[Top 10] League of Legends Best Omnivamp Champions That Wreck Hard! 11.13

League of Legends Best Omnivamp Champions
These champions will life steal faster than you can say "wat"

You just started playing League of Legends and you wonder whether you could combine lifesteal items with your abilities - you can! Omnivamp items are supposed to keep you alive, make trading hits with your opponents more affordable, or gain large sums of HP due to massive burst damage - that's the point of omnivamp, to simply keep you alive and not reported by your teammates.

10. Twitch

Holy Jesus, what is that? What the fu- is that?

That's what happens when you give a rat too much crack, he turns into an abomination called "Twitch", but less about his drug habits, we are here to discuss why Omnivamp is pretty good on this champion. Twitch first and foremost, is AP/ADC - he can potentially deal a massive amount of damage(at times even 1-shotting opponents) or take advantage of his poisonous abilities that deal damage over time - those 2 things synergize well with Omnivamp!

What makes Twitch great for Omnivamp:

  • Deadly Venom - a passive skill of Twitch with enhances his basic attacks with poison that deal damage over time - Omnivamp gets triggered by both the attacks and the poison over time as well!
  • Ambush - Ambush is a stealth ability, after it breaks you gain a speed attack bonus which further improves lifesteal from Omnivamp
  • Venom Cask - you throw it on an enemy or a group of enemies, slowing them and most importantly, applying to them Deadly Venom, which will deal damage over time+lifesteal from Omnivamp
  • Contaminate - an ability that deals damage over time, 1 stack deals barely any damage, but a few stacks deal a reasonable amount of damage+great lifesteal from Omnivamp
  • Spray and Pray - this is Twitch's final power, his ultimate which can penetrate multiple champions with a poisonous arrow - the penetration can allow him to gather plenty of lifesteal from multiple stricken champions.

Twitch details: 


See Twitch in action:

9. Volibear

A bear that is voli!

I love playing as this guy, I really don't understand why this feller doesn't get much recognition. Who else  can jump at you, disable your tower and kill you in a split second? Another great thing about Volibear is that he can be a strong top laner, and if top doesn't work out, he can switch to the jungle - he dominates the jungle as well thanks to his W skill that stacks with Omnivamp. He has multiple abilities that synergize well with Omnivamp and can be quite lowkey OP if correct items are put on him.

What makes Volibear great for Omnivamp:

  • The Relentless Storm - passive ability that grants the champion attack speed each time he uses one of his abilities,  he can also potentially deal magical damage as a result - great synergy with Omnivamp!
  • Thundering Smash - an ability that somewhat synergizes well with Omnivamp, not necessarily because of the damage, but mostly because of the stun, which will allow you to follow-up with your other powers and especially Frenzied Maul!
  • Frenzied Maul - this is the ability that's most powerful with Omnivamp - casting it again and again will deal bonus damage plus heal you from the power itself plusOmnivamp effect.
  • Sky Splitter - doesn't synergize much with Omnivamp, only to a small degree.
  • Stormbringer - Same thing as with the Sky Splitter, not too much synergy with Omnivamp, but it's a pretty cool ultimate - it disables the enemy tower!

Volibear details: 


Volibear in action:

Reminds me of King Greymane from WoW!

Rengar is a very bad kitten who needs some catnip, I'm worried it might be too late for that, as the only thing that brings him pleasure is the domination over random champions that he encounters in pubs. He's a very successful top laner+jungler due to his abilities corresponding well with Omnivamp, especially if his ferocity is maxed out. In general, Rengar is a pain in the butt to deal as it's hard to escape from him because of his OP ultimate that lets him see literally everything.

What makes Rengar great with Omnivamp:

  • His passive grants him bonus attack damage from killing champions(more bonus damage, more lifesteal from Omnivamp)
  • Savagery - With the ferocity effect, you deal big amounts of damage+gain attack speed. This is the ability that synergizes super well with Omnivamp!
  • Thrill of the Hunt - Rengar's ultimate which reduces the opponents armor(less armor=more damage=more lifesteal) With Omnivamp, he can easily trade hits with little penalty AND generate ferocity at the same time, which will enhance his abilities.
  • One final note about Rengar - he's a great champion because of his non-complex abilities, which make him a pretty noob-friendly champion and very useful with Omnivamp. He only has 5 abilities(from which one of them is passive), which makes him pretty  easy to learn and master.

