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Best Hecarim Skins
Hecarim: The Literal Speed Demon

Which is the best Hecarim skin?

Every League of Legends player knows that it’s one thing to win, and an entirely different thing to win in style. When you hit the Queue button, your champion and skin choice is the best way to express yourself and, well, make the game just a little bit more fun. 

Considering how you’re playing Hecarim, you will be racing all over Summoner’s Rift deleting squishies and doing what he does best -  being the ultimate nuisance. Here’s a little list to help you decide how to dress up your champion, since the enemy will be seeing so much of you.

#9 Reaper Hecarim (OK)

Reaper Hecarim is essentially just another version of his Classic skin.

What would make you use this skin? Probably to occasionally switch it up a bit, if you received it by (bad) luck in a hextech chest. What would make you buy this skin? That’s a harder question, I’m not really sure. Sentimental value maybe, or perhaps you just like seeing a slightly different shade of blue than the Classic version. Reaper Hecarim is just old and kinda… boring.

What makes Reaper Hecarim OK?


  • Super similar to the Classic version, if switching it up isn’t for you.


  • Oldie but not-that-goodie.
  • Nothing new to be found in the animation department.

How To Get Reaper Hecarim: Available for 975RP.

See Reaper Hecarim in action: 

Reaper Hecarim Skin Spotlight. (Creds -  YT/SkinSpotlights)

#8 Classic Hecarim (OK)

Classic Hecarim, the original Shadow of War that we all know and love.

Skulls, the color blue, spiky armor, and more skulls. This is Hecarim in all of his four-legged, creepy glory and I wouldn’t want to change a single thing. Don’t be afraid to embrace Classic Hecarim, it was done first, and it was done right. Enjoy speed-boosting around to your heart’s content.

What makes Classic Hecarim OK?


  • It’s free. Who doesn’t love free?
  • The OG. You can’t hate on the one that started it all. Much respect to the very first incarnation of the skeleton horseman.


  • Come on, you aren’t reading this to find reasons to only play the vanilla skin. Variety is the spice of life!

How To Get Classic Hecarim: Install League of Legends. Unlock Hecarim. Bada bing, bada boom.

See Classic Hecarim in action: 

Hecarim Champion Spotlight. (Creds -  League of Legends YT)

#7 Blood Knight Hecarim (OK)

Blood Knight Hecarim is not what the enemy team wants to see charging in their direction.

Ok, now we are starting to get a little different. Blood Knight Hecarim isn’t going to turn any heads, but at least it’s not that similar to the Classic skin. You get some new colors, a new look, and if you like #twinning, you can always grab some friends who want to play other Blood Knight champions. Form a gang, or a group, or whatever. Have yourself a day.

What makes Blood Knight Hecarim GOOD?


  • That bloodied halberd will be the last thing the enemy Jhin sees.


  • Don’t look here for novel animations.
  • For 975 Riot Points, you can definitely do a lot better.

How To Get Blood Knight Hecarim: Available for 975RP.

See Blood Knight Hecarim in action: 

Blood Knight Hecarim Skin Spotlight. (Creds -  YT/Skin Spotlight)

#6 Worldbreaker Hecarim (GOOD)

Worldbreaker Hecarim brings a level of epicness that is pretty hard to match.

Worldbreaker Hecarim is so iced out, the Migos are probably asking for his jeweler. This is perfect for the player that wants to make sure that his clout is higher than his KDA (which will be pretty dang high once that triforce kicks in). Looking like an epic steed weilding a jade blade, this is a look that will never get old on Hec.

What makes Worldbreaker Hecarim GOOD?


  • Who doesn’t want to look like an Ancient mayan god? 
  • Shiny and majestic.
  • Cheap! At 750RP, we have kind of a steal here.


  • Animations aren’t going to blow you away.

How To Get Worldbreaker Hecarim: Available for 750RP.

See Worldbreaker Hecarim in action: 

Worldbreaker Hecarim Skin Spotlight. (Creds -  YT/Skin Spotlight)

#5 Elderwood Hecarim (GOOD)

Elderwood Hecarim is the new king of the forest.

Do you want to be a friend of the forest, but thing Ivern is just too dang goofy and slow? If so, Riot Games got you. Introducing Elderwood Hecarim. Combine Hec’s blazing speed with this newfound camouflage, and the other team will be asking “did that bush just kill me?” all game long.

