League of Legends Best Roles To Climb (Ranked Worst To Best)

League of Legends Best Roles To Climb (Ranked Worst To Best)
Don't be hard stuck. Change up your game and climb! Don't touch grass and don't go outside!

So you finally got stuck in your ELO and can’t climb any longer so you’re searching for a way out. Anything would be helpful to you to get you out of that mess you got yourself into. A light at the end of the tunnel.

Any message from Hezuz himself would be really helpful to you but you get nothing. No matter how much you cry out for help at the sky you get no sign and you return to your PC depressed knowing you won’t climb.

No worries I’m that sign you’ve been looking for and I’ll help you out as much as I possibly can. In this article, you’ll learn what roles are the best to climb out of ELO hell and which roles are the worst to play in this God forbidden game.

I’ll just say if you’re an ADC or Support main nobody can help you. I actually hope you get stuck in there for eternity.

Now let’s get on with the rest of this article, shall we?

5. ADC (Worst For Climbing) 

We are the most useless role!

At number five the worst role of them all and that’s the ADC role. While playing this role you may climb to a certain rank but after that, you’re done for. It won’t matter how much you try and try and try but you’ll be stuck in your own hell.

Because your role sucks for climbing. You can be 10-0 while stoping the enemy bot lane and have a 1000 gold bounty. But a 1-3 Zed from mid lane will gank you. Take your precious shekels off your bounty and carry the whole match resulting in you losing and getting depression. This role in my opinion has the least amount of impact on the game.

No matter how much the enemy ADC is fed they will always die the first in a team fight because they’re squishy and it doesn’t matter to them. So if you wish to climb stay out of this role do not even think about it or you’ll be diagnosed with depression.

Only people who can climb in this role are people who got challenger playing a different role and playing this game for 5-10 years and have a higher game knowledge than the basic plebs.

ADC conclusion:

  • Every champion is really squishy. Dies easily
  • Doesn’t have a huge impact on the game
  • No matter how fed you are you are still eligible to lose the match 
  • Gives free depression if you’re into that sort of thing

4. Support (2nd Worst For Climbing)

We are the support yea yea! We help our dear team

At number four we have the support role. Well this role is fairly decent and you can climb with it once you’re diamond or masters but anything below that do not play it. Not only do you heavily depend on your ADC and their performance but you also heavily depend on your whole buttclown team to do something useful.

You could be the best damn support in the universe but you’d still lose the match because support can’t 1v9 the game. This role can also be really useful to the team depending on which champion you’re playing. If you’re playing someone who has lots of healing like Soraka you can potentially save the whole team but if you’re playing someone like Leona you can tank the incoming damage face first.

This role doesn’t give depression but it will make you go insane slowly. Inch by inch you’re going to lose your sanity but you’ll also relax most of the time while playing this role. 

Support conclusions: 

  • Can help the whole team in a time of need. 
  • Has a lot of diverse champions to play. Like tanks, healers, enchantresses, and those who everyone hates the damage dealers (because they steal the kills and the show).
  • Slowly losing your sanity and going into insanity
  • Relaxing role to play if you wish to chill.

3. Top (Mediocre For Climbing)

We do not care about your existence leave us alone! Every top lane player ever.

At number three we have the top lane. These guys are a special kind of breed. They don’t like being disturbed and they just want to be left alone. Probably like in real life because they’re damn loners and just want their chicken tendies.

As a top lane player, your point is to push the lane so far up the opponent’s butt that you exit through their mouth and win the game. These guys can either solo win a game or they can farm the whole match. Like they’re playing Stardew Valley.

When it comes to climbing with this role it’s possible but hard. The reason it’s hard is because of the champions that they play. As you might have guessed top lane champions excel at doing one thing and that’s 1v1 fights anything more than that and they’re done for.

Not to mention team fights. Your top laner won’t be in them most of the damn time and when he is they’re not doing anything special except dying. But sometimes when you do encounter a good top lane player you’ll end the game in 20 to 25 minutes so no worries there. 

Top conclusions:

  • Can win and carry the match if they want too 
  • Mostly solo players who don’t wish to be disturbed 
  • Can help the team but they chose not to 
  • Solo pushes the lane until they’re at their Nexus winning the match

2. Mid (2nd Best For Climbing)

Mid or feed!

At number two we have the favorite role of all players and that’s the mid lane. Everyone loves playing this role even your lovely grandma. Players chose to play this role because they either love the champions or the flexibility that’s available to them...

By that I mean people who play this role can gank and affect the game in their own way. If your bot lane is losing no worries just gank them and help them out. If your top lane is losing no worries gank them and help them out. Not to mention that you can help out your jungler who in return will help you out so it’s a win-win situation for you.

Even if you’re losing your lane you can get kills and gold by helping your jungler, top laner or even dare I say it bot lane. But if you’re playing someone who’s an assassin I highly encourage you to gank bot lane. You’ll get the easiest kills ever and most of the champions in this role can 1v9 the whole match and carry their dying team on their backs. 

Mid conclusions: 

  • Can 1v9 the whole match 
  • Can help their team out anywhere on the map 
  • If you’re in a losing match up just roam and help out your team 
  • Most champions in this role are broken 
  • Relaxing to play most of the time

1. Jungle (The Best For Climbing) 

I can't be every where please don't report me :<

In the jungle, the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight. Yes at number one the best role for climbing out of your hard stuck rank is the jungle role. This role isn’t that popular because people hate it. And why do they hate it? Because they can’t learn it! It’s one of the hardest roles to learn how to play properly. Not only that but you’ll also get triggered most of the time you play this role.

Everyone will want a gank from you even tho you can’t gank their lane at that specific time. Not only that but you have the most impact on a single game. As an ADC player who switched to jungle myself, I can safely say that this role will make sure that you get out of your low ELO hell.

You can mold the map however you wish. But be warned that playing this role you’ll become the most toxic player to ever exist and everyone will be afraid of you and you’ll probably get your account banned a few times. I got mine permabanned because of this role.

The reason you become so damn toxic is that you have to watch your teammates do dumb things over and over again. I literally threw my phone at a wall when my friend called me because I was too damn tilted from this game. Poor phone :<. Can I get some F’s in the comments for my phone? 

Jungle conclusions:

  • The best role to play to get out of low ELO and climb to the rank you wish 
  • Most diverse champion pool. You got everything you wish AP, AD, invisible, tanky, bruisers, assassins you name it you got it. 
  • You’ll become the most toxic player on planet Earth. 
  • You can have a huge impact on the match 
  • The hardest role to learn but rewards you for taking the time to learn it. 

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