[Top 15] LoL Best Korean Players Right Now

LoL Best Korean Players

Korea is known in the League of Legends community for giving rise to talented players who would later become the world’s very best. While we all probably know who stands at the top, let’s try and rank the best current League players in Korea.

15. Teddy (Previously substitute Bot Laner for T1)

Although Teddy’s contract with T1 ended recently, with his level of skill we are bound to see him on the big stage soon enough. His playstyle usually involved massacring enough minions in order to snowball into the late game.

His favorite champion is Ezreal, once even dyeing his hair blonde just to match his hairstyle. That being said, Teddy still manages to dominate his games with other champions. His Kai’Sa is a sight to behold.

Latest best achievement: 1st place LCK Spring 2020 as a player for T1 ($81,196 prize amount)

Teddy highlights

14. Ghost (DWG KIA, Bot Laner)

If it weren’t for his miraculous level up in 2019, we probably wouldn’t be talking about Ghost right now. He used to be considered as the worst starting player in LCK the year before, however, he overcame this with an outstanding performance in the 2019 Season earning the nickname “Holy Ghost” or “Holy Spirit”.

Ghost once again showed the world that he was worthy of playing with the greats in 2020 when he joined DAMWON Gaming and emerged victorious at the 2020 World Championship, proving to everyone once and for all that he is not to be taken lightly.

Latest best achievement: 1st place 2020 Worlds Championship as a player for DWG ($556,250 prize amount)

Ghost highlights

13.  Rascal (Gen.G, Top Laner)

Gen.G hasn’t had much success in the past two years but that doesn’t necessarily mean their players have lost their touch. Rascal is still more than capable of handling himself in the top lane, especially when playing Lee Sin and Camille.

Watching Rascal play champions like Renekton and Gnar, it often seems a bit awkward. Seeing as he’s an amazing player you can’t really say he doesn’t know how to play those champions but it does seem like he’s more suited for agile picks. Aggressively going in while still having a safe way to get out is what, in my opinion, makes this player stand out the most.

Latest best achievement: 3-4th place 2021 World Championship as a player for Gen.G ($178,000 prize amount)

Rascal highlights

12. Gumayusi (T1, Bot Laner)

Having mostly been just a trainee and substitute on T1 in past years, Gumayusi didn’t have many opportunities to show us his true potential. However, seeing his climb to Rank 1 on the KR server this year as well as his pentakill in the LCK 2021 Spring, it’s safe to assume that he’s going to be a great asset to T1 in the coming years maybe even help them bring back the crown.

Latest best achievement: 3-4th place 2021 World Championship as a player for T1 ($178,000 prize amount)

Gumayusi highlights

11. Keria (T1, Support)

It isn’t often that younger players choose a supporting role, but when it does happen you can expect the same level of passion that you would get from any other carry position player. At the end of 2020 T1 got themselves a promising young support by the name of Keria.

Keria’s favorite champions are Pyke and Thresh, probably the most playmaking supports in the game right now. With Gumayusi as his laner as of this year, I’ve got a feeling we’ll be seeing a new world-class duo in the bottom lane coming into the next year.

Latest best achievement: 3-4th place 2021 World Championship as a player for T1 ($178,000 Prize amount)

Keria highlights

10. Khan (Previously Top Laner for DWG KIA)

Khan changes teams so often you can almost call it a hobby. However, despite being a member of about a dozen teams in the past, he does bring remarkable value to every team he’s on. Khan has the most LCK titles as a top laner, with five titles on four different teams, including the great SKT T1.

His favorite champion is Jayce, with whom he’s had quite a bit of success, but he’s also known to have dabbled with Top Lane Lucian, even earning a pentakill in Worlds 2021 against Rogue.

Latest best achievement: 2nd place 2021 World Championship as a player for DK ($333,750 prize amount)

Khan highlights

9. Peanut (NS RedForce, Jungler)

In solo queue, there’s always a guy that types “bad team” in chat and usually, they’re just full of themselves. However, in Peanut’s case, you just have to feel kinda bad for the guy. He used to be on top, playing alongside Faker in SKT and on other great teams like KZ and ROX Tigers only to end up in NS RedForce whose name most people haven’t even heard of.

Peanut is known best for his Olaf, Nidalee, and Elise once going 11/0/6 in a game against SKT during LCK 2018 Spring, a feat practically no one can accomplish. Going into the next year we can only hope that NS gets their act together so we can see Peanut rise to his former glory.

