply pressure on the map.

Augment upgrades: Viktor's unique mechanic allows him to augment his basic abilities by purchasing upgrades in the shop. These augmentations provide additional benefits and significantly enhance his overall power level, making him a big threat in the mid to late game.

Zone control: Viktor excels at controlling areas with his abilities. His Gravity Field, when well-placed, can create zones of control, making it difficult for enemies to engage or disengage effectively. This makes him valuable in team fights and objective contests.


A few things to keep in mind when playing Viktor:

Farming: Prioritize farming and aim to last-hit minions for gold and experience. Viktor's itemization heavily relies on accumulating gold, so focus on achieving a high CS (creep score) to reach your power spikes quickly.

Augment upgrades: Viktor's passive, Glorious Evolution, allows him to augment his basic abilities. Choose your upgrades wisely based on the game situation. Augmenting his E ability, Death Ray, is often a popular choice as it enhances wave clear and poke damage. However, experimenting with different augment orders can also be beneficial.

Master your E: Death Ray is Viktor's primary damage tool and wave-clearing ability. Practice lining up your Death Ray to hit multiple minions or to poke the enemy laner. It's important to position yourself properly to maximize its damage potential.

Control the wave: Use your abilities to manipulate minion waves. Clear waves efficiently with your Death Ray, but be mindful of your mana pool. You can freeze the wave near your turret to deny the enemy laner farm or push the wave and roam to other lanes.

7. Anivia

At number 7 we have Anivia, the cryo-phoenix.

Anivia the cyro-phoenix

Anivia is another strong wave clear champion, but that’s not her only strength as she has lots of zoning and crowd control potential with her abilities. Her ultimate creates a frost storm in a certain area and slows any enemies in it. This gives her the opportunity to zone dangerous champions in team fights, essentially winning the team fight for her team. Late game, she’s able to dominate team fights due to her massive AoE damage.


What makes Anivia so strong in the mid-lane?

Crowd control: Anivia's kit offers significant crowd control capabilities. Her Q ability, Flash Frost, is a skillshot that can stun enemies upon detonation, while her W ability, Crystallize, creates impassable terrain that can block off paths or separate enemies. These crowd control tools make her a wild playmaker and allow for setting up kills or disengaging from dangerous situations.

Wave clear: Anivia's ultimate ability, Glacial Storm, combined with her E ability, Frostbite, provides exceptional wave-clearing capabilities. She can quickly clear minion waves and exert pressure on the map, allowing her to control the tempo of the game and roam when needed.

Burst damage: Anivia's combo, consisting of landing her Q ability and detonating it with E, can deal massive burst damage to unsuspecting opponents. When properly executed, this combo can quickly eliminate squishy targets or heavily damage more durable ones. Her R ability, Glacial Storm, also deals sustained area-of-effect damage, making her a threat in team fights.

Area control: Anivia's ultimate, Glacial Storm, creates a large area of icy terrain that slows enemies within it. This ability not only deals damage but also helps control team fights by limiting enemy mobility and creating zones of control. Anivia's wall, Crystallize, further enhances her area control by blocking off paths, separating enemies, or controlling objectives.

Scaling: Anivia's strength grows as the game progresses. With the right itemization and experience, she becomes a dangerous force in team fights. Her sustained damage and crowd control make her a menace in extended engagements, and her wave-clearing ability allows her to defend against sieges or split-push lanes effectively.


A few things to keep in mind when playing Anivia:

Positioning: Anivia is relatively immobile, so positioning is crucial. Stay aware of your surroundings and maintain a safe distance from threats. Position yourself in a way that allows you to land your Q ability and maximize the area of your ultimate's effect.

Skillshots: Anivia's Q ability, Flash Frost, is a skillshot that can be challenging to land. Practice your aim to improve your accuracy and increase your chances of hitting enemies or stunning multiple targets.

