League of Legends: 2018 Spring Promotion Tournament ends, Team Liquid and Phoenix1 to stay in the LCS

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The two LCS teams stay in the LCS, while the CS teams can try again next year.

As a side note, Liquid has been in two promotion tournaments in a row.

The 2018 Spring Promotion Tournament was quite the action packed set of games. After multiple 3-2 series, we learned that the LCS and CS would not be trading members. Both LCS teams stayed in the LCS, and both CS teams stayed in the CS. Every series eUnited was in ending in a 3-0 one way or the other, which begs the question: blessing or curse? Considering they’re still in the NACS, let’s assume the latter.  
Riot also released an infographic on the tournament, which I analyzed in this article.

The NA LCS Spring Playoffs are also upcoming. I’ve also written an article on that tournament, but never really went in depth as to what relation the teams in the tournament have to each other. All 6 are well known teams, with the best examples being TSM after winning Rift Rivals and Cloud 9 having extremely popular streamers in the form of Sneaky and co. The players have also all been facing each other for years now, albeit on different teams for some of that time. You never know if games involving these teams will be a bout of rivalry or a bit of good fun. The occasional BM is typically seen in these kinds of games, but this is the end of split tournament. Since TSM and Immortals have a bye for the first round, we’ll be missing two teams already once we hit the semifinals. Based on statistics, Dignitas and Envy would be the two teams to lose. This would mean that Cloud9 is against TSM and CLG is against Immortals, since the higher seed (CLG) goes against the higher bye. The two teams being tied makes this a little complicated, but the bracket says Immortals is the higher of two seeds. Regardless, you can be sure there’ll be news coverage once the playoffs come around.

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