LoL Best Draven Skins That Look Freakin’ Awesome (All Draven Skins Ranked Worst To Best)

LoL Best Draven Skins That Look Freakin’ Awesome (All Draven Skins Ranked Worst To Best)
Give me a hand won't ya?

The ego of this guy is bigger than anything you can think of. Maybe he's compensating for something or maybe he’s just the best. Well, something for sure is that he can back up his ego with skill while players who have a big ego can’t. The best part is if you tell anything to those types of players they will cry like a baby and won’t play with the team because their feelings got hurt. But that’s a story for another time. We are here to talk about skins so let’s get into them. 

12. Original Draven (Ok)

At a first glance, you might see a normal human being who throws axes at people and you’d be correct that’s what Draven is. Most people who play him lack any kind of map awareness or any other skills that are needed; all they have are mechanics.. Except for one guy called Parnstar Zilean. He is a god at the champion. Draven’s personality and appearance represent his Noxian heritage. 

How To Get Original Draven:

You can buy the skin and the champion for 4800 BE or 880 RP or 8$ in the LoL skin store. 

11. Pool Party Draven (Ok)

One of the weakest skins for the champion and a complete disaster. You see when you play Draven you’re supposed to feel the power behind your auto-attacks, well this skin makes you feel like you’re throwing teddy bears at the enemy.  He comes out looking just silly with all those inflatables on him. 

How To Get Pool Party Draven:

You can purchase this skin for 975 RP or 8$ in the League of Legends skin store. 

10. Beast Hunter Draven (Ok)

Ever wondered what a lot of unnecessary things look like on a champion? Well, here you are. Take a good look at it. This is supposed to be a reference from a game called Monster Hunter if you’ve ever played it. I have and they are amazing games but this ain’t it. The orange hair is just too much in my opinion. 

How To Get Beast Hunter Draven:

You can buy the skin for 750 RP or 7$ in the LoL Store. 

9. Mecha Kingdoms Draven (Ok)

This is a unique take on the champion and it looks amazing, but why did the model have to be so damn big and clunky? Each time I use this skin I can hardly catch any axes and I always keep getting hit by abilities I shouldn’t be getting hit by. They even added a cool robotic filter to the skin but had to throw it all away because they couldn’t scale down the robot's size. Shame. 

How To Get Mecha Kingdoms Draven:

You can purchase the skin for 1350 RP or 10$ in the skin store. 

8. Draven Draven (Average)

This was a fantastic April fools prank Riot Games did. You see back in 2016 when this skin came out every single champion had a huge Draven head on top of their head. The only remnants that remain of that are this skin. It adds absolutely nothing to the skin except a huge Draven head on top of his  head. Feels like I’m writing a review about the movie Inception. 

How To Get Draven Draven:

You can only acquire this magnificent skin through chests because it’s a legacy.

7. Debonair Draven (Average)

Another wasted opportunity for a skin. Like why can’t you just make a normal-sized model, why did you have to enlarge this one as well? The skin looks wonderful and the colors are astonishing.I can’t rank it any higher than this I’m afraid. 

How To Get Debonair Draven:

This piece of goodness will cost you 1350 RP or 10$ in the skin store. 

6. Primetime Draven (Average)

Have you ever wanted to listen to a podcast while playing League of Legends? Well, then buy yourself this skin. It’s a legendary skin for our dear egotistical psychopath Draven. It’s also a very cheap legendary skin.The animations are typical and the model is fine. Additionally, he also receives brand new fresh voice lines that you’ll never get tired of.

How To Get Primetime Draven:

You can buy this legendary skin for 975 RP for 8$ in the LoL skin store. 

5. Santa Claus Draven (Average)

We’ve had many different Santa Claus skins in the game but none like this. You’ve never seen a Santa appear in this manner. Of course, in a typical fashion, this is a sexualized version of Santa Claus with abs and a ton of muscles. He also doesn’t bring presents; he brings damnation upon everyone. As a great Christmas gift, he will crawl down your chimney and beat you up.

How To Get Santa Claus Draven:

You can only buy the skin during the Christmas period and it will cost you 1350 RP or 10$. 

4. Ruined Draven (Good)

Another wonderful gift that the Ruination event gave us. Sadly the whole event was mid at best but the skins were incredible. This skin is also tied to the lore and we see Draven being corrupted by Viego and his dark powers. Later he does get a hold of himself but I don’t think Draven minds being corrupted. Along with the badass skin, we also get a new voice filter that amplifies the corruption even further. 

How To Get Ruined Draven:

You can purchase it for 1350 RP or 10$ in the skin store. 

3. Fright Night Draven (Good)

Now, this is how you make Halloween-themed skin. Riot Games really outdid themselves this year with a brand new skin line called “Fright Night”, which is just in time for the holidays.  I can’t wait to get my hands on this in the official League of Legends client because currently, they are only available in the PBE. It also has a cool aesthetic and thankfully for the first time in forever it’s not anime themed. In my opinion, it’s strongly evoking a Borderlands vibe.

How To Get Fright Night Draven:

You can buy the skin for 1350 RP or 10$ in the League of Legends store when it comes out in a few weeks or you can try it out for free in the PBE client.

2. Soul Reaver Draven (Excellent)

One of the first skins released for the champion. It was also one of the best and still is today. It might not seem special by today’s standards but trust me when I say this was one of the best Draven skins released. The skin came with brand new animations, a new voice filter, and new additional quotes. 

How To Get Soul Reaver Draven:

You can buy the skin for 1350 RP or 10$ in the LoL skin store. 

1. Gladiator Draven (Best)

And for the best Draven skin ever created we have the Gladiator Draven. The simplicity of the skin makes it the greatest. Auto-attack animations are smoother than any other skin and it also has the smallest model of any other skin. It also fully embraces Draven’s ego and it takes it to a whole new level. The skin also comes with new effects once you murder someone in cold blood. 

How To Get Gladiator Draven:

You can buy the skin for 975 RP or 8$ in the LoL skin store. 

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