[Top 10] LOL Best Outplay Champions

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[Top 10] LOL Best Outplay Champions

10. Dr. Mundo-The Madman of Zaun

Even though it’s in his name Dr. Mundo is not actually a Doctor he is a madman that the citizens of Zaun fear. He wields a massive cleaver and goes where he pleases and in the game, he is an unstoppable tank with an insane amount of health and tenacity.

Why Dr.Mundo is unstoppable:

  • You’re able to play Top lane or Jungle as you become super tanky in the late game, you’ll be able to slow and chase easily
  • Your cleaver does a lot of damage and heals you when it hits an enemy, it heals more if your cleaver kills the target with champions giving the most health
  • With Burning, Agony on you gain an insane amount of tenacity to the point where any crowd control, even ultimate moves, barely affect you so you can go wherever you want
  • As you do damage to yourself or take damage from another source you’re able to boost your next attack with Masochism
  • At the first level of your ultimate, you gain 50% healing and an increase of movement speed for as long as it last with it you’ll be able to charge in or escape

Watch The Dr. Operate:

9. Katarina-The Sinister Blade

A master assassin Katarina takes the highest target kills that have large amounts of guards even if it endangered her allies, she’s able to weave in and out of fights and kill easily with a flurry of serrated blades that kill squishy enemies easily.

What’s great about the sinister blade:

  • When you pick up a dagger you slice through enemies nearby and whenever you assist or kill an enemy your abilities are dramatically reduced allowing you to keep fighting
  • With bouncing blade, you’re able to throw a blade that bounces on your target and nearby enemies that you can pick up to deal extra damage on all enemies nearby
  • With preparation, you throw a blade up in the air and gain movement speed so you can move to other daggers faster for more damage
  • With Shunpo you can dash anywhere and if you catch a dagger you’ll do extra damage in a circle to enemies around you
  • With your ultimate move, you throw blades in a spiral doing loads of damage to up to three enemy champions, with this ability you mow down squishy enemies and chip away tanks

Watch this lethal assassin work:

8. Zed-The Master of Shadows

The master of shadows is one of the best assassins able to get in and out of fights, kill squishy targets, dominate Middle Lane, and attack from different angles with his shadow.

Why the Shadow Master is great:

  • From the beginning of the game, you’ll do extra damage to enemies with low health with your passive making you the ultimate execution assassin champion
  • With your Q ability you and your shadow throw shurikens out and with your shadow, you can throw in different angles
  • You can trade places with your shadow to engage or escape and any abilities you use your shadow copies. Your shadow can also go over walls so you can use it to flank and enemy who flashed away
  • With enough energy late game, you’ll be able to spam abilities and engage as you use a shadow behind you to escape from where you are or use it to deal extra damage when you engage
  • Your ultimate drops a shadow and makes you untargetable as you target a single enemy to attack and mark, once the mark triggers it does a portion of the damage that you did

Watch the master, work:

7. Aatrox-The Darkin Blade

The Darkin Blade was the first one to find freedom after he was imprisoned by magic. He came back to seek vengeance as not your enemy but the enemy of all. He absorbs the life out of all he encounters and is capable of transforming into his one true form.

Why the Darkin is so powerful:

  • With your passive you’re able to heal back health from any enemy you strike with champions giving more and it getting stronger as you level
  • With your Q ability, you strike three separate times that knock up enemies hit in a specific area with each separate attack
  • With infernal chains, you do decent damage on strike and create an area that enemies have to leave quickly before being pulled back to the center for more damage
  • With your E ability you get another passive amount of healing on enemy champions which late game is great for team fights, with it you’re able to dash over small walls, engage, or escape
  • Your ultimate makes you become your true form and fear all nearby and gain movement speed, healing, and attack damage. If you take down enemy champions your ultimate last longer this is also great if you need to escape

See the Darkin slaughter:

6. Camille-The Steel Shadow

This elite agent has augmented herself with the highest tech gear and weapons to have superiority in battle, she swings across Runeterra swiftly bringing her enemies to justice.

See why the Steel Shadow is great:

  • With your passive, you gain a shield against the damage the champion you’re fighting does so attack damage or adaptive damage
  • You have a boosted attack and movement speed boost that does extra damage if you wait a short period before reactivating
  • You excel in one vs one because of how fast you can swing around and attack making it hard for enemies to get a lock on you
  • You’re able to swing from the walls and stun the first enemy champion hit after you jump off of the wall giving you the chance to do great damage
  • With your ultimate, you’re able to isolate a single champion containing the in an inescapable hexagon as you do extra damage to the isolated champion be careful because allies and enemies are still able to attack while your ultimate is activated

See the steel shadow:

5. Diana-Scorn of the Moon

Diana uses her crescent blade to fight for the Lunari, she is the embodiment of the silver moon's power and uses this power to decimate her enemies with lunar power.

