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ARAM, or All Random All Mid, has been League’s most premier alternate game mode aside from the classic Summoner’s Rift. With URF and One For All only dropping by a couple of times a year and with Twisted Treeline being taken out of the game, ARAM remains the best option for a super chill and low-pressure way to play League of Legends. You may not have much of a choice when choosing your champion, but this article will be counting down the best champions in ARAM so when you get one of them you’ll be sure to know how to secure a victory

10. Jinx

Jinx has an exceptional amount of AOE damage for an ADC, being able to easily get a ton of splash damage from the rocket part of her Q. This effect is great in  ARAM, where so many champions are always clumped up together

What Makes Jinx Great For ARAM:

  • Jinx’s Q allows her to get a ton of chip damage in to potentially the entire enemy team during a skirmish or fight
  • Jinx’s E can ordinarily be a little tricky to get the most use out of in regular League, at least not without support setting it up for you. But in a game mode as chaotic as ARAM, it can be quite difficult for an enemy to realize the traps are there and avoid stepping on them
  • Similar to why Jinx’s Q is good, Jinx’s R is also very good in ARAM because you can launch it down midlane and easily hit at least 3 targets for a ton of damage
  • As with any ADC, Jinx needs items to scale and be effective. ARAM is a game mode that’s designed to be played out quickly, with a surplus of gold to allow champions to his power spikes faster. This means Jinx and any ADC will get very strong very fast
  • Not only does Jinx’s passive become very easy to proc in ARAM, once it’s been activated once it becomes very easy to get kill after kill now that you have so much bonus attack and movement speed

Watch A Pro Play Jinx In ARAM: 


9. Kog’Maw

Similar to Jinx, Kog’Maw is another ADC that is great in ARAM due to his multiple AOE and high damage abilities

What Makes Kog’Maw Great For ARAM: 

  • If built AD then Kog’Maw very quickly scales into an absolute monster, firing out auto attacks to multiple enemies at once and shredding health bars
  • Kog’Maw’s abilities are great for ARAM, with an AOE slow on his E that can make it harder for the enemy team to disengage and an ultimate that can wreak havoc an any clumped up enemies
  • If built AP then Kog’Maw becomes a powerful burst mage, being able to do ludicrous amounts of damage on both his ultimate and on his auto attacks
  • Even dying as Kog’Maw is beneficial, as it’s much easier to get closer to a group of enemies with your passive in ARAM then it is in Summoner’s Rift


Watch A Pro Play Kog’Maw On ARAM: 


8. Ezreal

Ezreal dominates ARAM with abilities that are both high-damage and very spammable

What Makes Ezreal Great For ARAM:

  • All of Ezreal’s abilities are high-damage skillshots, and all of them become far easier to hit on ARAM then on Summoner’s Rift
  • Ezreal’s Q is fantastic poke, It’s really easy to whittle down the enemy team until they’re low enough to be easily engaged upon
  • It’s super easy to die in ARAM if you get caught out because the enemy team is always grouped, so it’s great to have Ezreal’s E for a quick escape if that happens
  • Similar to Jinx, Ezreal’s ultimate has a lot more impact in ARAM because of how easy it is to hit a lot of people with it all at once
  • Ezreal is very much a late-game scaler, and in ARAM you can reach those insane power spikes with him really quickly


Watch A Pro Play Ezreal On ARAM: 


7. Darius

Darius uses crowd control and high damage to completely take over any ARAM game

What Makes Darius Great For ARAM:

  • Darius often builds at least a little tanky, which is great for ARAM where he can plant himself in the middle of the enemy team while doing damage and not dying
  • Darius can also be built with full damage, and full AD Darius can be an absolute terror in the right position
  • Darius has innate healing off of his Q, and this healing increases with each champion hit by his Q. So in ARAM where enemies are often clumped up together it’s really easy to get a lot of healing
  • Darius’ E is perfect for setting up kills for the rest of his team, being able to pull a group of enemies toward him is powerful
  • Darius ultimate is designed to be used to chain together kills and while in Summoner’s Rift that would involve chasing people down, in ARAM there usually ends up being many low-health enemies just in range to get dunked on

Watch A Pro Play Darius In ARAM: 


6. Ziggs

Objective control is important even in ARAM, and Ziggs brings that along with some great burst damage

What Makes Ziggs Great For ARAM:

  • Every single one of Ziggs’ abilities has some type of AOE or splash damage, which is great in a game mode where everyone is close together
  • Ziggs’ E can be a great source of crowd control. While a slow isn’t the most impactful form of CC, applying it to multiple members of the enemy team at once can end up mattering
  • Ziggs’ W is even more impactful crowd control, being able to blast a big group of enemies right into your team is a great way to pick people off
  • Ziggs’ ultimate is a high damage nuke that can be launched from a great distance. Not only do you have a greater chance of hitting more people in ARAM, but because of how short the map is you can hurl it from base and still hit people
  • Destroying turrets and eventually the enemy nexus is still the goal of the game, and Ziggs’ passive and W are both great ways to knock them down as fast as possible


