[Top 10] League of Legends Best Early Game Champions!

League of Legends Best Early Game Champions
If you lose early game with them just delete the game at that point plz ty.

Hello guys and girls and welcome back to another article of mine. In this article, you’ll find out which champions are best for the early game! This means that in the beginning of the match you’ll dominate your lane and bully the enemy laner so hard that he will question his life choices and why he’s playing this damn game. The main thing with these champions is to get fed as fast as possible so you can end the match in about 20 minutes. But if it does happen that you go into the mid-game you’re still fine so just try your best to not get to the late game because some of the champions fall off and some don’t. But enough about me rambling about nothing that important let’s get into the champions!

10. Nami

She makes for good sushi 

Let’s start off this list with Nami and I don’t mean the sexy-looking character from One Piece our Nami is from League of Legends and she’s a fish. Well, she also might be sexy I don’t know what kind of weird stuff you’re into. With Nami either you’ll turn alive champions into dead champions or you’ll get yourself turned into some good ol’ tasty sushi and who doesn’t like sushi right? Nami is a support champion but don’t let that steer you away from her! You won’t be relying on your ADC it’s quite the opposite in fact. They’ll be relying upon you mainly because you have a CC ability, a damage amplifier ability, and a heal now that’s what I call a real support champion!

What makes her Great in Early Game:

  • Can easily poke the opponents
  • Give a damage amplifier to your ADC
  • Has a CC ability that can be used to catch unsuspecting opponents or stop someone from chasing you or your ADC
  • Nami’s ultimate ability is a whole damn wave the damages, knocks up, and slows enemies! (the tidal wave is almost big as the lane) 

See Nami Own Hard in Early Game:

9. Aatrox

The handsome world ender.

At number nine we have Aatrox the world ender or whatever this monster calls himself. He’s a god damn monster in the lore and in the game. Good luck trying to beat him in a 1v1 early game because you won’t unless you play other champions from this article that are also top lane hehe! As Aatrox you don’t have a mana pool or a stamina pool so you’re free to use your abilities as you please even if you miss them it’s not a big deal just wait for them to go off cooldown. Not to mention that you also have healing built into his kit so don’t worry too much about losing a trade with your opponent you’ll gain that HP back in no time!

What makes him Great in Early Game:

  • Got a built in healing kit 
  • No mana or stamina, abilities can be spammed 
  • Perfect alpha body build 

See Aatrox Own in Early Game:

8. Pantheon 

Long live the spartans!!

At number eight we have Pantheon the god of war or as in this game, it’s called an aspect of war but eh the same thing really just different words ya know. With Pantheon you’ll be able to dominate your lane as long as you have mana once you run out of mana well may you pray to your God because even he can’t save you then. As Pantheon your main point is to jump on their head with your W beat them up, press your Q and if they decide to attack you, you press E and defend yourself behind the virgin wall that blocks all incoming damage in front of you. With your ultimate ability, you launch yourself across the map landing like a badass unless you get killed while charging it then you look like perfect meme material. 

What makes him Great in Early Game:

  • Can bully your laners as long as you have mana to do so 
  • Ultimate has really long range can be used to travel around the map to save your teammates 
  • Has a point and click CC ability 
  • Block all incoming damage in front of you with your E ability

See Pantheon Own in Early Game:

7. Tristana

This god damn midget ruined my life!

At number seven we have a midget that dominates the early game like she owns the bot lane and mid lane and her name is Tristana! This little midget can jump everywhere if you use her abilities correctly. Now if you’re asking yourself how does one person do that well it’s simple really. The first time you can use your W it goes on cooldown like every normal ability. But if you get yourself a kill the ability resets or if you managed to proc your E ability fully then it resets again so yeah you’ll be jumping everywhere with this damn midget. The downside to this champion is that she starts with a really low attack range so everyone can poke her with basic auto attacks but later her auto attack range increases thanks to her passive ability! Also, don’t be surprised if you see this damn midget in the mid-lane. 

What makes her Great in Early Game:

  • Lots of jumping around 
  • Hard to gank, escapes 99% of the time
  • Her R ability shoots you backwards knocking you as far as possible from her
  • Small midget small hitbox :D 

See Tristana Own in Early Game:

6. Miss Fortune

Ruin me, mommy

At number six we have our favorite mommy dom of bot lane and that’s Miss Fortune. Well, you might be questioning yourself why is she at number six after everything you read about Tristana? Well, remember how I said that Tristana has really low attack range yeah… Miss Fortune doesn’t so that’s why she beats her in the early game. Also, it’s worth to mention that all of her abilities are designed to poke the opponents. Her Q ability can be used on a minion and it will bounce to the target behind the minion and if the minion dies to your Q ability that damage is doubled. You can also play around with champions that have a low attack range by using your W ability correctly. Your E ability slows in an area that you used it and your R ability can be used in team fights or to clear out a huge wave fast and quickly. 

