[Top 10] LOL Most Balanced Champions That Are Great

LOL Most Balanced Champions That Are Great
Make League champions great again!

Hello people we are back with another article and what better way to start it off than with a top 10 most balanced champions in the game! Since the release of 12.10, there has been a power shift, some champions got nerfed while others buffed but everyone got special treatment.

As an example every single champion got their health buffed and they last longer in team fights while champions who dealt damage and one-shot people constantly can’t do that anymore. Isn’t life great? This is the start of the ADC empire. Trust me on that. Now that you know what happened to League, shall we get into the article? 

10. Maokai

“If Groot was evil.” 

For our first champion, we have Maokai, the nature defender of the Shadow Isles. Maokai can either be played as a tank on the top lane or as a support. It depends on what you prefer more. Maokai’s abilities are quite peculiar and interesting.

His Q knocks people back, slows them, and deals magic damage, with his W Maokai can go inside of the ground burrow himself and charge himself towards an enemy target, with his E he can plant seeds in the bushes that grow up and charge onto a minion or champion whoever is closest to them, and Maokai’s ultimate ability sends a wave of massive roots towards the enemy rooting them in place for a few seconds.

Maokai is a simple champion that has one goal in mind and that’s to crowd control the battle and make sure his team lives no matter the cost. He deals little to no damage as a tank should and that’s why Maokai is a balanced champion. 

What’s Great About Maokai:

  • A tank that deals no damage (as it should be). 
  • He can be played as a support hero as well. 
  • Able to root the whole enemy team if you cast your R correctly. 

9. Shen

“Rules are made to put people in check.” 

For our next hooligan, we have Shen the ninja that only follows rules. Same as Maokai Shen can also be played as a top laner or as a support. In the end, it all comes down to your preference on what you like more.

Playing Shen is no easy task as you have to be on the lookout whenever your team is doing something dumb so you can ult them and save their lives. You’re like their big brother or babysitter. Shen can also taunt people and pull a huge spirit sword through people that lowers their armor and slows them down.

Also to taunt people you have to dash into them. Keep that in mind. Or you can simply summon your sword and create a huge bubble where Shen can’t be hit. Yes, every single attack on Shen while in that small bubble is going to be dodged. 

What’s Great About Shen:

  • Great support champion. 
  • Can also be played on the top lane as a tank. 
  • Your main priority is protecting your team whenever they decide to do something dumb. 
  • Your ultimate ability is global.

8. Ornn

“The fire below the mountain.”

Ah, the champion with only two skins in total. I feel bad for people who love playing this guy. Ornn is a great tank that’s able to kill other people if you have the skill for it. If you lack those skills maybe you should play someone else.

When it comes to Ornn you pretty much have to land all your skill shots on the enemy to kill them, that's the only way to do it. Which is balanced by you having your shop with you. You see Ornn can create items anywhere on the map he doesn’t have to recall whatsoever. Isn’t that neat?

Ornn can also upgrade his teammate's items once he hits level 13. But choose carefully on who you upgrade first, people's egos in this game are way too big sometimes. You can also summon a huge ram that knocks people up once they get hit by it. That’s always fun to watch. 

What’s Great About Ornn:

  • He can knock up the whole enemy team with his ultimate ability. 
  • You can create any item you wish if you have the gold for it. 
  • You can upgrade your teammate's items once you hit level 13.

7. Alistar

“You can’t milk those!”

Now we have a cow that’s only support and a tank. For some reason, this cow can even heal people. I always forget that. Do you know why I forget it? Because nobody ever uses it. It’s useless just like my Rubik's cube that I bought.

Alistar can also knock people up with your Q and he can knock them backward with your W. If you were to combine those two you’d get a neat combo. You can also press your E where a countdown starts and at the end of the countdown Alistar can stun them again with his auto-attack. Isn’t that neat?

Oh, I can’t forget the most important ability in his kit. When Alistar activates his ultimate ability he gets a ton of armor and magic resistance allowing you to dive under the turrets and peck the enemy to death. That’s how tanky Alistar can get. 

What’s Great About Alistar:

  • He can knock people up. 
  • He can knock people away from him and his team. 
  • If he combines those two abilities he gets a neat combo. 
  • Alistar's ultimate ability turns him into the ultimate tank. 

6. Corki

“Speed of heat!”

He ain’t no Red Baron but he sure is a menace in the skies. Nobody can fly better than Corki can. The maneuvers he can do are insane. It’s also because he’s very small and afraid. When it comes to playing Corki all you have to do is spam your Q on the lane or the enemy or spam your R when you have it. Or spam both abilities for the best results.

Once you press your E you activate the machine gun on his helicopter and Corki destroys everything that’s in front of him. But don’t worry if you get into a pickle you can always escape with your W. Once Corki uses his W he launches himself in the direction he’s looking leaving a trail of hot napalm.

Just make sure that the napalm sticks to people. Now that you know what Corki does his only major weakness is that he’s squishy and easy to kill. I mean the W doesn’t have a lot of range so enemies can catch up which in return makes Corki balanced. 

