[Top 10] LOL Strongest Mage Champions That Are Feared

League of Legends Strongest Mage Champions That Are Feared
We like to spam our abilities cuz we think it's cool!

So you want to know what the most feared AP champions are? Well, you’ve come to the right place, my friend. When it comes to mages they come in a variety of packs. You have your fighter mages, your burst mages, your support mages, and most importantly the mages who don’t do anything except farm.

But we aren’t talking about those today oh no we are talking about the mages who are feared more than anything. Even the presence alone of these mages can send shivers down someone’s spine. So with that let’s get into the list!

10. Annie

“Do you want to play with me?”

At a first sight, this might seem like an innocent child that won’t do anything except murder you in seconds. Pretty much whenever Annie summons her bear on top of someone it's like calling a nuke in CoD. Annie can also give herself extra AP by casting E on herself. Also killing minions with Annie is easy.

You can last hit them with your Q and if you did it correctly you’ll get your mana back. How cool is that? But what makes Annie so feared is the fact that she can stun a whole team with her ultimate ability once her passive ability is up. Not only can she stun people but she can also nuke them to oblivion because of her insane damage scaling. Now if that isn’t something to be afraid of I don’t know what fear is. 

Why Annie Is Powerful:

  • Annie can nuke a whole team into oblivion with her ultimate ability. 
  • She can give herself extra AP or her teammates once she casts E. 
  • Annie can CS easily thanks to her Q ability giving back the mana.
  • Annie has insane AP scaling and she’s easy to play. That strikes fear into the enemy team. 

9. Anivia

“I shall be reborn once again!”

Here we have an ice phoenix bird called Anivia. Now why Anivia is feared is because she can summon a snowstorm out of nowhere and chuck a huge icicle at your head that deals AP critical damage.

It’s rare to see that but Anivia can do it with every combo. Also, Anivia can place walls around the map to block people from walking or to save herself and let her teammates die a horrible death. But if Anivia dies by some miracle she can turn herself into an egg and later revive with full HP and mana.

That passive is annoying to deal with and most people won’t try to engage on Anivia because they’ll have to kill her two times. The reason why Anivia is feared is that if she uses her combo correctly she can kill the squishies easily. Also during team fights if Anivia places her W in a good spot it can mess with the enemy team resulting in you winning the team fight. 

Why Anivia Is Powerful:

  • Knowing how to place walls correctly can mess with the enemy team. 
  • A single combo is more than enough to kill any squishies. 
  • Her E deals AP critical damage, which is even more powerful than true damage in my opinion. 

8. Taliyah

“Even a small stone can make a huge difference.”

Do you think that Anivia’s walls are cool? Check out Taliyah’s walls. They are even cooler and 10x times longer. And it’s also her ultimate ability so be careful how you use it. The reason why Taliyah is feared is that she can throw people either into her teammates or over a wall. Melee champions don’t stand a chance against her.

Especially when Taliyah can place rocks on the ground that slow people. She can also pick up rocks with her Q and throw them at people dealing a great amount of AP damage. It’s hard to hit that ability so the damage is justified. What isn’t justifiable is the fact that Taliyah can ride a huge rock and place a wall behind her by simply pressing R. It’s also great for ganking and roaming. 

Why Taliyah Is Powerful:

  • Great roaming potential thanks to her R. 
  • She’s able to throw people in the direction she desires by using W. 
  • Her E places rock mines on the ground that slow her targets and later explode dealing damage. 
  • Her Q is great at poking people from a distance, it deals a great amount of damage but it’s hard to hit. 

7. Vex

“Is it over yet?”

This champion right here is the most feared by people who love playing agile champions such as Ahri, Yasuo, Yone, and so on. Why might you ask yourself? Well, it’s because of the simple fact that Vex counters them hard.

She steals their essence every time they use a mobile ability. That essence allows her to fear anyone that comes close to her by using any ability. The best use of the fear is from her W. It’s the easiest to hit and it comes in useful during team fights.

But during the laning phase, you can use your Q to poke people but make sure to be creative with it otherwise you won’t hit anything. Other than that the one thing people fear the most from a fed Vex is her ultimate ability. If someone gets hit they better run far away from their team so they don’t die as well. Also, her ultimate ability gets reset each time she gets a kill. 

Why Vex Is Powerful:

  • She’s a great counter to agile champions. 
  • All of her abilities can fear people. 
  • Vex’s ultimate ability gets reset if she manages to kill someone which allows her to jump from target to target killing them. 

6. Xerath

“The world may crumble but I remain!”

Oh boy, here we have Xerath the ability spammer. As I like to call him. When it comes to Xerath in general he’s a pretty strong champion that can either be played as an APC, support, or in the mid-lane if you fancy. In whichever role you play him for sure you’ll do good. That’s my guarantee. But you have to know how to hit your abilities.

The most useful ability from Xerath is his ultimate where he’s able to launch it from across the map. It’s not global but it has a huge cast range. You don’t even have to roam to the bot you can just help from the mid-lane. He is also great at poking so everyone is afraid to even come back to the lane. You can also CC people with your E and your Q, and W are great for poking. So have fun! 

