[Top 15] LOL Best Bot Lane Duos That Are Amazing

LOL Best Bot Lane Duos That Are Amazing
They complement each other like Yin and Yang.

League of Legends is a team-based game, which means that everyone has to work together to destroy the enemy nexus. Synergy is imperative, especially for the bot lane, since the two players have extensive interactions with each other. In this article, we will look at some amazing duos in bot lane.


15. Twitch + Lulu

Twitch, the Plague Rat, was born in Zaun. He grew up digging through trash, searching for whatever he can find that he deems valuable.

Lulu, the Fae Sorceress, is an eccentric yordle. She goes around with her buddy, Pix, as she alters reality just to spice things up.

Twitch and Lulu work well together because of Lulu’s E ability, Help, Pix. When cast on an ally, Lulu sends Pix to them, giving them a shield. When the ally auto attacks, Pix will also shoot purple bolts at their target, dealing extra damage.

Why Twitch + Lulu is a Great Combo:

  • Since Twitch focuses on auto attacking at insane speeds, he really benefits from Pix’s purple bolts. The damage ramps up fast, making it almost impossible for enemies to survive.
  • Twitch can become invisible with his Q ability, Ambush. Pix also becomes invisible, allowing Lulu to use Help, Pix preemptively without the enemy noticing. Twitch can safely move to an off-angle to catch opponents off guard.
  • Lulu’s ultimate ability, Wild Growth, can give Twitch bonus health and knock up enemies around him. This lets Twitch fire away freely even when they try to get on top of him.


14. Tahm Kench + Senna

Tahm Kench, the River King, stalks the waters of Runeterra. He is able to strike his victims down even from a distance.

Senna, the Redeemer, had her soul trapped after a fight against the Black Mist. Nevertheless, she managed to use the Mist against itself, hoping to destroy it.

Tahm Kench and Senna are champions that scale really well. However, that doesn’t mean that they are weak in the laning phase. They can also make plays early on with their good all-in potential.

Why Tahm Kench + Senna is a Great Combo:

  • Tahm Kench’s W ability, Abyssal Dive, and Senna’s W ability, Last Embrace, give them really good crowd control (CC) in lane. They can apply a lot of pressure if both abilities land on the same target.
  • Senna’s Q ability, Piercing Darkness, is able to heal allies and damage enemies simultaneously. She is able to keep Tahm Kench alive when he engages, while dealing damage to the enemy he is targeting.
  • Tahm Kench’s ultimate ability, Devour, lets him eat an ally and gain movement speed. The ally will gain a shield after getting spit out. This lets him peel for Senna, who is a really squishy champion. She will become less vulnerable to assassins.


13. Jhin + Zyra

Jhin, the Virtuoso, is a lawbreaker who views his misdeeds as art. He was freed due to the clandestine operations within the Ionian council, spreading terror on its behalf.

Zyra, Rise of the Thorns, was created from the fury of nature. She roams about, taking over the places she comes across.

Jhin and Zyra both have a long range. They can deal damage to enemies while keeping their distance, making it difficult for the enemy laners to stay in lane as they will inevitably take lots of damage when trying to farm.

Why Jhin + Zyra is a Great Combo:

  • Zyra is able to spawn either long-ranged or short-ranged plants, depending on the ability she uses. They give her a lot of poke potential and the enemies will be too low to jump onto Jhin.
  • Jhin’s W ability, Deadly Flourish, has a long range and roots the enemy champion if they have recently taken damage from allies. With this, he can follow up on Zyra’s poke to CC opponents.
  • Zyra can deal a considerable amount of damage by herself. However, if she doesn’t manage to finish enemies off, Jhin has his ultimate ability, Curtain Call, to snipe them from afar.


12. Lucian + Nami

Lucian, the Purifier, fights fearlessly against the Black Mist. After seeing Senna get killed, he seeks revenge while protecting people from the atrocities of the Mist.

Nami, the Tidecaller, went out of the ocean to explore the surface above. With a precarious journey ahead, she holds onto her staff for the sea’s strength.

Lucian and Nami are known for their high burst damage as a duo. They have good synergy and are able to apply pressure from early on. With this, they can get ahead of the enemy as the opposing laners have to miss out on minions to stay alive.