Why Diana is great:

  • Every third attack swings in a crescent shape, when you cast an ability your attack speed is increased for the next three attacks doing another crescent attack
  • You have a unique skill shot that swings in a crescent shape that reveals enemies struck by it and marking them with moonlight
  • With your W you shield yourself with three orbs that detonate when you come in contact with enemies and if the last orb detonates the shield gets stronger
  • Your dash has no cooldown if you use it towards an enemy who was hit by moonlight
  • Your ultimate is great for team fights or helping your allies escape because it pulls every enemy champion within the circle of it dealing more damage for the more enemies in it

See why the moon scorns:

4. Fizz-The Tidal Trickster

This little trickster is the bane of any mid laner for being able to deal a large amount of damage and jump around to avoid any crowd control or damage.

What’s so funny about this trickster:

  • Fizz is able to move through units and takes reduced damage from every source which is insanely useful especially in the early game
  • You’re able to dash through enemies dealing decent damage and it makes you a slippery target for the enemy champions
  • Fizz bleeds enemies and does extra magic damage so when someone thinks they got away with a sliver of health, BOOM, they die and have no idea how
  • With Playful/Trickster you become untargetable and jump up on your spear before jumping or smashing the ground dealing great damage
  • Your ultimate throws a fish at an enemy and slows them after a short delay a huge shark burst out knocking up and slowing any enemies in the area

Play with the Trickster:

3. Fiora-The Grand Duelist

Fiora can give Jax a run for his money with her quick dashes and a spell shield that counters any crowd control back to the enemy as well as amazing life steal late-game.

Why Fiora is the best duelist:

  • When you play Fiora you get to play a little mini-game with whatever champion you face an enemy champion at the top lane, if you do this you get a little bonus as well as extra damage on the enemy
  • You’re able to lunge forward and strike any enemy nearby applying on-hit effects making this a great engage ability
  • Whenever you’re about to be under crowd control you can lunge forward and gain a spell shield that counters stuns back to whoever is trapped in the line when you attack
  • You excel in one on one combat with your E boost attack that slows with the first hit and always critical strikes with the second strike
  • When you use your ultimate the vitals on one champion and as long as you hit one before that champion dies it’ll heal yourself as well as your allies

Duel with the master:

2. Pyke-The Bloodharbor Ripper

This amazing support champion is incredibly strong with a hook as well as a dash/stun allowing him to hit an enemy with double the crowd control while dealing decent damage early and insane damage late game.

Why Pyke got his name as the Bloodharbor Ripper:

  • Pyke is able to roam easily to all lanes and support them because of his great movement speed, camouflage, and crowd control
  • Pyke has an amazing hook that can also just be a powerful stab in front of where you are aiming as you move and aim
  • In Pyke’s kit, he has a great dash that leaves behind a phantom of himself that returns and stuns anyone who is in it after the phantom flashes back to Pyke a good move is to dash away from crowd control then flash behind an enemy lining up the stun
  • He has one of the coolest recalls even when he doesn’t have a skin on, he calls a beast from the depths and rides it back to the fountain
  • His ultimate strikes in an X formation executing low health enemies, if he kills the enemy his ultimate can be used again. If Pyke’s ultimate kills an enemy his allies gain extra gold if they helped

Go harpooning with Pyke:

1. Shen-The Eye of Twilight

As the leader of the Kinkuo, he walks between the spirit and the physical world and has to keep the equilibrium of the two with a steel blade as well as a spirit blade to battle anyone who threatens that. He’s a strong top laner and support champion who’s able of roaming with his ultimate.

How Shen is the best ninja:

  • Whenever you cast an ability you get a shield that gets better as you level up and if you affect others the cooldown of this effect is lowered
  • Shen is capable of being a good support champion while being able to shield his allies as well as block incoming attacks within an area of his spirit sword
  • You have a dash that taunts anyone enemies nearby so they auto attack you and can’t use abilities until the taunt ends
  • When you recall your spirit blade you attack with it to deal extra damage equal to the targets max health with more damage if it passes through an enemy it does more
  • With your ultimate, you can save an ally by shielding them then teleporting to them across the map to help them escape or turn the tide of battle in a team fight

Become a ninja master:


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