Top 10 LOL Best Bot Laners That Wreck Hard

It takes two to tango

#10: Lucian/Braum

Braum and Lucian’s passives synergize perfectly with each other. Lucian’s burst power compliments Braum’s hard crowd control. Braum’s kit does an excellent job of covering Lucian’s weaknesses. Here are some tips to get you started:

Make sure Lucian isn’t going in without some of Braum’s passive on the enemy.

Abuse Lucian’s burst power. As soon as you have a stack of Braum passive on the enemy, don’t hesitate to go in.

As with all aggressive playstyles, make sure you aren’t overextending. After Lucian’s dash is down, he’s very vulnerable.

Lucian will be a high priority target for the enemies. Keep Braum closeby, and don’t engage in fights where you’re outnumbered.

If there are members of your team that need protecting more, don’t hesitate to let Braum peel for other characters.

High Diamond gameplay:


#9: Sivir/Yuumi

Despite the nerfs that both these champions have received, they are still extremely strong. Yuumi can stay permanently attached to Sivir, which allows Sivir’s spell shield (when used optimally) to keep two people safe at the same time. Their ults are also a great pairing. Here are some tips to get you started:

There are few reasons that Yuumi shouldn’t be attached to Sivir outside of warding and getting the shield from Yuumi’s passive. Yuumi is incredibly vulnerable on her own.

Sivir is a very mana-hungry adc. Let Yuumi do most of the poking, but don’t be afraid to throw out a Q or two if you see the opportunity.

Sivir’s ult is phenomenal when paired with Yuumi’s. Use this combo to set up an easy gank for your jungler, or even just as a strong engage tool if you’re ahead in lane.

Grandmaster gameplay: 

#8: Jhin/Nautilus

These two champions compliment each other excellently. This is another instance of a bot lane duo that excels with three forms of hard crowd control from the support that compliment the adc’s kit extremely well. Nautilus’s difficult to dodge abilities combined with Jhin’s damage and crowd control make them a very formidable combo. Here are some tips to get you started:

Surprise surprise, this botlane’s level 2 all-in is excellent. Be looking to hit level 2 before your opponents, and position yourself aggressively right before you level up.

All of Nautilus’s crowd control can trigger Jhin’s snare off his W. Be careful not to stack your crowd control abilities on top of each other so you can maximize the amount of time the enemy is rooted in place.

It might seem counter-intuitive, but Nautilus can solo engage while Jhin ults safely from behind the minion wave to start a fight. This combo will either result in a kill or it will be a setup for a kill if they don’t back.

Challenger gameplay: 

#7: Draven/Leona

Draven’s massive damage is amplified even more thanks to Leona’s passive. Leona has three different forms of hard crowd control in her kit, which makes any Draven extremely happy. These two champs compliment each other very well. Here are some tips to get you started:

This combo can win fights even while they’re behind. Don’t hesitate to engage the enemies if they pushed up to your turret.

This is another combo that excels with aggression. Be looking for a fight unless you’re behind.

As fun as aggression is, don’t all-in as soon as you see them every time you get to lane. This behavior will become predictable, and as such will be easier for you to get ganked.

Masters gameplay: 

#6: Vayne/Nami

Nami keeps enemies slowed down while Vayne puts them underground. This combo is moderately strong early, and extremely strong after Vayne gets her first item. This makes for a relatively easy laning phase as long as you play your cards right. Here are some tips to get you started:

Vayne will always be weak early unless the enemies allow you to poke them into kill range. Test them with a few autos early to see how willing they are to take harass, and capitalize if they underestimate your damage.

Press the Attack is the perfect rune for this botlane combination. Nami’s auto attack buff makes three slowing attacks for Vayne which procs her Silver Bolts and her Press the Attack at the same time, which leads to loads of damage.

This duo’s all-in is top tier. The attack damage buff to Vayne thanks to her ult on top of all the support that Nami’s kit gives her makes her extremely formidable. At level 6, these two can easily 1v3 if Vayne has her first item.