Why Lucian + Nami is a Great Combo:

  • Nami’s E ability, Tidecaller’s Blessing, empowers her ally’s next three auto attacks, dealing bonus damage and slowing the enemy. This allows Lucian to burst down enemies quickly when he goes in.
  • Lucian’s E ability, Relentless Pursuit, allows him to dash to a target location. Nami can cast her W ability, Ebb and Flow, as he goes in, optimising the ability’s healing and damage.
  • Nami has decent hard CC from her Q ability, Aqua Prison, and her ultimate ability, Tidal Wave. This locks down the enemy for Lucian to unleash his ultimate ability, The Culling, fully.


11. Ashe + Milio

Ashe, the Frost Archer, heads the Avarosan tribe despite her discomfort with being a leader. She wishes to bring the Freljord together one day.

Milio, the Gentle Flame, is a young boy from Ixtal who has control over uniquely harmless flames. He hopes to liberate his family from exile by entering the Yun Tal.

Ashe and Milio are good together because of Ashe’s utility. Milio helps to enhance her auto attacks, which already apply a constant slowing effect on enemies. This prevents enemies from escaping from them easily.

Why Ashe + Milio is a Great Combo:

  • Milio’s passive, Fired Up, empowers his allies’ next auto attack, dealing extra damage and applying a burn. Since Ashe will auto attack all the time, she will apply this bonus a lot.
  • Milio’s W ability, Cosy Campfire, heals allies in a circle and gives them bonus range. This lets Ashe fire at enemies while standing even further back and away from potential danger.
  • Ashe’s ultimate ability, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, deals damage, stuns, and slows enemies hit. This helps her and Milio engage or disengage, depending on the situation.


10. Jinx + Milio

Jinx, the Loose Cannon, is a criminal from Zaun. She loves explosions and indulges in them without worrying about their ramifications.

Milio, the Gentle Flame, is a young boy from Ixtal who has control over harmless flames. He hopes to liberate his family from exile by entering the Yun Tal.

Unlike Ashe and Milio, Jinx and Milio have less utility since Jinx can’t slow enemies. However, they make up for it with the higher damage output from Jinx. She can thus mow down enemies efficiently.

Why Jinx + Milio is a Great Combo:

  • The extra range from Milio’s Cosy Campfire only serves to make Jinx even more powerful. She already has a longer range when her rocket launcher, Fishbones, is equipped, widening the gap between her and the enemies.
  • Jinx’s E ability, Flame Chompers, places three chompers on the ground. Enemies that walk on them get snared, taking damage. This helps to deny enemies from easily jumping onto both Jinx and Milio.
  • Milio’s E, Warm Hugs, grants his allies a shield and speeds them up. He can use it on Jinx to help her chase down fleeing targets. With this, she can get a reset on her passive, Get Excited, more reliably.


9. Draven + Nautilus

Draven, the Glorious Executioner, is famous in Noxus. He is theatrical when fighting and amazing at throwing axes, relishing the crowd’s cheer as he kills mercilessly.

Nautilus, the Titan of the Depths, was betrayed once. Although he has forgotten the details, he clearly remembers the painful feeling, using his anchor to kill the greedy.

Draven and Nautilus are two champions with immense pressure during the early game. With Nautilus’s engagement and Draven’s damage, enemies that are caught out almost always die to the duo. 

Why Draven + Nautilus is a Great Combo:

  • Nautilus’s Q ability, Dredge Line, deals damage to the target hit and pulls them towards him. Nautilus himself also dashes to the target. This lets Draven follow up to get easy kills.
  • Draven’s Q ability, Spinning Axe, gives his next auto attack more damage. If he manages to catch the axe after auto attacking, his auto attack is empowered again. This is what makes his early game damage so high.
  • Nautilus’s ultimate ability, Depth Charge, follows the target, dealing damage, knocking them up, and stunning them. Since this cannot be missed, enemies are unable to escape. It can also be used to defend Draven from assassins.


8. Miss Fortune + Thresh

Miss Fortune, the Bounty Hunter, is an infamous and heartless Bilgewater captain. She is duplicitous and will do whatever it takes to get what she wants.

Thresh, the Chain Warden, is a crafty spirit from the Shadow Isle. He gets enjoyment from the suffering of his victims, locking them up in his lantern.

While Miss Fortune and Thresh are already good before level 6, they really shine once they unlock their ultimate abilities. Once an enemy is caught out by Thresh, the damage Miss Fortune can deal is insane.

