[Top 10] League of Legends Best Top Laners 11.13

League of Legends Best Top Laner
You're all alone in this role.

So you started to main top lane or you’ve been a long time top lane main but the champs you play just aren’t for you. Well, then this list is for you. In this article, you will read about the best top laners in the newest patch 11.13. And if you pick some of these champions the enemy jungler won’t gank you. Some of the champions you will find in this article require you to use your brain but with some you can set your brain on autopilot and win the match ez pez.

10. Rengar

Scary kitty assassin oh nou :O

At number ten we have Rengar “the Pridestalker”. The ultimate kitty hunter. The assassin that can one shot someone in 0.1 seconds and make them question their existence ,and why they even decided to play League of Legends this day. When it comes to Rengar you can’t just spam his abilities and expect to one-shot someone. His passive has two different effects. The first passive effect allows him to stack his ferocity and after he stacked 4 ferocity stacks renders the next ability that he uses except his R empowered. The second passive effect grants Rengar a trophy per unique champion takedown giving you bonus AD damage. Rengar is pretty good at top lane since he can jump from the bushes so use that to your advantage and make sure you jump on the enemy champion with the intent to kill them not to give them a massage. His Q is an empowered auto attack, his W restores a % of his missing HP and if it’s empowered it can remove CC. His E is a skill shot and if he hits the enemy champion it slows them but if it’s empowered it will CC them. His ultimate ability makes him invisible and if anyone gets in your range you can jump on them and one shot them without a problem and to add icing on the cake make sure you write in all chat “? :)”.

What makes Rengar a Great Top Laner: 

  • You can easily poke the enemy laner if you jump on them from a bush and use your Q. 
  • Has a lot of AD scaling.
  • Can one shot people without a problem in 0.1 seconds. 
  • You can even take him AP and one shot people with your W, since your W scales a lot with AP 
  • He’s an assassin that just requires you to use a bit of your brain power. 

Here’s a more detailed description of Rengar and his abilities with an ownage video: 


Ownage video (video courtesy of Pro Players’ Clips):

9. Pantheon

Manliest champion in the game. FOR SPARTA!

At number nine we have Pantheon “the Unbreakable Spear”. Ah yes, the spartan. The manliest champion in the game. The testosterone this champion gives off it’s unbelievable. Just playing this champion and hearing his theme song makes me want to go to the gym. Pantheon, the same as Rengar, has a passive that he stacks. After he stacked his passive the next ability you use will be empowered. With his Q he can either throw his spear or just poke someone who’s in front of him. His W is a point and click CC and with his E he blocks any damage that’s in front of him. With his R you just launch yourself across the map to help your team. It's simple.

What makes Pantheon a Great Top Laner: 

  • He’s easy to play.
  • Deals a lot of damage and can either go full tank or full AD damage. 
  • He’s really good at blocking all the damage in a team fight and saving his dear team. 
  • Manliest champion in the game. 
  • Loves bread what else to say about him. 

Here’s a more detailed description of Pantheon and his abilities with an ownage video: 


Ownage video (video courtesy of Pantheon):

8. Renekton

Cya later alligator. 

At number eight we have Renekton “the Butcher of the Sands”. He’s a crocodile or an alligator I have no idea, but his brother is a literal dog called Nasus, and as you guessed it they hate each other to the point they want to rip each other's throats out. When it comes to Renekton you guessed it he has a passive that he stacks by hitting champions or minions. When you’re at 50 fury or above Renekton will consume that fury to enhance his next ability, that he uses. With his Q Renekton cleaves around himself dealing damage to nearby enemies and healing himself. With his W he gains bonus attack range and can CC the enemy opponent for 0.25 seconds. With his E he just dashes around two times and with his ultimate ability he empowers himself, increasing in size, gaming bonus attack range and gaining bonus health. 

What makes Renekton a Great Top Laner: 

  • Doesn’t have a high skill ceiling.
  • Easy to get used too and start carrying games in no time.
  • Has a point and click CC.
  • Can build tanky and still deal massive amounts of damage.
  • Doesn’t have a lot of counters.
  • His ultimate ability gives him bonus health so he can survive longer in team fights.

Here’s a more detailed description of Renekton and his abilities with an ownage video: 


Ownage video (video courtesy of Premium Youtube Shorts): 

7.  Warwick

Good puppy :).