Diamond 1 gameplay: 

#5: Xayah/Rakan

Xayah and Rakan were literally made to be played together. Their abilities become empowered when they are on the same team. This, combined with the incredibly useful tools their kits give them, make them a very strong bot lane pick. Here are some tips to get you started.

Rakan’s dash range is increased if he’s moving toward Xayah. Use this to your advantage and make some more aggressive plays with Rakan.

Xayah and Rakan have some of the best level one cheese in the game thanks to the innate buffs they give each other. Don’t hesitate to be aggressive early, or even try and surprise them in a bush early game.

Both Xayah and Rakan’s kit enable them to have an extremely aggressive playstyle thanks to their hard disengage tools. If you’re ahead, don’t hesitate to start a fight.

High Diamond gameplay: 

#4: Caitlyn/Morgana

Both Caitlyn and Morgana have a major range advantage compared to other bot lane combos. If Morgana lands one bind,Caitlyn can lay down a trap and deal massive damage from a safe distance. When both are level 6, their all-in potential is hard to beat. Here are some tips to get you started:

At level 2, Caitlyn and Morgana’s pressure skyrockets. Try to position yourself aggressively as you’re taking the last minion that levels you up to 2.

This combo’s ability to harass under turret is insane thanks to their range. Don’t be afraid to spend a lot of time near their turret, as long as your lane is warded.

Caitlyn’s traps are just as good of a form of crowd control as Morgana’s binding. Keep placing your traps in creative spots, like hidden behind the enemy’s turret.

High Diamond gameplay: 

#3: Ashe/Zyra

Poke, poke, poke. This bot lane duo excels at getting their enemy laners to low enough HP where they can just walk at them and kill them. Both of these characters have abilities that are extremely hard to dodge, making for easy damage and free kills. Here are some tips to get you started:

Don’t be stingy with your abilities. This combo works well for a reason, and that reason is poke damage. Obviously, don’t throw out abilities every time they’re up  or you’re going to run out of mana quickly.

This duo’s level 6 is especially lethal. There are multiple different rotations you can use with your abilities that chain your crowd control together. Find the right abilities for the right moments.

While this combo is extremely strong, there isn’t much in ways of peeling people off of you. If you decide to be hyper aggressive, make sure you have your river bushes warded so you don’t get picked off.

Challenger gameplay: 

#2: Tristana/Thresh

Tristana works well with any aggressive support, but Thresh does a lot in terms of covering her weaknesses. Not only can Thresh start fights extremely well, but his lantern is a great fail safe if an all-in doesn’t go your way. Thresh can also keep enemies stunned long enough that Trist can get free kills at all stages of laning phase. Here are some tips to get you started:

Yet another combo with an extremely powerful level 2 all-in. Taking Tristana’s E first ensures that you will hit level 2 before your opponents, so as soon as you hit 2 you can get first blood for free.

Thresh does an amazing job at both peeling and engaging, but not both. His cooldowns are long before he gets cooldown reduction from his items, so if you decide to go in make sure you aren’t getting ganked.

Tristana and Thresh are one of the best bush ganking combos in the game. Sitting in a bush you’ve cleared with a red trinket or pink ward will often net you a kill.

Masters gameplay: 

#1: Kog’Maw/Lulu

This combination has been around forever, and while Kog’Maw isn’t meta right now, in the hands of a couple of masters this combination is nigh unbeatable. Lulu compliments Kog’Maw and covers his weaknesses insanely well. It’s always a frightening thing to see these two characters on the same team. Here are some tips to get you started:


While Kog’Maw can hard carry late, he has one of the weakest early games of the roster. Play safe and farm until you have an item or you see a guaranteed kill opportunity. Otherwise, stick to harassing and farming.

Kog’Maw power spikes at two items, but can still sneak in kills after his first one. Throw out some test autos to see how the enemy reacts and go from there.

While Kog’Maw can mow people down late game, he attacks so fast that he virtually needs to be stationary to optimize his damage. Positioning is crucial for Kog’Maw at all stages of the game.

High diamond gameplay: 

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