[Top 10] LOL Most Broken Champions

LOL Most Broken Champions
"The strongest survive, this is the law of life."

Hey guys, all ok? Frankenstein here in the area bringing you another incredible article about League of Legends and this time the main focus will be "The most broken champions of LoL".

I made an updated and very comprehensive list of the most broken and powerful champions to play.

Do you have any doubts about which champion will be in the Top 1?

Will the champion you play be on the list?


Come check!


10- Skarner

Broken Skarner


About Skarner:

Skarner is an excellent champion to play, both on the top route and in the jungle.

This champion enters our top 10 here for being an extremely strong, resistant character who manages to stand out during the game.

Skarner's skill kit is quite complete, being a champion with a lot of resistance, speed, stun with his "E" and the main component of Skarner, his "Ultimate".

The skarner's ultimate is a skill where he imprisons the enemy and immobilizes him, being extremely important in pick-offs and mid/late game.


Why do we say Skarner is so broken?

  • The "Ultimate" is the main point to stand out.
  • The "diamond skin" ability, which provides an excellent shield and speed.
  • The extreme ability to achieve excellent "pick-offs".
  • Resistance and defense with your equipment kit and skills.


9- Qiyana

Qiyana is broken


About Qiyana:

Qiyana is a completely broken champion to play for. It features a skill and mechanics kit that requires a high degree of playability and attention.

Qiyana enters the top 9 here because she is a champion who, due to her high game mechanics, strength, and skill combos, has earned her position with honor.

Qiyana's way of killing her enemies can vary depending on the elements she is using, meaning this champion changes each time she collects a different element, completely changing her playing style and way of playing, making her opponent unable to keep up with her pace.


Why do we say Qiyana is so broken?

  • Qiyana stands out as a completely broken champion, primarily due to her "Q".
  • Skills combo.
  • Execution speed of her skill combos.
  • Fast cooldown time.


8- Galio

Galio God-Mode


About Galio:

Assuming position 8, we find a very powerful and broken champion, Galio.

Galio is a champion with numerous techniques and skill combinations. It can be used both in the Middle and Top routes and also as Support.

The game mechanics of this champion, allows him to have a global presence with his Ultimate and a great combat force both in 1x1 and in groups.

Galio's skill set is very complete and after he was remastered became even stronger with "provoke", "passive ability" and one of the main points, "global presence".


Why do we say Galio is so broken?

  • One of the main points of Galio as it has been said is its Global Presence.
  • The use of your skill combo on the enemy.
  • The great ease in cleaning the routes of minions.


7- Zoe

Broken Zoe


About Zoe:

Now let's talk about a champion who is undoubtedly quite broken, here in the seventh position we find Zoe.

Zoe is an extremely complicated and complex champion, everything Zoe does has a unique and unpredictable meaning.

This champion always manages to have several tricks up her sleeve, as each item or spell she collects is already characterized as an additional power ahead of her opponents.

Zoe manages to fit perfectly into the broken champion category.

Zoe's game mechanics are very complicated; she manages to get in and out of battles and execute her enemies masterfully.

Zoe is an extremely strong and explosive champion.


Why do we say Zoe is so broken?

  • Because of the use of your skill combos.
  • Because she is a completely unpredictable champion.


6- Akali

Akali is pretty Broken


About Akali:

Coming in full force here at position 6, Akali.

Akali is one of the strongest and Broken champions that RIOT has created in recent times.

Akali constantly receives buffs and nerfs. This makes her a very unstable champion, however, extremely strong and usable.

She is a ninja with a very complete skill kit, including her "Smoke Protection" ability, where she manages to reposition herself, start combat, and escape. Remembering that the towers cannot target Akali when she is inside.

Akali's strength, along with her strategies, make her a completely broken champion.


Why do we say Akali is so broken?

  • Mainly due to the skill W (Twilight Protection).
  • Because of its great mobility on the route.
  • Because of its increasing damage during the game.


5- Irelia

Irelia 100% Broken


About Irelia:

Irelia, one of the most broken, strong, and easy-to-play champions in LoL.

Irelia takes position 5 due to her high attack power and skill combination.

This champion is very strong and complete, excelling in numerous professional competitions and solo-q.

The gameplay of this champion makes her deal masterfully and with full force against her enemies, be they tanks or not.

Irelia is usually used in the middle route, but can also be played on Top.

She is a very safe character to use, broken, and very complete. 


Why do we say Irelia is so broken?

  • Certainly, Irelia's skill mix is one of the main reasons why she falls into the Broken category.
  • Its high mobility on routes.
  • Its speed of cleaning the waves.
  • Your strength to make x1 exchanges.


4- Aphelios

Broken Aphelios


About Aphelios:

If you are going to think of a sniper who is broken, surely Aphelios will come to your mind.

Arriving here in the Top 4 is Aphelios, one of the most broken ADCs ever released.

Aphelios arrived at League of Legends, destroying everything and everyone due to his high attack power against any type of enemy champion.

First of all, is it necessary to understand why this champion is so Broken? And the answer lies in his skills.

Aphelios' skill kit is extremely complicated to use and very powerful, with an intense exchange of weapons and skill effects.

All of Aphelios' abilities are in synergy with his passive ability and his "Q".


Why do we say Aphelios is so broken?

  • Due to its high mobility on the route.
  • Due to its intense damage applied to enemies.
  • Due to its unique, strong, and broken skill kit.


3- Viego

Viego is Broken


About Viego:

Coming here in the Top 3 of the list, Viego.

Viego is a completely broken champion for numerous reasons, the main one being to take over the enemy's body.

This champion enters this list here to show that RIOT, without a shadow of a doubt, has the objective of creating completely unbalanced and broken champions and only afterward perform several nerfs on them.

Viego is very complete, strong, and very solitary since its main route is the jungle.

Be very careful when facing a Viego, because he is extremely powerful.


Why do we say Viego is so broken?

  • The passive skill of Viego, whose function is to take over enemy bodies, is without a doubt the most broken function of this champion.
  • Viego is a broken champion because he performs excellent, extremely efficient, and competent ganks.
  • Viego has high mobility due to its ability to camouflage.


2- Yone

Yone is Broken!


About Yone:

Yone takes the 2nd position on the list, standing out as an extremely broken and powerful killer.

Yone's only function is to assassinate his targets with the attacking power of his bloody blade.

Yone presents an extremely complex skill kit and the player needs to have a good command of the champion to be able to play well and know the exact time to attack.

This champion arrives on the middle route completely broken and unbalanced.

If Yone manages to run a good minion farm and a few deaths, rest assured that he will become an unstoppable champion.


Why do we say Yone is so broken?

  • Yone presents an extremely powerful skill kit;
  • Yone has an incredibly strong route phase.
  • Yone excels in all types of fights, managing to do incredible damage to his opponents.
  • Yone presents a very powerful itemization having an excellent relationship with his passive skill.


1- Darius

New Darius is so Broken


About Darius:

Here in position 1, one of the most feared and broken characters of the moment, Darius.

Darius has always been and is an extremely complex and dangerous champion to face. This champion has everything that any other champion would like to have.

Resistance, healing, defense, attack power, real damage, and now with the new buffs, a passive skill that accumulates 300% of damage to jungle monsters, practically melting them.

Darius can be used on the top route with real mastery, however, with the constant buffs he received, it can also be used in the jungle.


Why do we say Darius is so broken?

  • Darius has an extremely powerful passive skill, which by accumulating the necessary stacks, his Ultimate deals real damage. 
  • Darius presents a complete kit of skills and equipment.
  • Darius has high mobility and strength in both 1x1 exchanges and team fights.


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