LoL Best Rell Skins (All Rell Skins Ranked Worst To Best)

Rell Worst to Best Skins LoL
cottagecore guillotines? count me in

Rell is literally me I swear, the pure punk rock energy and dyed hair just add more to her “Nobody else must go through this.” attitude toward the oppressive reign of the Noxian army and the Black Rose gives her that added “frontman of the revolution” energy.

3. Star Guardian Rell

See the skin in action:

Star Guardian Rell is when Bruce Banner goes “That’s my secret captain, I’m always angry.” but instead she fights alongside the other Star Guardians and isn’t that good at hiding her anger. She keeps to herself and doesn’t talk, but when she fights is when you see her true power. The skin gives Rell a colorful bright blue and silver vibe with much more.

Features: New recall, animations, VFX/SFX, Chromas

Cost: 1350 RP (Non-legacy)

2. Battle Queen Rell 

See the skin in action:

Features: New recall, animations, VFX/SFX, Chromas

Cost: 1350 RP (Non-legacy)

Battle Queen Rell fought and trained for her throne as the Queen after brutal experimentation and trials, in a majestic silver and blue battle suit she rides into battle to take revenge against the puppeteers who stole magic from her people. Battle Queen Rell takes the second-best spot because of how it’s so close to her base model but is reimagined in a different context so well, we still see her anger and fury but in a much different context.

1. Default Rell

Features: Punk energy, dyed hair, the revolution

Cost: The souls of your friends.

There’s nothing better to convey the concept behind Rell compared to her base skin. It’s even cooler when you realize the yellow hair is an artistic parallel to Noxian red, a big red middle finger to the torture and sacrifice she went through as a child under the Black Rose.

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