[Top 10] LOL Most OP Champions That Wreck Hard!

League of Legends
The most broken champions always have an impact on the game!

10. Leona (Most OP for engaging and lockdown)

A tanky engage support, Leona is one of the best supports in the game as well as one of the best champions to win with right now. With her ability tool kit, she’s perfect for providing lasting crowd-control and helps set her teammates up for easy kills or locking down enemy carries. With the new items, Leona is tankier than ever and that much more capable of hunting enemies down.

Why Leona is Great for Support

  • Best engage abilities
  • Tanky build to sustain enemy damage off of her engage
  • Heavy presence during laning phase

9. Anivia (Most OP for zoning)

Anivia is a zoning mage who works as a mid laner. This champion is extremely oppressive to play against in the laning phase and even more so in the late game with her ultimate, which spawns an ice storm that is great for zone control in teamfights. She deals heavy damage and as a bonus, can create an ice wall to hinder enemy escapes or to keep them in her ice storm longer.

Why Anivia is Great for Mid

  • Oppressive laner and can free farm after level 6 when her ultimate becomes available
  • Her passive acts as a Guardian Angel if the enemy doesn’t kill her again after her initial death
  • Tremendous zoning potential with her wall and ultimate

8. Rammus (Most OP for armor-stacking)

This armor-stacking jungler is almost impossible to beat if he gets ahead in the game. A strong Rammus will have too much armor and defenses for anybody to deal with him and requires an equally strong or fed enemy to kill him. By then, his teammates will have joined the skirmish and wrapped things up.

Why Rammus is Great for Jungle

  • Extremely tanky and very, very hard to kill in the late game phase without armor-shredding items
  • Decent engage and escape with his rolling ball ability
  • Can single-target enemies with his taunt

7. Elise (Most OP for variety of abilities)

Elise has returned to her glory days as an indomitable jungler, as she’s shot up the tier-list with a 53.26% win-rate across all ranks. She’s got every tool you can think of: damage, mobility, escapes, and crowd-control. You can consider her a jack-of-all-trades as a champion and she uses this ability to great effect as a jungler.

Why Elise is Great for Jungle

  • Fast clears and a great range of abilities to help her team in many ways
  • Powerful root ability with her E in her human form
  • A second set of abilities with her ultimate

6. Maokai (Most OP for sapling damage and engagement)

A powerful engage support with a tanky build, Maokai is awful to play against in the bot lane. His most powerful ability is his saplings that act as wards in bushes and deal significant poke damage to boot. It’s a hassle to deal with because it forces you to constantly reposition or run away to avoid taking free damage and getting slowed. On top of that, he has tremendous engagement.

Why Maokai is Great for Support

  • Oppressive laner with his saplings
  • Wide-ranging ultimate that can root the entire enemy team if they are spread out
  • Great engage with his root that is almost always a guaranteed kill in teamfights

5. Malphite (Most OP for tanky build with amazing ultimate)

Malphite is a tremendous top laner with one of the best team fighting ultimates in the game right now. He is extremely tough to deal with during the laning phase due to the tremendous free damage he can deal with his Q and the correct runes (refer to U.GG). Malphite doesn’t do anything particularly special, but his base stats and current items make him a powerhouse.

Why Malphite is Great for Top

  • Extremely tanky laner who does heavy damage in the early laning phase
  • Excellent team fighting ultimate
  • Big shield provided by his passive that lasts and refreshes forever

4. Master Yi (Most OP for true damage)

This is the low-elo punisher of the list. All a Master Yi has to do is power-farm for the first half of the game to come out of the jungle and deal insane amounts of true damage. With the help of his ultimate’s movement speed buff and invulnerability with his Q ability, Master Yi can hard-carry a game by himself.

Why Master Yi is Great for Jungle

  • Decent clear that ramps up in speed with time
  • Considered a hyper-carry so any boost in kills or gold leads makes him hard to deal with
  • Heal ability that reduces the damage he takes

3. Darius (Most OP for healing and ability to deal damage to multiple enemies)

A powerful, powerful top laner, Darius has the potential to solo-carry teamfights with his ability to deal damage to multiple enemies with his Q. The ability also heals him and the longer he is in a fight, the stronger he gets. The big icing on top is his ultimate, which deals more damage with each auto-attack Darius got off on the enemy and can also refresh its cooldown off a kill.

Why Darius is Great for Top

  • Overall strong laner with healing abilities
  • Equipped with Ghost, nearly unstoppable
  • Ability to chain his first kill into multiple with his ultimate

2. Fizz (Most OP for high damage)

Another low-elo punisher, Fizz just does tremendous damage with little to no skill. The only thing required to be a good Fizz player is understanding the concept of taking the right fights and knowing when to run away. Other than that, just racking up a few kills with Fizz puts any player in a great position to hard-carry a game.

Why Fizz is Great for Mid

  • Tremendous damage with all of his abilities
  • One of the best escapes in the game, which helps him hop over walls as well as becoming un-targetable during its use
  • Powerful ultimate that can deal heavy damage to multiple enemies with a full-ranged shark

1. Jhin (Most OP ADC in the meta right now)

By far the strongest ADC in the game right now, Jhin’s damage is hard to match by any other ADC in the mid to late game stages. He can provide long-range utility stuns and damage with his W and ultimate and every fourth auto-attack deals a ridiculously large amount of damage to secure kills. With Galeforce, the longstanding problem with his lack of mobility has finally unleashed his potential to carry even harder than in previous metas.

Why Jhin is Great for ADC

  • Galeforce matched with one of the highest amounts of damage provided by a champion
  • Great long-range stun to help teammates from far away
  • No other ADC can match a fed Jhin’s damage

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