LoL Best Zilean Skins (All Zilean Skins Ranked Worst To Best)

Zilean Worst to Best Skins LoL
You thought he died? I did too

Zilean has- once you think about it, one of the most badass and hands-down cool lore in the game. A mage capable of preventing the actual destruction of his home and his people leads a group of young enthusiastic magicians to help him find the right time to intervene in the past. 

The immortal and wise sage holds the power to restore Icathia and save it from utter destruction but is stuck in the early 2009 outdated, clunky model of League of Legends. But its not unsavable, some of Zilean’s skin absolutely SLAP and that’s why we’ve decided to rank them from worst to best!

6. Old Saint Zilean

See the skin in action:

Old Saint Zilean might just be the best Santa we’ve had yet, no DUIs (looking at you, Gragas), fair and just gifts (looking at you, Braum) and that too from a wise and trustworthy powerful mage who delivers presents to literally all! The skin doesn’t bring much except new textures and colors to the base model, but it’s only for 520 RP despite being a legacy skin.

5. Shurima Desert Zilean

See the skin in action:

Shurima Desert Zilean doesn’t particularly have a bio, but it’s a simple concept executed well, changing the Icathian blues and whites in Zilean’s base model to a more Shuriman red and gold (yes I know that’s a dark yellow but it’s the attempt made that matters). The skin does come with brand new animations and SFX just for 975 RP!

4. Time Machine Zilean

See the skin in action:

Time Machine Zilean doesn’t really have any biography nor solid storytelling behind it, which is quite indicative of how the rest of his skins feel. With most of Zilean’s cosmetics the bar is quite incredibly low but it definitely is the rarest Zilean skin to have since it is hard to find on account of it being locked in legacy vaults, but costs only 520 RP.

3. Groovy Zilean

See the skin in action:

Groovy Zilean might as well be the most memeable skin ZIlean has, the awfully colorful palette of the skin carries its own charm and some would even argue, it looks better than the base model. You can purchase the Coachella attendee Zilean for just 520 RP but unfortunately, it doesn’t come with any new particle effects or SFX.

2. Blood Moon Zilean

See the skin in action:

Zilean leads his disciples in order to rescue Icathia, but Blood Moon Zilean is a cult leader with aspirations for domination and destruction. He uses his abilities to bend time to communicate with demons of old and new, as the face of the blood moon cult, with brand new SFX, VFX, and a flashy recall; the skin can be purchased for 975 RP.

1. Sugar Rush Zilean

See the skin in action:

The only thing that matters to the wise sage is hogging down as much candy as he can, using his powers to control time just to have more time to spend consuming more and more, he’s literally me for real. The skin brings an adorable purple and gingerbread-brown touch to Zilean’s base model but if that and the added SFX, VFX, and recall don’t convince you, it comes with chromas! All for 1350 RP.

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