[Top 10] League of Legends Best Bottom Laners That Wreck Hard!

League of Legends
Bottom Lane meta has changed over the years but some have stayed consistent

Have you seen an ADC carry that just seemed out of this world? Ever wondered who is the best ADC bottom laner to smash the opponent? Look at our list to find out!

In the bottom lane of Summoner’s Rift, you can traditionally find an ADC and their support battling it out with the enemy ADC and support.

10.  Jinx

Korean Build for Jinx

Crazier than most champs, insanely fun to play and murdering foes like it’s a game of Mario Kart, Jinx is an absolute blast to play. 

Jinx’s passive Get Excited! highlights her wrecking ability as it gives her movement speed and attack speed when she kills an enemy, assists in a kill, kills an epic jungle monster or destroys a structure. This is super helpful in securing those multi-kills.

Jinx’s E Flame Chompers can be used to ensnare enemies, rooting them in place for Jinx to continue her assault on them. The grenades explode after 5 seconds. 

Jinx is a great bottom laner because:

  • She can gain attack speed through her passive, her Q Switcheroo! and runes to gun down enemies rapidly.
  • She can further the movement speed difference by using her W Zap! To slow any enemies hit.
  • With a global ult Super Mega Death Rocket! Jinx can deal a tonne of damage from anywhere on the map.

9. Senna

Insane Damage Senna

Riot likes to blend champion categories every once in a while. What happens when you mix an assassin with a support? Pyke. What happens when you mix a marksman with a support? Lucian’s believed-to-be-dead wife comes to the rift. Senna is often played as a support, yet she rocks as an ADC too. Don’t believe us? Watch the clip and you’ll see why you’re wrong.

Senna is a great choice for ADC because her passive Absolution allows her to gain attack damage, attack range and critical strike chance depending on how many souls she attacks.

She can target a minion with her Q Piercing Darkness and damage enemies directly behind that minion. Her attack range is what really helps her secure kills.

By using her R Dawning Shadow, Senna shoots a global beam that damages enemies in the middle while also shielding allies. Her kit is built to support, but as the ADC, Senna supports herself.

Senna is a great bottom laner because:

  • She can heal herself using her Q.
  • Senna can pick off targets using her ultimate.
  • She can root her enemies with her W Last Embrace.

8. Caitlyn

Stomping on Caitlyn ADC - New Build Season 11

Want to see a hat trick? Caitlyn is a super fun champion that relies on traps and snipers to knock down the enemies and score those much-wanted kills.

When Caitlyn uses her W Yordle Snap Trap or her E 90 Caliber Net to ensnare her targets, it triggers her passive. Caitlyn can fire a headshot with doubled attack range, dealing bonus damage that can scale with critical strike chance.

While her ultimate Ace in the hole takes a moment to charge, Caitlyn causes massive damage to a chosen target. However, it can be blocked by other allies.

Caitlyn is a great bottom laner because:

  • If she builds critical strike chance, her attacks are super powerful.
  • Her traps can be used to zone in lane and trap enemies. 
  • She can attack from a distance, and safely take out the enemy. 

7. Ezreal

Near Perfect Ezreal Game

While his name might begin with E Z, this champ is far from easy if you can’t proc his one-two combo. 

Ezreal’s passive Rising Spell Force grants him attack speed that stacks (up to 5 times) when he hits a spell successfully. This can be abused when you use his W Essence Flux, followed immediately by his Q Mystic Shot. It can pack a powerful punch.

Ezreal is another ADC with a global ult like Senna and Jinx. The enemy is never truly safe from your R Trueshot Barrage as Ez ults from anywhere on the map to deal massive damage to any players hit my the ultimate.

Ezreal is a great bottom laner because:

  • His E Arcane Shift gives him the needed mobility to gap close and score some kills.
  • His E can also be used to disengage and escape ganks.
  • If he lands his Q, it reduces all of his cooldowns, which can help in longer fights.

6. Aphelios

How to 1v9 Aphelios

Aphelios has the potential to be much higher on this list, however, with an incredibly high skill ceiling, he is one of the harder champions to play on the list, if not the hardest.

With 5 different abilities in his Q Weapon Abilities, Aphelios is very hard to master, but not that hard to play. His rifle Calibrum is a long range shot that marks the target for a follow up attack, while Severum, the scythe pistol, allows Aphelios to run faster while attacking nearby enemies.

Gravitum, the cannon, roots enemies while Infernum acts as a flamethrower. Aphelios’ last weapon is Chakram which deploys a sentry unit. Aphelios uses his W Phase to switch between his main gun and his secondary.

Aphelios is a great bottom laner because:

  • Once you know his abilities, you can adapt to your enemy more so than any other ADC.
  • His ultimate Moonlight Vigil applies unique effects of Aphelios’ main gun.
  • His is difficult to play against due to the sheer volume of guns and abilities.