Wall placement: Mastering the timing and placement of Anivia's W ability, Crystallize, is crucial. Use it to block off escape routes, separate enemies, or control objectives. Proper wall placement can make a significant impact on team fights and skirmishes.

Prioritize farming: Anivia's farming is essential to reach her power spikes. Use your basic attacks and abilities to secure last hits and try to maintain a high CS (creep score). This will allow you to accumulate gold and experience, helping you scale into the late game.

Control the wave: Anivia has excellent wave-clearing capabilities with her ultimate ability, Glacial Storm, and E ability, Frostbite. Use these abilities to push the wave and put pressure on your opponent. However, be mindful of your mana consumption and potential ganks from the enemy jungler.


6. Talon

Coming in at number 6 we have Talon, the blade’s shadow.

Talon, the blade's shadow

Talon is a true mid-lane assassin. Massive burst damage, the capability to go invisible, and decent mobility. Talon is extremely good at assassinating targets, and then disappearing like nothing ever happened, leaving the enemy only with their teammates' corpses.


What makes Talon so strong in the mid-lane?

High burst damage: Talon excels at assassinating squishy targets with his burst damage. His passive ability, Blade's End, amplifies his damage against immobilized targets, making him particularly deadly when he can strike with his full combo.

Roaming potential: Talon's mobility is exceptional, thanks to his E ability, Assassin's Path. He can quickly traverse the map, allowing him to roam and assist his team in securing kills and objectives. Utilize this advantage to put pressure on other lanes and snowball the game in your team's favor.

Strong wave clear: Talon possesses effective wave-clearing capabilities, especially after he acquires some items. His W ability, Rake, can quickly clear minion waves, enabling him to push and roam without losing too much farm.

Stealth and outplay potential: Talon's ultimate ability, Shadow Assault, grants him stealth and increases his mobility. This allows him to surprise enemies, escape dangerous situations, or set up outplays. Properly timing and using his ultimate can catch opponents off-guard and turn fights in his favor.

Strong level 2 powerspike: Talon has a notorious level 2 power spike, where he can all-in opponents with his full combo. Take advantage of this power spike to assert dominance early in the lane and potentially secure a kill or force your opponent to play defensively.


A few things to keep in mind when playing Talon:

Prioritize level 2 all-in: Talon's level 2 power spike is dangerous. Try to hit level 2 quickly and look for an opportunity to engage with your full combo (Q-W-AA). This can often catch opponents off-guard and secure an early advantage.

Parkour: Talon's E ability, Assassin's Path, allows him to traverse terrain. Use it to roam to other lanes and surprise enemies. Coordinate with your team, communicate your intentions, and seek opportunities to make impactful roams.

Warding and vision control: As a roaming assassin, vision control is crucial. Place wards in key locations to track the enemy jungler and spot potential roams. Consider purchasing control wards to deny enemy vision and provide a safe path for your roams.

Manage mana and cooldowns: Talon's abilities have mana costs, and his early levels can be mana-intensive. Be mindful of your mana pool and use your abilities strategically. Avoid unnecessary spell usage when farming or harassing unless it's necessary for an all-in or kill.

Focus on farming: While roaming is important, don't neglect your farm. Last-hit minions to maintain a gold lead and item advantage. Efficient farming will also help you reach your power spikes faster.


5. Annie

At number 5 we have Annie, the dark child.

Annie the dark child

Annie is another strong AP burst champion. She excels at bursting down key targets like ADC’s and enemy mid-laners, has good wave clear, and she’s also extremely easy to play because of her simple kit, making her a good beginner champion for aspiring pro-mid-laners. These combined place her at the number 5 spot on this list.


What makes Annie so strong in the mid-lane?

Burst damage: Annie has immense burst damage potential with her passive, Pyromania, and her ultimate ability, Tibbers. She can quickly unleash a devastating combo (Q-W-R) that can obliterate squishy targets or significantly weaken them, making her a threat in all-ins and team fights.

