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all lux skins
Original Lux skin.

Luxanna Crownguard, the Lady of Luminosity or Lux for short, is one of the most popular champions in League of Legends.

This is most likely due to her beauty and ability to look at everything in a positive light.

She has an amazing energy that shows in each of her voice quotes throughout the game. Much like her personality, Lux also has various stunning skins to offer.

Read on and see if you can decide which skin is your favorite!

#10. Commando Lux (Ok)

Commando Lux skin. 

This skin features Lux dressed in a Demacian Commando suit, giving Lux a strong and independent image. Her splash art features her amid a burning jungle where there is likely a war going on. The Commando Lux skin is cool and unique as it tells a story rather than just being another pretty skin. However, the lighting and overall color scheme could use some improvement. 

What makes this skin all right:

  • Commando Lux has a nice, strong expression as she grits her teeth in the middle of a battle. This is a nice side of Lux that is in contrast with her usual friendly and charming visual. 
  • It’s particularly nice to see her in a Demacian Commando suit, as she does hail from Demacia, a magical realm where magic is met with negativity. 
  • The skin is quite dated and is less vibrant when compared to Lux’s other more recent skins. 

How to get this skin: 

Available in the client shop for the price of 520 RP.

See Commando Lux in action!

#9. Steel Legion Lux (Ok)

Steel Legion Lux skin. 

Similar to Commando Lux, Steel Legion Lux is also portrayed as a soldier in armor. Only this time, Lux seems to be in the future with heavier armor. Again, Lux’s expression is set and determined as she prepares for whatever is approaching. The robotic figures in the background of her splash art add a nice touch to the mecha vibe of the skin. 

What makes this skin cool: 

  • Steel Legion Lux is displayed as strong, independent, and determined. She’s not your usual delicate Lux, which is quite refreshing!
  • Her wand is very cool in this skin. It looks like it is powered by some sort of energy source with it’s glowing yellow touch. The spikes on either end are also a nice addition. 
  • The added animations are pretty nice and are as shiny as ever!

How to get this skin: 

Available in the client shop for the price of 975 RP.

See Steel Legion Lux in action!

#8. Imperial Lux (Ok)

Imperial Lux skin. 

Ever wondered what a strong female army leader looks like? Take a look at Imperial Lux and you’ll see that this description matches her perfectly. Imperial Lux is authoritative in this skin, wielding her wand in a determined manner. If you want to feel strong and independent, this one's for you!

What makes this skin powerful:

  • In Imperial Lux’s splash art, Lux is standing on high ground with castles in her background. She stands in a powerful, determined stance, as she looks ahead with a victorious half-smile. 
  • Lux’s wand also glimmers with strength with its shiny blue details. It seems to have a lot of energy!
  • The outfit in this skin is cool and high-class. Imperial Lux looks like a commander of an army with her complex uniform.

How to get this skin: 

Available during special events in the client shop for the price of 975 RP.

See Imperial Lux in action!

#7. Spellthief Lux (Good)

Spellthief Lux skin. 

If you love fairy tales, this one is right up your ally. Spellthief Lux looks like a character in a fairy tale, sneaking around to find a cure for her sick loved one who has been cursed by a cruel witch. Or, Lux could just be stealing a spell for herself or her people. The interpretation is up to you. Although the colors are not as vibrant as her other skins, Spellthief Lux is still a good skin worth buying due to its concept and fairy tale vibe. 

What makes this skin magical:

  • Spellthief Lux is lurking around in what looks like the library of a castle. She is eyeing a spellbook, getting ready to steal spells. The book glows as if luring her to it. All of this is pretty magical!
  • Lux’s wand also glows with a pretty pink color. It is wooden in this skin, adding on to the fairy tale vibe. 
  • The three bottles on her chest sash suggest she is carrying potions or antidotes. Spellthief Lux is cautious and prepared for anything!

How to get this skin: 

Available during special events in the client shop for the price of 750 RP.

See Spellthief Lux in action!

#6. Sorceress Lux (Good)

Sorceress Lux skin. 

Sorceress Lux is a good witch with a warm heart riding her wand-broom through the night on a full moon. She is depicted as magical, majestic, and even elegant. Sorceress Lux is definitely one of the prettiest witches you will ever come across!

What makes this skin stunning: 

  • The colors are very pretty in this skin with black, blue, and gold. They blend in for a magical effect, fitting for Sorceress Lux!
  • Lux’s wand doubles as a wand and broom. Really cool!
  • Sorceress Lux’s hair flows behind her as a result of the breeze she feels as she rides her wand-broom. It gives a calming effect as we see stunning Lux flying across the beautiful night sky.

How to get this skin: 

Available in the client shop for the price of 520 RP.