Why Miss Fortune + Thresh is a Great Combo:

  • Miss Fortune’s ultimate ability, Bullet Time, fires waves of bullets for three seconds, dealing damage to enemies hit. It deals a lot of damage if the enemies are hit for the full duration. Thresh just has to keep them in place.
  • Thresh’s ultimate ability, The Box, creates a zone around him. Enemies that try to pass through take damage and are heavily slowed. This ensures that Miss Fortune can unleash her entire ultimate on them.
  • Thresh’s W ability, Dark Passage, lets allies take his lantern to dash towards his location. They also gain a shield. Since Miss Fortune has no dashes, this helps her get out of previously inescapable situations.


7. Caitlyn + Lux

Caitlyn, the Sheriff of Piltover, is one of the best officers of the law in Piltover. In addition to her deadly weapon, she is extremely intelligent.

Lux, the Lady of Luminosity, is a mage in Demacia: a place that stigmatises magic. Being proud of her talents, she still tries to help the country, albeit secretly.

Both Caitlyn and Lux have a long range, making their poking power incredible. Laning against them is oppressive, especially if you have to farm under your turret. They will just constantly bombard you from far away.

Why Caitlyn + Lux is a Great Combo:

  • Lux’s Q ability, Light Binding, deals damage and snares up to two targets. This lets Caitlyn fire at them without worrying about counterattacks. 
  • Caitlyn’s W ability, Yordle Snap Trap, places down a trap that lets Caitlyn’s next auto attack deal more damage to the enemy that steps on it. It will also snare the target. Since it takes a moment to activate, Light Binding helps to ensure that the enemy does not escape.
  • Both Caitlyn and Lux’s ultimate abilities have a long range. Once the enemies are poked down by the duo, they will try to recall to heal up. The two ultimate abilities can be used to finish them off when they try to retreat.


6. Ezreal + Karma

Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer, is a charming adventurer who explores the world, regardless of its dangers. He relies on his quick thinking and trusty gauntlet to get him out of many sticky situations.

Karma, the Enlightened One, is the incarnation of an old spirit that has retained the memories of all its previous lives. Few can handle the power that she wields.

Ezreal and Karma also have a long range, giving them impressive poking power. They can farm safely or harass the enemy relentlessly. Both of them are fairly mobile as well, making it hard for opponents to lock them down.

Why Ezreal + Karma is a Great Combo:

  • Karma’s E ability, Inspire, gives a shield to the target, speeding them up. She can also empower it to grant the bonuses to all allies near her target. With this, Ezreal and herself can effortlessly dodge hostile skillshots.
  • Ezreal’s E ability, Arcane Shift, lets him blink to a location. This allows him to be very slippery. Karma will not need to worry as much about his safety, becoming able to focus on things like poking the enemy.
  • Ezreal’s Q ability, Mystic Shot, and Karma’s Q ability, Inner Flame, are their bread-and-butter poke abilities. Since they can spam these constantly, the enemies will be too low to engage on them.


5. Samira + Nautilus

Samira, the Desert Rose, is driven by an adrenaline rush. She has no fear for death, entering risky and life-threatening situations with pleasure.

Nautilus, the Titan of the Depths, was betrayed once. Although he has forgotten the details, he remembers the painful feeling, using his anchor to kill the greedy.

Samira and Nautilus are a scary duo to lane against. They are really aggressive and can easily zone the enemies away from precious gold and XP. They can burst down the typical squishy bot laners quickly.

Why Samira + Nautilus is a Great Combo:

  • An innate part of Samira’s passive, Daredevil Impulse, is that her auto attacks against immobilised enemies are empowered, dealing more damage. Since Nautilus has a lot of CC, he can help her make full use of this passive.
  • Samira’s W ability, Blade Whirl, blocks all projectiles coming towards her for 0.75 seconds. Since Nautilus and herself like to go all in, this ability can help them avoid dangerous spells.
  • Nautilus’s Q ability, Dredge Line, helps to catch enemies out for Samira. She just has to use her E ability, Wild Rush, to dash onto them, dealing damage and granting herself bonus attack speed.


4. Seraphine + Zyra

Seraphine, the Starry-Eyed Songstress, was born to perform. Music is a piece of her and she passionately shares it with the rest of the world.

Zyra, Rise of the Thorns, was created from the fury of nature. She roams about, taking over the places she comes across.

