Top 10 LOL Best ADC's That Wreck Hard

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Playing Marksman has never been so easy

#10: Lucian, The Purifier

Lucian wields his twin relic guns, one belonging to him and one belonging to his wife, Senna. His mission to eliminate all demons began when Senna was stolen from him by Thresh, but even with her revival he will stop at nothing to protect the living from the dead. Lucian’s extreme mobility combined with a kit that is easy to use but hard to master makes him a formidable pick at all skill levels. Here are some tips to get you started:

Lucian has high burst, but low sustained damage. Get some poke in and avoid fighting until you have items. 

Lucian is extremely mobile for an ADC, especially with some cooldown reduction. Consider a build path that begins with an item that gives this bonus.

Late game, Lucian’s ult can shred tanks and delete squishy targets. Be on the lookout for the right moment to ult, and be careful since you can’t change your angle after you begin ulting.

How to Lucian like a pro: 

#9 Vayne, The Night Hunter

After a demon murdered Vayne’s family, she swore vengeance on all things related to the dark arts. Now she travels Demacia looking for her family’s killer, using her silver bolts to lay waste to demons from the shadows. Vayne is a high skill cap ADC that shreds high health enemies. Here are some tips to get you started:

Always be on the lookout for an opportunity to stun someone with your condemn, especially early game. Landing a stun can early can give Vayne the edge she needs, since before level 3 her damage is lackluster.

While ulting, use as much invisibility and be as unpredictable with your Q as possible. This tool makes Vayne shine if used optimally, allowing her to fight more enemies than she could if she was visible.

Blade of the Ruined King and Guinsoo’s Rageblade are both necessities. Without these items, Vayne falls off late since other items are more prone to being countered by armor. Rush these first, then let your build path branch off from there.

How to Vayne like a pro:

#8 Draven, The Glorious Executioner

A former soldier in the Noxian army, Draven discovered his love for being a gladiator and never looked back. He dominates the arena with his spinning axes, and loves to hear his name chanted everywhere he goes. Draven is a brutal lane bully, taking the unsuspecting and turning them into free gold. Here are some tips to get you started:

Focus on catching axes. This mechanic is awkward to deal with at first, but mastering this not only optimizes your damage output, but also gives you extra bonus gold on every kill.

Draven’s gameplay can be addicting, but never get baited into going in without your team. You may feel powerful when you’re fed, but rarely will you be able to fight a 1v5.

Draven has virtually no peel. His E is okay, but if there are more than one person coming at him he’s going to need the help of his team. Stick with your support and the champs on your team that can peel for you.

How to Draven like a pro: 

#7 Miss Fortune, The Bounty Hunter

Miss Fortune is a ruthless captain hailing from Bilgewater. After her family was killed by Gangplank, she got her revenge years later when she blew up his ship with him on it. Miss Fortune is a quick-moving ADC that can turn the tide of a fight with her ultimate. Here are some tips to get you started:

Practice looking for Double-Up opportunities. This ability does high damage at all levels on the ricochet, so if you see them hiding too close to the back of the wave, throw one out.

Miss Fortune’s ultimate is an amazing tool, but is relatively easy to work around for the enemies. If you don’t have a support that can immobilize enemy champs, throw down your Make It Rain before ulting so you can slow them.

Miss Fortune’s W, Strut, is a powerful tool that makes her surprisingly mobile. Not only does she have an incremental out of combat movement speed bonus, but using its active gives her the full boost immediately. Avoid getting hit as early into fights as you can, then find the right time to use the active, since she will be an easy target without it.

How to Miss Fortune like a pro: 

#6 Jinx, The Loose Cannon

Jinx is an impulsive criminal that thrives in the underbelly of Zaun. Jinx’s greatest enemy is boredom, and the only antidote to this fatal disease is crime. Jinx is a menace with her rocket launcher, and she has a surprising amount of utility for an ADC. Here are some tips to get you started:

Jinx’s rockets might be powerful, but they drain her mana extremely quickly, especially early game. Use them to secure CS and harass, but don’t be stuck using it as she will run out of mana fast.

If the explosions from Jinx’s rockets damage an enemy champion when you auto attack a minion, the minion’s will not aggro you. Use this knowledge to your advantage to get some free poke in.