What’s Great About Corki:

  • He’s a great bully during the laning phase. 
  • He can go either AD or AP. 
  • If you get into a tough situation you can always escape with your W. 
  • Spamming your Q and R is a great way to win a 1v1 situation. 

5. Aurelion Sol

“Creator of the universe.”

Once a most anticipated champion has fallen to one of the least played champions in League of Legends. The reason people don’t like playing Aurelion Sol is that he’s balanced. He takes skill to play and most people don’t want to bother with learning how to play a champion.

They just want to get into the game and get kills as fast as possible. Well not with this champion. But one cool thing you can do is fly through walls and stun people with a giant ball made out of the universe. Doesn’t that just sound terrific and fun to do?

Or you can burn people with your celestial breath with your ultimate ability. Anything that you want to do you can, it’s free reign pretty much. I mean you’re a balanced space dragon. How cooler can it get than that? 

What’s Great About Aurelion Sol:

  • You can fly through walls.
  • Aurelion Sol can summon a giant universe ball and stun people with it. 
  • You can burn people with your celestial breath with your R ability. 

4. Galio

“I am made out of stone no flesh needed.”

For our next valiant hero, we have Galio, the friend everyone needs. I swear he’s the most charming egotistical guy you can meet. So what if he’s made out of stone he has a stone heart with emotions. And his abilities show that.

As Galio is meant to soak up as much damage as possible before falling in battle. He can taunt people with W and everyone that gets taunted will attack this monster. He also gains damage reduction while using this ability. To use his W easier you can dash with your E and then taunt people. If a target gets hit by that ability they get knocked up.

Galio can also summon a gust of wind that deals damage and he can jump to any point on the map to help people out. He’s great against magic champions and he has extra magic resistance in his kit. 

What’s Great About Galio:

  • Great against the magic champions. 
  • Can jump from anywhere to help out his team. 
  • Mainly played on mid as a tank champion. 
  • He can taunt anyone as long as they get hit by his ability. 

3. Ivern

“I speak to the trees.”

The pacifist champion that anyone loves to play and that’s Ivern the schizophrenic. He talks to animals because he thinks they are his friends. What a weirdo am I right? But seriously this guy is all about peace and stuff.

He couldn’t hurt a soul. Except when he summons Daisy and she beats up anyone. He’s her pimp. And that’s also his ultimate ability. Ivern also has the fastest jungle clear in the whole game. I forgot to mention that he’s a jungler but now you know.

He’s also the most balanced jungler in the whole game. As he doesn’t deal a lot of damage and he relies on his team to help him out during ganks and roams. With Q he launches out a ball of grass that roots people, his W places bushes and with E he can shield people and save them from death. Isn’t this guy just the greatest? 

What’s Great About Ivern:

  • The most balanced jungle champion in the game at the moment. 
  • Relies on his team for ganks and roams. 
  • Daisy will beat anyone up no matter who they are. 
  • He can root people when ganking. 
  • He can place bushes for a strategic advantage. 

2. Karma

“Yin and Yang of League of Legends.”

For our second to the last article, we have the symbol of Yin and Yang and that’s Karma. Karma is all about spreading equality and peace over Runeterra. She has to make sure that there’s enough evil and good in the world.

She’s also blind because she devoted herself to a goddess or something. When it comes to Karma she has her ultimate ability instantly unlocked. With her ultimate ability, she can empower her Q, W, or E.

Karma can fire off a huge wave of destruction with her Q, with W she can tether onto people and they get rooted into place after a few seconds, and her E makes people go fast. That’s Karma for you; she keeps the balance on the summoner's rift. 

What’s Great About Karma:

  • Has her ultimate ability at the start of the game. 
  • She’s a great support champion. 
  • Her Q can clear out waves easily. 
  • With W she can root people in place.
  • Her E gives movement speed to teammates. 

1. Kayle

“Justice burns bright!”

For our number one champion, we have Kayle, the girl that’s all about justice and nothing else. She threw her sister under the bus so she could be the angel or something. Kayle is weird. Now if you might be thinking but isn’t she a hyper carry how can she be balanced at all?

Well, you see by being completely useless in the early game. I mean is there a single Kayle player out there that can win the game in the early to mid-game. Hell no. So there you go, that's why I think that Kayle is the most balanced champion in the game. If you don’t shut her off in the early and mid-game she will be a problem in the late game.

Plus she can always shield herself in holy light which makes her invaluable to damage. If someone has a lot of armor why not burn it away in a holy light that’s your Q btw. You can also heal yourself with your W and stab people with your E. All in all I think Kayle is the most balanced champion in League of Legends at the moment.

What’s Great About Kayle:

  • She’s the most balanced champion in all of League of Legends. 
  • Kayle can use her ultimate ability on anyone on her team. 
  • She has a heal so she can sustain herself during the laning phase.
  • She can lower the armor of enemies with her Q. 

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