Watch A Pro Play Ziggs In ARAM: 


5. Fiddlesticks

Fiddlesticks offers damage, crowd control, and a unique ability that no other champion can offer in ARAM

What Makes Fiddlesticks Great In ARAM:

  • Fiddlesticks has a large amount of crowd control in his kit. Slows, silence’s, and fears are all great ways to impair the enemy team
  • Fiddlesticks has pretty reliable poke off of his E, and the damage combined with the slow/silence makes it a great tool against the enemy’s
  • Fiddlesticks’ R can deal insane damage and is a fantastic way to chunk down the entire enemy team all at once
  • Fiddlesticks’ ultimate can take the enemy team by surprise, ulting from a bush means you’re not only dealing a ton of damage but you’ve also feared them as well
  • In ARAM, you don’t have access to any wards like in Summoner’s Rift. This means that it can be very easy for the enemy team to sit in a bush and take you by surprise. But Fiddlesticks still has his passive, which allows him to put down effigies of himself that grant vision, something no other champion can do

Watch A Pro Play Fiddlesticks In ARAM: 


4. Lux

Lux brings a large amount of both utility and damage, guaranteeing that she’ll be an enormous help in a format like ARAM

What Makes Lux Great In ARAM:

  • All of Lux’s damaging abilities not only deal a lot of damage but can also hit multiple enemies, which is great against the clumped up enemy team
  • Lux’s Q is great at catching people out, being able to root 2 people and set them up to be engaged on by your team is fantastic
  • Not only is it a fantastic poke ability, the AOE slow that Lux’s E provides is a great tool to help catch up to disengaging enemies
  • It’s really easy to get a lot of use out of Lux’s W in ARAM because your team is also usually pretty close together, meaning you can apply a pretty decent shield to most of your team
  • Lux’s ultimate can be devastating, especially in a format like ARAM that makes it easier to hit multiple people at once

Watch A Pro Play Lux In ARAM: 


3. Diana

Diana has a ton of damage, a little utility, and an ARAM exclusive way to pull off a super-effective ultimate

What Makes Diana Great In ARAM:

  • Diana’s Q is a really good way to get some poke off from afar that can easily hit most of the enemy team
  • Diana’s W is great for a little protection and sustain if you start getting targeted by the enemy team
  • Diana is a super mobile assassin, being able to E to a minion that has your Q debuff and then using that distance to get in range of an enemy is a great way to take the enemy team by surprise
  • Diana’s passive is excellent for taking turrets, especially if you’re building something like Lich Bane or Nashor’s Tooth
  • Using the Snowball Summoner Spell is fun with Diana and her Ultimate. Being able to mark them with the Snowball, start the charge-up on your ultimate, and then dashing to the enemy team to instantly drop your ultimate on them is super fun


Watch A Pro Play Diana In ARAM: 


2. Xerath

Xerath is the master of long-range poke and damage, and this combined with the utility he has makes him amazing in ARAM

What Makes Xerath Great In ARAM:

  • Almost all of Xerath’s abilities have a huge AOE, any one of his abilities can potentially hit most of the enemy team at once
  • Xerath has incredibly long-range poke, probably the longest in the game. This allows him to deal a ton of damage from the safety of the backline
  • Xerath can be very oppressive in ARAM due to how easy it is to spam his abilities. It’s really easy to just poke down the enemy team to the point where they can’t do anything
  • Xerath’s R is great in ARAM because of how small the map is, its super easy to just ultimate while you’re an entire lane away and just pick up a couple of kills
  • Xerath also has some great utility in his kit with an AOE slow and a single target stun, both of which deal a pretty hefty amount of damage

Watch A Pro Play Xerath In ARAM: 



Out of all the mages with AOE burst damage, Brand takes the cake. No other mage in the game is capable of pumping out the sheer amount of damage and utility that Brand can


What Makes Brand Great In ARAM:

  • Brand functions amazingly in ARAM because his abilities are designed to be used against multiple enemies due to how they can bounce and be passed on to multiple enemies
  • It’s really easy to play passively with Brand because of how you can use minions to bounce your abilities over to the enemy team from afar
  • Brand has a conditional stun that gets much easier to use in ARAM because his abilities its much easier to land the abilities that allow you to get the stun
  • The items that Brand builds are amazing for his abilities. Items like Liandry’s burn and Rylai’s slow are super impactful on a character with abilities that can quickly spread through an entire team
  • Brand’s ultimate is best used against as many enemies as possible to get the most value out of it because it bounces between both enemies and enemy minions. Even if the enemy team isn’t all clumped together, it’s still easy to get your ultimate to bounce between all of them for massive damage


Watch A Pro Play Brand: 


While not League’s premier game mode, ARAM has remained a staple of the game even after so many years. I hoped this article helped you identify the best characters to use to ensure victory on the Howling Abyss

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