Why Xerath Is Powerful:

  • During the laning phase, you have three abilities to poke your enemies. Anyone playing against you will be annoyed and will be afraid to come back to the lane. 
  • Your ultimate ability is great for roaming since you don’t have to come to the lane to kill people, you can do it across the map. 
  • The CC from your E can be a deal-breaker for some people, especially engage champions so they will be afraid of getting hit by it. 

5. Veigar

“I am not small, I am evil!”

Okay, let me say that in the early game most people won’t be afraid of Veigar and will try to engage him as much as possible. But in the mid-game people will start being scared of him. Because Veigar can stack AP infinitely thanks to his passive ability.

Each minion he kills with his Q gives him 1 AP stack. So 1 minion 1 AP. but he can also place people in cages with his E, which they can’t leave until the cage disappears on its own. And the ability that people fear the most is his ultimate ability.

That works kinda as an execution but it also scales insanely well with AP. Basically what I want to say is that Veigar can solo kill people with only his R, no need to use other abilities except your E maybe. 

Why Veigar Is Powerful:

  • Thanks to his passive ability Veigar can stack his AP infinitely. 
  • His ultimate ability is more than enough to kill people. 
  • Nothing can escape from the cage that Veigar spawns, really great when you capture 2-3 targets. 

4. Lissandra

“I should be the next queen of Freljord!”

Up next is the wannabe queen of Freljord and that’s Lissandra. Now people who play Lissandra might be a bit confused right now but hear me out. As an ADC main, what I fear the most is Lissandra sneaking up behind me, freezing me, and pretty much removing me from the game. She can do that because she’s an engage mage.

You can also play her as a tank which can be scary but she deals no damage so it’s fine in some way. During the laning phase, Lissandra can also chuck icicles like Anivia at people but unlike Anivia she doesn’t need a snowstorm to deal crit damage. All you have to make sure is to not hit a minion with the ability.  If you come close to dying make sure to use the ult on yourself to heal your HP back to full. 

Why Lissandra Is Powerful:

  • Lissandra is an engage mage type. That on its own is scary. 
  • She’s durable during team fights and can withstand a beating. 
  • Lissandra can freeze people in an AoE radius. 
  • Her passive ability revives the dead champions she killed and makes them run after the enemy to explode. 

3. Syndra

“I can be so much more!”

Syndra is the champion that’s obsessed with power and getting stronger. Her whole gameplay revolves around her balls that she shoots at people’s faces. Syndra is an expert at bursting people down and you should play around with that. Most people will be afraid to go toe to toe against Syndra so you need to set yourself up for those situations.

9 times out of 10 you will be declared the winner. Syndra can push people away with her E, spawn her balls on top of people with her Q and throw her balls or minions on people with her W. But that’s not all, with her ultimate ability Syndra will throw anything circular into the target's face killing them instantly. You will also have lots of fun chasing people down and doing different combos with her. 

Why Syndra Is Powerful:

  • Syndra excels at 1v1 situations and anyone that tries to 1v1 her dies. 
  • She’s a burst mage but only for single targets. 
  • Syndra can push people away with her E and has a great lane advantage due to her cast range. 

2. Lux

“Let there be light!”

This champion right here is Riot Games' favorite child and her name is Lux. Now, why would people be afraid of Lux? Well, let me tell you. No matter which champion you’re playing, if Lux has more than 300 AP she can burst you down and remove you like you never existed. Is that fun? Well of course it is if you’re the one playing Lux.

Otherwise no. With her ultimate ability alone Lux can steal drakes and barons with ease as long as she has vision over them. Not to mention that she can also be played as a support so playing against her will just annoy you.

The thing that people are afraid of the most when playing against a Lux is knowing that they can die easily if they get caught by her Q. That’s all it takes to remove someone from the match. 

Why Lux Is Powerful:

  • Lux can easily steal objectives such as drakes and barons. 
  • If she’s over 300 AP she can successfully kill anyone with her basic combo. 
  • During the later stages of the match, Lux’s ultimate ability has a cooldown timer of 20 seconds. 

1. LeBlanc

“Illusions are my specialty.”

This champion right here is the most feared mage of all time. Mainly because she is the queen of manipulation. Each time LeBlanc gets to low HP she can clone herself and create an illusion that runs opposite of her.

And thanks to her ultimate ability she can also use an ability two times in a row. But let’s not forget her main ability which is her Q that enhances the amount of damage the target takes in the next few seconds.

During that period if LeBlanc strikes you with a single auto-attack that deals 40 damage it will feel like a truck hit you in the face. She can also dash a lot with her W and go back to the place where she dashed from if LeBlanc desires it. Her abilities are unique and need a bit of time adjusting too but once you’re in, you’re in. If you catch my drift. 

Why LeBlanc Is Powerful:

  • Each time she gets to low HP she creates a clone of herself that runs in the opposite direction. That’s great for juking people. 
  • She’s able to dash 4 times in total if you use her abilities correctly.
  • Her Q enhances the damage that the target takes for the next few seconds. 
  • LeBlanc is the master manipulator. 

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