[Top 10] League of Legends Most Hated Champions!

League of Legends Most Hated Champions
I hate them. I don't like them. Get out of my face you nasty champions!

Oh, boi I'll have fun writing this one and letting all my anger out on these champions who gave me countless sleepless nights and nightmares. These champions that I'm going to mention are the bane of my damn existence. I hate everything about them and how they look. Especially their god damn abilities that are made to piss people off. Like seriously nobody loves these champions and if you do seek mental help, please!

Champions who are mentioned in this list are particularly broken one way or another and if you read my previous articles which you should btw you'll see I mention some of them.

10. Hecarim 

He's a damn fast undead pony.

Let's kick this list off with a god damn pony. If you like this champion you're a My Little Pony fan there's no way around it. I am so thankful every damn day that Riot nerfed this creature into the ground never to see the light of day again and I hope it stays this way.

This monster would just run around getting kills while being tanky af. You could build him a full tank and he still would deal more damage than any assassin in the game. How fun is that :). Not to mention that his ultimate ability is an AoE fear!

I don't wish to say anything nice about him god damn pony made me lose so much LP. Broken champion who broke a lot of hearts, souls and minds this guy drove every single player insane. 

9. Shaco 

This clown belongs in the circus. 

At number nine we have our favorite clown Shaco. If you don't know how to play this psychotic champion you're a clown yourself. He's so damn easy to play even my dog who’s half-blind could play him and the best part is that his Q ability which turns him invisible that can't be detected by a pink ward yeyyy so you can't even prevent him from ganking your lane.

But if you thought "I'll just sit under my turret" wrong you can't because you'll be dead there as well. Don't even try to kill him because in a few seconds he's going to have his Q back and run away like the god damn scardy cat he is.

His W is a jack in the box which if you step into will fear you for a long period of time. And if you somehow got Shaco to low HP enough for him to die BOOM think again because that’s his ultimate ability and now you’re dead. .

8. Master Yi

Ninja with multiple eyes. Four eyes is an understatement. 

At number eight we have Master Yi. Oh, the memes that came out of this champion. The sweet sweet memes. I'm not gonna lie, I like playing this champion from time to time. He's really simple and easy (like ur mom hehe).

Now, why's he hated you might ask? Well, the answer is simple really. Because he can dodge every damn ability with his Q and not only that but his Q can be used to catch up to people or to run away. Also, Riot for whatever reason decided to give him an empowered auto-attack on his E cuz why the hell not, am I right boys?

This guy is the bane of low ELO players because they don't know how to play against him and they think he's some kind of God idk. But in today's society Master Yi is hated and isn't played that often which is a good thing but I'll be a good homie and let you all in on a little secret. This guy back in the day could go full AP and he would heal all of his HP from his W in a split second thank God that isn't a thing anymore. I’m sad that Riot took away his power to go full crit where he’d be able to deal 1000 damage with 1 auto-attack. 

7. Fiora 

En garde! 

Ah yes at number seven we have Fiora the french duelist. Honestly, I like this champion. She's fun to play and annoying for everybody else who’s against you. I especially liked her back in the old days with her old ultimate ability which was mega fun.

But it wasn't fun to play against at all. I hated every bit of it. Even now playing against a good Fiora sucks ass. Especially because of every god damn pleb who's in platinum ELO mains her for some reason. She's not even that hard to play you just spam Q until the enemies die. She has an AoE heal on her ultimate ability which helps her whole team btw and she has two empowered auto attacks on her E :).

Just a heads up she can parry any damn ability that you throw at her with her W and she even parries auto attacks!!! The only thing I can recommend to you is to play her so you can escape her. This french lady is also really hot, especially with the “Headmistress Fiora” skin. God, I wish she’d spank me with that ruler. Mommy material 10/10.

6. Yuumi 

Fishy fishy fish for my dishy dishy dish!

At number six we have Yummi the cute kitty. Oh oh oh this poor cat what has she gotten herself into. Yuumi is really sweet and simple to play and the best part about this cat is that you don't even have to use any abilities. As Yuumi you'll be pressing the least amount of buttons out of everyone in the game.