Stun and crowd control: Annie's passive allows her abilities to stun enemies when fully charged. This stun, combined with her reliable point-and-click abilities (Q and W), gives her strong crowd control and pick potential. It provides opportunities to catch enemies off-guard and set up kills for herself or her team.

Easy farming: Annie's Q ability, Disintegrate, refunds its mana cost, and grants bonus gold if it kills the target. This makes it easier for Annie to farm and accumulate gold, even under pressure. Additionally, her W ability, Incinerate, has a wide area of effect, allowing her to quickly clear minion waves.

Reliable and simple: Annie's kit is straightforward, making her accessible to players of all skill levels. Her abilities are relatively easy to land, and her ultimate, Summon: Tibbers, provides a reliable source of damage and disruption in team fights.

Late game scaling: Annie's abilities scale well into the late game. Her burst damage remains dangerous, and she can quickly eliminate high-priority targets with her combo. Her area-of-effect damage from Tibbers also becomes more impactful in team fights as enemies clump together.


A few things to keep in mind when playing Annie:

Farm with your Q: Use Annie's Q ability, Disintegrate, to farm minions and last-hit. Its low mana cost and refund mechanic make it ideal for securing last hits and gaining bonus gold when you kill a target with it.

Stun management: Annie's passive, Pyromania, allows her abilities to stun enemies when fully charged. Keep track of your stun charges and look for opportunities to stun your opponents, either for an all-in engage or to keep them from engaging on you.

Harrass with your Q and your Auto Attacks: Use Annie's long auto-attack range and her Q ability to harass your opponent. Keep poking with Disintegrate whenever it's off cooldown to chip away at their health and create pressure in the lane.

Roaming: Annie's burst damage and crowd control make her a good roamer. Look for opportunities to push the wave and roam to other lanes, particularly when your ultimate is available. Coordinate with your team or the jungler to secure kills and objectives.


4. Fizz

And at number 4 we have Fizz, the tidal trickster.

Fizz the tidal trickster

Fizz, our favorite fishy trickster is great at bursting down targets and is able to stick to them like a bee would to honey, if they’re not dead by the time Fizz unleashes his burst damage. Combine this with his great mobility, and you’ve got yourself an awesome mid-laner.


What makes Fizz so strong in the mid-lane?

Burst damage: Fizz excels at dealing massive burst damage to his opponents. His abilities, particularly his ultimate, Chum the Waters, and his playful/trickster ability, Urchin Strike, allow him to quickly close the gap on enemies and unleash devastating combos. This burst potential can catch opponents off guard and secure quick kills.

Mobility and slipperiness: Fizz's playful/trickster ability and his passive, Nimble Fighter, make him extremely elusive and difficult to lock down. He can dodge skill shots, escape dangerous situations, and outmaneuver opponents with ease. This mobility allows Fizz to engage or disengage at will, making him a challenging target to catch.

Playmaking potential: Fizz's ultimate, Chum the Waters, is a game-changing ability that can initiate team fights or pick off isolated targets. It provides crowd control and sets up opportunities for Fizz and his team to follow up with additional damage. This playmaking potential can turn the tide of a game and create advantageous situations.


A few things to keep in mind when playing Fizz:

Master your evasion: Fizz's playful/trickster ability is a key tool for dodging enemy abilities and escaping dangerous situations. Practice timing it correctly to avoid incoming crowd control or damage. Use it aggressively to engage on enemies or defensively to evade threats.

Abuse power spikes: Fizz has strong power spikes at levels 3, 6, and when he completes key items. Look for opportunities to engage and burst down opponents during these moments. Coordinate with your jungler for lethal ganks when your ultimate is available.

Roaming and map pressure: Fizz's mobility allows him to roam effectively. Push your wave and look for opportunities to gank other lanes, secure kills, or help your team secure objectives like dragon or rift herald. 


3. Ahri

Coming in hot at number 3 we have Ahri, the nine-tailed fox.

