[Top 10] LoL Most Gold Efficient Items That Are Excellent

[Top 10] LoL Most Gold Efficient Items That Are Excellent
Inflation sucks.

So you mastered your champion and now you wish to master the items. No worries I gotchu on that one homie. First of all, you should know what each item does and in what situation to buy the certain item. In some matches, you won’t need to buy magic resistance at all while in other matches you will.

It all depends on the enemy comp and how the enemy team is doing. Of course, if you’re playing as support you will have to focus on your team and what your team is doing while also looking at the enemy team.

Some items are worse than others and if they cost more it doesn’t mean that they are better than their counterpart. Sometimes it’s worth buying a more gold-efficient item for yourself instead of spending thousands on a worthless item. Today I will be listing such items and with that let’s get into the list. 

10. Plated Steel caps/Mercury’s Treads

“Which boots should I choose?”

For our first gold efficient item, we have the plated steel caps and mercury’s treads. Instead of putting them separately, I decided to put these two together. They both give movement speed and the only major difference is that one gives extra armor while the other gives extra magic resistance.

Which one you buy will come down to your match. If the enemy has 2-3 AP champions you’ll get the mercury’s treads but if the enemy has a majority of AD dealers you’ll get the plated steel caps. Oh, and once you buy these boots the enemy will surely get a tiny bit tilted since it will prevent them from one-shotting you. Players who play assassin champions get the most tilted out of anyone. 

Why Plated Steelcaps/Mercury’s Treads is great:

  • Plated Steelcaps give you extra armor and protect you against AD champions.
  • Mercury’s Treads give you extra magic resistance and protect you against AP champions.
  • Both items cost 1100 gold. 
  • Which boots you will buy depends on what you need more. 

How To Get Plated Steelcaps/Mercury’s Treads:

  • Open up your shop by pressing P. 
  • In the search bar write Plated Steelcaps or Mercury’s Treads.
  • Buy them for 1100 gold.
  • Profit.

Plated Steelcaps/Mercury’s Treads details:



9. Sheen

“Your next auto shall send them to God.”

Ah yes, the item that’s most popular with top laners. I swear these guys love this item more than their mothers. What does this item do? Well, it enhances your next auto-attack after you use an ability. It’s a passive item that activates like that.

It’s worth buying if you’re playing a melee top-laner or a bruiser in the jungle. This item will cost you 700 gold. Cash upfront. Before this item used to give mana but since season 12 started they removed that from the game. Rightfully so since it was quite broken.

This item is great on its own but it works even better if you build it into a fully working item. But at the beginning of the match it would give you a huge lane advantage over your enemy so getting it as a first item is worth it. 

Why Sheen Is Great:

  • Gives you a huge lane advantage. 
  • Works on any melee top lane champions.
  • Only costs 700 gold. 
  • Empowers your next auto-attack after using an ability. 

How To Get Sheen:

  • Open up your shop by pressing P. 
  • Search for an item called Sheen.
  • Click buy. 
  • Profit.

Sheen details:


8. Chemtech Putrifier

“You’re bleeding now. Have fun healing up!”

The item that destroys carries who use a lot of healing. This simple yet deadly item is the bane of so many people and the best part is it is built mainly on support champions. Sure another AP champion could build it but they won’t get the full benefit like support will.

So if you’re a support main who likes to play AP supports, getting this item could result in you winning or losing a team fight. Chemtech Putrifier will activate once you damage someone with an auto-attack or an ability.

After it’s activated it will inflict grievous wounds on the target blocking him from healing up. This item is great against carries who heal up a lot from damaging other people or when an enemy is buying a lot of life-steal. This is a great counter pick item. Effectively making the enemy’s life-steal items useless.

Why Chemtech Putrifier Is Great:

  • Block the enemy from healing up. 
  • Great counter pick item against life-steal items.
  • Mainly used by AP supports.
  • It’s very affordable and it will cost you 2300 gold.