Now if you're asking me why is she hated so much? Well because she can attach to people and use them as a personal taxi, not like fake taxi you pervert. Oh, and when she's riding people she's invincible you can not and you will not kill her at all. Also thanks to her W passive ability she gives free adaptive force on whomever she's sitting. When I say that people hate Yuumi I really mean that they hate Yuumi with their whole existence. Especially if the doesn't have anyone to sit on she's in for a fun ride ;) in the fake taxi this time. No rules apply then to anyone it's a free game! 

5. Tryndamere 

My right arm is stronger then my left arm hehehe.

At number five we have an undying bastard Tryndamere. This guy crits like crazy and hits like a truck. Do not try to trade with him you will not win. Not even as the sexy french lady Fiora! The way he crits is by using his right arm that he uses for pleasuring himself because his wife Ashe won't let him smash. Serves him right to be honest.

Oh and also every time he crits with an auto-attack his Q is lowered by 1 second which in return means he can spam that ability. His Q is just a spin attack where he gives himself a concussion. Combine that with his ultimate ability which turns him immortal for a short period of time. If you’re wondering how long the ability lasts it’s the same amount of time as you do in bed (really short).

But that’s enough time for Tryndamare to kill the whole team. Be ready to take a huge sword up your back end while you’re under your turret. Nothing can stop this guy from getting that sweet and delicious kill :D.

4. Fizz

Wanna see a shark hihi?

At number four we have Fizz. I'd love to turn this guy into a delicious fish dish. That's how much I despise him. He's not hard to play and people who say he is, they're probably brain-damaged. Playing Fizz requires no brain, like come on did you think Fizz players had a brain and some brain cells? Nice joke.

Why is this fish fingers hated? Well because once he uses his E he becomes invincible and can jump over walls with it, also he can catch up to people because he has a free dash in his kit. I hope one day Fizz dashes through a window and he gets removed from the game. With his ultimate ability, he sends out a fish that bites your ankles and god forbid you caught that fish because a shark pops out then and eats your whole body. 

3. Lucian

There's light in the darkness.

At number three we have Lucian. Since I'm a dirty one-trick pony I hate playing against this champion and many people would agree with me as well. Every time I play against Lucian I start writing my suicide note and praying to Hezus that he doesn't know how to play him.

Lucian will bully you out of your lane simply by poking you with his Q and using his passive. If you decide to take the fight and stand up for yourself, nice joke you better sit down doggy. You're asking to be reported and banned because you will die over and over again to him. I'd rather play Yummi top lane and die over and over again and suffer a slow and painful death than ever again play against this champion. Disgusting. I also broke a lot of keyboards and mice playing against this champion 

2. Malzahar 

He spreads AIDS to people. 

At number dos we have Malzahar the void guy. This creature has a point and click CC ultimate ability. That locks you in place, sucks your HP out and makes sure that you don't escape his pleasure dungeon. Not only that but he can give AIDS to minions which spreads slowly onto you and once it does boom 20% HP just gone like they never existed. When playing against him I'd recommend you save yourself the trouble and that you either go AFK or switch lanes with someone forcefully.

This champion comes straight from the void because his soul and heart are empty like the void and all he enjoys is giving AIDS to people. Also, he has a nice ability that silences everyone who passes through it or if they touch the wall. The only good thing about this champion is when he's on your team and I hope he is on your team!

I wouldn't wish anyone to play against this creature. One quick mention is that Malzahar himself will summon his kids who also have AIDS and they’ll beat you into submission. 

1. Teemo

Shrooms everywhere I'm high off my own stuff. 

At number uno we have the goddamn devil himself Teemo. This guy might look cute but don't let that deceive you, he's the monster that lives under your bed!! Every pro player hates this champion and if they play him they're kicked out of the team. It serves them right! Even Riot themselves made a skin for this champion that looks like the goddamn devil. Yes, the creators depicted this champion as the devil himself!

His damn Q ability blinds you and makes you miss every single auto-attack that you try to hit him with but oh no no no the pain doesn't stop there. Teemo can defecate shrooms out of his anus and god forbid you step on them because if you do you'll have a great fun time :). And at later stages when he's a higher level he will make sure that there are shrooms everywhere and that you die a slow and painful death.

Now Teemo can be played in any lane he desires and as he pleases he doesn't care so f this champion the most. I hope one day he gets deleted off of the face of the Earth. This is the champion that made me punch my monitor and then later I cried about it in the shower. 

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