At number seven we have Warwick “the Uncaged Wrath of Zaun”. Well if you’re a furry and you like being in your fursuit and want to play someone who fits you well this wolfy is just for you. When it comes to Warwickk his only skill shot is his ultimate ability that you will miss 90% of the time but still get a kill somehow. When going top lane with this champion you don’t even have to buy potions you can heal yourself back with your Q. Speaking of his Q he just bites people or minions dealing damage and healing himself. With your W you activate your nose and start chasing people around the rift. I bet Warwick loves smelling other champions' feet so that’s why he runs after them. With his E you start growling at people gaining damage reduction. After using your E a second time anyone that’s in your growling range will get feared and start running away from you. Your ultimate ability R is a skill shot as I said but if you manage to hit someone you will CC them and start clawing their face off.

What makes Warwick a Great Top Laner: 

  • Has great sustain, you don’t even need to start potions with this champion you heal a lot with your Q.
  • Has damage reduction thanks to his E ability.
  • Can chase people down with his W. 
  • Has a CC that’s a skill shot but if you manage to hit it, you’re guaranteed a kill. 
  • He’s a wolf.

Here’s a more detailed description of Warwick and his abilities with an ownage video:


Ownage video (video courtesy of Bahtsiz MEK): 

6. Gnar

Cutest animal in the game look at him so cute. 

At number six we have Gnar “the Missing Link”. This has to be one of the cutest champions in the game. Even his voice is cute especially when he yells “Shugi Shugi Shugi”. When it comes to Gnar at first he’s a ranged champion and once his passive is fully filled up he turns into a big melee champion ready to give the opponent brain damage. With his Q he throws out a boomerang that returns to you of course like a boomerang should. His W is a, passive ability that stacks on the opponent and once they have three stacks on them it deals bonus damage. With his E he hops and if he hops on an enemy unit he will hop 500 additional range in the direction you were originally going. If he lands on an opponent it deals damage and slows them down. With his ultimate ability he thrusts his arms in a direction. If Gnar manages to thrust an enemy champion into a wall they will get CC’d and you’ll be ready to tear a new booty hole in their body. When he turns into Mega Gnarevery single one of his abilities get changed. While in Mega Gnar mode his Q becomes a boulder toss, he just throws a huge boulder. With his W he smashes the ground with his huge arms and CC’s everyone that’s in range. And his E becomes a short leap that damages everything that he jumps on.

What makes Gnar a Great Top Laner

  • Has 6 abilities in total that do different things. 
  • He's a ranged champion at first so he can poke the enemy easily. 
  • Still being played on major League of Legends tournaments. 
  • He’s really hard to gank because of his E. 
  • Deals a lot of damage in ranged or melee mode.

Here’s a more detailed description of Gnar and his abilities with an ownage video: 


Ownage video (video courtesy of Mexican Pride Gaming): 

5. Quinn

Cool eagle on her back kek. 

At number five we have Quinn “Demacia’s Wings”. Oh boi with this champion you’ll be winning your lane and dominating your opponent so easily. First of all, you’re a ranged champion which tilts the enemy so much that they’ll start flaming you in the first second of the match. Not only that but with your ultimate ability you’ll be zooming around the map in no time. You’ll just be chilling in the top lane and in 5 seconds you’ll be able to go to mid because of your movement speed. With your passive your bird Valor will target an enemy champion and you’ll deal bonus damage to them and gaming bonus movement speed. With her Q she just launches her bird at enemy units or the opponent making them legaly blind. With her W she orders Valor to scout the nearby area granting you vision. With her E she dashes to the enemy champion knocking them back and dealing damage. Now her ultimate ability is spicy and it has two effects. The first effect bird picks up Quinn and carries her around giving her a  lot of movement speed, the only downside to this ability is that it takes a bit of time to channel it. The second effect is when you auto attack something, large arrows fall down on the nearby area dealing damage.

What makes Quinn a Great Top Laner: 

  • Has a lot of damage and can burst enemies down without a problem.
  • Can roam a lot without an issue because of the movement speed once you hit level 6. 
  • Good for taking out targets that are trying to farm and have fun in the game. 
  • Has a lot of poke during the laning phase. 
  • If anyone tries to catch up to her she can just knock them back and slow them down with her E allowing her for an easy escape. 

Here’s a more detailed description about Quinn and her abilities with an ownage video: 


Ownage video (video courtesy of Kimimoto): 

4. Sett 

I wish I had that body damn. 

At number four we have Sett “the Boss”. This guy just punches everything until he wins. Anything that exists and that’s alive in the game Sett will punch it until it dies. His passive is really simple. With his left hand he punches faster while with his right hand he has 50 bonus range and deals more damage. With his Q he gains bonus movement speed when running towards an opponent and his next two auto attacks become empowered. With his W he stores 100% of post-mitigation damage below his health bar. Once he goes super Saiyan you can use his W to deal a massive amount of damage against people who found themselves in your peripheral vision. In the center of the ability he deals a massive amount of true damage.. His E is a CC if you managed to hit it correctly. While for his ultimate ability it’s a suplex. He just takes an enemy champion, suplexes them into the ground and deals damage to everyone who found themselves near.

