[Top 10] LOL Best First Strike Champions That Give You An Advantage (2022 Edition)

League of Legends Best First Strike Champions That Give You An Advantage
You die I get paid ain't that funny

Welp, here we are at the newest rune added into the game called “First Strike”. This rune is something similar to the old “Klemptomancy” if you remember that one you’re a real veteran of the game. Except for this time “First Strike” only gives you gold and not items. Now you might think that it’s not strong or that it might be weak oh how wrong you are there.

Each time you attack a champion you get extra damage onto them and extra shekels into your pocket. How many shekels? It’s randomized and depends on how much you damage that target. This is especially useful on champions that are ranged or that can poke from a long distance. Those types of champions can utilize this rune the best. Now that I’ve explained what “First Strike” is, let's get into the list, shall we? 

10. Zoe

"Yes! This will be fun! Right? - famous last words."

Oh, this little devil Zoe “Aspect of Twilight” was created in a basement I swear. This child is so annoying and her kit makes it even worse. The reasoning behind that is Zoe is a broken champion. Everything in her kit is broken. Starting from her Q and going straight to her ultimate. Riot made sure to leave nothing balanced in her kit. Even nerfing her didn’t do anything, it's like nothing ever happened but thank God her player rate fell off. Because this community is nothing more than headless chickens following their “idols” and what they say.

As you might have known, “First Strike” is pretty good on champions that can hit the enemy first, and like Zoe, you’re sure to do that with ease. Every ability of hers can be utilized to your advantage and to pop “First Strike” and get some extra gold for yourself. The more gold you have the better the items and the better the items the more kills you’re going to get. 

What makes Zoe Great For First Strike:

  • Her Q has an insanely huge range, which is great for “First Strike”. 
  • With her W Zoe can pick up used items or summons that the enemy team used or when a minion drops it randomly, which in return can be used to your benefit for “First Strike”.
  • The most useful ability in her kit for “First Strike” would be her ultimate. Where Zoe blinks to a nearby position for 1 second and then blinks back. In that short second, Zoe can damage the enemy champion which in return pops “First Strike”. 
  • She’s over 1000 years old.

See Zoe in action:

9. Karthus 

"Agony, ecstasy, peace. Every passing has a beauty on its own."

Karthus “The Deathsinger” or the main vocalist for the metal band “Pentakill” is a neat champion. He’s not picked that often today but you can be sure to spot him in some games that you play. He can either be played as a jungler which is the most common role for him or as an APC on the bottom (this is pretty rare to see these days).

The easiest way to proc “First Strike” on Karthus would be your ultimate ability of course. This ability is global and targets everyone from the enemy team. It’s one of the most cancerous abilities in the game but we deal with it. But until you hit level 6 the main way to proc “First Strike” would be from his Q ability. While playing Karthus you’re pretty much going to be spamming this until the enemy dies in front of you or until you break your Q key on your keyboard. 

What makes Karthus Great For First Strike:

  • Can proc it without an issue especially when ganking a lane. 
  • To make your life easier be sure to use your W and then spam your Q onto the enemy and get as many shekels as you can from them. 
  • Once you get to level 6 be sure to use your R “Requiem” to get some sweet kills and as much gold as humanly possible. 

See Karthus in action:

8 Karma

"Always trust your spirit"

Up next we have the peacekeeper of balance called Karma “The Enlightened One”. Well, as much as she likes to keep the balance she’s one broken champion let me tell you that gamers. You see Karma likes to use her ultimate ability to empower her Q and deal a lot of damage to everyone in that AoE radius. You’ll also use this ability the most to proc your “First Strike” rune to get extra shekels. Now you might as well go the normal support Karma build or you can go full AP and probably ruin your opponent’s day and probably his week.

You see, Karma is one of those supports that have the ability to one-shot squishy opponents and the funniest thing about this is seeing them baby rage in all chat saying how this is broken. The only reason you can do this is because of your “First Strike” rune that helps you out with your gold shortage. 

