[Top 10] LOL Best One Shot Champions That Wreck Hard!

LOL Best One Shot Champions
One of the most satisfying things to do in League is one-shot an enemy!

10. Vel’Koz

Vel’Koz is primarily a mid laner and support that can deal substantial damage with a full combination of all of his abilities. His strength comes from his passive, which grants him additional bonus true damage if he hits enemies with 3 abilities within a given time. Near the late game, if Vel’Koz has been given enough resources, he has the potential to one-shot multiple enemies.

What Makes Vel’Koz a Great One-Shot Champion

  • Insane damage with the use of all abilities
  • Ultimate that can deal damage to multiple enemies at once
  • Ability to kite and escape with his Q and E

9. Syndra

Syndra is a powerful mage with incredible one-shot capabilities. Although her win rate has fallen off in recent patches, an experienced Syndra player can still do heavy damage with her abilities. Her ability to deal one-shot caliber damage involves using her ultimate, which deals more damage the more times she’s used her Q ability.

What Makes Syndra a Great One-Shot Champion

  • Has a powerful stun ability with the use of her Q and E
  • Her ultimate scales with the number of orbs that she’s recently dealt (Q ability)
  • Can keep herself relatively safe with her stun

8. Leblanc

Another mage, Leblanc has a high potential to one-shot her enemies with the right combination of her abilities. Like Syndra, Leblanc doesn’t have the same overbearing prowess she once had, but any expert with Leblanc can expect to deal heavy damage and potentially carry the game.

What Makes Leblanc a Great One-Shot Champion

  • Great escape ability with her W
  • Leblanc is unique in the fact that she can do heavy damage to enemies and escape to relative safety with her W or R ability mirroring it
  • Powerful chain ability to stun enemies

7. Kha’Zix

An assassin in the jungle, Kha’Zix works primarily off of his Q ability, which does extra damage if enemies are isolated. A fed Kha’Zix can one-shot any squishy champion due to his sheer damage numbers and his ultimate (which provides invisibility) just helps him pull off his assassinations or escapes with ease.

What Makes Kha’Zix a Great One-Shot Champion

  • Insane damage and sustain with his Q and W
  • Escape ability with his E
  • The ability to upgrade abilities upon putting a skill point in his ultimate

6. Katarina

Katarina is classified as an assassin in the League of Legends roster, and with the new item changes, she’s even more powerful. Don’t let her win rate fool you, she’s still a powerful champion in the right hands. That being said, she has a pretty high skill cap and requires a lot of games to master.

What Makes Katarina a Great One Shot Champion

  • Ability to one shot the entire enemy team if executed properly
  • High mobility with her daggers
  • Her power increases upon a kill as it resets her cooldowns, and she can pull off multiple assassinations quickly

5. Kassadin

Easily one of the more annoying champions to deal with due to his insane mobility, Kassadin is a scaling mage-type champion that does increasingly more damage with Tear and time. The infamous level 16 power spike gives Kassadin enough juice to melt a vast majority of champions. And if he takes an unfavorable trade? He can just teleport out with his ultimate ability.

What Makes Kassadin a Great One Shot Champion

  • Insane mobility for a midlaner
  • High damage in the latter stages of a game
  • Ability to silence enemies with his Q ability and slow with his W

4. Zed

Probably one of the more popular midlane picks, Zed is a shadow assassin with high potential to take out the carries on the enemy team. We’ve all experienced it: an experienced Zed player wreaking havoc on your team and it’s for good reason. He has all the tools he needs to carry his team and an ultimate that does tremendous damage if you land all of your abilities.

What Makes Zed a Great One Shot Champion

  • Oppressive laner with high potential to one shot any champion with the right items
  • A great Zed can turn the tides in any game with the right assassination
  • Decently mobile with his W ability and his E also provides a slow with his shadow

3. Evelynn

Evelynn, like many of the other champions on this list, isn’t as overbearing as before, but she can still deal an amazing amount of burst damage with her abilities. Her greatest strength is that she remains permanently invisible (unless spotted by a pink ward or enemy) post-6. She can sneak a lot of kills and her ultimate acts as an execution as it deals more damage the lower health the enemy has.

What Makes Evelynn a Great One Shot Champion

  • Highly elusive with her invisibility passive
  • High damage with the use of all her abilities and especially her ultimate
  • Nice charm ability with her W

2. Fizz

A powerful midlaner, Fizz has all the tools he needs to one shot a champion and get away with it. You’ll usually want to start with your ultimate and then E or Q your way into the opponent’s range to deal continuous damage with your W. In a lot of cases, a strong Fizz can save his E (his escape ability) to get away after assassinating an enemy with relative ease.

What Makes Fizz a Great One Shot Champion

  • Long-range ultimate that can deal tremendous damage to its target as well as splash damage to nearby enemies
  • Amazing invulnerability escape tool with his E
  • One of the higher winrates among midlaners

1. Veigar

Veigar is the champion who has no limit to his strength. He can continuously farm minions and champions with his Q ability to permanently increase his ability power. At the mid to late stages of the game, he will have the power to one shot at least 2 to 3 members on the enemy team with his ultimate.

What Makes Veigar a Great One Shot Champion

  • Insane scaling ability with his Q ability
  • Oppressive zoning ability with his cage ability
  • Tremendous one shot potential with all of his abilities, but most importantly, his ultimate

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