[Top 10] LoL Best Champions For Fast Farming! (2022 Edition)

LoL Best Champions For Fast Farming!
If you're under 8 cs/min you're a disgrace! Get back to the tutorial and learn to farm!

When it comes to League of Legends, having a good farm or CS per minute can decide if you win or lose the game. Having an 8 CS per minute is considered decent. If you have anything lower you should try aiming for that godly number 8.

Every professional or challenger LoL player will tell you the same. But sometimes it’s just impossible and you’re being held back by your champion. Today you will get over that problem and I’ll give you a list of champions that are best for farming. Let's not waste any more time, and let’s get into our top 10. 

10. Twisted Fate

"I never play fair, I always have an ACE under my sleeve"

Let’s start out the list with Twisted Fate “The Card Master”. When it comes to farming this guy is pretty much up there. Being one of the first champions released it’s no surprise Riot made him like he is. You see killing minions grants you bonus gold which can be from 1 shekel right up there to 6 shekels which is the max. Not only that but your abilities also help you with farming. Those abilities range from your Q to your W.

Twisted Fate with his Q “Wild Cards” launches three cards in different directions, these cards not only deal a lot of damage but can be used to quickly clear out a huge wave of minions or jungle camps. The next ability that helps you with farming quickly is your W “Pick a Card”. Specifically, your red card will help you the most with this because it deals AoE damage on anything that it hits. Combine these abilities with some items and you got yourself a niche little power farmer that can clear out camps in the blink of an eye. 

What makes Twisted Fate Great For Fast Farming: 

  • Has two abilities that help him with farming quickly. 
  • Gains bonus gold from killing minions. 
  • Q if used at a specific angle can potentially clear out a whole wave. 
  • The red card is mostly used for clearing out huge minion waves because it deals AoE damage.

See Twisted Fate In action:

9. Veigar

"I am evil even if I'm tiny!"

Now we have the midget Veigar “The Tiny Master of Evil”. This Lil fella likes to think that he’s evil but in reality, he’s the cutest midget out there. When it comes to Veigar and his farming potential it’s simple. The more you farm the more AP you get, the more AP you get the faster you can farm. You see With Veigar you gain a permanent bonus of 1 AP if you manage to kill a minion with your Q “Baleful Strike”.

The more minions you kill with your Q “Baleful Strike” the stronger you get and your abilities get even more powerful. Later throughout the game, you’ll be able to one-shot minions with your Q “Baleful Strike” or your W “Dark Matter”. When it comes to playing Veigar he’s a mid laner and sometimes can be picked as support. But for your most efficient way of farming with the midget you should go to the mid lane. 

 What makes Veigar Great For Fast Farming: 

  • The more AP you have the stronger your abilities are, the stronger the abilities are the faster you can farm. 
  • Veigar is a scaling champion. If played decently at the 15th-minute mark you should be farming and pushing your lane without a sweat. 
  • Vegiar’s W “Dark Matter'' is the most useful against jungle camps and for fast farming while on a lane. 

See Veigar In action:

8. Cassiopeia

"There is no antidote for me"

Now we have the wonderful sexy snake Cassiopeia “The Serpent’s Embrace”. Also known as Katarina’s sister. Cassiopeia comes from the region of Noxus and she brings terror to the Summoners Rift with her fangs that she sticks into her opponent’s back cracks. When it comes to farming with Cassiopeia it’s relatively easy once you get used to it. Your main ability will be your E “Twin Fang”.

This ability’s mana is reset if you last hit a minion with it. “Twin Fangs” damage is doubled if the target is poisoned by one of your abilities either your Q “Noxious Blast” or your W “Miasma”. For Cassiopeia to farm fast and efficiently I’d highly recommend that you poison the minions or jungle camps first with your Q or W and then spam E on them until they’re dead. At the beginning of the game, you’ll have mana issues but that problem will be solved later throughout the game. 