What makes Karma Great For First Strike:

  • Thanks to First Strike she can now get gold for punishing her opponents who oppose her. 
  • Her Q damage is doubled when you empower it with your ultimate ability and later throughout the game, your gold is doubled as well. 
  • You can also lock people in place with your “Focused Resolve” which is your W. 
  • Keeper of peace but she’s the most broken thing out there. 

See Karma in action:

7. Xerath

"I will be free from your cage"

Oh, now we have a mid laner who can also be a “support”. You know those types of supporters who take kills and say they need it more than the ADC. Xerath with “First Strike” is just excellent. Each ability in his kit is made for this rune. It’s like Riot specifically made this rune for a few types of champions.

Anyways about this champion and the rune they go together like peanut butter and jelly. As Xerath your main priority should be to poke the enemy targets from a distance and all of his abilities are made for that. Each ability in his kit has a somewhat huge range so why not combine it together with the “First Strike” rune and get some money while chipping the enemy’s HP down. No matter if you go mid or as support take this rune and get rich in no time. 

What makes Xerath Great For First Strike:

  • Each ability in his kit scales well with “First Strike”. 
  • Make sure to use all of your abilities and combine them into a deadly combo. 
  • Your ultimate ability can be launched from across the whole map so you don’t have to move a finger to get your sweet shiny clinky gold. 

See Xerath in action:

6. Teemo

"Captain Teemo on duty!"

Now we have the drug dealer of League of Legends. Teemo “The Swift Scout” only deals in shrooms but it’s more than enough to get the whole Summoner's Rift high in the clouds. Teemo with this rune will deal nothing but AP damage and that’s all he needs for a Penta kill. The best part about this is that Teemo is considered a top lane champion so you already know you’re going to bring some smiles to the enemy team.

Especially when they remember that Teemo was buffed two patches ago and now he’s pretty much considered broken in this season when combined with this rune. What’s so great about Teemo is that you can proc First Strike from across the map with your shrooms that you plant in strategic specific places. Which is everywhere on the map of course what else :). 

What makes Teemo Great For First Strike:

  • During the laning phase, Teemo can use his Q to blind his opponents and get as much gold as possible from First Strike. 
  • After level 6 be sure to plant mushrooms across the map so you can utilize getting gold even faster. 
  • How W gives him a bonus movement speed buff which in return can be used to catch up to people who are low HP or run away from someone when danger is nearby it’s up to you and how you play!

See Teemo in action:

5. Viktor

"The glorious evolution of the mechanical church!"

The creator of the glorious evolution and the mechanical church Viktor “The Machine Herald”. You see Viktor isn’t a bad guy except when he one-shots you with the new build that involves “First Strike” and gives him more gold than you’ll ever see in your life. Viktor likes to play around with his opponents before he decides that enough is enough and one-shots them like the real sigma male he is. The reason this works so well with Viktor is because of his Q and E.

You see his Q is a boomerang that’s used to poke opponents and his E is that huge laser on his shoulders where he slices the ground and leaves a mark on your sanity forever. Later when Viktor hits level 6 he can one-shot everyone who stands in his way and I do mean this in the nastiest way possible. Also, don’t worry if you’re playing against an assassin you have your W which freezes people in place after a few seconds. 

What makes Viktor Great For First Strike:

  • His Q “Siphon Power” can be used as an early tool for poking your enemy. Not necessarily for killing them but for farming extra gold. 
  • Viktor will deal the most damage with his E that’s rightfully called “Death Ray” and this ability will give him the most gold. 
  • If the opponents get way too close for comfort be sure to lock them in place with your W and farm gold from them with First Strike. 
  • All of his basic abilities can be upgraded or augmented each time he gets a kill

See Viktor in action:

4. Akali

"Kali go brrrrrr, Kali go to work.

Up next we have Akali “The Rogue Assassin''. Seeing as Riot pretty much nerfs Akali whenever they get a chance I am surprised that they haven’t done it yet or even considered it. Could be because of the new skin that she got. With this rune, you can remember the good old days when Akali was pretty much considered the most broken mid laner on League of Legends.