Rengar details: 


Rengar in action: 

7. Ahri 

Magical waifu lady!

This is a magical cat lady that spits out massive orbs out of her mouth somehow and is probably the greatest waifu of many League of Legends players. I have rarely seen Ahri on any other lane than mid, and if I did, the game usually ended in less than 10-15 minutes. She is, by default, a very strong mid laner that benefits greatly from Omnivamp, her abilities deal ranged damage which allows her to annoy her enemies from a safe distance and benefit from Omnivamp at the same time!

What makes Ahri great with Omnivamp:

  • Essence Theft - if Ahri strikes 9 enemies with her abilities, her next ability will heal her for each enemy hit - not only that you get healed by the passive, you receive a small bonus from Omnivamp in return! 
  • Orb of Deception - She spits out some magical orb that deals two types of damage - magical and true, both are affected by the Omnivamp effect
  • Fox-Fire - Releases three levitating blue balls that lock onto a target and deal damage, thus synergizing with Omnivamp
  • Charm - This basically charms the opponent into walking towards you, it also increases damage dealt to the charmed opponent,it's a great turn-around spell especially with Omnivamp
  • Spirit Rush - quickly blinks to a specific location and damages nearby targets, another mobility-based ability that synergizes well with Omnivamp.

Ahri details: 


Ahri in action: 

6. Katarina

Spiny lady!

A truly great mid hero that's easily underestimated, benefits greatly from Omnivamp since she's an ability spammer. Works extremely well in 1v1 situations, but can also occasionally deal some AoE damage with enough luck. One of the best early game omnivamp items that you can get onKatarina is either going to buy: Doran's blade - a great item that not only increases your damage plusHP, but also gives you a 2,5% omnivamp per attack/used ability or  Leeching Leer - 5% omnivamp.Those 2 items are crucial in the early game, especially when laning in a 1v1 scenario.

What makes Katarina great with omnivamp:

  • She's a decent ability spammer that trades hits effectively, especially effectively with omnivamp
  • AoE Damage
  • One of the best damage champions for midlane!
  • Death Lotus - it's her ultimate that deals massive AoE damage to the nearest 3 enemies, we all know that massive AoE damage=plenty of lifesteal and to be honest only two of those abilities synergize well with omnivamp, and at the same time that's what makes this hero quite easy to play and enjoyable!

Katarina details: 


Katarina in action: 

5. Diana

Moon lady!

She scorns the moon! I played Dota 2 for some time and she reminds me a lot of Luna, another moon lady that nukes the crap out of champions (don't use the word champions in Dota 2, you're gonna get smacked for that). But anyways, about Diana, she mostly deals large amounts of magical damage to her opponents, which makes her an S-tier mid player who can easily burst other champions that lack magic resistance - thanks to her DPS, she also can benefit extremely well from omnivamp, trade hits and generally destroy some children on the mid lane in 1v1 situations.

What makes Diana great with omnivamp:

  • Crescent strike - a normal ability that simply harasses opponents, absorbing their HP at the same time from omnivamp.
  • Pale Cascade - when used, Diana is surrounded by 3 spheres that deal damage to nearby opponents - each spell will trigger lifesteal from omnivamp. This ability is especially useful as it heals you+creates a temporary shield that absorbs damage and makes her difficult to kill.
  • Lunar Rush - an ability that dashes up to a target, then it deals damage, thus regenerating HP thanks to omnivamp.
  • Moonfall - Pulls a single or multiple enemy targets and deals AoE damage - this is the most useful ability for Diana as it's a massive nuke with a lot of omnivamp potential.

Diana details: 


Diana in action: 

Bad motherfu-..

This guy looks badass, and that's good enough of a reason for you to pick him. Just kidding, the best lane for him is top, he deals incredible amounts of damage to both single and multiple targets, which means that lifesteal(aka omnivamp) is this guy’s best friend. This hero is great for players that are experienced with LoL, if I had to rate the difficulty of playing with this guy I'd place it at a moderate level. Lifesteal for this champion in my opinion is essential, as he is capable of dealing massive amounts of damage with little effort - thanks to his passive, he acquires a powerful aura which greatly improves his damage output+movement speed and at the same time getting large amounts of lifesteal from his attacks+spells.