What makes Sett a Great Top Laner: 

  • He will punch everything and everyone, nothing stops this guy.
  • He can go super Saiyan once he takes enough damage and deals a lot of damage all thanks to his W. 
  • In the late game he becomes really hard to kill. 
  • He’s fun to play and not hard to learn, you’ll get used to him within 2-3 matches.

Here’s a more detailed description of Sett and his abilities with an ownage video:


Ownage video (video courtesy of RossBoomsocks): 

3. Shen

Cool purple ninja hehe 

At number three we have Shen “the Eye of Twilight”. Ah yes, one of the champions where your life is in his hands. If he ults you, you live if he doesn’t you die. So make sure you’re extra nice to people who are playing Shen. He has a big spirit sword that he can manipulate using his abilities. When he’s using his Q he pulls his big ass sword towards him and if it passes through a champion it slows them and Shen deals bonus damage. With his W he creates an area of effect where his spirit sword is. Anyone who’s found in that area of effect dodges all physical auto attacks. With his E he dashes around and if he passes through an opponent he taunts them for 1.5 seconds. His ultimate R is a global channeling ability that he can use to teleport and shield his teammate that’s dying. It’s up to you if you want to save them or get a report.

What makes Shen a Great Top Laner: 

  • Deals a good amount of damage to opponents if the sword passes through them. 
  • With his W he can dodge all auto attacks. 
  • His E is really nice to either run away or dodge abilities or taunt an opponent that’s trying to run away. 
  • You can save your teammates from dying and inting your game with your ultimate ability. 
  • He’s tanky and deals a lot of damage. 

Here’s a more detailed description of Shen and his abilities with an ownage video: 


Ownage video (video courtesy of Pantheon):

Knives for legs & thicc thigs do I need to say anything else?

At number two we have Camille “the Steel Shadow”. One of my top champions to play in League of Legends. The first reason being she has them THICCC thighs and knives for legs what else do you need more in life. With Camille you’re going to be dashing everywhere with your E and making sure you jump on your opponents to kill them.  Your passive depends on who you attack.. If you attack an AP champion you’ll get a shield against AP damage if you attack an AD champion you’ll gaina shield against AD damage. With your Q the first time you use it you do bonus damage and the second time you use it you deal true damage to the enemy champion. With your W you just swipe with your legs and heal yourself for a bit of extra HP. Your ultimate ability is just a cage, while using the ability you’re untargetable until you land. While in the cage you have a 1v1 against the target you used it except other people can walk into the cage and ruin the alone time sadge.

What makes Camille a Great Top Laner: 

  • She’s really strong and deals a lot of true damage thanks to her second Q. 
  • Has a lot of mobility thanks to her E, she can easily catch up to people or just run away if she’s getting ganked. 
  • Can be untargetable while using her ultimate ability, which you can use to your advantage to dodge either skill shots or potential CC’s. 
  • Has THICCC thighs to keep your eyes occupied while farming. 

Here’s a more detailed description of Camille and her abilities with an ownage video: 


Ownage video (video courtesy of Best LoL Clips): 

1. Nocturne

OP broken champion. 

At number one we have Nocturne “the Eternal Nightmare”. Ah yes, a jungler champion who got so buffed that he’s being played in the top lane now. He will be your demon, he will keep you awake at night wondering what’s wrong with the people at the balancing team. Nocturne is a really strong assassin that can roam even faster than Quinn herself and that’s all thanks to his ultimate ability. Now let’s talk about his passive; he just spins around and deals bonus damage. He shoots his Q “black jizz” as I like to call it in front of him and if it hits an enemy champion they’re slowed and if he walks on his jizz that he laid down he gains bonus movement speed. His W allows him to block an ability but make sure you time it correctly and he gains bonus attack speed. With his E he tethers onto the enemy champion, if the enemy champion didn’t get out of your tether range they are feared for quite some time. With his ultimate ability he just turns the lights off on the rift and if any enemy champions are in range he will launch himself at them going at the speed of light . 

What makes Nocturne a Great Top Laner: 

  • Has a lot of AD damage.
  • Can sustain himself during the laning phase.
  • If the laning phase isn’t going too well he can roam with his ultimate ability.
  • Has a point and click fear thanks to his E.
  • Can block an ability thanks to his W if timed correctly, if by any chance you missed your W just blame the game it’s never your fault anyways. 

Here’s a more detailed description of Nocturne and his abilities with an ownage video: 


Ownage video (video courtesy of Smart Lol Legends): 

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