[Top 10] LoL Best Attack Speed Items

League of LegendsLoL Best Attack Speed Items
Attack speed is crucial for many champions and helps you dish out more damage.

10. Guinsoo’s Rageblade (Best for ADCs who rely heavily on auto-attack damage)

This is a great attack-speed item for ADCs who rely on most of their damage through auto-attacks. The unique effect Guinsoo’s Rageblade provides is a Phantom attack, which applies on-hit effects to targets at 100% effectiveness after a 0.15-second delay. This item works extremely well with champions like Vayne and Kai’sa, who can apply more procs of their true-damage passives.

What makes Guinsoo’s Rageblade great

  • Ability to proc auto-attack effects a significant more amount of times
  • A great boost in attack speed and crit chance

Guinsoo’s Rageblade details

  • + 40% attack speed
  • + 20% critical strike chance
  • Cost: 2800 G

9. Phantom Dancer (Best for kiting)

Phantom’s Dancer is an excellent item to help ADCs kite their opponents. Each auto-attack grants a Ghosting effect for 3 seconds, and after 4 attacks you gain an extra 30% attack speed. It’s extremely dependable for dealing with enemies who are running at you head-on, as the bonus movement speed is crucial in helping you outmaneuver them.

What makes Phantom’s Dancer great

  • Extremely helpful movement speed that also grants attack speed upon attacking enemies 4 times
  • Although Phantom Dancer gives several stats for more damage, it acts almost like a defensive item in that it keeps you alive for longer

Phantom Dancer details

  • + 20 attack damage
  • + 25% attack speed
  • + 20% critical strike chance
  • + 7% movement speed
  • Cost: 2600 G

8. Blade of the Ruined King (Best for kiting and percentage-health damage)

Another great kiting item, Blade of the Ruined King works best with ADCs who rely on getting out auto-attacks quickly. Like Guinsoo’s Rageblade, every 3 auto-attacks grants a special effect: it slows enemies and grants you a burst of movement speed. In addition to that, it also deals 10% for melee/6% for ranged bonus physical damage, which is great for whittling down tanks.

What makes Blade of the Ruined King great

  • Kiting effects and bonus physical damage based on a percentage of enemies’ health
  • Item grants damage, attack speed, and life-steal stats

Blade of the Ruined King details

  • + 40 attack damage
  • + 25% attack speed
  • + 12% life steal
  • Cost: 3200 G

7. Mortal Reminder (Best for anti-healing)

This item is a must-buy for enemies with excessive healing scaling abilities. It provides all the stats you need to stay relevant in the game and applies Grievous Wounds to enemies, which stacks up even higher when you attack an enemy 3 times in 2 seconds. Mortal Reminder is a situational item, but when it’s needed, it gets the job done.

What makes Mortal Reminder great

  • Strong anti-healing effects
  • Great stats to keep your damage relevant in the game

Mortal Reminder details

  • + 20 attack damage
  • + 25% attack speed
  • + 20% critical strike chance
  • + 7% movement speed
  • Cost: 2500 G

6. Runaan’s Hurricane (Best for attacking multiple enemies simultaneously)

Runaan’s Hurricane is interesting in that it works best on only a certain class of ADCs like Vayne, Kai’sa, Jinx, or Twitch. Attacking enemies will fire 2 additional bolts at nearby enemies for 40% of your damage and applying on-hit effects. It’s a great team-fighting item for those who can utilize the item well.

What makes Runaan’s Hurricane great

  • Great for team-fighting and significantly amplifying the ADC’s damage
  • Good attack speed and crit stats

Runaan’s Hurricane details

  • + 45% attack speed
  • + 20% critical strike chance
  • + 7% movement speed
  • Cost: 2600 G

5. Rapid Firecannon (Best for extra-long ranged initial attack)

With Rapid Firecannon, your attack range significantly increases for one auto-attack. It’s a great way to poke enemies for a good chunk of damage in the late-game and if you have a red buff, it also applies slows and burn damage. It’s overall a great item to have for long-range ADCs to get a small advantage in initiating a fight.

What makes Rapid Firecannon great

  • Long-range effect with a fully Energized auto-attack
  • Great for poking enemies or applying crowd-control with red-buff or Stormrazor to initiate a fight

Rapid Firecannon details

  • + 35% attack speed
  • + 20% critical strike chance
  • + 7% movement speed
  • Cost: 2500 G

4. Trinity Force (Best for all-around stats)

Trinity Force isn’t bought as a core item for many ADCs but as a Mythic item, it’s still relatively powerful. Each auto-attack grants a burst of movement speed and attack damage, which can stack up to 30% bonus damage. Trinity Force provides the Spellblade effect as well and is good for an all-around boost in stats.

What makes Trinity Force great

  • Grants good boost in damage, movement speed, and all-around utility
  • Works great with champions with decent base numbers

Trinity Force details

  • + 20 ability haste
  • + 25 attack damage
  • + 35% attack speed
  • + 200 health
  • Cost: 3333 G

3. Immortal Shieldbow (Best for anti-burst protection)

A popular core item for ADCs, Immortal Shieldbow provides a strong shield and life-steal upon dropping below 30% health. It’s great for protection against burst damage and any enemy who is looking to one-shot you. Above this powerful effect are the strong boosts in damage and attack speed provided by this item.

What makes Immortal Shieldbow great

  • Great protection and sustain against high-burst damage champions
  • Strong stats to give you your first power spike in the early game

Immortal Shieldbow details

  • + 55 attack damage
  • + 20% attack speed
  • + 20% critical strike chance
  • + 12% life steal
  • Cost: 3400 G

2. Galeforce (Best for dash ability for immobile champions)

Galeforce is a great item as it provides a dash ability that also acts as a mini-execution or can act as an outmaneuver/escape ability. It’s extremely helpful for immobile ADCs or ranged champions and has helped change the meta to allow for these champions to have a better fit. Like all the other items, Galeforce provides great stats to give you a power spike in the early game.

What makes Galeforce great

  • Dash ability to escape or outmaneuver opponents
  • The dash also deals damage, which does more damage the lower the enemies’ health

Galeforce details

  • + 60 attack damage
  • + 20% attack speed
  • + 20% critical strike chance
  • Cost: 3400 G

1. Kraken Slayer (Best for continuous true damage)

One of the strongest core items to build right now for multiple ADCs is Kraken Slayer, which deals true damage every 3 auto-attacks. It’s extremely powerful against all types of enemy compositions and acts as a strong foundation to build up the rest of your items.

What makes Kraken Slayer great

  • Consistent true damage provides an immense power spike in the early game
  • Great stats to get you going and staying strong throughout all stages of the game

Kraken Slayer details

  • + 65 attack damage
  • + 25% attack speed
  • + 20% critical strike chance
  • Cost: 3400 G

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