What makes Mordekaiser great with omnivamp:

  • Darkness Rise - An aura that activates after Mordekaiser struck his opponents or monsters successfully 3 times with either his attacks or spells (increased attack damage plus movement speed, great for omnivamp).
  • Obliterate - a spell that wounds enemies in front of Mordekaiser, damage depends on how many targets are hit with the spell(damage is increased if there's only 1 target) 
  • Mordekaiser receives most omnivamp due to his right clicks that are enhanced due to his passive ability.

Mordekaiser details: 


Mordekasier in action:


No, it's not Putin, it's Vladimir, the Crimson Reaper - apparently, this guy has a thirst for blood, if he ever tries my blood, his immune system might get weakened. Okay, moving onto the champion - this guy is a ranged, blood mage that has great defensive abilities and offensive abilities that go well in pair with omnivamp. The best part about Vladimir is that he’s pretty difficult to kill, his aura makes him unbelievably tanky+combining his defensive spells and the fact that he's a ranged champion, which makes him a force to be reckoned with. 
What makes Vladimir great with omnivamp:

  • Transfusion - This spell literally does the same thing that omnivamp does - steals HP from other champions - when the resource is full, he gets healed and deals massive amounts of damage at the same time, further increasing his HP from omnivamp.
  • Sanguine Pool - the biggest troll spell there is, transforms Vladimir into a pool of blood, making him invulnerable and absorbing HP from targets  who are in the pool.
  • Tides of Blood - Vladdy sacrifices his own blood to deal AoE damage around him, works great with omnivamp.
  • Hemoplague - This is Vladdy's ultimate, for a few seconds opponents take more damage. After a few seconds, magic damage is dealt to enemy champion’s and Vladimir heals everything that damaged him. 

Vladimir details: 


Vladimir in action:

Sometimes I dress up my dog to look like Akali.

Akali is that one hero that I completely hate playing against, she's an incredibly strong mid/top laner who's very easy to underestimate and newer players are usually free food for her. She deals ENORMOUS burst damage that heals her for a great chunk thanks to omnivamp, she's extremely annoying to deal with because she also has abilities that let her escape from team fights. Omnivamp goes extremely well in pair with Akali because of her incredible burst damage(1-shots opponents) and also due to her incredible mobility, which allows her to catch up with most champions.
What makes Akali great with omnivamp:

  • Perfect Execution - Akali leaps in a direction, damaging enemies in her way, if recast, she 1-shots opponents, generating massive amounts of HP thanks to lifesteal from omnivamp.
  • Shuriken Flip - deals magic damage. If re-cast, dashes to the target dealing additional damage.
  • Five Point Strike - Deals damage based on her bonus attack damage and AP - also works with omnivamp!
  • Assassin's Mark - creates a ring after successfully striking an enemy champion with a spell, if Akali exits that ring, her next attack deals more damage and thus absorbs more HP from her targets thanks to omnivamp

Akali details: 


Akali in action:


Lifesteal is this guy's best friend, synergizes very well with his passive, Q and W. He also has a low cooldown slow that cripples enemies and allows Sylas to absorb both life and tears of enemy champions. His spells can be used both offensively and defensively, making him the ultimate pain in the butt to deal with, even if he's on the brink of death - AND it also works with omnivamp. Apparently, Sylas is a mage, but his attacks are in melee range - that kinda decreases his survivability, thus positioning yourself correctlyis essential for this specific champion. He punishes enemy champions that overextend or overcommit in team fights and his ultimate is the "ultimate" troll spell, which allows you to steal abilities off of other players - depending on the spell stolen, you can also benefit from omnivamp. This is, hands down, the best champion that goes well  with lifesteal and one of the most fun champions to play - I suggest picking this guy if you really want to have fun+absorb life from lifeless children!

What makes Sylas great with omnivamp:

  • Petricite Burst - Passive spell that stores a charge after casting a spell, if Sylas uses his basic attack, he’s gonna let out a whirlwind in a small AoE around him, damaging and healing thanks to omnivamp. Also, if he has a charge of Petricite Burst, he gains attack speed which greatly synergizes with lifesteal.
  • Chain Lash - Sylas smashes his opponent’s which chains, dealing damage(works with omnivamp), slowing them - this makes a great catch-up type of spell that kites enemies.
  • Kingslayer - A very useful mobility spell that deals damage and dashes towards the enemy - the spell itself heals Sylas and works well with omnivamp!
  • Hijack - steals the opponent ultimate, depending on the spell you steal, it can deal damage and heal you in return thanks to omnivamp.

Sylas details: 


Sylas in action:

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