[Top 10] League of Legends Best ADC That Wreck Hard! 11.13

League of Legends Best ADC
You will get depression by playing this role.

So you have decided your fate and started to main the ADC role. Well, you’re in for a ride of your life. No matter how fed you are, a 0-3 assassin from mid lane will still be able to one shot you and remove you from existence. In a team fight you’ll be the first one to die if your team doesn’t tank the damage for you. But hey don’t worry about that because you’re a ranged champion that doesn’t need to get up in their face to kill them just make sure you don’t go into melee range. People who main this role including myself are masochists who enjoy pain and eternal suffering.

10. Sivir

Look at her running in the sand! 

At number ten we have Sivir “the Battle Mistress”. Coming straight from the sand dunes of Shurima we have Sivir. With this champion you’ll be running after your enemies and throwing your weird boomerang looking thing at them while at the same time dealing a massive amount of damage. Not only that but if you take the rune “Dark Harvest” I can reassure you, you’ll be one shotting all the squishy champions without an issue. Your W is a ricochet. It’s simple, your blade just ricochets from enemy unit to enemy unit and each ricochet deals less damage. With your E, you gain a spell shield blocking an oncoming ability. Your ultimate ability you won’t believe what it does it’s way too complex... it’s just a movement speed boost :D. See this champion is really simple and really easy to play. 

What makes Sivir a Great ADC: 

  •  Really simple champion design 
  • Deals a lot of damage
  • You can push lanes really fast thanks to your W
  •  You can block abilities with your E
  • You can use your ultimate ability to either run away or to catch someone who’s trying to run away

Sivir abilitieshttps://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Sivir/LoL

Sivir Ownage:

9. Caitlyn 

Big scary Sherif lady ;). 

At number nine we have Caitlyn “the Sheriff of Piltover”. Ah yes the sexy sheriff character. Let me tell you you’ll have fun playing this champion. If you can do her combo correctly you’ll be able to send the opponent into the shadow realm aka killing them over and over again. Caitlyn’s passive lets you stack, at maximum stacks which is 6 you headshot them dealing bonus damage. If you attack from a bush you gain 2 stacks. Her Q deals 100% physical damage and after that it expands it deals 40% less damage to every other unit hit. Her W is a trap: if someone steps into it Caitlyn can instantly headshot them no matter how many stacks you have. With her E she fires a net in a target direction and dashes backwards. If you hit an opponent by any chance it will slow them. Her ultimate is a point and click ability that locks onto the target, she fires a homing bullet that deals damage to the first enemy champion hit. 

What makes Caitlyn a Great ADC:

  •  Potential to one shot someone if you do the combo correctly which is: W - Headshot - E - Headshot - R
  • You can use your E in many different ways because it’s a small dash so you can dodge abilities with it or if you hit your E it slows the opponent. 
  •  Your ultimate ability is a literal homing bullet 
  •  Has a highschool themed skin ;) have fun boys.​

Here’s a more detailed description of Caitlyn and her abilities along with an ownage video: 


Ownage video (video courtesy of Kimimoto) : 

8. Twitch

What a stinky stinky bad Rat!

At number eight we have my favorite rat and champion in the whole game called Twitch “the Plague Rat”. This little guy might not seem like he isn’t something special, well let me tell you he is. Long gone are the good old days of Twitch jungle :< I really miss those days. Riot bring it back. This rat can easily 1v9 but you need to snowball early game and be ready to get one shotted by a full tank jungle Poppy. Twitch’s passive lets him stack his poison onto an enemy unit or champion; it's maxed out at 6 stacks. His passive is really important because it allows you to use your E so you better make sure you get to stacking. His Q makes him invisible and with his W he throws a jar of his piss on the ground dealing a minimal amount of damage while also slowing anything that steps in it and allowing you to stack your passive faster. His E as I said is only usable when an enemy unit has Twitch’s passive on them, make sure you use this ability when they’re at max stacks. With his ultimate ability he gains bonus AD, bonus attack range and his auto attack become missiles. The downside of these auto attacks becoming missiles is that enemies can just either walk out if they have enough movement speed or flash out of your auto attacks. I strongly recommend you play this champion full AP because playing him AD will render you useless against tanks. 

What makes Twitch a Great ADC: 

  • -He can go full AD or full AP. 
  •  Going full AP allows you to one shot everything. 
  •  He can 1v9 if you snowball in the early game. 
  •  Has the best skin in the game “Mafia City Twitch” don’t @ me.
  • You can go invisible with your Q taking the enemy from behind ;).