Seraphine and Zyra are two long-ranged champions that work well together. Zyra has a lot of poke to pressure enemies away from the minions, helping Seraphine farm safely since the latter does really well after being able to scale.

Why Seraphine + Zyra is a Great Combo:

  • As mentioned, Seraphine really shines during the late game team fights. This is because she provides both damage and utility. Zyra’s early game poke will force enemies to back away from Seraphine, who is weaker at the start.
  • Seraphine’s W ability, Surround Sound, shields and speeds up allies around her. If she is already shielded, she will heal them. This helps to keep Zyra and herself safe in case the enemy tries to catch them out.
  • Both Seraphine and Zyra have a lot of CC abilities. With this much utility, the opponents will have a difficult time during team fights. They will have to constantly be cautious of the duo’s abilities as one mistake could cost them their lives.


3. Kai’Sa + Blitzcrank

Kai’Sa, Daughter of the Void, barely managed to survive through her perseverance and strength. The time will come when she has to decide between the Void or the world that forsook her.

Blitzcrank, the Great Steam Golem, was a machine built in Zaun to remove garbage. However, he wanted to do more, upgrading himself to use his power to defend others.

Kai’Sa and Blitzcrank have really good synergy. Blitzcrank can catch someone out easily, while Kai’Sa, with her burst damage, can finish the target off swiftly. Enemies have to be careful when moving around the map to avoid getting picked off.

Why Kai’Sa + Blitzcrank is a Great Combo:

  • Blitzcrank’s Q ability, Rocket Grab, pulls the target towards him, dealing damage and stunning them. He essentially hands Kai’Sa a kill on a silver platter as all she has to do is throw her spells at them.
  • Due to the innate part of her passive, Second Skin, Kai’Sa applies plasma stacks on enemies. Consuming the fifth stack deals extra damage. Blitzcrank can CC enemies so Kai’Sa can easily consume it.
  • Kai’Sa’s ultimate ability, Killer Instinct, gives her a shield and allows her to dash to enemies with plasma stacks. Since allies’ CC can apply these stacks, she can dash to Blitzcrank’s target if she is too far away to deal damage.


2. Vayne + Janna

Vayne, the Night Hunter, is an unforgiving Demacian monster killer. Ever since a demon murdered her family, she has vowed to extinguish it.

Janna, the Storm’s Fury, protects the underprivileged in Zaun. A symbol of hope, she mysteriously but assuredly comes to people’s aid.

Vayne and Janna are able to perform well together throughout the game. Since Vayne is weaker in the early stages of the game, Janna, with her high utility, is able to peel for her. Vayne will be able to survive until the late game to become unstoppable.

Why Vayne + Janna is a Great Combo:

  • As mentioned, Vayne is not as strong in the beginning. She requires items to shred through the enemies. Knowing this, Janna can disrupt opponents from trying to kill her early on.
  • Janna’s E ability, Eye of the Storm, shields the target and grants them bonus attack damage. Not only does this help Vayne’s survivability, it also gives her more damage to potentially kill more enemies.
  • Janna’s ultimate ability, Monsoon, knocks enemies back while healing allies around her. During team fights, Vayne has her Q ability, Tumble, to kite opponents. However, if there are too many people on top of her, Janna can help to prevent Vayne from dying.


1. Xayah + Rakan

Xayah, the Rebel, and Rakan, the Charmer, are star-crossed lovers. Despite being complete opposites, together, they work towards safeguarding their tribe and revitalising their race to its former glory.

Xayah and Rakan are perfect for each other; they even appear in each other’s splash art. Aside from that, they can also recall together. If either one starts channelling their recall, the other can join at any time during the channel to go back to base as one.

Why Xayah + Rakan is a Great Combo:

  • Xayah’s W ability, Deadly Plumage, grants her bonus attack speed. She also gets movement speed when attacking enemies. If Rakan is nearby, he also gains these bonuses. The ability essentially strengthens two champions at once.
  • Rakan’s E ability, Battle Dance, shields the target and allows him to dash to them. He can cast this ability twice. If Xayah is the target, this ability has a longer range. Rakan can escape or help Xayah more easily than when paired with other champions.
  • Rakan’s ultimate ability, the Quickness, grants him movement speed, dealing damage, slowing, and charming enemies he runs into. This lets him peel enemies off Xayah when she is in trouble. He can also use this to engage on them to help her get kills more effortlessly.


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