What makes her Great in Early Game:

  • Easy to poke the opponent thanks to the Q
  • Can move around quickly 
  • Ultimate can be used to clean out waves or in team fights 
  • Can also go AP to do a little bit of trolling hehe

See Miss Fortune Own in Early Game:

5. Darius

Glorious executions, glorious effects!

At number five we have our favorite noxian executioner Darius. As Darius, your one and only goal is to stomp the top lane so hard that the enemy cries themselves to sleep tonight. Darius's passive ability is on cocaine by the amount of bleeding damage it deals especially at full stacks. Once you start bleeding your enemies they'll be wondering if their champion got a menstrual cycle by the amount of blood that leaves their body. Also if you read my previous article about ultimate abilities you'll know how satisfying it is to use. I can not recommend it enough. Go try him and play him! Not only will you have fun splitting people in half but you'll also be stomping the early game as much as possible! 

What makes him Great in Early game:

  • Bleeding damage so high they think their champion got their period
  • Satisfying af ultimate ability splits people in half. 
  • Massive life steal with his Q ability 
  • His W is an empowered auto-attack that gives brain damage to people 

See Darius Own in Early Game:

4. Lucian 

You know what they say about big guns big hands ;)

At number four we have the guy who bullies bot laners way too much. His name is Lucian. Like holy hell how many times I've wished for death playing against this guy. It doesn't even take any damn skill which is the annoying part. Anyone and I mean anyone can play this champion and that's all thanks to his passive ability which allows him to fire two shots after using an ability. If you pair this creature up with Nami and she empowers his auto attacks yeah good luck trying to stay mentally sane. You might as well search the number of your therapist because you're going to need it. And yes before you ask he bullies every single champion in the bot lane even the ones above that I mentioned that's why he's at number four. This guy is created for the early game domination.

What makes him Great in Early game: 

  • Annoying af to play against 
  • Lane bully especially if his support is Nami
  • Ultimate ability can be used to clear waves or simply to do a drive-by on a lonely champion 
  • Has a dash ability 
  • Fires two shots each time he uses an ability 

See Lucian Own in Early Game:

3. Ziggs

This god damn terrorist made me lose in 10 minutes. 

At number three we have our favorite terrorist Ziggs. Ziggs ah this god damn midget who’s obsessed with explosions and exploding everything and everywhere. When it comes to playing him just spam your abilities that’s your main point and once your run out of mana just teleport back to lane and do it all over again and again. Not to mention that Ziggs deals bonus damage to turrets so he’s pretty much the king of pushing lanes and winning the early game! Also, he’s AP so yeah your opponents are going to wish they were never born. 

What makes him Great in Early Game:

  • Easy poke easy early game win
  • Simple champion with a simple task in mind and that’s pushing turrets and ending the game early
  • He’s a god damn midget terrorist

See Ziggs Own in Early Game:

2. Zed

Shadow ninja who clones himself. F this champ

At number two we have the shadow ninja Zed. This champion starts to dominate the early game as soon as he hits level 3 and that’s thanks to his W ability. His W ability allows him to summon a shadow clone that does everything he does. So if someone is on the opposite side of the god damn planet don’t worry you can still kill them. Nobody can hide from you anymore. His ultimate ability is special because he charges onto an opponent and goes inside them tearing them inside and outside. 

What makes him Great in Early Game:

  • Thanks to his clone he can kill people from the opposite side of the planet 
  • Easily escapes 
  • He’s an assassin so he automatically wins against ADC’s and supports 

See Zed Own in Early Game:

1. Yasuo 

Virgin champ for virgin players

At number uno we have Yasuo the wind shitter. This champion is played by god damn virgins and let me tell you why. He has a passive shield that protects him from all damage and the way he charges his shield is by walking :). Next thing is that his W ability blocks all missile abilities and ranged auto attacks. I mean how much of a scardy cat can you get geez. But that’s why he’s the best in the early game, especially that he can dash a lot and poke without any consequences. Also pushing and last hitting with this champion is a piece of cake, I can do it with my god damn eyes closed!

What makes him Great in Early Game:

  • Free passive shield that’s charged by walking 
  • W ability blocks all missile abilities and ranged auto attacks 
  • Dash and poke without any worries like who’s going to stop you? No one that’s god damn right!

See Yasuo Own in Early Game:

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