So when it comes to farming gold it’s easy. Hit your Q ability and watch your pockets fill up with gold. As Akali, your main purpose in life is to dash everywhere around the map. Don’t worry about being ganked. It’s impossible to die as this champion you have so many escape routes. 

What makes Akali Great For First Strike:

  • By spamming your Q ability you spam your pockets with gold. 
  • Akali is really hard to gank because of her shroud from her W and her dash from her E. 
  • Once you get your ultimate ability that’s when First Strike will be the most profitable for you. 

See Akali in action:

3. Zyra

"Our seasons are reversed: my spring, your fall!"

Now we have Zyra “Rise of Thorns” which is the type of support that can 1v5 the whole game and carry it on her own back. Especially when she has First Strike enabled it allows her to get her AP items even faster so she can “support” her ADC better. As Zyra you don’t have to do much thinking at all. Just make sure that you have plants around you and that the enemy doesn’t see you hiding in a bush.

Your main source of money will be from your root ability which is your E “Grasping Roots”. But before you use that ability make sure that you plant more plants with your W so you can watch the enemy struggle while your bad boys do the damage and fill up your pockets with gold. Zyra’s ultimate ability “Stranglethorns” launches enemies into the air and empowers all of your plants that were inside of it. The more damage you do the more gold you get. It's as simple as that with Zyra. 

What makes Zyra Great For First Strike:

  • Can easily proc First Strike once she roots an opponent and gets the maximum amount of gold from them thanks to her plants. 
  • She’s able to empower her plants and keep her targets suspended in the air while she does all of the damage from a distance. 
  • Q can be used as a nice poking tool during the laning phase for a quick cheese. 

See Zyra in action:

2. Lux

"Demacia must lead by example!"

Next, we have Garen’s hot sister Lux “The Lady of Luminosity”. When playing Lux you’re going to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of gold that you’ll be getting. Seriously I urge you to try playing her with this rune you won’t regret a single part of it. Doesn’t matter which role you play as Lux be it a mid laner or as support you’re going to be dominating.

Each one of her abilities except her W, allows her to proc First Strike. Especially if you hit your Q and root your targets so they can’t move. That’s what gets them the most. The best part about this build is that you’re going to be able to one-shot your targets in less than 20 minutes. Even if you’re playing as a support Lux. I’ve seen it with my own eyes because I was one-shotted by her when it was only 14 minutes into the game.

During the later stages of the game, you’ll be able to kill people with just your ultimate ability and get for whatever reason over +400 gold in your pocket including the champion kill. 

What makes Lux Great For First Strike:

  • Each ability has the potential to proc First Strike except her W.
  • Once you hit your Q onto a target make sure to do your full combo including your auto-attack to maximize your profits. 
  • During the late game, you’ll one-shot anyone by just pressing your R key once. 

See Lux in action:

1. Ezreal

"Impossible comebacks are my specialty!"

At our number one spot, we have the fan-favorite sperm cell shooter Ezreal “The Prodigal Explorer”. Why is the sperm cell shooter? Well because his Q’s look like little sperm cells that he fires except now they can give you gold when you hit your opponent. Combine this with his W and you get yourself a champion who can farm gold faster than anyone else on this list. Not only that but he’s also one of the strongest in my opinion and he should get nerfed.

You see the reason why Ezreal is this broken is because of the items that he buys. Which are mostly tanky items that benefit him the most in every single way that you can imagine. Ezreal also has a free flash in his kit which is his E “Arcane Shift” which deals damage if you flash next to an enemy target. His W empowers all of his abilities including his auto-attacks and this ability is the most important in his kit when it comes to using First Strike. 

What makes Ezreal Great For First Strike:

  • With his Q he can poke his enemies without risking his life and get paid in the process. 
  • E is a short flash that damages targets if you’re near them. 
  • His ultimate ability is global so you can farm anyone across the whole map if you’re skilled enough that is. 
  • W empowers everything in his kit including his auto-attacks. Which in return gives him a nice heavy pouch of shekels. 

See Ezreal in action:

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