[Top 15] LOL Best YouTubers That Are Great

LOL best youtubers
“So pick up your weapons and face-check.”

Are you still stuck in Bronze or Silver? Your teammates are always noobs, and you can’t carry every game? Here are the top YouTubers who are excellent at League of Legends. They won’t only help you improve but will also provide tons of entertainment.

15. Glacierr

What happens when a DARIUS gets a LEVEL 1 PENTAKILL...

YouTube subscribers: 172k

The Glacierr is your very own country boy who loves to try out crazy builds. He plays in Diamond elo and occasionally tests new stuff on the PBE server. His videos are very fun to watch.

The Glacierr usually plays in the top lane. His most played champions include Garen, Darius, Sett, Teemo etc. His videos both teach and entertain at the same time.

While he does play in the lower elos, he puts a lot of effort into his videos to help lower elo players climb and become better at the game. His technique usually involves applying cheese tactics and pushing it to win the game. He makes it very simple and easy to understand how to use those tactics.

Do check him out if you’re a top laner trying to climb.



14. Kingstix

How I Got Challenger in 8 Days (83% WIN RATE!) 5 Tips for Climbing Elo FAST!

YouTube subscribers: 273k

Kingstix is a challenger jungle main who is most famous for his skills in Twitch jungle. He makes in-depth guides and tutorials on how to stomp with Twitch and Evelynn in the jungle.

Here is an extremely smart cheese strategy of Kingstix known as the “Fly Trap”


Kingstix is a talented LOL player. His channel is very educational and it is very satisfying to watch him crushing his opponents in low and high elos. He re-records his commentary after the game and provides clear explanations for all his decisions.

If you are interested in learning how to climb, watching in-depth winning strategies and mastering the “rat” you should check out his channel.



13. Foggedftw2

Foggedftw2 Channel Trailer

YouTube subscribers: 298k

If you’re a Tryndamere main, chances are that you already know Foggedftw2. He is the master of Tryndamere who shows very clearly how strong a champion Tryndamere is.

Fogged plays in the top lane and provides detailed tutorials on how to get the upper hand on your opponent. He teaches things like wave management, freezing, countering, all Tryndamere builds and much more. He has his own guides regarding the champion and different builds for every single match-up.

Other than Tryndamere, Fogged also plays a variety of other top lane champions and experiments with different builds. When Tryndamere gets banned, he often plays Kled and is of course very good at him too.

If you want to climb through low elo, you can simply copy his tactics and they work 100% of the time if done correctly. He plays in all elos and provides content for everyone.




Infamous League Players - RAT IRL

YouTube subscribers: 331k

RatIrl is an infamous League of Legends player known for his toxicity and for getting banned for boosting accounts. He is part of the infamous group of League players known as L9.

Ratirl mains Twitch among other champions and is mechanically very gifted at them. He has many videos on YouTube in which he stomps his enemies.

Ratirl has reached challenger many times and has achieved 90%+ win rates on multiple accounts. Many League players have achieved success by copying his mechanics and strategies. As Twitch, he often catches his enemies by surprise by ganking them at level 2. He applies multiple cheese tactics to win the game and they work most of the time.

Being good at Twitch requires a lot of skill as the champion is squishy but Ratirl surely shows how to do it the right way.



11. TFBlade


YouTube subscribers: 384k

TFBlade is a famous Jax main who also plays Irelia and Akali among other champions. His Jax mechanics are clean and he plays him very aggressively.

Blade has reached rank 1 on multiple League servers and was signed by Team Liquid in 2018 owing to his in-depth game knowledge and high skill.

Blade allows his map to stay uncovered while live-streaming which occasionally allows stream snipers to know his team’s positions.

Tfblade rage and tilt moments

His twitch.tv channel has 1.2 million followers. His eccentric personality, flaming and trolling are why his viewers love him. Occasionally he plays with other streamers like Yassuo and provides hilarious content.



9. Kaypea

KayPea: Spooky Jinx | League of Legends

YouTube subscribers: 616k

Kaypea is a streamer, model, YouTuber and social media influencer. She grew up playing video games and has been streaming since 2013. She is a mid-laner who loves playing champions with skill-shots. This comes from her keen interest in counter-strike when she was young. She is very good at landing her skill shots.

Kaypea has been building a multicultural and friendly community. She has emphasized that she does not want a sheer number of followers but instead focuses on quality. Her videos are very positive and do not include the usual toxic League of Legends drama.

Although many League of Legends streamers have gained popularity by being toxic and inviting others to do so as well, Kaypea has gained popularity based on her friendly personality and positivity. She is funny and can surely brighten up your day.



8. Doublelift

Best of Doublelift | The Greatest

YouTube subscribers: 683k

Formerly a pro player for CLG, Team Liquid and TSM, Doublelift is one of the most talented AD carries in League of Legends. He has been an LCS All-Star 5 times. He has various awards and titles in the LCS and has established himself as a very talented player.

Recently the pro player has announced his retirement and will part ways from TSM. He will not be taking part in the 2022 championship at least on TSM’s roster. This was due to an internal conflict of TSM but the verdict is final.

Doublelift now streams and posts videos on YouTube. His videos are very helpful for AD carry mains who want to improve and climb. Doublelift’s most played champions include Lucian, Tristana and Caitlyn. He is regarded as the best ADC in the west.

If you want to improve as an AD carry, you cannot miss out on his videos.



7. Synapse

Synapse Rewind - Best of 2018

YouTube subscribers: 705k

Synapse is a YouTuber who has gained popularity by posting clips from the streams of the top League streamers. The YouTuber has become so famous that whenever any popular streamer makes a play, the viewers start typing “Synapse” in the chat.