What makes Cassiopeia Great For Fast Farming:

  • She’s able to spam her E “Twin Fang” onto a minion as much as she wants, the cooldown is 1 second. 
  • Deals double damage with her E if the target is being poisoned. 
  • During the mid to late game, Cassiopeia will be a powerhouse that’s clearing out jungle camps and waves in seconds. 

See Cassiopeia In action:

7. Draven

"Welcome to the League of Draven"

Draven “The Glorious Executioner” is another champion that comes straight from the region of Noxus. Same as Cassiopeia he brings terror to the Summoners Rift with his huge axes that he chucks at the skulls of his enemies. Unlike the past champions on this list, Draven can farm quickly from the beginning of the game with his Q “Spinning Axe”. As an ex-Draven main, I can safely say that this champion can stomp over his enemies.

Not only does he excel at dealing high amounts of damage but he’s also able to one-shot the ranged minions with 1 auto-attack and later in the game he’s able to clear out a whole wave in just under 3 seconds. Don’t believe me on that? Well, you’ll just have to play him to find out then :p. Draven also gains bonus attack speed from his W “Blood Rush” which can be useful for even faster farming. 

What makes Draven Great For Fast Farming:

  • Ability to kill ranged minions with 1 auto-attack. 
  • In the later stages of the game, he can clear out a whole wave in under 3 seconds. 
  • Gains bonus attack speed and movement speed from his W “Blood Rush”.  

See Draven In action:

6. Evelynn

"Let's see whose life I shall ruin today"

At number six we have my sleep paralysis demon Evelynn “Agony’s Embrace”. Because of this champion I had to switch to a new keyboard because my Q button broke. The reason for that is because all you have to do with Evelynn is to spam your Q “Hate Spike” and watch the money roll in. Evelynn is a jungler that excels at farming quickly and clearing out her jungle faster than the enemy.

Sometimes you might run into some trouble if you get invaded but that won’t stop this monster from getting what she wants and that’s money. To make your farming even more efficient Evelynn can use her E “Whiplash” that deals damage to anyone she passes through. Combine these two and you got yourself a pretty fast farmer. Just remember that you might need a new keyboard if you constantly play her. 

What makes Evelynn Great For Fast Farming:

  • Evelynn can quickly dispatch all of her jungle camps because of her Q “Hate Spike”. 
  • Evelynn’s E “Whiplash” deals damage to anyone she passes through. Try to strategically position yourself to increase the speed at which you farm. 
  • Q “Hate Spike” has a relatively low cooldown so be prepared to be spamming it during the whole game. 

See Evelynn In action:

5. Vi

"My sister is a bit crazy in the head"

Now we have my favorite girl here Vi “The Piltover Enforcer”. Oh, boy I love playing this champion especially after a few buffs that Riot Games gave her. Not only that but also because of how easy it is to clear out the jungle with Vi. You might think that the succubus demon is faster but you’re wrong it’s Vi.

Abilities that make Vi a fast farmer are her Q “Vault Breaker” and her E “Relentless Force”. Especially when these abilities are combined together they can devastate the jungle in no time. She sadly doesn’t have the fastest clear speed but that’s not a problem. If you ever see a huge wave in a lane and your laner is dead or missing be sure to take it with your E since it does AoE damage and clears the wave in no time. The same goes for the Q and you also get a free dash with it. So it’s a win-win situation for you. 

What makes Vi Great For Fast Farming:

  • Vi’s E “Relentless Force” does AoE damage when she claps her hand’s gamers.
  • Her Q clears and kills everyone that’s in front of her, you also get a free dash with it. 
  • Able to clear out jungle camps quickly so she can contest at scuttle crab when it spawns.

See Vi In action:

4. Fiddlesticks

"It's hunting us. It knows what we are afraid of"

Now it’s time to get a bit spooky with Fiddlesticks “The Ancient Fear”. He’s one of the oldest demons that exist on Runeterra. When it comes to fast farming or clearing out jungle camps he does it best. He sucks them dry until they all die. I might prefer Vi for this a tiny bit more but everyone has their preferences.

