[Top 10] LOL Best One For All Champs

LOL Best One For All Champs
Two Yasuos slicing up an unfortunate Ornn player.

One for all is all about having a laugh with your mates. But, if you want the enemy team to angrily all chat at you, then check out the ten best champions in one for all. 

10. Blitzcrank

A Rolling Golem Gathers No Rust

The fabled 'God Hand' is renowned as one of the biggest troll champions in the game. With such a status, Blitzcrank finds a snug fit at number ten on our list. Since Blitzcrank's Q distance has been extended, he's even more of a menace when there are five of them. So, get four of your friends and find those hook magnets.

What Makes Blitzcrank Great for One For All

  • Increased chance of hitting hooks due to your team having five arms.
  • Create a hook chain with your teammates.
  • Chain your silences with Static Field (R).
  • Chain your knock-ups with Power Fist (E).
  • Foil your opponents' plans with a well-timed Rocket Grab (Q).
  • Buy Shurelya's Battlesong and robo-sprint towards your unfortunate enemies.

Watch Blitzcrank Own In One For All:

9. Malphite

See If You Can Stop Five Trains

Picture this, you're an innocent Sona walking into your jungle. All of the sudden, five freight trains of rock instantaneously collapse on you. Your screen is now grey, and the Malphites have moved on to thenext squishy Sona. Luckily, you can pick Malphite in your next game, and bush cheese to your heart's content.

What Makes Malphite Great for One For All

  • Poke and annoy your enemy with infinite cheese wheels (Seismic Shard [Q])
  • Either build Armor or AP, becoming an unkillable CC machine or a hilarious burst assassin, respectively.
  • Wait in a bush and chain ult (Unstoppable Force [R]) the poor champion face-checking you.
  • If you build AP, run your enemies down and hit like a truck with each successive ability.

Watch Malphite Own In One For All:

8. Ezreal

This One For All List Belongs In A Museum

One of the biggest factors of being a top one for all champ is the synergy the champ has with itself. Ezreal exemplifies this as you can pop each other's Essence Flux (W) marks for extra damage. If you can manage to rapidly pop five different Essence Flux procs, the enemy will most definitely be whimpering.

What Makes Ezreal Great For One For All

  • Pop each other's Essence Flux stacks.
  • Almost unfair survivability with Arcane Shift (E) and Flash.
  • Spammable abilities to pepper your opponents, never giving them a break.
  • Can stack Trueshot Barrages (R) for massive damage output.
  • Able to hybridize builds to diversify damage output.
  • Easy dragon steals with stacked Trushot Barrages (R).

Watch Ezreal Own In One For All:

7. Brand

The Fire That Burns All

Brand is another champion who synergizes well with himself. Multiple Brands can proc each other's Blaze (P) and Conflagration (E) stacks. This makes for chainable CC and massive damage output.

What Makes Brand Great For One For All

  • Disgusting burst with the full combo, which can be repeatedly proc'd by teammates.
  • Ability to stack off each other’s Blaze (P) and Conflagration (E).
  • Ability to chain Conflagration (E) stuns.
  • Multiple well-timed Brand Pyroclasms (R) means lots of repeated bouncing between enemy champions.

Watch Brand Own in One For All:

6. Seraphine

Way Too Many Pop Stars

Everybody's favorite pop star makes number six on our list. Seraphine's self-synergy is even more exaggerated than the likes of Brand or Ezreal. Sing your opponents to their grave in one for all with Seraphine.

What Makes Seraphine Great For One For All

  • Line up when your Stage Presence (P) is active to throw a ridiculous amount of abilities at your enemies.
  • Burst and execute opponents with well-timed High Notes (Q), as it does more damage based on enemy missing health.
  • Use Surround Sound (W) with your teammates to use Seraphine's built-in Righteous Glory. Float menacingly towards the enemy.
  • Two Seraphines can proc the root on an enemy with Beat Drop (E), even without having Stage Presence (P) up. Make sure your enemies can't move!
  • Stack Encore (R) one after another to perpetually charm the entire enemy team.

Watch Seraphine Own in One For All:

5. Wukong

Destroy Your Enemies With Monkey Business

The monkey king marks the halfway point of our list. Wukong combines being an unkillable bruiser and being a damage-dealing CC machine. Get yourself five of those and you'll find it is very difficult to lose.