How To Get Chemtech Putrifier:

  • Open up your shop. 
  • First, buy Oblivion Orb. 
  • Second, buy a Bandleglass Mirror.
  • And then you’ll have yourself a Chemtech Putrifier.

Chemtech Putrifier details:


7. Quicksilver Sash

“Your CC won’t work on me!”

This is hands down the best item against CC. If you don’t feel like taking cleanse you can simply buy this item for 1300 gold. This item will remove any kind of CC. If by any chance you get ulted by a Mordekaiser or you’re being held in place by a Leona simply using QSS will remove their grip on you and you will be free to run away.

The only downside to this item is that it has a cooldown of 1 minute and 20 seconds. So try not to get caught off guard while that item is on cooldown. You can build this item on any champion if you desire and it also gives you extra magic resistance.

Remember if you don’t have enough tenacity on your champion building this item will save your life in sticky situations making it a must-have for ADCs or assassins. 

Why Quicksilver Sash Is Great:

  • Gives you magic resistance.
  • Remove any CC on your champion. 
  • Costs 1300 gold. 
  • Great for any champion.

How To Get Quicksilver Sash:

  • Open your shop.
  • Buy Null-Magic Cloak.
  • Buy Quicksilver Sash.
  • You can now remove any CC on your champion.

Quicksilver Sash Details:


6. Seeker’s Armguard

“Each minion I kill I get stronger!”

If you’re a poor squishy champion playing against an assassin and Plated Steel caps aren’t enough to save you from dying then this item will help you. Each minion you kill will give you 1 extra armor. In total it will give you 15 pieces of armor and also give you extra protection against those pesky assassins.

This item also builds into a Zhonya’s. Which is the most annoying item to play against. Once you do have this item along with your armor boots you will stop dying. Unless you get ganked under your turret or you do something stupid. That’s all on you but just remember.

You have the protection to save you from certain death. This is also one of my favorite items to get when I’m playing an AP champion.

Why Seeker’s Armguard Is Great:

  • Each minion you kill will give you 1 piece of armor stacking up to 15 in total.
  • This item builds into a Zhonya’s. 
  • Great against assassins or any AD champion. 
  • Also gives you extra AP damage so you can fight back.

How To Get Seeker’s Armguard:

  • Open up your shop.
  • Buy a piece of cloth armor. 
  • Buy a weird book called Amplifying Tome.
  • And last but not least buy the recipe for Seeker’s Armguard.

Seeker’s Armguard details:


5. Stopwatch

“Turns you into gold.”

This item will boost your net worth by 10 billion. Because it turns you into solid gold. This Stopwatch has saved so many lives from certain death and it only costs 650 gold or you can get it for free if you take “Perfect Timing”.

Of course not everyone can get that specific rune since it doesn’t go with their build but what’s 650 gold to you? That’s right, it's nothing. At least once in your life, you can pretend that you’re Elon Musk and be carefree.

The Stopwatch will save you from certain death if you know how to use it. Of course, pressing a button and turning gold won’t do much for you unless you have an escape route later or if your team is willing to help you out as well. 

Why Stopwatch Is Great:

  • Turns you into solid gold protecting you from all incoming damage. 
  • Works only once then you have to sell it or make it into a Zhonya’s or Guardian’s Angel.
  • Make sure that you use it only when you need to. 
  • Costs 650 gold.

How To Get a Stopwatch:

  • Open up your shop. 
  • Search up Stopwatch.
  • Buy it. 
  • You can turn into gold.

Stopwatch details:


4. Lost Chapter

“Free mana.”

If you’re playing an AP champion this item is a must-have for you. This little bundle of pages will restore your mana almost to full once you level up. Of course, you lose this passive ability from the item once you build it into a full item so try to get this item as quickly as possible.