Keep your map awareness high. Jinx’s global ultimate is a great tool for securing kills long-range, so keep an eye out.

How to Jinx like a pro: 

#5 Tristana, The Yordle Gunner

While other Yordle’s are busy tinkering and inventing with their noses to the ground, Tristana’s always been looking up. After hearing stories about the heroes of Runeterra, she became inspired, seeking an opportunity to make Yordles famous. Tristana is a lethal lane bully with incredible all-in potential. Here are some tips to get your started:

Tristana’s abilities increase the damage from her E just as much as her autos do. If you see a low health target, don’t be afraid to pop your bomb on them and then launch onto their faces.

Tristana’s jump goes surprisingly far. Keep things warded and you might just be able to pick off a low health enemy when they least expect it!

Tristana has extremely long cooldowns early on all of her abilities. Use them only when necessary.

How to Tristana like a pro: 

#4 Ashe, The Frost Archer

Ashe is the leader of the most populated clan in Freljord. She uses her ancestor’s powers to fire arrows of pure ice, slowing enemies down long enough to secure the kill. One of the first champions ever made, Ashe is still relevant 11 years later. Here are some tips to get your started:

The only true self-peel Ashe has is her ultimate, making her extremely vulnerable all game. Pay attention to the mini map and make sure your lane stays warded, and always be with a member of your team.

Enemies that have to walk slowly toward you are easy targets thanks to the slow Ashe gets from her auto attacks. Ashe is a great champion to learn kiting with.

Ashe’s ultimate is extremely powerful, landing multiple second stuns from across the map. Don’t hesitate to fire it down top or mid when you back, as it is a great tool to get your team ahead.

How to Ashe like a pro: 

#3 Caitlyn, The Sheriff of Piltover

Caitlyn protects the streets of Piltover with her one-of-a-kind hextech rifle. She is often paired with Vi, making them an unstoppable crime fighting duo. Caitlyn’s range and damage make her a formidable ADC. Here are some tips to get you started:

Caitlyn’s traps are incredibly useful in lane. If you place them in bushes, try not to place them in the exact same place every time, as your enemies will quickly get used to avoiding a spot they’ve been trapped before.

Caitlyn’s three basic abilities can be chained together. It can be very difficult, but E>W>Q can lead to an extremely high damage combo if they just walk straight away from you. Make sure you place the trap behind them before you get too far away after your E.

Caitlyn’s ultimate is much better in laning phase than it is in every other stage of the game. Try and get a kill with it early, and avoid ulting into a group of 5 people as it wll most likely not reach the target you want.

How to Caitlyn like a pro: 

#2 Kai’sa, Daughter of the Void

Kai’sa was trapped in the void for years with no hope of rescue. Her only chance at survival was to become as ruthless as the strange monsters she now lived with. She achieved this by combining with a void entity, making her the first human to truly coexist with the void. Her speed and kit are unique and powerful. Here are some tips to get you started:

Kai’sa’s ultimate is powerful, but should be used cautiously. Once she ults into a fight, she doesn’t really have a way out unless your flash is up. Be certain that you can survive if you want to ult into the enemy team.

Don’t be in the middle of a wave if  you want to hit enemies with your Q. The more isolated your target is, the more damage your bullets will do.

If you find yourself in the bad part of a fight, use your ultimate to reposition. This ability is easily her most versatile.

How to Kai’sa like a pro: 

#1 Ezreal, The Prodigal Explorer

Ezreal is a treasure hunter that uses his arcane gauntlet to get himself out of sticky situations. He would much rather dive into a battle and improvise than plan things out carefully. Ezreal is an extremely mobile, extremely powerful ADC that does massive damage from a safe distance. Here are some tips to get you started:

Three out of four of Ezreal’s abilities are skillshots. This makes his skill cap incredibly high since his damage is technically inconsistent. Playing Ezreal often is the only way to get comfortable with his kit.

All of Ezreal’s abilities can detonate his W. Make sure you’re using the right ability for the right situations.

It might be difficult, but don’t forget to auto attack in between Ezreal’s Q’s. Especially in a teamfight, this optimizes his damage.

How to Ezreal like a pro: 

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