5. Ashe

Dominating with Ashe - Season 11

Unlike Aphelios, Ashe is notoriously easy to play. That’s why she’s one of the champs you can play during the tutorials when you first start League. However, Ashe still hits hard. She’s a great ADC with a fun ultimate that can wreck globally. 

With a passive like Frost Shot, Ashe can slow her targets and apply increased damage. This really helps Ashe push the bottom lane in conjunction with her Q Ranger’s Focus. When it is stacked (at max focus), her attack speed is increased for a short burst of time, allowing her to mow down any enemies with a flurry of basic attacks.

Ashe can use her W Volley with her ult Enchanted Crystal Arrow to slow and stun enemies respectively. The former can slow multiple enemies hit in the cone, while the latter stuns the enemy hit with the arrow and slows surrounding units. 

Ashe is a great bottom laner because:

  • Her slows and stuns can be used as an aggressive assault on the enemy or as a disengage.
  • Her ult is global and can stun escaping enemies from far away.
  • Her E Hawkshot gives her vision, which really helps aid against ganks and enemies hidden in the bush.

4. Jhin

Best Jhin

We thought about putting Jhin in one of the top three spaces but decided it would be crime if he wasn’t at number four.

Whenever Jihn’s passive Whisper crits, Jhin is given a burst of movement speed. Couple this with a galeforce build and Jhin is a terrifying foe. If Jhin is on his fourth shot, run. Run as fast as you can.

Any enemy recently hit by Jhin or an ally can be rooted by his W Deadly Flourish. Jhin is able to root the enemy and finish them off with his basic attacks or his ultimate Curtain Call.

Like Caitlyn and Jinx, Jhin’s kit contains a trap. His E Captive Audience is unlike the other ADCs as it is invisible until stepped on. These can be layered on top of each other. So when they’re stepped on, Jhin can root the enemy with his W and job done.

Jhin is a great bottom laner because:

  • He has great range, especially with his W and ultimate.
  • He has powerful strikes, using his passive ability to the maximum.
  • While his kit isn’t highly mobile, running galeforce and give him an unexpected mobility that the enemy can underestimate.

3. Samira

T1 Teddy Samira

The daredevil of Shurima is an ADC that thrives on jumping headfirst into the battle unlike most ADCs that attack from a distance.

Samira’s kit builds on her passive Daredevil Impulse. Her ultimate Inferno Trigger is only available when her combo hits S level. Her ult deals a tonne of damage and can move while being cast. Katarina eat your heart out.

As her kit is based on her daredevil personality, Samira can use her E Wild Rush to dash through an enemy, attacking them and gaining attack speed. Each of her abilities, when they land, help build towards that S rank needed for the ultimate.

Samira is a great bottom laner because:

  • Her mobility is one of the best for marksmen, making her a hard target to hit.
  • She can use her W Blade Whirl to block oncoming projectiles, including some ultimates.
  • She can cast her Q Flair during her E for a maximum combo effect.

2. Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune ADC Gameplay

Armed with her trusty pistols, Shock and Awe, Miss Fortune is consistently a good pick in the bot lane.

Miss Fortune is a solid pick because she is fun and pretty balanced (rarely getting buffed and nerfed hard like other ADCs). Her passive Love Tap deals bonus physical damage when she basic attacks a new target. This gives her an advantage when chasing down multiple foes.

Her W Strut passively gives her movement speed when not attacked, and when it is activated it can give attack speed for a time. She wrecks hard in lane because of her ability to recall, strut to lane and continue dealing damage. Other champs take longer to get back to lane, missing vital creeps.

Her ultimate Bullet Time is one of the most fun in the game. Shooting in a cone shape, Miss Fortune deals tonnes of damage to any enemies caught in range.

Miss Fortune is a great bottom laner because:

  • She has great synergies with multiple supports.
  • Her kit is enjoyable but more importantly, strong.
  • She can be built a number of different ways and adapt to the enemy in lane.

1. Kai’Sa

Kdrama Kai'Sa Gameplay

An absolute powerhouse of a pick at the moment, Kai’Sa can stomp out champs left, right and centre in the bot lane.

Kai’Sa has the unique ability in the game where her purchases in the store affect which of her abilities are upgraded.

If she upgrades her Q Icathian Rain it will shoot more missiles, dealing more damage. If she chooses her W Void Seeker it is upgraded to apply more passive marks and reduce cooldown. Her E Supercharge grants invisibility for a brief period of time.

All of this, and recent buffs, have given Kai’Sa the ability to wreck in lane.

Kai’Sa is a great bottom laner because:

  • Her kit customises with her item purchases. Meaning AP Kai’Sa or AD Kai’Sa are both viable options in game. Even a hybrid Kai’Sa is viable.
  • Her ultimate Killer Instinct allows her to dash to an enemy champion and secure the kill.
  • She’s just a very strong pick right now and could be nerfed soon!

Thanks for taking the time to check out our list, we hope you liked it! Have any comments? Leave them below for a positive KDA next game.

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