What Makes Wukong Great For One For All

  • Stay in fights longer with your fellow monkeys to stack Stone Skin (P) and become indomitable.
  • Stack your Crushing Blow (Q) on one unfortunate champion to negate their armor.
  • Mess with your opponent's minds with multiple Warrior Tricksters (W) and watch them squirm as they try to attack the right one.
  • Well-timed, synchronized Nimbus Strikes (E) will put out massive AOE damage.
  • Use your W before Cyclone (R) to get two spins at once. All five of you doing this will result in ten spinning monkeys on the screen and a world of hurt for the enemy.
  • Chain Cyclones (R) together to keep enemy champions flying through the air.
  • Remember you can cast Cyclone (R) twice

Watch Wukong Own in One For All:

4. Darius

You'll Regret Opposing Them

What's better than the king of monkeys? Oh, yes, the king of Noxus. Darius finds himself in the top five of the best one for all champs due to his incredible self-synergy. He is dominant on his own, but get five Darius' together and the enemy won’t know what to do.

What Makes Darius Great For One For All

  • Stack each other’s Hemorrhage (P) stacks on one champion to get to the max rapidly.
  • Well-timed, synchronized Decimates (Q) will have a similar result to Wukong (E). Massive AOE damage.
  • Chain Crippling Strike (W) one after another to perma-slow your enemies.
  • Set up a Darius conga line and Apprehend (E) a champ one after another, pulling them to their demise.
  • Once you've stacked your Hemorrhage (P) to 5, look to use Noxian Guillotine (R) for an almost guaranteed kill.
  • Remember after a kill with Noxian Guillotine (R), one auto to the next champion will give them max stacks. Making it quite easy to farm pentakills.

Watch Darius Own in One For All:

3. Akshan

Uhh... Action! Or, Auction?

It's no surprise League's newest champion finds a home in the top 3. With a repeatable revive and the capability to run circles around your enemy like Indiana Jones, Akshan is a perfect fit for one for all.

What Makes Akshan Great For One For All

  • Easy to abuse newly released and over-tuned champions.
  • Forget about death timers with Going Rogue (W), when you avenge one of your fallen brethren they'll be resurrected.
  • Sneak around like Twitch, and hunt like Warwick to surprise your enemies with Going Rogue's (W) invisibility and tracking.
  • Confuse your enemies by having five Akshans swing around with Heroic Swing (E)
  • Burst an enemy down, run away, and execute them from an unfair range with Comeuppance (R)
  • Remember that you can cast Heroic Swing (E) while using Comeuppance (R).

Watch Akshan Own in One For All:

2. Yone

Slice And Dice More Than Thrice

Yasuo's brother finds himself at runner-up for the best champion in one for all. Get in quick and get out quicker with Yone's flashy ability set. Synchronize your engages and frustrate your enemies.

What Makes Yone Great For One For All

  • Chain Mortal Steel (Q) knock-ups one after another to perma-CC enemy champions.
  • Chunk tanks with repeated Spirit Cleaves (W) as it does damage as a portion of maximum health.
  • Synchronize your Soul Unbound (E) with your teammates to surprise enemies with an all-in engage.
  • Take it a step further and synchronize your Fate Sealed (R) for a CC-stacking all in engage.
  • Utilize Yone's healing to out-trade enemies in long fights.

Watch Yone Own In One For All:

1. Yasuo

Make It Quick

If Yone is number two, then Yasuo is number one. With even more self-synergy than Yone, Yasuo finds himself being the most frustrating one for all champ to play against. Knowing this makes life much easier when you and your friends don't know who to pick. Just pick Yasuo.

What Makes Yasuo Great For One For All

  • Chain Steel Tempest (Q) tornados together continuously toss your enemies into the sky.
  • Create a huge line of Wind Walls (W) to make sure no projectiles get through.
  • Help a fellow Yasuo in need with Wind Wall (W) if his is on cooldown.
  • Slip around your enemies with multiple Sweeping Blades (E) and cause mass confusion.
  • Last Breath (R) off of each others many knock-ups.
  • Try to synchronize the entire enemy team being knocked up and Last Breath (R) their entire team to a grey screen.

Watch Yasuo Own In One For All:

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