Teamfight Tactics Mid-Set Update – New Buffs, Champions and Rank Reset

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Two characters for the price of one! Will the big bad guy of TFT retain control over himself and his weapon? Or be swallowed whole by the demon lurking within his scythe?

Teamfight Tactics Mid-Set Update – What Does the Future Hold for TFT Galaxies?

Pengu and his team of champions set out to bring justice to the universe

With 33 million players worldwide, TFT has become one of the most played game modes in League of Legends. From the grassy knolls of the initial launch to the fiery elemental battleground of the Elementals patch to a galaxy far, far away in TFT Galaxies, TFT lovers have certainly seen their fair share of Runeterra. Featuring robots, intergalactic assassins, and space pirates, Galaxies certainly hasn’t been dull - what will this new update bring to the magic-robot-alien-pirate table? 


New Buffs and Champions

Battlecast Kog'maw revving up his engine

For those wondering where the meta is headed, Riot Games has given some insight into what the new options and synergies will look like. With the removal of Kayle, Kai’sa, and Miss Fortune, Valkyrie buff will be gone. Void is also getting removed, but don’t worry: there’ll be more aggressive buff options with the arrival of Battlecast and Astro. Urgot, Nocturne, Viktor, Cassiopeia, Kog’maw, and Illaoi make up a formidable team of robotic Battlecast champions, while Teemo, Bard, Gnar and Nautilus grant the Astro buff. Battlecast champions will deal damage to the nearest enemy (or heal themselves depending on HP) for 75/150/225 while Astro champions will have mana costs reduced by 30.


Rank Resets and Plans for Competitive TFT

Rebel Aurelion Sol, preparing to wreak havoc in the skies of Runeterra

Get ready to grind those ranks again! The Galaxies Mid-Set Update will also feature a soft reset of everyone’s rankings. Ranks will generally drop by exactly one division after placements — with few exceptions. Riot Games has also announced plans to try and bring TFT into the competitive scene, with the recent first-ever officially hosted TFT tournament boasting a whopping prize pool of over $150,000. Riot has expressed interest in continuing to stimulate the competitive TFT scene going forward, so get ready for this new addition to the growing industry of esports.


Miscellaneous Balance Changes

Chrono Wukong awakening from a centuries-long slumber

We’ve talked about new buffs and champions, but what about the old buffs that are still alive and kicking? Well, say goodbye to Sona, Kassadin, and Lux — They had to make way for the new blood: Zed (Rebel Infiltrator), Riven (Chrono Blademaster) and Vayne (Cybernetic Sniper). Let’s not forget Janna, utilizing Star Guardian and her very own new buff called Paragon, which converts your team’s basic attacks over to magic damage. Buffs have been readjusted to accommodate the new champs and the removed ones, so seeing all the new synergies and possibilities on the rift will be interesting.

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