Here’s a more detailed description of Twitch and his abilities along with an ownage video: 


Ownage video (video courtesy of Kimimoto): 

7. Miss Fortune

Big personality if you know what I mean ;).

At number seven we have Miss Fortune “the Bounty Hunter”. Ah yes the Booty Hunter. By playing this champion you’ll be satisfied in many ways. Miss Fortune isn’t hard to get into, you'll get used to her in just a few matches. Her Q is a point and click ability that fires a cannonball, if thecannonballl bounces it deals even more damage. Her W is a movement speed and attack speed bonus. Her E is a slow. With her ultimate ability she fires her big pistols in a cone that deal damage, great in teamfights. The only hard thing about Miss Fortune is that you’ll be playing her with one hand because you’ll be too busy looking at her assets and doing something else ;). 

What makes Miss Fortune a Great ADC:

  • Can go either AP or AD depending what you’re feeling like. 
  • Deals a lot of damage. 
  • She’s really useful in team fights thanks to her ultimate ability. 
  • Nobody can catch up to Miss Fortune once she starts moving them thicc legs. 
  • One of the sexiest champions in the game so even if you’re feeding your eyes will be pleased. 

Here’s a more detailed description of Miss Fortune and her abilities along with an ownage video: 


Ownage video (video courtesy of Mesut Tetik): 

6. Draven

Axe mad man he throws axes.

At number six we have “the Glorious Executioner”. Ah yes the guy who can one shot an enemy support with 1 and I repeat 1 auto attack. When you manage to one shot someone with 1 auto attack make sure you type in all chat ALLAHU AKBAR that’s what every Draven player does. Now, my dear reader, you might wonder “HoW’S ThAt PoSsIbLe?”, well let me tell you it’s all thanks to his Q. With his Q he starts spinning his axes causing his next auto attack to deal bonus damage, if he manages to catch his axe he can re use it with no additional mana cost. His W is a movement speed bonus and with his E he throws his axes in a target direction if the axes hit anyone it pushes them to the side and slows them. His ultimate ability is a global skill shot so have fun trying to hit someone across the whole map, if you manage to do it just quit the match because you already won and make sure your mom gets the camera. 

What makes Draven a Great ADC: 

  • -Has a lot of AD scaling and when I say a lot by that I mean you’re able to one shot someone just with 1 auto attack splitting them in two in-game and in real life. 
  •  Has a movement speed boost which is great for catching people.
  • Has a global skill shot and if you hit it you’re the coolest person on earth that day, instant coochie for you.
  •  Can 1v9 games if fed enough 

Here’s a more detailed description of Draven and his abilities along with an ownage video:


Ownage video (video courtesy of QUE AULA):

5. Tristana

Gun bigger than her oh nou :(

At number five we have Tristana “the Yordle Gunner”. Ah yes one of the midgets is in this list.. Coming straight from Bandle City this midget if played correctly can ruin your whole day. If you’re a jungler and trying to gank Tristana don’t even bother you won’t succeed, because she will just jump away from you with her W. Your passive ability gives you bonus attack range. Your Q gives you bonus attack speed, with your W you jump around and with your E you throw an explosive charge on their heads and once it’s fully charged it deals a massive amount of damage. With her R she fires a cannon ball that knocks them back. Most of these champions might turn you on one way or another but if this champion turns you on, seek help immediately. 

What makes Tristana a Great ADC: 

  •  Has a lot of mobility thanks to her W. 
  •  Deals a massive amounts of damage 
  •  Hard to gank 
  •  If someone gets too close up in her face she knocks them back with her R
  •  Looks like a midget which means has a smaller character model, harder to hit their abilities on you. 

Here’s a more detailed description of Tristana and her abilities along with an ownage video: 


Ownage video (video courtesy of Byeuzito): 

4. Kai’Sa

Latex suit girl ;) nice booty!

At number four we have Kai’Sa “Daughter of the Void”. Not even gonna lie to you but this champion has the best butt in the game and trust me when I say this it will be impossible for you to focus on farming minions when you’re going to be looking at her buttocks the whole time. She also wears a latex bodysuit ;). Her passive ability has two effects. Her first passive effect deals bonus AP damage with her auto attacks. Her second passive effect allows you to stack plasma onto enemy champions, at 5 plasma stacks it deals a lot of damage. With her Q she rains down a swarm of little voidling sperm cells that deal damage. Her W is a long ranged skill shot and if you managed to hit someone it will give them 2 stacks of plasma. Her E is a channel ability, while channeling Kai’Sa gains bonus movement speed after the channel is over Kai’Sa gains bonus attack speed. Last but not least with her R ability she dashes to the opponent right into their face and giving herself a shield.