See Sorceress Lux in action!

#5. Pajama Guardian Lux (Awesome)

Pajama Guardian Lux skin. 

Do you ever dream of having a cuddle buddy? How about a girl’s night out or a massive pajama sleepover? Pajama Guardian Lux is ready to cuddle with you and hang out! Wear comfy pajamas, have a cup of hot chocolate in your hands, and dive into League of Legends with this skin! 

What makes this skin so cute:

  • Pajama Guardian Lux in her pink pajama onesie set is just plain adorable. The star detail is very fitting for her magical star power.
  • While this is an extremely cute skin, Lux is not emphasized in the splash art. If you wanted a skin that mainly displays Lux, this one might not be for you. 
  • The background is very messy with board games and biscuits. The girls seem to be having a pillow fight. This very much resembles a girl’s night out. Cute!

How to get this skin: 

Available in the client shop for the price of 1350 RP.

See Pajama Guardian Lux in action!

#4. Star Guardian Lux (Awesome) 

Star Guardian Lux skin. 

Do you like watching anime? But do you want to play League of Legends instead? Perfect! Wearing the Star Guardian Lux skin will make you feel like you are doing both at the same time! This skin came straight out of an anime to guide you to victory!   

What makes this skin anime-like:

  • Star Guardian Lux is a nice anime concept skin with her school girl outfit and sailor moon-like wand. It’s a nice cute and refreshing change from her usual magically beautiful skins.
  • The colors used in the splash art are galactic and simple. The simple background emphasizes Lux’s Star Guardian look. 
  • Star Guardian Lux’s ability animations are very colorful and satisfying to watch during use. The star explosion is stunning!

How to get this skin: 

Available in the client shop for the price of 1350 RP.

#3. Elementalist Lux (Legendary)

Elementalist Lux skin. 

Truly a shining goddess in this one, Elementalist Lux takes our breath away yet again. Elementalist Lux is a welcoming goddess, and it looks like she is here to grant your wishes or cleanse you of your woes. Simply stunning!

What makes this skin amazing: 

  • Elementalist Lux is a multiple-elemental sorceress, which is probably why she has ten sub-models each featuring a different color outfit and a different wand. The colors you see during gameplay are vibrant and very, very cool.
  • The stained glass window in her splash art is stunning, and adds on to Elementalist Lux’s goddess/princess vibe. The pattern on the glass window nicely matches her outfit. Lux is also controlling a ball of light, ready to help you in your time of need!
  • Lux’s outfit is intricate and the gold details along with her diamond headpiece add to her overall concept. 

How to get this skin: 

Available in the client shop for the price of 3250 RP.

See Elementalist Lux in action!

#2. Battle Academia Lux (Legendary)

Battla Academia Lux skin. 

At least once, we all have dreamed of having the League of Legends champions in school, sitting beside us, taking classes, and hanging out like real friends! This Battle Academia Lux skin perfectly captures and fulfills that dream. You simply cannot pass this skin. How cool would it be to have the magician of light as your classmate? 

What makes this skin desirable:

  • Battle Academia Lux is an adorable schoolgirl with bright red hair and an enchanting vibe. She is looking back at you, smiling, as if she is urging you to hurry to your next class. 
  • Her wand is so modern in this one! She even wields it while putting up a nice V-sign. Fitting for her age in this skin.
  • Battle Academia Lux also comes in a Prestige Edition, with a slightly different color scheme and a more mature vibe. Her hair is let down instead of tied up in a ponytail and she has a golden sash on her arm, making it seem like she is part of an important club of her school. 

How to get this skin: 

Available in the client shop for the price of 1350 RP.

See Battle Academia Lux in action!

#1. Lunar Empress Lux (Legendary)

Lunar Empress Lux skin. 

Lux is most widely known as being friendly, charming, and lovely. However, this Lunar Empress skin shows off her divine, elegant side. The background of the skin is simply stunning and makes you feel as if she came down from the heavens to save you. If you have ever dreamed of a goddess or an angel from heaven, it was probably Lunar Empress Lux.  

What makes this skin incredible: 

  • Lunar Empress Lux is a mystical regent and rightfully so! With the Lunar Guardians behind her, Lux looks empowered, strong, and almighty. She seems to have everything under control.
  • Her golden dragon wand is beautiful! It gives off a mystic aura that none of her other skins have. 
  • Lunar Empress Lux’s outfit and hairstyle are very, very pretty. The green and gold colors of her dress bring out her lovely eyes and silver hair. Her hairstyle is also so unique and stunning!

How to get this skin: 

Available during special events in the client shop for the price of 1350 RP.

See Lunar Empress Lux in action!

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