LoL Best Hecarim Skins That Look Freakin’ Awesome (All Hecarim Skins Ranked Worst To Best)

LoL Best Hecarim Skins That Look Freakin’ Awesome (All Hecarim Skins Ranked Worst To Best)
I am half horse half man. What else is there to say?

Okay, people today I’ll be talking about my favorite melee fighter champion Hecarim. Specifically, I’ll list the best skins for Hecarim and rank them from worst to best. Believe it or not, skins can give you an advantage in-game.

If you’re using high-quality skin, you best believe your performance will go up. Because of the simple fact that some skins have better animations or a smaller model. That policy applies to any champion in the game.

Take Udyr for example, his basic skin has a very weird model and the attack animations are old as time itself. But once you use “Spirit Guard Udyr” everything changes. It’s like you’re playing a new champion. So no more wasting time, let's rank the Hecarim skins!

11. Original Hecarim (Ok)

Let’s start this list off with the bare skin that everyone gets for free when they buy the champion. There is nothing special about this skin. If you own Hecarim you have this skin. If you don’t want to spend money on Hecarim this skin will still prove useful. The animations don’t feel old and the sound effects could use some work but you can always turn up your music louder to ignore the sounds. 

How To Get Basic Hecarim:

Go to your League of Legends champions shop and buy the champion for 4800 BE or 880 RP which is around 6$. 

10. Reaper Hecarim (Ok)

This is the Reaper Hecarim skin. In my opinion, this is nothing more than just a color change for the original skin. It doesn’t give you any advantages whatsoever. But if you do love the color blue well then you might enjoy using this skin. But it’s understandable why this skin is at the number 10. It was one of the first skins to be released for Hecarim and there wasn’t a big focus on skins, plus it was a nice change to be looking at something different than the normal basic skin. 

How To Get Reaper Hecarim:

You can get this skin from a chest or an orb if you’re lucky. But if you don’t want to spend your time gambling you can buy the skin for 975 RP which is around 8.5$ in the League of Legends shop. 

9. Headless Hecarim (Ok) 

For the next skin, we have the Headless Hecarim. This skin, in my opinion, is the same as the Reaper but instead of a head, he has a pumpkin on. It was released during the Halloween event and it was nice to have something spooky in the game. It was also a nice reference to the Headless Horseman as Hecarim is part horse part man after all. This skin has a nice color pallet to it but other than that it's basic skin with nothing special about it. 

How To Get Headless Hecarim: 

Sadly this is a legacy skin that can only be obtained during Halloween or if you’re really lucky from a chest. During the Halloween event, you can buy this skin for 975 RP which equals 8.5$ in the League of Legends shop. 

8. Blood Knight Hecarim (Ok) 

This skin, the same as the previous two, does not add any new animations, sound effects, or anything interesting at all. The only thing that this skin has going for it is a unique color pallet and the armor that Hecarim wears. Which does look pretty cool so that’s why it’s better than the previous two. This skin was released alongside Reaper Hecarim for some odd reason. 

How To Get Blood Knight Hecarim:

The only way to obtain this skin is from a chest or an orb otherwise you’re out of luck. You can’t buy the skin since it’s a legacy but you can pray that Riot Games gives it to you one day if you want to own it. 

7. Worldbreaker Hecarim (Average)

Here we have our first skin from a significant skin line called “Worldbreaker”. Hecarim was one of the first champions to receive the Worldbreaker skin alongside Nasus. This skin was released way back in 2016 and it received positive feedback as it was something new for this old horse. This skin added some new sound effects and the color pallet was unique. Would I say that it's a must-have? Not really unless you like the Worldbreaker skin line a lot otherwise you can pass on this one. 

How To Get Worldbreaker Hecarim:

You can obtain this skin from the League of Legends shop for 750 RP which is roughly 7$ or from a chest if you’re lucky. 

6. Arcade Hecarim (Average)

Arcade Hecarim was a very unique take on the champion. It ditched the dark color pallet of the champion that we were used to and replaced it with something bright and colorful. It was a change that many people liked. Funny enough this skin was released in 2013 during the “Arcade Event” if anyone remembers that. Now, most of the events that we get for League of Legends are novel simulators. Yey, so fun Riot thank you!

How To Get Arcade Hecarim: 

You can buy the skin from the League of Legends shop for 1350 RP or 10$ or get it for free from a chest. You’ll have to open a lot of chests though if you’re unlucky. 

5. Lancer Zero Hecarim (Average)

This is one of the most expensive skins you can get for Hecarim. It has a special pricing method and that’s in mythic essence and you can’t buy it from the shop. If you want to get this skin it will take you a long time to obtain the mythic essence as you can’t simply buy mythic essence. Oh no, you have to open your chests and pray to God that you’re lucky enough to receive it. Otherwise, you’re out of luck. When it comes to the skin it is pretty cool as it turns Hecarim from a bad guy into a good guy. The whole white color pallet suits him and it's a nice breath of fresh air for the champion.

How To Get Lancer Zero Hecarim:

You can only obtain this skin with mythic essence. The only way to obtain mythic essence is from missions or a chest. If you want to open chests for the mythic essence that can result in you spending over 100$ if not more. The drop rates are really low. What can I say?

4. Elderwood Hecarim (Good) 

Ah yes, the Elderwood skin line. One of the prettiest if you ask me. This skin turns Hecarim into a mythical creature from the woods. It's a mix of Wendigo and Faeries. When it comes to this skin it completely changes the horse and gives him new sound effects, and new VFX. It is still the same champion but with a complete makeover.

How To Get Elderwood Hecarim:

Go to the League of Legends shop and buy the skin for a total of 1350 RP or 10$. 

3. Cosmic Charger Hecarim (Good)

For our next skin, we have the Cosmic Charger Hecarim. Oh boy do I love using this skin. The color pallet, the effects, the sounds everything just falls in place with this one. It was rough for me to put it in the third spot but here we are. Using this skin will make you feel like you’re running through space. The animations are smooth especially when you’re using your E to charge. That’s when this skin truly fully shines. 

How To Get Cosmic Charger Hecarim:

You’ll have to go to the League of Legends shop and buy the skin for 1350 RP which is equal to 10$ in real-life money. 

2. Arcana Hecarim (Excellent)

This is Arcana Hecarim. The most recent skin for the champion but it's not the best skin for Hecarim. This skin comes with a new VFX sound, new animations, and a new recall animation. But whenever I use this skin I feel like my champion is bigger than he is. So that always throws me off while playing. But if you don’t mind dealing with that I highly recommend that you go with this skin for Hecarim. 

How To Get Arcana Hecarim:

You can obtain this skin through the League of Legends skins shop for 1350 RP or 10$. You can also get it for free from a chest. 

1. High Noon Hecarim (Best)

For the number one skin for Hecarim, we have the High Noon. This is also the coolest skin line in the whole game. The main reason is that it’s not anime style. The main focus of the skin line is to show off the cool part of the western era of cowboys and it does that perfectly. It also has the smallest model in the game while packing new animations, new VFX, a brand new recall animation, and new sounds. The animations are the smoothest with this skin, especially the Q. It also comes with a variation of chromas if you don’t like the orange color palette. My favorite is the pink chroma. 

How To Get High Noon Hecarim:

Go to the League of Legends shop right away and buy the skin right now for 1350 RP of 10$. If you have a spare 10$ laying around I highly recommend that you purchase this skin for Hecarim if you enjoy playing him!

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