What makes Kai’Sa a Great ADC: 

  •  Can go either AP or AD doesn’t matter to this champion both are viable.
  • -Can deal with enemy tanks. 
  •  Easy catches up to people thanks to her R. 
  •  Deals a lot of damage AP and AD if you managed to get 5 plasma stacks on the enemy champion. 
  •  Wears a latex bodysuit. 
  •  Has a nice ass so your eyes will be occupied. 

Here’s a more detailed description of Kai’Sa and her abilities along with an ownage video: 


Ownage video (video courtesy of Smart LoL Legends): 

  3. Vayne

Another latex suit lady!.

At number three we have Vayne “the Night Hunter”. Ah yes Vayne, everyone who mains tanks is scared of her. Surface level when you read her abilities she might seem easy to play but trust me she isn’t. You will need a lot of practice with this champion so I’d recommend making a new account or playing against bots, so you don’t get a ban because of inting. Her passive just gives her bonus movement speed when running towards an opponent that’s visible. With her Q, you dash around dealing bonus damage. Her W is a passive ability that deals true damage once stacked onto an enemy champion. With her E Vayne shoots a bolt that knocks back and if they hit a wall they’re CC’d. With her R Vayne equips her crossbow gaining bonus attack damage and doubles your passive’s movement speed. It also affects her Q ability in a way that it shortens its cooldown and Vayne goes invisible for 1 second once she uses it. See it all seems so simple but yet once you play her you’ll realize how difficult she is. 

What makes Vayne a Great ADC: 

  •  Really good versus tanks. 
  • Has a dash, which you can use to dodge abilities. 
  • Deals true damage thanks to her W. 
  • Her ultimate ability gives her bonus AD and movement speed also makes her invisible once she uses her Q. 
  • Another latex suit wearer but not as hot as Kai’Sa :(.  
  • Has a lot of hot skins so prepare your wallet. 

Here’s a more detailed description of Vayne and her abilities along with an ownage video: 


Ownage video (video courtesy of Mesut Tetik): 

2. Ezreal

Femboy talks too much :(

At number two we have “the Prodigal Explorer”. Ah yes the femboy champion who’s in love with Lux, too bad she friendzoned him in every single possible way. When it comes to Ezreal, this champion is disgustingly strong. He deals a massive amount of damage thanks to some random Korean who came up with the build. You basically build him as a tank and voila you’re one shooting almost everything that exists and not only that but he has a lot of hp, armor and magic resistance so good luck killing this guy. With his Q he fires a sperm cell in a target direction that deals damage. His W is just a damage amplifier that you put on someone. His E is a bollywood version of flash that deals damage. And his ultimate is a global skill shot that he fires around. Your first item is always “Divine Sunderer” once you get this you’ll be rolling in kills and gold. 

What makes Ezreal a Great ADC: 

  •  Deals a stupid amount of damage
  • -Can be tanky because of the build that some random Korean made up
  •  Has a free flash that deals damage thanks to his EHas a global skill shot so good luck trying to hit someone across the whole map
  •  Got friendzoned (thank god). 
  •  Femboy

Here’s a more detailed description of Ezreal and his abilities along with an ownage video: 


Ownage video (video courtesy of Canal do lol)

1. Samira

Badass female version of Dante!

At number one we have Samira “the Desert Rose”. This champion is so fun to play as an ADC especially if you love Katarina but you can’t get good with her. With Samira you’ll be smashing your keyboard and getting penta kills left right and center. This champion can either attack in melee range with her sword or long range with her pistol. She’s basically the female version of Dante from Devil May Cry. With her Q she fires a bullet if you’re in melee range she swipes her sword. Her W is an AOE shield that protects her from ranged auto attacks or abilities. With her E she dashes around and her E resets if she manages to get a kill. Her ultimate ability she spins around dealing damage. It’s literally Katarina’s ultimate ability except Samira can move around while using it. She also heals a massive amount of health. Good luck trying to kill this girl. Samira is the definition of mommy material.. 

What makes Samira a Great ADC: 

  •  Really fun to play
  •  Heals a stupid amount of health 
  •  Really mobile can dash around freely, also resets when she gets a kill
  •  Katarina 2.0 but better and stronger
  •  Mommy material
  • -Can easily 1v9 games

Here’s a more detailed description of Samira and her abilities along with an ownage video: 


Ownage video (video courtesy of The Deadly Nova):

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