What makes Elderwood Hecarim GOOD?


  • Mean green fighting machine
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Blends in with the Rift. A lot.


  • Kind of just a speedy Ivern.
  • 1350RP is on the pricey side.

How To Get Elderwood Hecarim: Available for 1350RP.

See Elderwood Hecarim in action: 

Elderwood Hecarim Skin Spotlight. (Creds -  YT/Skin Spotlight)

#4 Lancer Zero Hecarim (AWESOME)

Lancer Zero Hecarim is the knight in shining armor every team needs.

The #4 spot was a pretty close call between Lancer Zero and Elderwood, but the former definitely shone through with some of its unique features. Literally. If you ever find yourself saying “ooh, shiny object” on a daily basis or wishing your favorite champion just had more sparkles, look no further than Lancer Zero Hecarim.

What makes Lancer Zero Hecarim AWESOME?


  • Fabulous. And rare.
  • Animations do not disappoint. If you haven’t already, click that link and see for yourself.
  • Joust all the slowpokes to victory.


  • You can only get this through hextech crafting.

How To Get Lancer Zero Hecarim: Available only through Hextech Crafting.


See Lancer Zero Hecarim in action: 

Lancer Zero Hecarim Skin Spotlight. (Creds -  YT/Skin Spotlight)

#3 High Noon Hecarim (AWESOME)

High Noon Hecarim is not a welcoming sight to any unsuspecting opponent

Everyone knows Hec is pretty demonic. High Noon Hecarim takes this a step further. One good look at this guy in-game and demonic seems like an understatement. Bring the fire, bring the torching acceleration, and let the games begin. With this being one of the newest releases, you’ll definitely get the message: the devil’s in the details.

What makes High Noon Hecarim AWESOME?


  • Leaves a trail of smoke, ash, and AD carries.
  • His voice is wonderful nightmare fuel.
  • A red Hecarim is pretty refreshing. Also features some  super cool chromas.
  • Animayshuns.


  • Not really much here. It’s expensive? Does that count?
  • Don’t use this too close to bed time.

How To Get High Noon Hecarim: Available for 1350RP.

See High Noon Hecarim in action: 

High Noon Hecarim Cinematic Skin Spotlight. (Creds -  YT/Famous Nubrac)

#2 Arcade Hecarim (LEGENDARY)

Arcade Hecarim is just too amazing to pass up

This goes beyond Hecarim. This has to be one of my favorite skins in the entire game. Chances are, if you’re a Hec main, you may have been diagnosed with some sort of Attention Deficit Disorder in your lifetime. And this skin definitely keeps that in mind. It has bright colors, fun sounds, flashy lights, a pink mohawk, a rainbow unicorn, and the list doesn’t end there. Arcade Hecarim will have you falling in love with our centaur friend all over again.

What makes Arcade Hecarim LEGENDARY?


  • Your inner child has already fallen in love.
  • In a game full of Yasuo’s who take themselves too seriously, we need more rainbow unicorns breaking the sound barrier.
  • Dem details. Thanks for the treat, Riot.


  • I refuse to say anything bad about Arcade Hecarim. These are my morals at play here.

How To Get Arcade Hecarim: Available for 1350RP.

See Arcade Hecarim in action: 

Arcade Hecarim Skin Spotlight. (Creds -  YT/Algot Stolt)

#1 Headless Hecarim (LEGENDARY)

Headless Hecarim tops the list thanks to how appropriately terrifying it is

There are very few skins that I would ever consider putting above Arcade Hecarim. Even this one was a pretty tough call. However, when the perfect skin presents itself, I knew it didn’t belong anywhere but the top. Headless Hecarim is perfect. It’s funny, it’s intimidating, it’s ironic, and most of all, it is what the character design demands. Welcome to Sleepy Hollow, and the man with the pumpkin head is coming at full speed for anyone in his path.

What makes Headless Hecarim LEGENDARY?


  • It’s officially Halloween every day.
  • This skin has been great for a long, long time. It has history and it has made more than its fair share of appearances.
  • At only 975, this skin will not break your bank, but it will make your day.


  • Error. Cons.exe cannot be found.

How To Get Headless Hecarim: Available for 975RP.

See Headless Hecarim in action: 

Headless Hecarim Skin Spotlight. (Creds -  YT/Algot Stolt)

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