Ahri the nine-tailed fox

Ahri is a solid and safe pick in the mid-lane because of her ability to be both an assassin and mage at the same time. Her kit enables her to burst down targets in an instant or stay safe at range poking down the enemy. She also has lots of mobility due to her ultimate and her charm (E) ability is good for catching enemies off guard.


What makes Ahri so strong in the mid-lane?

Versatility: Ahri's kit offers a balance of mobility, burst damage, and crowd control, making her versatile in various situations. She can effectively poke, assassinate, and provide utility for her team. This adaptability allows Ahri to adapt to different matchups and playstyles.

Mobility and safety: Ahri's ultimate ability, Spirit Rush, provides her with unparalleled mobility. She can dash three times in quick succession, allowing her to engage, disengage, and reposition herself in team fights and skirmishes. This makes her difficult to catch and provides excellent safety in the mid lane.

Charm crowd control: Ahri's Charm ability is a potent crowd control tool that can be used to set up kills and catch enemies off guard. Landing a successful Charm can lead to devastating follow-up damage from Ahri or her teammates. It also helps her peel for herself or her ADC when necessary.

Burst damage: Ahri's combination of abilities allows her to unleash significant burst damage on her targets. Her Orb of Deception (Q) and Fox-Fire (W) abilities can quickly chip away at enemies, and when combined with her Charm (E) and subsequent follow-up, she can eliminate squishy targets or heavily damage more durable foes.


A few things to keep in mind when playing Ahri:

Skillshot accuracy: Ahri's abilities are primarily skillshots, so accuracy is crucial. Practice landing her Charm (E) consistently, as it is the key ability to set up kills. Aim to hit enemy champions when they are most vulnerable or during their movement prediction.

Use mobility and safety: Take advantage of Ahri's ultimate, Spirit Rush, to outmaneuver opponents and dodge enemy abilities. It can be used offensively to engage or defensively to escape dangerous situations. Save at least one charge for defensive purposes when needed.

Roaming and map awareness: Look for opportunities to roam to other lanes, especially when your ultimate is available. Coordinate with your team, push your wave, and make impactful plays in other parts of the map. Keep an eye on the minimap to anticipate and respond to potential skirmishes or ganks.

Positioning in team fights: As an assassin mage, Ahri is best suited for flanking or diving the backline. Wait for key enemy abilities to be used before engaging. Look for opportunities to charm priority targets and quickly burst them down. Position yourself carefully to minimize the risk of being caught out.


2. Malphite

And at number 2 we have Malphite, shard of the monolith (ROCK SOLID).

Malphite the monolith

I know Malphite is an unconventional pick in the mid-lane but hear me out. His ability to burst down targets (even entire teams) is unmatched in league of legends if you build him with pure ability power. He has decent wave clear due to his E and W abilities, and in my opinion, a skilled Malphite will easily be able to climb towards the diamond rank.


What makes Malphite so strong in the mid-lane?

Burst damage: Building AP on Malphite amplifies the damage output of his abilities, particularly his Q ability, Seismic Shard, and his ultimate, Unstoppable Force. AP Malphite can surprise opponents with sudden bursts of magic damage, especially squishy champions who may not expect the level of damage he can unleash.

AoE damage and crowd control: AP Malphite's abilities have the potential to hit multiple targets, making him effective in team fights and skirmishes. His ultimate, Unstoppable Force, can initiate fights and disrupt the enemy team, while his E ability, Ground Slam, provides AOE damage and crowd control.

Surprising engage: AP Malphite's burst potential can catch opponents off guard, especially if they underestimate his damage. The combination of his ultimate and other abilities can quickly eliminate squishy mid-laners or force opponents to burn summoner spells or defensive abilities.


A few things to keep in mind when playing Malphite:

Build AP items (duh): Prioritize building AP items to increase your burst damage. Items like Luden's Echo, Liandry's Anguish, and Rylai's Crystal Scepter are common choices for AP Malphite. Adapt your itemization based on the enemy team composition and the specific needs of the game. 