Synapse posts a variety of League content. This includes montages of famous streamers, “best moments” series and random interesting content. The compilations that he makes are well scrutinized, they don’t include any boring content.

His channel is very entertaining and can be quite fun to watch if you’re burnt out from playing too much and want to chill for a while.


6. Hi im Coconut

LoL Best Moments

YouTube subscribers: 796k

Hi im Coconut is another channel that makes compilations of famous League players. His most famous and extensive series includes the “Lol Daily Moments” playlist which has over 1800 episodes.

Hi im Coconut provides many kinds of clips which may include moments when a high elo player pops off or random funny moments during the stream.

Coconut’s videos are the daily dose of entertainment that you might just like. The YouTuber uploads frequently and his content does not disappoint at all. Moreover, if you’re master tier or above, you can contact the channel or send your funny/amazing clips and you will surely be featured.


5. Professor Akali

Professor Akali vs. 5 Bronze Players (1v5)

YouTube subscribers: 991k

Professor Akali is a League of Legends coach and content creator. He makes guides about his favourite champion “Akali” and is very good at her. His videos don’t just include Akali but a lot of other top-lane picks. He occasionally tests out different off-meta builds.

His content has a lot of variety. He sometimes posts videos in which he 1v5s or 2v5s in a custom game. People do complain that if he wanted, he could have just made Akali-focused content which would’ve made him easy to refer to if someone wanted to learn Akali.

But Professor likes to try out all kinds of builds and champions and the added variety makes his content much more entertaining.

If you’re into watching a wide variety of fun and engaging League content, you should subscribe.



4. Trick2G


YouTube subscribers: 1.17 million

Trick2G is a famous American streamer/YouTuber who mains Udyr, Volibear and Nasus. He plays in the top lane as well as jungle. His viewers find his videos to be very enjoyable. His highest rank is Master tier.

Trick2G occasionally messes around in the game instead of playing competitively and his fans love him for it. He has an amazing sense of humour and knows how to enjoy the game. He is also one of the most well-known Udyr players. He mostly does meme builds and trolls but being skilled enough, he can make nearly every build work.

Trick has also been featured on Twitch Rivals in Yassuo’s team. His streams are very entertaining and informative. While streamers who are constantly trying to climb can become boring at times, Trick does not disappoint when it comes to theatre. His videos are super energetic and full of life.

If you are looking to main Udyr, Trick is your go-to person. He can show you all the different builds while also teaching the mechanics of the champion.



3. Redmercy

Redmercy's Zed Montage

YouTube subscribers: 1.18 million

Redmercy is a talented mid-laner who is very good at Zed. His highest rank in the game has been master tier. He mostly plays Zed, Yone, Talon and Xerath. He is an experienced mid-laner who knows how to hit his skill shots.

Redmercy doesn’t mess around in his videos, he is focused and tries to win the game but what makes him popular is the ability to provide funny and witty commentary at the same time.

He starts all his videos with a “Hey guys what is up and welcome to a new League of Legends video.” When it comes to game knowledge, Redmercy is well researched and is always testing out the builds of top-tier players. He has showcased a ton of off-meta builds on his channel.

Although accused of being a click baiter, Redmercy still provides a ton of amazing League content. He occasionally makes fun videos like opening lots of Hextech chests or 1v1 vs famous players. He also provides timely reviews and thoughts on all the League updates/new champions.




2. Yassuo

Yassuo | BEST OF MOE 2019

YouTube subscribers: 1.49 million

Yassuo is one of the most well-known streamers in LOL. His YouTube channel is hard carried by Pinoy who is his very talented editor. Yassuo has been regarded as one of the funniest, craziest, most motivated and talented LOL players.

Yassuo has reached challenger multiple times on multiple accounts. He is most famous for being extremely good at Yasuo in the mid-lane. Yassuo has broken down and made tutorials on the key Yasuo mechanics that are very hard to master but he seems to do them flawlessly.

Yassuo also plays other roles in addition to mid. His viewers have seen him grow over the years from a trash-talking, flaming kid to a mature person who is very skilled. Yassuo still occasionally trash-talks and flames but it is mostly for entertainment purposes.

Yassuo has been featured in Twitch Rivals multiple times. He has also hosted 1v1s of famous League players. He has beaten Faker in a 1v1 and that is when he got famous. He signed with 100 Thieves as a content creator.

His most famous content on YouTube are the “Moevies” made by Pinoy that have become fan favourites over the years. They are highlights of Yassuo from the entire year. His fans can’t get enough of them because they are hilarious.

If you want the craziest laughing fits, you need to check out his channel, especially the Moevies. Be sure to grab some popcorn while at it!






1. Tyler1

Every Major Tyler1 Outbreak

YouTube subscribers: 2.76 million

Every League of Legends player who watches streamers knows Tyler1. He has gone from being the most toxic player to one of the most reformed player in League of Legends. 

Being a very toxic and loud streamer during the initial days, Tyler1 built a fan following of players who would copy his style. But after receiving multiple bans on various occasions, Tyler1 decided to change things and become more positive. 

His toxicity has become a meme now. He still flames and screams in his videos but it is mostly for entertainment now. Tyler1 is known for his Draven skills. His personality matched that of Draven and he became very good at him.

Just like Draven is meant to be played, Tyler1 would walk in the face of his enemies and destroy them. His ego matched that of Draven’s.

Mainly playing Draven in his early career, Tyler1 later switched to Jungle. He is famous for playing Ivern in the jungle and also hit challenger while on that role.

Tyler1’s stream/videos are one of the most entertaining LOL content on YouTube. He screams a lot though so you might wanna turn down the volume a little!




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