Some people like slapping others and some like sucking others, it's all up to you. The sucking ability of Fiddlesticks is his W “Bountiful Harvest”. This ability does not have a cap on how many targets it can suck as long as they’re in his range. To farm even faster with Fiddledidle you can buy some extra AP items so the ability deals its max damage potential as it’s intended. 

What makes Fiddlesticks Great For Fast Farming:

  • Fiddlesticks W “Bountiful Harvest” doesn’t have a target limit as long as they stay in his range. 
  • Damage of the sucking ability depends on how much AP you have. The higher the AP the higher the damage.
  • The ability has a really low cooldown timer which in return means you can use it as much as you want as long as you have the mana for it. 

See Fiddlesticks In action:

3. Brand

"I want to set the world on fire"

Brand “The Burning Vengeance” is similar to Ghost Rider. Both want to set the world on fire because it wronged them and they want to take revenge now. Brand is taking revenge by farming fast on the Summoners Rift. I kid you not, this champion can farm so fast with his abilities it’s insane. It surprises me every time.

The main abilities for farming are his W “Pillar Of Flame” and E “Conflagration”. These abilities act like they’re on crack once Brand gets some items. The farming potential then skyrockets the same as his speed. With his E “Conflagration” the flames spread from minion to minion burning them alive and his W “Pillar Of Flame” explodes the ground that they stand on in a blaze of flame. 

What makes Brand Great For Fast Farming:

  • Has two abilities in his kit that allow him to farm like he’s on crack his W and his E. 
  • Brand’s W “Pillar Of Flame” sets the ground ablaze and turns the enemy’s minions into dust. 
  • Brand’s E “Conflagration” spreads fire from minion to minion burning them alive until they die. This process can be extraordinarily faster by buying AP items. 
  • Brand’s abilities are like napalm because they stick to anything. 

See Brand In action:

2. Yasuo

"Death is like the wind always by my side"

Yasuo “The Unforgiven” is a special kind of samurai that just spawns winds from his sword. When it comes to farming with Yasuo it’s really simple. You dominate the lane no matter what match-up you’re against except one champion that will get the number one spot. As Yasuo you farm with your Q “Steel Tempest” and sometimes you slide with your E “Sweeping Blade”. 

You can also combine these two abilities into one called a “Keyblade” where Yasuo spins like a fidget spinner and gets brain damage. But let’s be honest all Yasuo players have brain damage. When it comes to an even faster farm with Yasuo you have to buy crit items on him. That’s how he scales and clears out minions and jungle camps with ease. 

What makes Yasuo Great For Fast Farming:

  • Yasuo’s Q “Steel Tempest” is the best weapon against minions and clearing out waves. 
  • His E “Sweeping Blade” allows him to slide across minions like he’s some kind of ninja. 
  • Combining Q and E together makes Yasuo spin around like a fidget spinner and that’s called “Keyblade”. 
  • Scales really well with crit items. 

See Yasuo In action:

1. Irelia

"I haven't killed a human only lots of Noxians"

Number one spot is reserved for none other but Irelia “The Blade Dancer”. This girl will beat anyone in fast farming. It doesn’t matter who it is, she will beat them to a pulp. Some champions need 2-3 abilities to farm quickly but all that Irelia needs is one and that’s her Q “Bladesurge”. The way she does that is by dashing towards a target with “Bladesurge” if the target dies the cooldown is refreshed and heals Irelia in the process.

It’s simple, it’s unique and most importantly it’s fun to use. If you never farmed a huge wave of minions with Irelia I highly encourage you to do it. Everyone loves it and it’s really satisfying to do. Not only does it make Irelia the best fast farming champion but it also gives her a dash in her kit. This dash she can use to get close to the enemies and send them to heaven or hell. Where they belong. 

What makes Irelia Great For Fast Farming:

  • Irelia needs only a single ability to farm quickly in the game and that’s her Q “Bladesurge”. 
  • Using “Bladesurge” gives Irelia some health back and also can act as a dash ability in her kit. 
  • “Bladesurge’s” cooldown is refreshed anytime that Irelia kills a minion or a champion. 

See Irelia In action:

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