Any mana problems that your champion might have, this little guy will solve them. Not only does it solve your mana issues but it also helps you out with damage as it gives you extra ability power. It’s a neat little guy that almost any AP mana user should and needs to have. With a few exceptions to that rule of course. It’s rarely built on supports so don’t get your hopes up. 

Why Lost Chapter Is Great:

  • Gives you extra ability power.
  • Solves your mana problems.
  • Restores your mana once you level up. 
  • Feel free to spam your abilities.

How To Get Lost Chapter:

  • Open up your shop. 
  • Click on any mythic item that’s for AP champions. 
  • Buy Lost Chapter.
  • No more mana issues.

Lost Chapter details:


3. Hullbreaker

“It’s a goddamn war hammer.”

This item is for people who love to be alone and farmers. It’s great for split pushing as it gives you extra damage on turrets and your cannon minions do more damage. If you’re not playing a split pushing champion or if someone is around you constantly don’t get this item.

It’s not for you then. Now of course you won’t be alone the whole match that’s for certain but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get it. You should do your job as a top laner and get to the enemy turrets as fast as possible. Before this item was released that was a tedious job to do but now with this item, everyone loves doing it. Why? Because it’s fast and quick. 

Why Hullbreaker Is Great:

  • Best item for split pushing champions. 
  • Enhances your damage on turrets. 
  • Enhances the damage of cannon minions. 
  • You get to be alone in a lane.

How To Get Hullbreaker:

  • Play a split pushing champion.
  • Open up your shop. 
  • Buy Hullbreaker. 
  • Win the match.

Hullbreaker details:


2. Crown Of The Shattered Queen

“I am the queen now.”

Ah yes, the item that every single champion hates the most to see. Crown Of The Shattered Queen will protect you against all incoming damage until the shield pops. Once the shield pops you’re on your buddy but you’re safe as long as the shield stays up.

You might think to yourself why would they add this to the game even? I have no idea but League of Legends has stopped caring about balance since season 10. Each season it gets more and more broken. But let’s get back to the item. As long as you have this on your champion you are safe from anyone that might take an interest in killing you.

Buying this item is like a mind game. It messes up the enemy’s team mentality and you get to live. Not only does it save you from being killed over and over again it also gives you 800 HP, 600 mana, 20 ability haste, and 60 ability power. How cool is that? Turning every single AP champion into a tank. Thank you Riot Games. 

Why Crown Of The Shattered Queen Is Great:

  • Saves you from being dived or killed.
  • Works on any and I do mean this any AP champion.
  • Only costs 2800 gold. 
  • Gives you a lot of bonuses such as gold, mana, ability power, and ability haste.

How To Get Crown Of The Shattered Queen:

  • Play an AP champion.
  • Buy Lost Chapter.
  • Buy a Kindle gem.
  • Buy an amplifying tome. 
  • Finish off with a recipe for Crown Of The Shattered Queen. 
  • Profit.

Crown Of The Shattered Queen details:


1. Immortal Shieldbow

“Why is this in the game?”

And for the most gold efficient item, we have the Immortal Shieldbow. The item that works on almost any ADC champion and assassin. By buying this item you save yourself from death. If you’re close to dying don’t worry this item will activate by itself, give you a shield and also increase your life-steal potential by a lot. Why does it do that?

Well, to save you from the certain death of course. Oh, you think this item is also broken? No worry I do think that as well but we just have to accept it as it is and move on. This item only works on AD champions thankfully but it’s also the most broken item in the whole game. You shouldn’t even be thinking about buying it, you should just buy it and enjoy your life. 

Why Immortal Shieldbow Is Great:

  • Saves you from imminent death. 
  • Activates when you have low HP. 
  • Gives you a shield equal to your level. 
  • Gives you extra life-steal when it activates.

How To Get Immortal Shieldbow:

  • Play either an ADC or an AD assassin.
  • Open up your shop and search for the Immortal Shieldbow.
  • Buy the required items for it. 
  • You’re now unstoppable.

Immortal Shieldbow details:


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