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LoL Best Zed Players, best zed plays, best zed players
The craziest Zed plays by the best Zed players.

Who are the best Zed players in League of Legends?

With Zed, nothing is forbidden. Not a 1v1, not a literal 1v5. He’s a hyper-mobile assassin with a bad attitude and low cooldowns.

He’ll delete your ADC before they can press flash then disappear across the map before you even look at your minimap (which I know you don’t do enough). The players below have whisked together Zed’s mobility, assassination potential, and low cooldowns to bring about some insane plays.

Bust out your notepad and check it out.


10. I See your Exhaust and Raise you an Ignite to the Face by REXZED

Watch: https://youtu.be/7tm84b_-O88?t=351

Zed vs. Orianna 1v1

After a prolonged 1v1, both Zed and Orianna are at super low hp. A truly equal battle...if it weren’t for Zed being Zed. Retreating slightly after getting Exhausted, REXZED quickly flashes back to deliver an ignite plus auto-attack which dug Orianna’s grave then kicked her in.


9. That was Pretty Cool...but Now I’m Behind you by Lasseboi

Watch: https://youtu.be/QxcMM2HCFKU?t=590

 Zed vs. Yone 1v1

Zed at about 60% health vs. Yone with 90%+ health? Should be a win for Yone...emphasis on should. Lasseboi easily shadow-jumps past Yone’s Fate Sealed ultimate which leaves him open for a sinister Death Mark and a sleek kill for Zed.


8. It Would be Easier if you Just Died by iCheesy 

Watch: https://youtu.be/uFF_80RkDqc?t=345

Zed vs. Liassanra turret dive

Lissandra did her best here, which is respectable. She certainly delayed the inevitable, but was it worth it? After iCheesy drops his Death Mark on her, Lissandra uses her Frozen Tomb to negate the effect. But...Zed throws his Living Shadow perfectly to the side to avoid turret damage and returns to the shadow from his ultimate to finish Lissandra off, before shifting off into the jungle.


7. Darius, that was a Crazy Du---...Nevermind by Secrets in Mind 

Watch: https://youtu.be/yT9PTXa1yAo?t=510

Zed vs. Darius outplay

Secrets in Mind dives the enemy’s backline like it’s a nice dip into the community swimming pool...so refreshing. Only to face a tremendous amount of abilities thrown his way. Lucky for him, Zed can just shift back to his original shadow as if nothing happened. Just when he was about to get away Zed finds himself caught inside of Nami’s Aqua Prison, vulnerable to all sorts of damage like a Noxian Guillotine. However, Darius forgot whom he was trying to decapitate. Zed is simply too slippery and shifts backward again to turn the tides and land a kill on Darius for a very well earned Double Kill.


6. Can’t Touch This (Well, Maybe a Little) by Trippie Dredd

Watch: https://youtu.be/yT9PTXa1yAo?t=386

Zed pentakill by Rift Herald

A Rift Herald secured plus a kill on Yasuo, things were looking pretty good for Trippie Dredd’s enemies. At least until he arrived that is. Quickly taking down Jinx, Zed bounces in and out of the enemy team to avoid taking as much damage as possible before eviscerating Rengar, Blitzcrank, and Akali. That’s 4. Low on health but high in resolve, Zed awaits his friendly Lee Sin for a little backup to take Zoe down to pick up a Pentakill.


5. Wrong, I’m Over Here. Nope, Now I’m Over Here by THEwildKSER 

Watch: https://youtu.be/QxcMM2HCFKU?t=10

Zed vs. Shen outplay

In a game of tag with deadly consequences, THEwildKSER preemptively places a Living Shadow out of harm’s way to avoid Shadow Dash which he jumps to immediately using his Death Mark. Hopping again out of Shen’s clutches, he positions himself to lay down the final auto-attack. Oh, I should also mention that this all happens while Zed is below 20% health. His knowledge of his champion but also the knowledge of other champions, their abilities, and the foresight to play around each one’s abilities made THEwildKSER an easy pick for 5th.


4. 00Zed, Secret Agent by Mercy With Style 

Watch: https://youtu.be/uFF_80RkDqc?t=427

Zed, Secret Agent

Deep in enemy territory, Mercy With Style pretends to exit the fight only to return to his shadow directly behind Vel’Koz and deliver the killing blow. Continuing his mission to destroy the enemy team he jumps on Karthus, and off again. Then on Fizz, and off again, leaving with 3 kills. Killing his enemies while continuously slipping through the enemy’s fingers all while tracking his abilities and damage landed Mercy With Style the 4th spot on our Top 10 Zed Player Countdown.


3. 1v4, you Guys Ready? by LL Stylish 

Watch: https://youtu.be/tG-GF87_BdU?t=235

Zed 1v4 at Baron

Knowing your strength relative to the other team is one of the key factors in securing a victory in League of Legends. That knowledge can be particularly helpful if the enemy team is fighting Baron and you’re the only one near enough to contest it. Lucky for him, LL Stylish knew his strength. Running in with absolutely zero fear, he quickly kills the opposing team’s Evelynn, thereby removing their Smite opportunity. Then, LL Stylish flashes in to secure Baron with a *perfectly* timed Razor Shuriken and with a slick Death Mark, he finishes off Jayce and Sivir. That’s pretty stylish.


2. Close, but No Cigar by NoFace NoFinger

Watch: https://youtu.be/MvAktw7Stjo?t=571

Zed vs. Annie and Lee Sin outplay

Thinking he has the drop on her, NoFace NoFinger executes a full-engage on the opposing Annie. After taking heavy damage from a particularly enraged bear, he retreats to fight another day. But out of the fog of war comes Lee Sin to crash the party. A very chilly smite and a Tempest leave Zed in some pretty hot water... but alas the slippery Master of Shadows can use his Death Mark to avoid much of the damage. Despite a Dragon’s Rage kick to the face NoFace NoFinger lives to fight on long enough for his allied Fiddlesticks to come in and save the day. NoFace NoFinger’s ability to think on his feet and play for time while picking up a kill made him an easy pick for 2nd on our list.


1. The Eleventh Hour by MeöwDEZ

Watch: https://youtu.be/r846oW2dUV4?t=590

 Zed 1v5 pentakill

With an actual 1v5 Pentakill, MeöwDEZ saves his team’s nexus from certain death (at least as far as the video goes). With insane damage and mobility, he can jump from opponent to opponent racking up kill after kill in a final attempt to save the game for his team. This is the logical conclusion of what Zed should become late in the game; a rough & tough assassin with multiple enemies in his sights. Strategic placement of abilities, well-timed movement, and pure devotion to the essence of the game is what makes MeöwDEZ #1 on our countdown.

If you haven’t picked up on this yet, I’ll say it one more time: Zed is a mobile, high damage assassin with insane carry potential. With the right summoner calling the shots, he is just about unbeatable. Now, embrace the shadow for yourself and get out there to rise the ranks.


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