Latest best achievement: 2nd place MSI 2018 as a player for KZ ($267,251 prize amount)

Peanut highlights

8. Bang (Afreeca Freecs, Substitute Bot Laner)

Bang, unfortunately, shares the same fate as Peanut. Most world-class players in Korea at one point played in SKT, and this shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the fact that any player, when given the opportunity will want to play on the same team as Faker. Sadly, when they transition to another team, it more often than not doesn’t end well for the player.

Thought of as one of the best players of all time, Bang hasn’t had any notable success in a previous couple of years. That being said, it would still be quite disrespectful not to put him on this list based on his prior achievement and amazing skill that he displays to this day.

Latest best achievement: 1st place MSI 2017 as a player for SKT T1 ($676,000 prize amount)

Bang highlights

7. Canna (T1, Top Laner)

Canna has been a killing machine ever since his rookie years when he earned the unofficial achievement, Royal Roader in 2020 for winning a final in a major league as a rookie. Ever since then he was known as the “Solo Kill King” because of his tendency to dominate his opponents without the help of his team. He often picks popular, meta champions like Jayce and Kennen.

Latest best achievement: 3-4th place 2021 World Championship as a player for T1 ($178,000 prize amount)

Canna highlights

6. ShowMaker (Previously Mid Laner for DWG KIA)

Not a lot of players pick Zoe, but when they do it’s extremely entertaining. Yes, ShowMaker is more known for his Katarina, LB, Syndra, and Akali but his Zoe is always fun to watch and he did say that he picked his name ShowMaker because he wants to put on a show.

All being said, his Akali gameplay does also look really satisfying and while some people would argue that that’s just Akali doing Akali things, it is much more difficult to pull off than some would believe.

Latest best achievement: 2nd place 2021 World Championship as a player for DK ($333,750 prize amount)

Showmaker highlights

5. Chovy (Hanwha Life, Mid Laner)

I think everyone can agree that while Faker is still the best player in the world, he has been slightly lacking his usual dominance in recent years. There was a time when no one could have even gotten close to being compared to him, while now we have extraordinary mid laners like Chovy who threaten Faker’s position as the best mid laner altogether.

While playing for the team Griffin, Chovy had some minor achievements, but it truly is heartbreaking that he is yet to win an LCK title. Hanwha Life did this man dirty, but since Chovy’s still only 20 years old, there is hope for him yet.

Latest best achievement: 2nd place LCK Summer 2020 as a player for DRX ($50,529 prize amount)

Chovy highlights

4. Oner (T1, Jungler)

Good junglers are really hard to come by. The jungler needs to be able to help the entire team while still taking objectives because if you don’t manage to get those Dragons and Barons, the game is pretty much done.

T1 has some amazing players, basically everyone, and Oner is not an exception. Just seeing him annihilate everyone with Talon in the Worlds 2021 game against DFM shows you the overwhelming strength of this player.

Latest best achievement: 3-4th place 2021 World Championship as a player for T1 ($178,000 prize amount)

Oner highlights

3. Ruler (Gen.G, Bot Laner)

Aggressively contesting CS and forcing trades, Ruler makes any player who matches against him fight for the right to farm. That being said, Ruler’s teamfighting is still what sets him apart from other AD carries. Being able to perfectly position himself in order to dish out the maximum amount of damage possible is no easy task, yet Ruler does it so cleanly.

Latest best achievement: 3-4th place 2021 World Championship as a player for Gen.G ($178,000 prize amount)

Ruler highlights

2. Deft (Hanwha Life Esports, Bot Laner)

When talking about teamfighting prowess, you can’t not talk about Deft. Whether he wins the bot lane or gets stomped, his damage output is just fascinating. Deft was often at the top of the damage charts in tournaments in 2014, 2015 as well as 2018.

We’ve already talked about Chovy and how his potential was wasted at HLE. Well, that probably goes double for Deft. They are by far the best players on that team, but even with them being as good as they are, League of Legends is still a 5v5 game.

Latest best achievement: 5-8th place 2018 World Championship as a player for KT Rolster ($258,000 prize amount)

Deft highlights

1. Faker (T1, Mid Laner)

Faker has been the face of professional League of Legends ever since Season 3 Worlds back in 2013. He has consistently dominated the field in every aspect of the game. Known as “The Unkillable Demon King” and “Faker Faker Playmaker”, Faker is as close to a perfect player as you can get.

In recent years Faker has allowed some players to come close to his level, but even if someone is better than him in one thing, he tops them in overall skill. You don’t even need to watch professional League to know his name and I don’t know if any current player is capable of saying the same.

Latest best achievement: 3-4th place 2021 World Championship as a player for T1 ($178,000 prize amount)

Faker highlights


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