Use burst combos: Learn the optimal combo for bursting down opponents. It often involves landing your Q ability to slow the target, followed by using your ultimate and other abilities in quick succession to maximize damage. Coordinate with your team to secure kills or provide follow-up damage.

Farm safely: AP Malphite can be vulnerable in the early game, so focus on farming and scaling. Use your Q ability to poke and harass opponents from a safe distance, but be cautious of aggressive trades that may leave you exposed.

Positioning in team fights: As AP Malphite, positioning is crucial. Look for opportunities to engage on priority targets with your ultimate, but be mindful of your own survivability. Coordinate with your team and consider using Zhonya's Hourglass or other defensive abilities to mitigate damage and survive in team fights.


1. Neeko

And at number 1 we have… Neeko, the curious chameleon.

Neeko the curious chameleon

Neeko is taking the number one spot on this list. Her win rate recently skyrocketed, and she has the highest out of all the mid-lane champions available. Her laning phase is solid because of her wave clear, she has high outplay potential due to her kit, and she’s extremely good at roaming. What more could you want out of a mid-lane champion?


What makes Neeko so strong in the mid-lane?

Versatile kit: Neeko's kit offers a versatile set of abilities that can be adapted to various situations. Her passive, Inherent Glamour, allows her to temporarily mimic another allied champion's appearance, providing her with deception and mind game potential. Her Q ability, Blooming Burst, deals damage in a wide area, making it effective for wave clear and poking. Her W ability, Shapesplitter, grants her bonus damage on her passive attacks, and when activated sends a clone in a direction, enhancing her survivability. Her E ability, Tangle-Barbs, roots and damages enemies, making it a reliable crowd control tool. Finally, her ultimate ability, Pop Blossom, is a devastating AoE stun that can turn team fights in her favor.

Strong burst damage: Neeko has significant burst damage potential, especially when she can land her full combo. By combining her Q, E, and ultimate abilities, she can unleash a flurry of damage on unsuspecting opponents, often securing kills or forcing them out of lane. Her burst potential makes her a threat to squishy mid laners and allows her to snowball and exert pressure.

Deception and mind games:  Neeko's passive ability, Inherent Glamour, adds an element of deception to her gameplay. By temporarily adopting the appearance of an allied champion, she can confuse opponents and create opportunities for surprise engages or escapes. This trickery can catch enemies off guard and give her an advantage in trades and all-ins.

Zone control and teamfight impact: Neeko excels at controlling and manipulating the battlefield. Her Q ability, Blooming Burst, combined with her ultimate ability, Pop Blossom, can create powerful zoning effects and force enemies to reposition or risk-taking significant damage. In team fights, she can use her crowd control and damage to disrupt the enemy team and turn the tide in her team's favor. 


A few things to keep in mind when playing Neeko:

Master her passive: Neeko's passive ability, Inherent Glamour, allows her to temporarily mimic the appearance of an allied champion. Use this to your advantage by creating confusion and baiting enemies. Mimic a low-health ally to make opponents think they have an easy target, then surprise them with a burst of damage.

Land skill shots: Neeko's Q ability, Blooming Burst, and E ability, Tangle-Barbs, are crucial for poking and engaging. Practice your aim to hit enemies with these skillshots consistently. Aim to hit them in the center for increased damage and root duration.

Maximize ultimate impact: Neeko's ultimate ability, Pop Blossom, is a game-changer. It deals damage in a large area and stuns enemies caught in the center. Look for opportunities to catch multiple enemies off guard, such as during team fights or when opponents are clumped together. Use it as a follow-up to your crowd control abilities for maximum impact.

Watch your positioning: Neeko is relatively squishy, so positioning is crucial. Stay behind your front line and make use of your range to safely deal damage. Be cautious when engaging, as diving into the enemy team without proper backup can be risky. Wait for the right moment to strike.

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