[Top 10] LOL Best Teamfight Champions That Wreck Hard!

 LOL Best Teamfight Champions
Team fights are a crucial aspect of League to help you secure advantages and a victory.

10. Azir

A mid lane mage, Azir specializes in long-distance and poke damage. He can spawn soldiers that can dash to enemies and auto-attack them. In teamfights, he can use his ultimate to displace enemies and move them closer to his team while slowing them. That being said, he requires experience and doesn’t have the highest win-rate these days, but as I always say, I’d take an expert Azir over any OP mid-laner with minimal experience.

Why Azir is Great for Teamfights

  • Can displace multiple enemies with his ultimate, effectively applying slows to the vast majority of the enemy team
  • Can poke enemies down with his soldiers
  • Has a nice little escape as he can dash to his soldiers himself

9. Yone

Brother to Yasuo, Yone is not quite as mobile as his younger sibling, but he has plenty of tools that make up for it. A shield ability that increases in amount if he hits an enemy champion as well as a killer ultimate that can knock up anybody who’s caught within its range. It’s extremely powerful the more people that are caught up in it but can also act as an assassination or escape attempt.

Why Yone is Great for Teamfights

  • Multiple tools to keep himself alive, including life-steal items
  • Powerful ultimate that grows more effective with the more enemies caught in it
  • Has a mini-Zed ultimate with just his E ability and can be used it a multitude of ways

8. Diana

A powerful mid-lane assassin, Diana is one of the stronger champions to choose for mid-lane as well as for teamfights. She’s extremely tough to react against as you can’t always be sure when a Diana will dash into your face. Her ultimate is like a gravitational pull and knocks enemies up and closer to her while dealing a tremendous amount of damage.

Why Diana is Great for Teamfights

  • Great engage tools with her E ability
  • Can sustain herself with shields and deal damage with her W ability
  • Amazing ultimate that punishes enemy teams that are grouped up together 

7. Gnar

Gnar is a top-lane bruiser who transforms into a monster version of himself when his rage bar reaches 100%. Mega Gnar has a plethora of crowd-controlling abilities and the best part is his ultimate, which he can use to slam enemies against terrain to stun them. It’s extremely powerful in teamfights, but you need to time it correctly otherwise you’ll just end up slamming air.

Why Gnar is Great for Teamfights

  • Can pressure enemies off objectives with the threat of his ultimate
  • If not in Mega Gnar form, Gnar can hunt enemies down relentlessly
  • Wonderful jump ability that acts as both an engage and escape tool

6. Galio

Galio is a tanky mage with extra defenses against magic-dealing champions. He does more damage than you think and has amazing far-reaching crowd control abilities to hinder enemy movements. His ultimate is interesting; Galio shoots into the sky and lands at an ally’s location slamming enemies caught up within its radius. It forces enemies to disengage and gives his team the advantage in pressuring them.

Why Galio is Great for Teamfights

  • Deceptively high damage with his full combo
  • Can taunt multiple enemies if they are caught in his W ability
  • His ultimate steers the momentum to his team in teamfights

5. Hecarim

You can play Hecarim in the top lane or jungle, but it’s in the jungle that Hecarim is most known. He’s all about movement speed, as the faster he moves the more damage he deals, and thus can gank lanes significantly faster than the enemy jungler. His ultimate fears any enemies caught in it and it’s far reach makes it difficult to avoid.

Why Hecarim is Great for Teamfights

  • Almost impossible to run away from a Hecarim with his ultimate
  • Acts as the primary engage tool for his team
  • Has scaling healing with his W ability, which means the more enemies that are taking damage within its radius, the more he heals

4. Brand

Although flexible as a mid-lane pick, Brand excels in the support role in the current meta. He’s an excellent harasser and deals such a ridiculous amount of damage in teamfights, it’s almost unfair. What makes him so powerful in teamfights is the fact that his ultimate can bounce around to nearby enemies a limited number of times and burns them for a small percentage of max health damage.

Why Brand is Great for Teamfights

  • A great source of magic damage in an attack-damage focused team composition
  • Powerful passive that lets his abilities deal max health percentage damage
  • Can win teamfights by himself if enemies are grouped up

3. Amumu

Amumu has taken a bit of a hit in terms of win-rate, but he’s still one of the best teamfighting champions in the game. His ultimate casts out a large circle and snares anybody that’s caught. It’s brilliant for teamfights and a good use of this ability can determine the outcome of a teamfight. On top of that, he has an excellent engage tool with his Q ability that gives him direct access to the enemy team’s backline.

Why Amumu is Great for Teamfights

  • Great engage tool
  • Powerful ultimate with the potential to root the entire enemy team, or at least their carries
  • One of the stronger junglers, so it’s highly probable that an Amumu will go into a teamfight with a more than sufficient amount of damage

2. Malphite

I consider Malphite the low-elo punisher as Iron to Gold players aren’t really aware of how to position themselves in teamfights against this champion. His ultimate is literally a point and click to knock up at least one enemy caught in its range. It has the potential to knock up multiple enemies if they are grouped together and so you’ll see lots of opportunities to win teamfights with this ultimate alone in lower elos.

Why Malphite is Great for Teamfights

  • Extremely effective in low-elo
  • One of the strongest top-laners in the current meta
  • His tanky nature helps him survive long enough for his teammates to catch up to the action

1. Fiddlesticks

Fiddlesticks arguably has one of the best teamfight ultimates in the game. If you’ve seen the montage in the video above, you can see how effective it is, especially against multiple enemies. It catches enemies off guard if they don’t have the proper vision so he can be considered another low-elo punisher where the average vision scores aren’t as high as more advanced elos.

Why Fiddlesticks is Great for Teamfights

  • His ultimate is unavoidable without vision wards placed in strategic spots around the map
  • Has the ability to deal massive magic damage concurrently to multiple enemies
  • Just the ability to crowd-control the entire enemy team gives his team the advantage in a teamfight

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